Best Career Options for Students after 12th for Non-Medical Background


12th is the most crucial and critical page of a student’s life. It is the deciding path of your career. One has to focus on their studies and need to decide on the future course of life. This is the end of an individual’s spring and the start of a careful life. But this difficult life can turn into an enjoyable ride if the person selects career options after 12th Non-Medical.

Stepping into the world after you finish 12th is a big step. There must be a lot of confusion and contemplation in your head regarding after career option to choose after 12th. Don’t worry! It’s all very natural. Choosing the right career option can prove to be a difficult task. There is always a question lingering on all our minds as students – How to know if I have chosen the right career option? Your career is a rough sketch of how your life will map out in the future. Hence, you must make the right and sustainable choices for yourself. We have got you covered. This article lays out your career options after 12th in the non-medical field. You can read on to understand every option listed and make the most comfortable choice.

Career Options for Students

Below are some of the career options that someone can choose after the 12th non-medical field.


Engineering is one of the most sorted career options after 12th non-medical. It is a practical scientific subject that helps design and develop systems. It is a four-year program for students to get admissions to several colleges. Students can pursue courses such as B.E, B.Arch, and B.Tech. Interested students need to appear for the JEE exam to get into the field. The CBSE conducts this exam every year. Students can also get into various fields such as aerospace, mechanics, software, automobile, and many others after 12th. Engineering is a reputed job that can help an aspirant land up for jobs in the government sector and MNCs. Engineering is the art of applied sciences and principles. It is a process of producing technical equipment that can benefit society. The job of engineering requires a strong mathematical head. It also demands great analytical skills. Imaginative and creative skills are a must thing being an engineer. Thus, it is the best career option after 12th non-medical.

Best Career Options after 12th Non-Medical Background
January 29, 2022
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Table of Contents


LLB as Best Career Options after 12th Non-Medical

The field of law is diverse and provides a vast opportunity for conceptual and hands-on knowledge. It works on the mantra of studying smarter, not harder. Although, it is distant from the science non-medical domain. Yet the law is a critical subject that can prove to be the best career option after 12th for critical thinkers—candidates who choose to pursue courses such as LLB, B. An LLB goes on further to become a lawyer. The Bar Council of India regulates all legal bodies in India. One can also pursue law courses after 12th. They are integrated under different categories such as LLB, B. An LLB, B.Sc LLB. Thus, they provide a great opportunity for students to practice different branches. Students need to appear in a common law entrance test (CLAT) to get into legal education. CLAT makes you eligible to get admission to reputed law schools. An aspirant needs to qualify for the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) to practice law. Law can be a good non-medical career option after 12th.


Tutoring is a real-time interaction between the tutor and the student. It is an evergreen job that always enhances one’s knowledge. When it comes to working as a part-time teacher, there are many candidates’ options. Online tutoring has become the key element of each student’s life in this digital era. Several platforms allow the students to become a part of this online tutoring section. For instance, Chegg is a leading student-first connected earning platform. Serving as a Chegg’s tutor makes education for students more accessible and affordable. At any stage, from diploma to doctorate, any student can get into the job as a subject matter expert. Subject matter experts are paid per question answered by them. One can easily earn an average of 30000 to 80000 per month. One can also earn an experience certificate at the end of the tenure. Thus, this does a profitable job for the aspirants. Working at Chegg is a whole experience of learning, growth, and holistic development. It provides experts with a flexible working schedule and a bright opportunity of working in an MNC. Thus online tutoring serves as a good career option after 12th.


People from non-medical after 12th are often confused about their careers. Here comes the solution in computer application. Computer application is an integrated course. It deals with various aspects of computer systems, functioning, and related areas. It also provides the basics of coding, operating systems, and graphics. This is a whole 3-year course that deals with technology. It is a career option after 12th non-medical that involves computer applications and software. The course proves to be a blessing for the students who wish to gain some IT skills. With the advent of technology, the sector has seen a sharp increase in the demand for computer experts. Students can easily pursue this course after their 12th non-medial field. They have to appear in the related entrance exams to get admissions to some reputed colleges. The average salary to potential candidates is around 2 to 25 lacs INR, which seems to be a good deal of business. Therefore, it is also one of the best career options after 12th non-medical.


