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Starting a Business: From Idea to Incubation

India is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. With over 24000 businesses registered in 2022, the business sector growth in India is at an all-time high.  

The Make in India movement and the technological advancements across the country have significantly impacted the youth. More and more individuals have developed the zeal to start their own businesses instead of working as an employee. 

The reason for this sudden popularity of entrepreneurship in India can be accounted to many factors including the boost in startups during and after the pandemic, rapid digitization, digital transformation, and infrastructure improvement.  

As compared to a decade ago, it is much easier to start a business in India as of today. That being said, owning a business comes with a lot of benefits- 

  • You are your own boss 
  • Greater decision-making power 
  • You have more financial freedom 
  • Follow your lifestyle without being answerable to any superiors 
  • You have creative freedom, and you can experiment freely 
  • With part-time businesses, you can earn extra money over your salary.  

Businesses don’t necessarily need to be full-time. You can start a part-time or online business as well. These require much less time investment and act as a side hustle to boost your income. 

If you wish to start a business, you first have to shortlist a few good business ideas. Your business can be product-based like a clothing store, or service-based, such as a consultancy.  Once you have finalized a business idea, you can start planning your business. It is important to decide how your business’ marketing, operations, manufacturing, and of course, finances will function.  

This category will help you with all the preliminary research associated with a business right from generating a low-cost business idea to strategizing and executing your business plan.  

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