Salary after MBA: Highest-Paying MBA Specializations in 2023

November 28, 2023
salary after mba

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MBA is one of the most preferred master’s degree courses by students worldwide. Students can earn a good salary after MBA. Several candidates appear for the Common Admission Test (CAT) every year.

This is perhaps due to the versatility of the MBA degree and the various specializations it offers. Some popular MBA specializations include Finance, Marketing, General Management, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, and so on.

Therefore, if you’re confused about choosing the right MBA specialization, take a look at the average salary after MBA with different specializations.

Let’s explore the highest-paying MBA jobs in India according to various specializations.

What is MBA?

MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. It is a common career path preferred by commerce students. However, you need not necessarily be from the commerce stream to pursue MBA.

The MBA degree focuses on equipping students with business organization and management skills. Moreover, students also become well-versed in the specializations they choose. This makes MBA a desirable qualification for prospective employers as well.

Benefits of MBA

  • An MBA degree helps beginners to kickstart their careers at a higher designation.
  • An MBA degree helps in cultivating skill sets that are needed throughout your work life. For example- leadership skills, organizational skills, and strategy-building.
  • MBA helps you expand your peer network with people from diverse backgrounds. People usually end up forming long-lasting connections during MBA that prove to be useful in their professional careers.
  • MBA provides a holistic view of all business domains. This comes in handy if you’re keen to become a start-up owner.
  • With the changing education scenario, distance and online MBAs provide you with the flexibility to work while you complete your MBA.

List of Highest Paying Jobs after MBA in India 2023

Here is the list of highest-paying jobs after an MBA degree:

Job ProfileHighest Salary
Investment BankerINR 40.4 LPA
Project ManagerINR 26 LPA
ConsultantINR 22 LPA
Marketing ManagerINR 23 LPA
Business Development ManagerINR 15 LPA
Financial AnalystINR 10.3 LPA
HR ManagerINR 18 LPA
Business AnalystINR 15 LPA
Operation ManagerINR 18.6 LPA
Data AnalystINR 11.6 LPA
Sales ManagerINR 14 LPA
Advertising ManagerINR 19.8 LPA
Digital Marketing ManagerINR 19.3 LPA
Brand Management ExecutiveINR 10.2 LPA
eCommerce SpecialistINR 10 LPA

Source: Ambitionbox

Investment Banker

Investment bankers earn a good salary after MBA. They can earn an average of INR 4.5 LPA, and the highest salary can be around INR 40.4 LPA.

Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for the execution of the entire project. They are hired by top IT firms which gives them a good salary. On average, a project manager can earn INR 14.5 LPA and, with experience, can reach INR 26 LPA.


A consultant is one of the highest-paying jobs after MBA where candidates can earn a good salary. On average, they can make up to INR 10 LPA which can further extend to INR 22 LPA.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers make a decent amount of salary. Their average salary can be around INR 2.4 to 7.4 LPA. The highest salary can reach up to INR 23 LPA.

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Business Development Manager

The salary of a business development manager in India can be anywhere around INR 2.5 to 5.3 LPA and the highest salary can be INR 15 LPA.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is a good stream where MBA graduates can earn a good salary. The average salary can start from INR 4 LPA and can reach up to INR 10.3 LPA. Financial analysts have the highest MBA salary in India.

HR Manager

Human resource managers are always in demand. With the good opportunities available to them in each firm, they can earn the highest salary of INR 18 LPA which can be increased with more experience. The average salary for MBA in HR can be INR 3 to 7 LPA.

Business Analyst

The job of a business analyst ranges from finding solutions to business problems to implementing them. They can earn an average salary of INR 3 to 7 LPA. The highest salary can be INR 15 LPA.

Operation Manager

It is one of the top managerial positions in the firm which exposed him to earn a good salary. Operations Manager salary in India ranges from INR 3 to 7.5 LPA. The highest salary can be around INR 18.6 LPA.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst salary ranges from INR 1.9 to 4.4 LPA. With more experience, the salary can be reached up to 11.6 LPA.

Sales Manager

Sales and marketing are good MBA streams. The average salary of a sales manager is 5 LPA which can be reached up to INR 14 LPA.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers are responsible for running advertising campaigns. This is also one of the highest-paying jobs after MBA. The average salary they can earn is between INR 2.3 to 5.4 LPA. The highest salary earning is INR 19.8 LPA.

Digital Marketing Manager

With advanced technology, there has been an increase in the demand for digital marketers. They can earn an average salary between INR 3.1 to 7 LPA and the highest salary can be around INR 19.3 LPA.

