11 Best Career Options After 12th Non Medical (With Salary)

May 15, 2024
Career Options after 12th Non Medical

Quick Summary

  • After completing 12th grade with a non-medical background, there are wide career options such as engineering, architecture, computer science, mathematics, and physical sciences.
  • The steps to choose the right career option are to do research, swot analysis, network and learn.
  • The average starting salary of a graduate with a non-medical background is 3-6 lakhs per annum.

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Feeling unsure about your career options after 12th with a non-medical background? Well, that’s not an issue. There is an abundance of career opportunities to pursue even with a non-medical background.
The non-medical has different fields beyond engineering such as law, finance, and architecture to areas such as design, mathematics, and defence services to explore. They provide unique opportunities for growth and creativity for the students. Whether you’re drawn to problem-solving or creativity, the non-medical domain provides every opportunity for you to thrive. If you want to make a career in a non-medical field and are searching for career options after the 12th non-medical stream, then this article is for you.      

This article lays out your career options after 12th in the non-medical field. You can read on to understand every option listed and make the most comfortable choice. 

Career Options After 12th Non-medical For Students

1. Engineer 

Engineering is one of the most chosen career options after 12th non medical. It is a method of using knowledge, judgement, and common sense in combination with mathematical and scientific concepts to create products that are useful to people. Engineering is an extremely demanding and fascinating field of work. 


  • A student must have science in their +2 and pass the entrance exam to be accepted into the B.E. or BTech programme.  
  • The national engineering entrance exam for admission to the top engineering institutes in India is called JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) MAIN.  
  • There are further exams at the state and university levels. Many colleges also conduct their entrance tests.  

Scope & Salary 

You can work in a variety of fields such as chemical engineering, electrical engineering etc, and software engineering. Software engineer jobs are one of the highest paying jobs, as a software engineer one has to work on developing computer applications, finding and correcting bugs etc.    

The average salary of an Engineer is  8 lakhs per annum in India. 

2. Actuarial Sciences 

With the rapid growth in the business economy, actuarial sciences are gaining importance each day and it is also considered one of the in-demand career options after 12th non-medical stream. There is a huge demand for skilled individuals who excel in the actuarial sciences.  

Firms look for people who are experts in predicting the market trend for their company.  In this course, an aspirant will learn about other subjects as well, but the central focus of the subjects in this course is to teach students, the skill to assess the risk of insurance and financial risk in the market.  


An aspirant needs to appear for the AICET exam to pursue the actuarial sciences offered by IAI. Candidates who want to get into this course must have studied Maths till 12th. Some candidates also apply for PG courses in actuarial science in MBA or PGDM.  

Scope & Salary

One can work as Business Analyst, Risk Analyst and Financial Planner after completing the degree program in Actuarial Science.  

The salary for such professionals ranges from 7-10 lakhs per annum 

3. LAW (BA LLB) 

The field of law is diverse and provides a vast opportunity for conceptual and hands-on experience. It works on the mantra of studying smarter, not harder.  Pursuing a career in the law field opens up great career opportunities after the students complete their degree in LLB. The Bar Council of India regulates all legal bodies in India. There are various law degrees integrated under different categories such as BA LLB, BCom LLB and B.Sc. LLB That students can choose from. 


Students need to appear in a common law entrance test (CLAT) to get into legal education. CLAT makes you eligible to get admission to reputed law schools. An aspirant needs to qualify for the All-India Bar Examination (AIBE) to practice law.  

Scope & Salary 

Law can be one of the good career options after 12th non medical. The average salary for a lawyer in India is 4.7 lakhs per annum. 

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4. Hotel Management

Tourism is getting popular these days among people. This has led to a gain in profits for the hospitality industry. Hence, the hotel management course is getting more popular day by day. Students interested in this industry can easily get into it after the 12th. The job of hotel management is not only limited to hotels. It is also associated with several other departments such as operation, food, and beverages.  


  • One should be at least a 12th graduate to opt for this career.  
  • After that, depending upon the duration and fee of the course an aspirant can take a certificate and diploma in the respective field.   
  • An aspirant should hone excellent communication skills as well as social skills.  

Scope & Salary 

The demand for hotel management graduates is in vogue nowadays, making it one of the in-demand career options after 12th non medical.  One can also find a job in the aviation industry, cruises, and resorts.  

