How to Become a Software Engineer?


Students, after completing their studies, often get worried about their future. They think about their career and future jobs. Maximum students don’t have proper guidance regarding their careers. Not only students, but this is applicable for others also. They don’t know what to do after completing their studies or the right career choice. Taking the right decision about your job and your career is very important as it will lead to your future life and your dreams. Students who completed their studies in engineering, especially in computer science or Information Technology, want to become Software Engineer. But one question that may often strike your mind is how to become a software engineer? , career objectives of a software engineer or salary of software engineers. So in this article, we tried to answer all your queries and clear all the doubts to help you all.

What is Software Engineering? 

Nowadays, everything is digitally connected. We live in a digital age. Whatever we do in our daily life, everything is related to technology. In addition, our total work is based on technology. Like we use our computers to work, doing everything online all these are happening because of software engineers. Software engineers make different applications websites based on customers’ needs. They develop codes which is the main key behind everything.

January 8, 2022
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How to Become a Software Engineer? 

To become a software engineer, firstly, you need to complete your studies from a science background in 11th and 12th. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics should be your subject. Then in optional, if you take computer science, it will be very beneficial for you. 

Then one should have completed their graduation in B.Tech, especially in Computer Science or Information Technology domain. Cause you can gain a major knowledge here. 

One can go for Higher studies also. Like M.Tech, MBA 

Lastly, I would like to mention anyone can become a software engineer. There is nothing to worry about if you don’t have any of these degrees or knowledge. Still, you can be a software engineer if you gain some skills and knowledge. Yes, maybe it will be a little difficult task but not impossible. 

How to Become a Software Engineer?- Important Skills to know 

If you are from Computer Science or Information Technology domain or have studied computers, it can be an easy task for you. But for one who doesn’t have any knowledge can be a little challenging—still, nothing to worry about. If you gain some skills and knowledge, anyone can become a software engineer. 

Firstly one has to know some programming languages. 

  • Like you can start with basic C programming language

  • C++ after basic C language one can learn C++ 
  • JAVA is also an important programming language to learn. 
  • Python is one of the top programming languages. Many companies even ask freshers who know JAVA and Python. 
  • Databases such as Oracle and MySQL– DBMS will give you an idea of handling data and all related works. It is also easy to learn. 
  • Basic Networking concepts 

These all are primary skills to become a software engineer. One must learn all these to get a good job. 

Advanced Skills to enhance your knowledge – 

  • Android Development- If you want to enhance your skills, these are the basics. You should know this. Learning App Development will help you to build your applications. 
  • Web Languages like- HTML, CSS, and JAVAScript. If someone wants to learn advanced programming, you need to know all these. Learning web Languages will help you make your websites. Top companies hire freshers and experienced who have great knowledge in Web development. Cause it will help the company to make web pages and all according to customers demand. 
  • Artificial Intelligence– Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is high in demand. 

  • Machine Learning- By learning Machine Learning, one can also become a Machine Learning expert. This is also high in demand and advanced skill to become a good software engineer. One should learn all these to get a good job in top companies. 
  • Cyber-Security 
  • Object-oriented Design 

If you learn all these, your chances of selection in a good company are very high. You can become a very good software engineer. 

You can take any course to learn all these or read books. There are many courses available on different topics. One can learn one by one and then practice. 

Some Important Tips to Become a Software Engineer. 

If you want to become a good software developer, you have to work hard. Firstly, you should first improve your Coding Skills. For this, you can go to hackerrank, where you will find many easy to moderate coding problems. By practising this, one can check coding efficiency and become an expert. 

Secondly, you need to update yourself with the latest Technology in Software Industries. It would be best if you tried to learn them. It will make you different from others. And you can go for big companies. Their pay scale is also large. 

Lastly, you need to practice more and more and try to do unique projects to impress the recruiters and enhance your chances of selection. 

Top Recruiter Companies for Software Engineer 

To work in a top company is a dream of many students who want to start their career in software engineering jobs. Nowadays, Software engineers are high in demand, and their salary is also high. Especially if you get a chance to work in top companies. Here we mentioned some top IT and Non-IT companies which are great options to start your career. 