With the rapid growth in the business economy, actuarial sciences are gaining importance each day. There is a huge demand for skilled individuals who excel in the actuarial sciences. Firms look for people who are experts in predicting the market trend. Within the course, an aspirant will learn other subjects as well. But the main idea of the subject is to assess the risk of insurance and financial risk in the market. An aspirant needs to appear for the AICET exam to pursue actuarial sciences offered by IAI. Candidates who want to get into this course must have studied Maths till 12th. Some candidates also apply for PG courses in actuarial science in MBA or PGDM. The course is getting popular in the industry because the demand is more than the supply. There are several MNCs that are looking for individuals in this field. This course is a very good non-medical career option for anyone interested in risk modelling after 12th.


Tourism is getting popular these days among people. This has to lead to a gain in profits for the hospitality industry. Hence, the hotel management course is getting popular day by day. Students interested in this industry can easily get into it after the 12th. One should be at least 12th passout to opt for this career. After that, depending upon the duration and fee of the course an aspirant can take a certificate and diploma in the respective field. If one candidate wants to get into a government institute, they must appear for a common entrance test. The job of hotel management is not only limited to hotels. It is also associated with several other departments such as operation, food, and beverages. The skills required to be a part of hotel management is hospitality skills. An aspirant should hone excellent communication skills as well as social skills. The demand for hotel management graduates is in vogue nowadays. It is because of the growth in the tourism industry. One can also find a job in the aviation industry, cruises, and resorts. Students with good interpersonal skills can consider these career options after 12th non-medical.


A consultant is a person who has expertise in a particular field. A student after 12th stream can get into this consultancy field, for this one should have good knowledge about the subject to guide someone else. This job serves the purpose of being a part-time job. An aspirant can guide and give expert advice to the students who want to pursue something in their respective fields. There are several consultants providing advice to different people in varied departments. One should have good communication and social skills for being an online consultant. One should also have command on the subject to address any related queries. It is important to have the skill to serve the best students who wonder what to do after 12th. This part-time job provides confidence to deal with people and adds up to your skills. During this process, you’ll get to know more about the subject and decide something better for yourself.


Students interested in civil aviation can become commercial pilots after the 12th. The applicant should be 18 years to be eligible for a commercial pilot. One should also know how to read and write English and hold a private pilot certificate. A 2nd class medical certificate is a must in the field. The candidate is also required to appear for a written exam. After passing the exam, they show their practical knowledge and skill. Being a commercial pilot, an aspirant will learn more about the subject. It seems to be a good opportunity for the students after 12th since the aviation industry is booming. However, it is an expensive course but a total worth course that generates a good future return. It is an easy path to becoming a commercial pilot. The skills required in the job are perfect analytical skills.


We love the way our front liners serve the nation. We admire the job and sacrifice they make for us every day. Now it’s your turn to serve the country. Students keen enough to get a job in the national defence academy can chase their dreams after the 12th. The eligibility criteria for this job is to clear the NDA entrance exam conducted by the UPSE every year. This exam is conducted twice a year, thus, giving two chances to the aspirants. A candidate needs to clear a written exam that consists of two papers. Then the aspirants undergo a medical exam. Persistent efforts in clearing the exam are all that a candidate needs to do before serving the nation. An aspirant can also choose from different industries, namely navy, army, or airforce. An aspirant needs to follow the updates constantly. He also needs to follow the requirements and guidelines of the UPSE. It is a reputed job where the uniform commands respect. Hence, this job is also one of the best careers after 12th.


Content Writing is proving to be one of the most chosen career options. One of the most popular sectors in freelance work is content writing. Companies are always looking for students willing to work as part-time freelancers who can create intriguing and unique content to engage more audiences. Writing is not just a dreamy job anymore. There are a plethora of job opportunities available in this field. Content writers are professional writers who create content in articles, blogs, podcasts, e-books, captions, web content development, etc. You will be assigned a deadline, and you can work on the task in your free time; hence the job provides flexible working hours. The perks are high; you get to balance your work and your personal life, time is saved that would have once been consumed in travel, and you even save some extra bucks.

Hence, there is no such work-load or work-stress with this job. You can visit Internshala, Shine or for content writing opportunities. If you think you have a good hold on grammar and an interesting writing style, then becoming a freelance content writer might be perfect for you. It would be best to be well-familiarised with SEO and search engine algorithms. Moreover, you can even work as a content writer part-time while you are on the lookout for a more suitable career option after 12th for you. In conclusion, it can prove to be a great option for you that you can consider as a full-time career option in the future.

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How to start your professional life on the right note?  