The salary for a hotel management personnel is about 3.3 lakhs per annum 

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5. Online Consultant

A consultant is a person who has expertise in a particular field. A student after the 12th stream can get into this consultancy field, for this one should have good knowledge about the subject to guide someone else.  This job serves the purpose of being a part-time job. An aspirant can guide and give expert advice to students who want to pursue something in their respective fields.

There are several consultants providing advice to different people in varied departments.  The consulting industry is one of the booming industries of India with a whopping annual growth rate, making it one of the most profitable career options after the 12th non-medical.    


  • A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational criterion; some people also choose to master’s or PhD. 
  • One should have good communication and social skills for being an online consultant and having a command of the subject to address any related queries is also a must.  

Scope & Salary

As a consultant, one can earn an average annual salary of 13.4 lakhs per annum, in India.  

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6. Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot is also one of the various career options after the 12th non-medical, students interested in civil aviation can become commercial pilots after the 12th. Being a commercial pilot, an aspirant will learn more about the subject. It seems to be a good opportunity for the students after class 12th since the aviation industry is booming.


  • The applicant should be 18 years old to be eligible for a commercial pilot.
  • One should also know how to read and write English and hold a private pilot certificate. A 2nd class medical certificate is a must in the field
  • The candidate is also required to appear for a written exam. After passing the exam, they show their practical knowledge and skills.  

Scope & Salary 

It is one of the top courses in the world and is quite expensive but a worthwhile course that generates a good future return. The average salary of a Commercial Pilot is 36.1 lakhs per annum in India. 

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7. Defence Services 

We love the way our front liners serve the nation. We admire the job and sacrifice they make for us every day. If you have that zeal, abilities, and interest in this career, then defence services can be one of the great career options after the 12th non-medical for you.  

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  • The eligibility criteria for this job are to clear the NDA entrance exam conducted by the UPSC every year.  
  • This exam is conducted twice a year, thus, giving two chances to the aspirants.  
  • A candidate needs to clear a written exam that consists of two papers. Then the aspirants undergo a medical exam.   

Scope & Salary

It is a reputed job where the uniform commands respect. Hence, this job is also one of the best career options after 12 non-medical. The salary of an Army official depends on their rank and experience in the Indian Army. 

8. Technical Content Writing

Technical content writing can be one of the perfect career options after the 12th non-medical field for you if you have a talent for grasping intricate technical elements and a desire to aid others in better comprehending them. The job of a technical content writer is to document information related to complex technical processes in the form of blog posts, articles, eBooks, white papers, and product evaluations.  


  • You’ll need to gain some knowledge of keyword research, using them in your content, and writing in the brand’s tone and style to accomplish the precise goal of content creation.  
  • You can do certification courses from online platforms. Along with that, you need to have a good grasp of understanding technical terms and languages. So that, you can write them accurately and in a readable manner. 

Scope & Salary

With an average salary of 5 lakh per annum, technical writer jobs can be said as one of the good career options after 12th non medical. 

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9. Architect

Are you a person who enjoys assembling things? Do you enjoy solving problems? Or do you prefer MECHANIX or LEGO? Do the shapes and designs of the buildings in your vicinity ever pique your interest?  If the majority of these questions are answered yes, then architecture is one good career option after the 12th non-medical choice for you. Like other specialised professionals, architects undergo extensive training and broad academic exposure.  


  • A bachelor’s degree in architecture (B.Arch.) is available from several universities and schools, and it usually requires 5 years to complete.  
  • First off, the majority of colleges and institutions demand a minimum 10+2 score of 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.  
  • Exams like the National Aptitude Test for Architecture (NATA), JEE Mains, and the Architecture Aptitude Test are among the most crucial ones.  

Scope & Salary

You can start working as an interior architect, landscape architect, naval architect etc once you complete your degree. The average salary in India is 20 lakhs per annum., which is great pay for one of many career options after 12th non medical.  

10. Scientist 

Every student who is enthusiastic about science has the goal of becoming a scientist and wants to choose non-medical courses after the 12th, then becoming a scientist is a great option for you.  Some of the most prestigious institutions, such as ISRO and NASA, employ scientists every year in their institutes. It is best to begin your training for a career in science as soon as you finish school.  

Choose a degree program in the science field that interests you, then focus on a specific subfield. However, after passing your 10th board examination, the first stage in the process is to select PCM or PCB.  


  • You need to score 60% to sit for most of the competitive examinations.  
  • This field also requires you to complete your PhD for which you need to score at least 55% in your graduation and 60% in your master’s to apply to most universities.  
  • You also need to develop exemplary research skills to become a scientist. 