  • Infosys 
  • Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) 
  • Oracle Financial Services 
  • HCL Technologies 

  • MindTree 
  • Microsoft 
  • Google 
  • Samsung 
  • Intel 

  • Adobe 
  • Cisco 
  • Deloitte 
  • IBM 
  • Cognizant 

Software Engineering Jobs 

There are many opportunities for students interested in starting their career as Software engineers. Lots of carer objectives are available. One needs to know all this. 

Data Scientist- 

If you are interested in working as a Software Engineer in any company, you can choose Data Scientist as a career because it is related to a software engineering background. A Data Scientist is a professional responsible for collecting data, analyzing, interpreting extremely large amounts of data. Data Scientist is an advanced role of several technical roles, mathematician and computer professionals. This is also a top job opportunity as a software engineer. And the salary is also high. A data scientist gets Rs.8-10 Lakh per Annum. As a Data Scientist, you can work in IT companies, non-IT companies, even in banks. 

Full-Stack Developer- 

Suppose you are a student from an engineering background and are interested in programming languages. Then you can become a full-stack developer. Its salary package is also high. A full-stack Developer gets Rs.10 to 15 LPA, which is considered a high-salary job in India. Also, the demand for Full-Stack Developers is high. Top companies searched for freshers and experienced who have good programming college for this job role. Their main work is related to coding. They design and build websites according to their client’s demands with the help of HTML/CSS. As a Full-Stack Developer, you can work in IT companies. 

Software Developer- 

If someone is interested in coding, they can choose a career as a software developer. It is a high demanded job in IT companies and salary is also high. As a Software Developer, one can get up to Rs.10 lakh per annum. It may vary. If anyone has the experience, they can get a salary up to Rs.20LPA. If you know some programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, Python, Ruby, then you can try for good companies for this job role. The job role of Software Developers is to create innovative software programs and applications in terms of customers’ needs. 

Machine Learning Expert- 

There is also one great opportunity to work as a Machine Learning Expert. It has become a more demanding job, and the salary is also high. A Machine Learning expert can get up to Rs. 20 LPA, which is a great salary. Top IT companies search for freshers and experienced for this job role. If one has advanced knowledge of programming languages and Machine Learning, this is a great career option. 

Cyber Security Analyst- 

This is also a great option if you want to become a software engineer. The main work of a Cyber-Security Analyst is to check the security of all important sites and to secure them. It is also an interesting and high demanding job. The pay scale is also large for the job role. Salary may differ from Rs. 8 to 10 lakh per annum. If you are experienced, then you can get a higher salary. For this job role, one must have programming knowledge. And basic programming skills, App development, all this. As a Cyber-Security Analyst, you can work in good IT companies, non-IT companies, and banks. This job role has many job openings everywhere. 

Game Developer- 

If you are interested in gaming, you can also make a career. But you have to know programming languages, good coding skills, and advanced knowledge of computers. As a Game Developer, one has to develop new game applications according to market needs. It is also high in demand and has a good salary package, Rs.10-20 LPA. Top companies search for good Game Developers. So if you are interested and have the skills, it is a great choice. 

Anyone who wants to become a Software Engineer and is interested in working in top IT companies, especially have knowledge of programming languages and are interested in working in these fields, then lots of job opportunities are available. You can work as an Information Systems Manager, Multimedia Programmer, Blockchain Developer, IT Consultant, Software Tester, etc. All these job roles are high in demand and have good salary packages. 

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If you know programming languages or are a computer science or IT background, then becoming a software engineer is not a hard task for you. But if one doesn’t have such knowledge, it can be a little hard. Though nothing to worry about. If you want to learn programming languages and are interested in working as a software engineer, you can easily learn programming skills through various courses, books, and videos. 

In conclusion, one should know the programming languages mentioned above in this article. And you have to improve your coding skills through more and more practice. Then one can easily become a software engineer. Nowadays, software engineering jobs are high in demand, and salary is also high. If you have good knowledge, you can also work in top companies. So it’s a great career choice to start your career. This article tried to clear all the possible queries and confusions that may come into students’ minds. As a software engineer, one can build a career in an IT company, in a non-IT company, Bank, or Insurance. So becoming a software engineer is a great career choice. 

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