Before I discuss the best career options after 12th, you must first understand how to make this decision. Thus, I have made a step by step breakdown of the ways you can assure you embark on a profitable and correct journey for your future:  

Step 1: Research, Research, Research  

Many would have wanted me to put the first step as “asking yourself what you want to do in life”. While this is always the most important criteria, I speak from personal experience that it’s not the only criteria. It would be best if you had an open mind, especially at your age. When you are in 12th, you have the world ahead of you. You can trace any path you wish to embark upon.  

Thus, the first step is to start researching what is available. Once you start this, you will explore a vast base of career options after 12th. Not only will you find what you are passionate about, but you can also start to identify alternative career paths you would possibly want to explore.  

Step 2: Take a career assessment test 

The next step in your journey after researching for career options after 12th should be to take a career assessment test. This step is crucial if you are still unaware of your path after the research. Most students might feel overwhelmed with the career options after 12th available to them. While they would want to explore a range of different career paths, taking a career assessment test will enable them to narrow down their approach and give you a direction.  

A career assessment test assesses your skills and talents. Often, they are personality tests that allow you to assess what skills you excel in and link them to the skills needed in different career paths. Two of the top skill assessment tests you can take are The Career KeyThe Big Five Personality Test.  

Step 3: Do a SWOT analysis  

After you have completed your career assessment test, you should self-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This is what a SWOT analysis helps you do. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. It is one of the most widely used tools to assess people and their skills market trends and companies. With this, not only will you be able to list down all the skills you can bring to the table with your strengths, but it will also allow you to analyse where all do you need to improve on.  

Step 4: Reach out and network!  

I cannot stress the importance of networking in this short article. It is its way of securing jobs and creating lasting personal relationships with those you work with or hope to work with. After doing the above three steps, you are better positioned to rate your skills and strengths. Reaching out and networking will help you make acquaintances who can give you an insider picture of the industry.  

For example, you wish to enter the world of marketing as one of the career options after 12th. For this, you should start seeking people in this field to get their expert opinion on the requirements for the job. This interaction will help you understand the world and prepare you to undertake the process of application and the other clerical requirements.  

Best Career options after 12th  

Now that you have done your research and hopefully followed the above steps, you are in a better position to read on to find which are the best career options after 12th.  

  1.  Pursue higher studies as options for career after 12th  

The best career advice anyone can give you is to complete your education. The world has moved on from secondary education. There is not a lot of scope for career options after 12th if you do not have a formal degree. Thus, my first suggestion would be to carry on with your studies after 12th. All your steps from above would come in handy in this path. They will allow you to choose which degree you want to pursue. To a student in school, there are many options available:  

  • For career options after 12th (Science)   

You can pursue the following degrees for career options after 12th science  

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)  
  • B.Sc in Home Sciences  
  • B.Tech in BioTechnology  

  • B.Sc in Pharmacy  
  • B.Sc in Agriculture  
  • B.Sc in Environmental Science  
  • B.Sc. in Veterinary Sciences  

While all of these were about medicine, you can also pursue several engineering-related professions as career options after 12th science:   

  • Mechanical Engineering  
  • Civil Engineering  
  • Chemical Engineering  
  • Electrical Engineering  

  • Marine Engineering  
  • Aerospace Engineering  

  • For career options after 12th (Commerce)  

You can pursue the following degrees for career options after 12th commerce  

  • Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) 
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm)  
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)  
  • Bachelor of Economics  
  • Bachelor of Law (BA-LLB)  

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)  

  1. Start your own business:  

One of the hottest career options today is entrepreneurship. Top CEOs and founders started as dropouts. Many of them were also stuck with the thought of “what are the career options after 12th”. But, they decided not to wait for a career rather create their career options after 12th.  

They went out into the world, identified a problem, and generated a solution for it. And at its basic level, students and entrepreneurs have the same description. Both are full of ideas and passion.  

Starting a business or a service requires time and effort. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, works for 16 hours every day. His dedication and patience has grown his company and helped it reach the sky.

You can also pursue a BA in Entrepreneurship as a career option after 12th and explore your career options. People think that the scope after BA in Entrepreneurship only restricts them from starting their own business and not looking for employment in other companies. I’m afraid that’s not right. A degree in entrepreneurship enables you to develop skill sets that help you understand the workings of the business world, which come in handy in so many other areas, including IT, Insurance, Sales, Marketing, etc.  

