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Getting a job ensures that money comes to you regularly. It makes sure that you can buy the things you need, pay your bills, and do a lot of things you want to do. It is a fact that you won’t be able to do much without money! That is why right after graduation, we start searching for jobs. We visit various job websites in order to get an offer from employers. We can easily get jobs as per our expertise and experience if we know the right way to search for them. There are various jobs for freshers today which are available on job websites. You just need to be familiar with job search sites. This article will make you familiar with many of such websites. You can use them for job search and get a job of your choice.

We often hear that a good day is a payday. A job makes you feel complete. You feel good when you earn money. By working, you get experiences, develop new skills, and contribute to the community. You get to take part in the development of the nation by paying income tax and giving services.

If you are a beginner who has no idea of how to search for jobs, do not worry at all. In this ultimate article, we have covered almost everything about job search. Therefore, if you read this article till the end, you will be able to apply for various jobs as per your educational background, knowledge, and expertise.

Why should you search for jobs online?

Gone are those days when you had to visit multiple offices with the resume in your hand for a job search. The whole has gone online and online job portals are evolving at a faster rate than you can ever think of. So, rather than going to offices and wasting your precious time and energy, you should directly head to online portals. There are hundreds of portals available nowadays. The greatest part is that most of these portals are fully free of cost.

You just need to enter your basic details such as your objective, contact details, educational background, experience, and the skills you have. All set! The sites will recommend you jobs and you can apply just by hitting the apply button. Most importantly, you do not even need a personal computer to search for jobs. If you have a smartphone, it is more than enough. You can directly apply using your smartphones through mobile apps. How easy it is, isn’t it? We will talk about those job search portals later in this article. So, do not forget to read this article till the end.

In addition to this, these online job search portals let you filter only those jobs which you want to do. For example, if you do not want to work in the sales and marketing domain, simply exclude that category using the ‘filter’ option. The portal will not recommend you available jobs from that particular category.   Similarly, if you want to work only in the sales and marketing sector, just apply the filter again. The job search portal will show you only sales and marketing-related jobs. How convenient it is, isn’t it?

Likewise, if you are already a working employee and want to switch your job, these portals can be of great use. There are various jobs for experienced people as well. Companies regularly hire experienced people and they post many high salary Jobs on those job websites. You may end up seeing and applying for some of the best Jobs in India using those online portals. Quite interesting! It is really great that you do not have to ask anyone for a favor when you apply to those portals. The recruitment process is really transparent.


Things you should know before going for a job search:

You should know a few things before going for a job search. You can search for jobs online or offline but we prefer online job search portals as they are very convenient. Then only you can expect to be hired. If you follow the below-mentioned things religiously, be sure of getting a job offer.

Prepare a good and professional resume:

Many of us do not have a professional resume. Even if we have, it is not professional. Merely having a resume for the sake of it will never make a good impression on the employers’ minds. You should remember that professionalism is the key. We often end up adding bogus and unnecessary information to our resumes. Moreover, we do not maintain a chronology that is highly unprofessional. Most of the job portals out there have an option of uploading a resume PDF. So, you must keep your resume handy.

Keep your resume as brief as possible when you add it to the job search portal. It should not exceed more than two pages. Try to make it in one page if you are a fresher. Do not add any bogus information. In addition to this, avoid adding personal details such as age, date of birth, religion, and sex. Such things add no value to the resume. Your employer is interested in knowing your education, skills, and work experience rather than your date of birth and age.

Always remember to list the educational institutions and qualifications in reverse chronological order. For example, if you have done your graduation recently in 2021, add it first. Then follow the reverse chronology accordingly. Moreover, Do not forget to include your computer skills, language skills, internship, and any relevant training in the resume for the job search portal. Keep things simple. You can add your hobbies but it is not necessary. If you still want to add your hobbies, keep them as short as possible. At last, check for typing errors and get your resume checked by a friend. After that, upload the PDF of your resume to the job search portal.


Identify where you want to work:

Here we are not telling you to identify the company you want to work in. We are telling you to identify the domain. For example, you are a commerce graduate. So, you may be interested to work in the accounting field. Identify that area and apply for jobs according to your choice. Always remember to identify your skillset first. If you are not willing to do a job in the domain of sales, then do not apply. You will end up being frustrated. We always endorse you to keep the passion alive. So, apply what you consider as best for you.


