How to Become a Software Engineer in India: Starter Guide (2024)

May 15, 2024
how to become a software engineer

Quick Summary

  • Bachelor’s degree with 60% in 12th, Physics, Chemistry, Math/Computer Science is the eligibility requirement for a software engineer.
  • To become a software engineer in India pursue a bachelor’s degree, learn programming skills, intern and apply for entry level jobs.
  • The average salary of a software engineer is 8.5 lakhs per annum.

Table of Contents

Thinking about how to become a software engineer and live a life among people who are always in the pursuit of creating something new? Then you are at the right place, here in this article, you will get to know everything from what a software engineer does to a step-by-step guide on how to become a software engineer. So, keep reading the article till the end to learn about software engineering and how you can join forces with other 5.2 million software engineers in India and create a crowned career in this field. 

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is concerned with applying principles to software systems. Software engineer jobs include planning, designing, developing, testing and maintaining these software systems. A software engineer creates different applications or websites based on the customers’ needs. Software engineering includes working with programming languages, software development methodologies and learning quality assurance techniques.

Why Become a Software Engineer?

Pursuing a degree in software engineering after completing your 12th can be a great choice for many reasons. Software engineering as a profession in India is one of the most rewarding career options as you can create solutions for real-world problems. You work on interesting and challenging projects and come up with smart solutions for the consumers. There is always a need to learn something new, which can be exciting. Not only are there a lot of job opportunities for those who want to become a computer software engineer, but with a graduate degree program, you can also pursue higher studies. 

Interesting Facts About Software Developers

Benefits of Software Engineer Degree Program

There are many benefits to choosing software engineering as a career path in India. These include: 

  1. Demand: The field is in high demand. As it is a growing sector, many companies, multinational companies, public sector, employ software engineers. With plenty of job opportunities, you can work anywhere. 
  2. Flexibility: As many companies move to work from a home culture, software engineers have more flexibility in their work orders.  
  3. High Pay: Software engineers are paid a decent amount as compared to other professions.  
  4. Easy Job Search: As software engineers’ demand increases, you can find several job opportunities in every industry.

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How to Become a Software Engineer?

Here are the steps that you can follow to become a software engineer in India.

Step1: Choose Computer Science as Optional

If you want to become a software engineer after 10th or 12th then you can choose computer science as your optional subject in your 10th or 12th which would help you understand the subject and its applications.

Step 2: Gain a Bachelor’s Qualification 

After completing your 12th with computer science as your optional subject, you can opt for a B.Tech in Computer Science degree, a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science or even a Bachelor in Computer Applications degree.

Step 3:  Learn Programming Languages and Technologies

To become a computer software engineer one needs to start learning programming languages like C++, JAVA, Python and Javascript. A software engineer needs to know several frameworks and software technologies such as cloud computing, information technology etc. Through practising data structures and algorithms, coding challenges, and project building, one gradually improves one’s abilities.

Step 4: Apply for Internships 

Thinking about how to become a software engineer in India, gain practical exposure and learn how to work in a professional environment, through internships. You can do internships during your college years by applying through various portals such as Internshaala, Linkedin and many more. Sometimes an internship can turn into a full-time opportunity therefore acquiring an internship is important for applying for jobs.

Step 5: Get a fresher level job

As a fresher, there will be many jobs available in the market for a fresher. Start by creating a perfect resume tailored according to your skills and include your certifications, hackathons and projects. With the help of the resume, you can apply for a software engineer role easily. Use the job portal, company career pages and networking connections to get a fresher-level software engineer job.

Step 6: Continue the Learning 

With changing technologies and the introduction of AI, software engineers are forced to keep themselves updated with the latest developments. For this, they need to keep learning to stay relevant and succeed in their career. So, do the courses, complete certifications and take workshops that teach you the latest skills and knowledge related to your field. 