Scope & Salary 

Becoming a scientist is one of the best career options, not only it is a high in-demand profession but it is a lucrative option too. The average salary of a Scientist is 8 lakhs per annum.

11. Merchant Navy 

In addition to the potential for high pay, the opportunity to explore the world and the appeal of adventure on the high seas entice many young people to pursue careers in the Merchant Navy making it one of the great career options after 12th non medical.  The Merchant Navy differs from the Navy in that it provides commercial services, as opposed to the Navy, which is primarily involved in a nation’s defence.  


  • Having completed class 12th with Math, Physics, and Chemistry is required to join the merchant navy.  
  • Candidates must be Indian citizens who are not married (male or female). Normal vision is required but glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 may be allowed. A screening test, a main written examination, and an entrance exam are all required for admission.  
  • A medical exam and an interview are conducted after passing the test.  
  • Prior to work, you must also pass a course on ship operations.  

Scope & Salary 

Merchant Navy Officer Salary in India is about 3.2 LPA  in India. Not only this, but it is also a respectful job making it one of the great career options after 12th non medical.  

Choosing the Right Career Option  

Before choosing the best job option in the non-medical stream, you must first understand how to make this decision. Thus, we have made a step-by-step breakdown of the ways you can ensure you embark on a profitable and correct journey for your future:   

Steps to Choose the Right Career Option

Step 1: Research, Research, Research   

The first step is to start researching what is available. Once you start this, you will explore a vast base of job options in the non medical stream. It will help you find what you are passionate about, so that, you can start exploring various career options in non-medical.    

Step 2: Take a career assessment test 

The next step in your journey after researching career options in the non-medical field should be to take a career assessment test. This step is crucial if you are still unaware of your path after the research. A career assessment test assesses your skills and talents. Often, they are personality tests that allow you to assess what skills you excel in and link them to the skills needed in different career paths.  

Step 3: Do a SWOT analysis 

After you have completed your career assessment test, you should self-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. A SWOT analysis helps you do this, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is one of the most widely used tools to assess people and their skills market trends and companies.

With this, not only will you be able to list down all the skills you can bring to the table with your strengths, but it will also allow you to analyse where you need to improve. Which will ultimately help to choose one non-medical career from several career options after the 12th non-medical.   

 Step 4: Reach Out and Network 

Networking will help you make acquaintances who can give you an insider picture of the industry.  For example, you wish to enter the world of marketing as one of the career options after class 12th. For this, you should start networking with people in this field to get their expert opinion on the requirements for the job.  

Career Options after 12th Non Medical – Summed Up 

One should remember that stereotypical jobs are not the only solution in the non-medical stream. There are ample job options that an aspirant can consider. One can easily work towards chasing their dreams with hard work and determination. If you are a student in classes 11th or 12th then decide the career options after the 12th non-medical field you want to get into beforehand.  

Also, start your preparations for the entrance exams for the path you choose. You need to focus on your interest level and knowledge before choosing any career path. This way you will be able to achieve your dreams and grab great career opportunities in your life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which job is best after non-medical?

There are several non-medical job options that you can choose from, what matters is your interest and the skills you need for that job. However, some jobs are considered because they are reputed and also offer great pay. The best non-medical jobs are:

1. Engineer 
2. Actuarial Science 
3. Merchant Navy 
4. Architect 
5. UPSC 

What should I do after the 12th Non-medical for a high salary? 

Securing a reputable job with a high-paying salary is every person’s dream. However, to make this dream come true you need to become qualified for these jobs, and that can happen by earning degrees. To secure non-medical job with a high salary you can do these courses:

1. BTech. 
2. B. Arch. 
3. Digital Marketing 
4. MBA

What can I do after 12th Non-medical for a government job?

Choosing to do a government job after 12th non-medical is one of the best choices you can make. Government jobs are reputed, high-paying and provide you job security for life, you can start preparing for a government job early from 11 or 12 and take multiple exams for government jobs like:

1. SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level 
2. SSC Grade C and Grade D Stenographers  
3. RBI Officer 
4. Railway Group D 
5. RRB Assistant Loco Pilot   

What is the scope of non-medical?

The time is gone when becoming a doctor or Engineer was considered the only good option. Today, there are various career options that students can choose in non-medical and can land themselves in high-salary job positions. There is a lot of scope in non-medical career options like Actuarial Science, Merchant Navy, Technical Writer, Hotel Management and more.

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