  1. Register for Online Courses:  

While this may not be a conventional career option after 12th, the world of online courses is booming. Everyone is doing their extra bit to be certified with different skill sets. Thus, if you are interested in seeking small jobs before further education, certification for an online course will help you add weight to your resume and increase your chances of securing the job.  

Some of the most popular online courses that build your skills are:  

  1. Google Digital Marketing Unlocked (Google)  

  1. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (Microsoft)  

  1. Certified Information Security Manager (ISACA)  

  1. Project Management Professional (PMI)  

Pursuing and attaining certification in one of the skills can offer you a more credible professional background, improve your career growth, encourage the pursuit of knowledge and enhance your professional development.  

Certifying yourself also gives the impression to companies that you are an individual who spends extra time building their skills. You present yourself as an out of box go-getter, willing to expand your knowledge base to help better yourself and the paths you choose.  

  1.  Look for Internships  

Though many look at internships as a temporary way to get some cash in hand, or more of a necessity for college application, internships offer students career options after 12th. They provide students with the opportunity to experience the workings of a real company. This greatly benefits their learning curve and allows them to understand the life of the career they want to join.  

Most internships last for four to six months. However, if you do a good job and impress your superiors, they can provide you with full-time career options after 12th too. While this is unlikely, small start-ups can offer this possibility if they see a star candidate. Even if an offer is not made, you can pursue your higher education and return to them since you have made a good impression on the company.  

Thus, internships or apprenticeships should not be ignored by students who are thinking of career options after 12th. Internships are a great way to experience real work life and are also a great place to make important contacts that can help you in the long run.  

  1.  Enrol yourself as an expert 

Private tuitions are slowly becoming a booming business. As more and more students pursue hard subject matters, there is a sharp increase in the number of experts they want to reach out to clear doubts. And with the current pandemic, more students want expert help for assignments.  

Since you are now through the grind of school and have experienced it first hand, you can become a great candidate for becoming an expert. Not only does it look great on your resume, but you also get additional pocket money which you can spend on yourself.  

Chegg has an incredible Subject Expert program that offers you money for answering academic questions raised by students. We hire freelancers who are excellent in particular domains of studies and ask them to use their expertise to help students across the world. This is strictly a part-time assignment. Thus, you can work on your schedule and pair this opportunity with any other task you are doing.  

You can become a Chegg expert in the following fields:  

  1. Physics  

  1. Math  

  1. Chemistry  

  1. Biology  

  1. Psychology  

  1. Accounting  

  1. Economics, among others  

The enrolment process is completed in four simple steps:  

  1. Sign Up  

  1. Clear Online subject matter and guidelines test (on the subject of your choice)

  1. Verification of documents 

  1.  You are an expert!  

If you want to sign up as a Chegg expert or have some questions about the program, you can visit our website here.  

6. Join the Defence forces  

Joining the defence forces is one of a student’s highest honour. The benefit of pursuing this course is that you are guaranteed a job in one of the most respectable fields of our country upon successful completion. Thus, if you are patriotic towards your country and wish to serve forces, you can enlist in the NDA as a career option after 12th.  

Final Thought

One should remember that stereotypical jobs are not the only solution after 12th non-medical. There are ample job options that an aspirant can consider. One can easily work towards chasing your dreams. If you are a student in classes 11th or 12th then decide the field you want to get into. Also, start preparing for the entrance exams for the path you choose. You need to focus on your interests level and knowledge before choosing any career path.

The fear of choosing the wrong career path hovers over everyone’s head, and, hence, it becomes essential that one weighs in all the factors before settling down for a particular profession. A solid career map should be mapped out with utmost vigilance. The age-long question of how to decide your career scares everyone. It’s normal to start from scratch—no need to panic. You get an edge over others if you decide you’re calling early in your adulthood during your school time, but that doesn’t mean it’s late in case you don’t. Career planning is crucial, and so is choosing the right career path. Without a doubt, this might sound like a lot of work, and it most definitely is. But if you look at it in the longer run, you will be glad that you took the time to reflect and choose.

Who knows, you might come across something you never even heard of, and you might end up with that particular job. You might start by considering a job in defence but end up with a career in engineering, technology, customer service, teaching or even management. Overall, in the end, the essential thing is that you end up choosing a career that doesn’t only intrigues and excites you but also awakens your curiosity and makes you happy. Following these steps and forging a well-detailed plan for yourself will save you a lot of time, trouble, and a lot of uncertainty in the future.

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