Brand Management Executive

Brand managers are responsible for maintaining the brand image. They earn a good salary after MBA by working with top brands. The average salary can be around INR 3.1 LPA and with more experience, it can reach up to INR 19.3 LPA.

eCommerce Specialist

With the growing e-commerce platforms, the demand for eCommerce specialists increased. They earn a decent salary of 10 LPA and an average of 4.5 LPA which can be increased after gaining some experience

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Factors Affecting Salary after MBA

Many factors affect MBA salary. Some of these factors are:

  • From which university did you do your MBA
  • In which specialization you have done the MBA
  • Whether you are fresher or have a few years of experience
  • In which position are you working
  • The company you are working in

These factors affect the salary after MBA; therefore, you need to keep in mind which college and specialization you choose as they can affect your income.

Highest-Paying MBA Specializations

There are several MBA specializations, each with its unique focus and emphasis. The most popular MBA specializations include Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. However, many other specialized MBA programs are available, such as those focused on Information Technology, International Business, or Project Management.

The highest-paying MBA specializations tend to be those that focus on finance and consulting. MBA graduates with these specializations often earn a good salary after their MBA and go on to work in high-level positions with top organizations.

MBA in Marketing

Brands today are working immensely on their marketing strategy. Every day, we see innovative marketing campaigns by brands to help them stand out among their audiences. Therefore, every brand wants skilled professionals to handle its marketing strategy.

MBA in Marketing focuses on subjects like consumer behaviour, market research processes, marketing tools and techniques, digital and traditional advertising, and Sales Management. MBA in Marketing has a wide scope with a good salary after MBA.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized college/university.
  • You do not need any prior knowledge in Marketing but a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) is helpful and provides the initial knowledge.

Source: NIRF

Jobs after MBA in Marketing

Here is the list of job positions:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager

Salary after MBA in Marketing

The average salary for MBA in Marketing is INR 5.4 LPA. As your gain more work experience, the average MBA salary package ranges from INR 14.25 to 20.43 LPA. With increasing qualifications and years of experience, your salary can go up to INR 30 to 45 LPA.

MBA in Banking and Finance

The MBA finance course is one of the best courses for students who are interested in banking and finance. With the increasing need for financial experts in the business world, this course offers many career opportunities after an MBA. Students can also earn a good salary after MBA in finance.

Financial and banking experts are responsible for the financial management of an organization. This involves the different stages of planning, implementing, and regulating the inflow and outflow of assets.

Eligibility Criteria

  • CoA Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, accounting, or any other equivalent degree with a 55% or higher percentage.

MBA in Banking and Finance Universities

Some of the most renowned universities that provide a great scope after an MBA in Banking and Finance are:

  • Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance, Pune
  • Chitkara University, Patiala
  • Amity University, Delhi
  • Alliance University, Bangalore

Source: NIRF

Jobs after MBA in Banking and Finance

MBA in finance salary is good in these top job positions.

  • Corporate Banking
  • Corporate Finance Executive
  • Asset Management
  • Trading Expert
  • Credit Risk Manager
  • Investment Banker

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Salary after MBA in Banking and Finance

After Banking and Finance from a top-tier B-school, you can expect a starting salary of INR 10 to 15 LPA. The highest MBA salary in finance can go up to INR 50 LPA.

MBA in Business and Data Analytics

Data is the currency of the Information Age. Job opportunities after MBA are on a surge for skilled data analysts. A data analyst mines through countless, broken-up data and sorts them into meaningful areas for the company to act upon.

This is a trending MBA specialization with good prospects of a high salary after an MBA. This course helps you understand data analytics to sift through various data points and assign meaning to them in the form of trends, insights, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science, or Commerce with at least 55% marks.
  • It is an added advantage if you are comfortable with advanced math and computer programming.

Source: NIRF

Jobs after MBA in Business/ Data Analytics

MBA in Data Analytics can open up various career opportunities with a high salary.

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Operations Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Management Consultant


MBA salary in India in Data Analytics can initially range from INR 3 to 8 LPA. The top executives in data analytics earn a higher salary of up to INR 55 LPA.

MBA in Operations Management

Ensuring the smooth functioning of business processes is important. This is why companies hire operations experts to optimize their business processes. The role of an operations manager involves managing product quality, building and maintaining customer relations, inventory and supply management, and boosting productivity.