Explore various career options:

It was very wise to explore various career options. For example, there are lots of avenues today like digital marketing, coding, etc. If careers like digital marketing interest you, then consider doing a course in it. There are thousands of courses available both online and offline institutes. Explore such opportunities.

Moreover, there are other lucrative career options like joining as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Chegg India. You can join as an SME and do it part-time or full-time.

Chegg is an online educational platform that hires many Subject Matter Experts quite frequently. These Subject Matter Experts or SMEs answer questions regularly posted by lots of students from around the world. They get paid per answer quite nicely. Chegg pays their Subject Matter Experts quite well and many people nowadays have taken up this profession on a full-time basis to earn money these days. To be a Subject Matter Expert at Chegg India Pvt Ltd, click here.

Once you sign up using the abovementioned link, you will just have to enter some of your basic details such as phone number, email address, bank account number, IFSC code, and identity proof like PAN, AADHAR CARD, etc. In addition to this, you will have to appear in two tests which will test your ability to be SME. The subjects available are science,  business, engineering, healthcare, earth sciences,  and mathematics. You can apply for any available subjects as per your expertise and start earning nicely.

There are so many amazing career options available right in front of you. Many times, we fail to notice them. That is why it is advisable to consult some experts. Preferably, opt for some career consultancy services. This will enable you to explore various career options and act upon them. Job search becomes a cakewalk after that.


Job search portals:

We have compiled a list of some of the best job search portals which are absolutely free. You can upload your details, resume, etc, and start searching for jobs. Go through the list below:

National career service:

National Career Service is a free online job portal that is run by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India. It is being run as a part of the Skills India and Make in India initiative. This government-run online job search portal offers a lot of job postings in India for free. It posts various government jobs, jobs for freshers as well as jobs for experienced people. Click here to visit the national career service portal. 


Linkedin has 65 lakh users in India alone.  It is quite huge, Linkedin is a highly reliable and very popular platform where you can find jobs online. But it is not one of the recruitment sites out there. It basically allows professional networking business-to-business (B2B) networking. Sign up for Linkedin here.


It is one of the most popular job search portals in India. You can upload your resume and start searching for jobs online very easily. Click here to join Naukri.


It is an online worldwide job portal. It offers free job postings as well as paid postings. You can enter your basic details and resume and search for jobs online. It is highly convenient and reliable. Click here to visit the Indeed job search portal


Glassdoor is basically a US-based job search portal. In addition to this, it also offers various services in India. It has a huge database of lakhs of salary reports, interview reviews, company reviews, photos of various offices, and many other things as well. Click here to visit Glassdoor


Aasaanjobs is a free job searching site for employers. It allows free job posting, under many categories. Click here to visit Aasaanjobs


It is a free job search portal in India. This is one of the largest job posting sites in India. It posts various government jobs, jobs for freshers as well as jobs for experienced people.

Click here to visit WorkIndia


It is a very popular site among freshers. This portal has many jobs for freshers to apply for. If you are a fresher and have just passed out from college, this site can be very helpful to you. Visit this site by clicking here and start applying for jobs.


PlacementIndia offers both free and paid job searching services. This job search portal has many top corporate clients who post jobs in the portal on a regular basis. Click here to visit placementindia.


Final words:

Applying for jobs using job search portals is just a cakewalk. You just need to log in using your credentials. After that, you have to look for the job requirements and apply for that job if you are interested. These are 3 primary steps to apply for any job in these online job search portals. Therefore, using these sites, you can find various jobs as per your need and get hired by employers. In addition to this, this is a totally highly inexpensive affair. It is fully free of cost. You only need to have an internet connection to log into the job search portal and apply as per your need.

In addition to this, with just a single resume, you can apply for multiple jobs online. That’s a big advantage. Moreover, many of these job posting sites provide various online training. For instance, portals like Internshala provides online training on various domains. Those domains are computer science, digital marketing, business communication, creative writing, commerce, etc. By choosing any of those training programs, you can get lots of knowledge as well as valuable certificates online. So, be wise and use such job search portals effectively.

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