Step 6: Networking

Your network affects your career a lot, if you want to go forward in your career then network with people from your field who are ahead in their careers. Interacting with professionals in the industry opens up doors to valuable opportunities and internships. Platforms such as LinkedIn and other networking forums help to increase your reach and also help you stay updated with the trends.

Software Engineer Salary and Eligibility


On an average basis, software engineers in India earn around INR 8.5 LPA. The minimum salary for software engineers is INR 3.4 LPA and an experienced engineer can earn up to INR 20 LPA or more. 

Qualifications & Eligibility

As we move forward in the guide on how to become a software engineer in India, let’s see the eligibility and software engineer qualifications required. 

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering 
  • 0-1 year of software development experience 
  • Knowledge of programming languages and coding 
  • Knowledge of relevant tool suite, coding skills 
  • Software development knowledge 
  • Communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and team-building skills. 
  • Ability to work on time.

Eligibility Criteria 

The minimum eligibility criteria required to become a software engineer in India is a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. You must have passed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Computer Science as an optional subject.  

You must have at least 60% in the 12th board to take admission to the bachelor’s degree program. After that take the all-India entrance test of JEE, MHT CET, etc., to get admission to top colleges. 

Software Engineer Skillset

Here is a list of soft and technical skills required in the software profile. Mentioning these engineering skills can boost your resume.  

Technical Skills Soft Skills 
C programming Language  Verbal Skills 
C++ Written Skills 
Web Languages: HTML, CSS, JAVAScript Interpersonal skills 
Python Analytical Mind 
Databases: Oracle, MySQL and Git Creative Problem-Solving Skills 
Data Structures and AlgorithmsTeam Building Skills 
Machine Learning Networking Skills 

Software Engineer Top Recruiters

Here is a list of top employers who hire software engineers. 

Recruiters Average Salary 
Oracle Financial Services INR 11.3 LPA 
HCL Technologies INR 4.8 LPA 
Infosys INR 8.4 LPA 
Microsoft INR 13 LPA 
Google INR 22 LPA 
Samsung INR 16.1 LPA 
Intel INR 14 LPA 
Adobe INR 10 LPA 
Cisco INR 18 LPA 
Deloitte INR 8 LPA 
Cognizant INR 8.4 LPA 

Source: Ambitionbox 

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Software Engineer Jobs in India – Summary

If you are an aspiring software engineer, hope this quick guide helped you in choosing whether this career option is right for you,  

Becoming a software engineer is not difficult if you have programming skills, and a computer science or IT background, or are interested in these subjects. Most students are shifting to become software engineers as technology demands increase.  

Pro Tip: Make sure your resume is well-optimized and targeted towards the job you’re applying for. A well-written career objective can go a long way! 

Once you settle in this profession you can earn a good position and salary. You can also work in top multinational companies. There are many high-paying domains in engineering today like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Metaverse, etc. Hence, it is a great career option to start your career.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many years does it take to become a software engineer? 

You can become a software engineer in 4 years after completing a bachelor’s degree. However, if you have a master’s degree like MTech, MCA or MBA, then your salary package will increase. This can take an additional amount of 2 years.

How to become a software engineer after the 12th?

To become a software engineer after the 12th you have to appear in the entrance exam to get admission to top colleges of the countries. Some of these exams are: 
1. JEE 
7. MET 

After clearing any of these exams with a minimum score you can get admission to top engineering colleges. And after completing your four-year degree program, you can join the top companies in India or abroad. 

How to Become a Software Engineer Without a CS Degree?

1. Learn the basics of computer science 
2. Practice coding 
3. Build a portfolio of your work 
4. Network with other software engineers 
5. Start applying for jobs 

How to Become a Senior Software Developer? 

If you want to grow in your software engineer career and become a Senior Software Developer, these are the steps:

1. Obtain a Solid Foundation in Software Development 
2. Gain Practical Experience 
3. Expand Your Technical Skill Set 
4. Demonstrate Leadership and Initiative 
5. Continuously Learn and Improve 


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