It is one of the best MBA streams as many companies digitize their operations and supply chain, introducing new opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

A bachelor’s degree in any stream, with a 55% aggregate score.

Source: NIRF

Operation Management Jobs

After completing MBA in operations management, one can work across various management consulting firms, retail management, information technology, healthcare management, and transport and logistics companies.

Jobs after MBA in Operations Management

  • Operations Executive
  • General Operations Manager
  • Digital Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Quality Assurance Executive


A fresher with MBA in Operation Management has the potential to earn between INR 4 to 9 LPA. It can later increase to INR 40 LPA.

MBA in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is an excellent career option with a high salary after MBA. Organizations today are prioritizing the well-being of their employees and hence, there is a greater demand for qualified human resource and talent management professionals.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree from any stream with 55% marks and above.
  • Good communication skills are appreciated.

Source: NIRF

Jobs after MBA in HR Management

A human resource professional is in high demand across various industries and domains like information technology, law firms, advertising agencies, retail management companies, and media houses.

Highest-Paying Jobs after MBA in HR include:

  • HR Administrator
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Staffing Manager
  • HR Director
  • Talent Acquisition Manager

Salary after MBA in HR Management

Candidates with MBA in HR Management enjoy starting salaries of INR 4 to 6.9 LPA.

Top Universities for MBA Programs

UniversityApproximate Fees (INR)CurriculumCommon Subjects
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA)23-25 lakhsCase-Based Learning, Industry InteractionFinance, Marketing, Strategy, Operations Management
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)23-25 lakhsExperiential Learning, Global ExposureEconomics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Analytics
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC)22-24 lakhsCase Studies, Internships, ProjectsHR Management, Business Ethics, Supply Chain
Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur20-22 lakhsJesuit Pedagogy, Social SensitivityBusiness Ethics, Organizational Behavior, HRM
Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad30-35 lakhs (approx.)International Exposure, ElectivesCorporate Finance, Business Analytics, Leadership
SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai17-20 lakhsGlobal Immersion, Industry ProjectsMarketing Management, Operations, Business Strategy
Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi1-2 lakhs (approx.)Case-Based Learning, WorkshopsManagerial Economics, Business Communication
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune20-22 lakhsInterdisciplinary Approach, InternshipsFinancial Management, Operations, Business Law
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai17-20 lakhsExperiential Learning, SpecializationsStrategic Management, Marketing, Business Analytics

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship refers to the study of developing and managing a business to make it profitable. There is great scope for MBA Entrepreneurship as today’s youth is filled with innovative ideas that can easily be monetized. The recent surge in the number of startup unicorns and the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (Self-Reliant India) has influenced the youth to develop more start-ups.

The course’s curriculum enables MBA candidates to understand the necessary resources to sustain a business. It also helps students to learn about various strategies that can help them build a profitable business.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The eligibility criteria for enrolling in MBA in Entrepreneurship program is a bachelor’s degree in any stream with at least 50% marks.
  • It requires no prior experience. MBA in Entrepreneurship enables innovation and excitement in the students’ minds to make a change in the world through business projects.

Source: NIRF

Jobs after MBA in Entrepreneurship

An MBA in entrepreneurship enables you to develop a business-oriented mindset which is a top-rated skill in many companies. After an MBA in Entrepreneurship, you can work in various domains like automobile, information technology, small and medium business management, insurance, sales, and marketing.

  • Business Consultant
  • Business Strategist
  • Corporate Supervisor
  • Management Analyst
  • Non-profit fundraiser


The average salary for MBA in Entrepreneurship is INR 8.83 LPA. MBA in Entrepreneurship offers faster growth opportunities, and you can earn up to INR 20 to 30 LPA. However, if you choose to start your own business, initially your profits might be low, but gradually you can start earning well.

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MBA Jobs Salary – Summary

MBA is a versatile career option and can help you accelerate your career growth. You can earn a good salary after MBA. It is a desired qualification among MNCs and business organizations which makes it a lucrative career option after a bachelor’s degree.

Companies are willing to pay a huge salary after MBA, especially if you enrol in a tier-1 business school like IIMs or ISB. Tier-1 B-schools are known to ask for hefty fees and admit only the top scorers in CAT. However, if you focus on developing your leadership and management skills, any reputed B-school can get you a high-paying MBA job.

Here are some useful resources:

Frequently Asked Questions about MBA Salary in India

What is the average salary after doing an MBA?

The average starting salary you can expect after completing an MBA is between INR 4 and 8.57 LPA. As you progress in your career and gain more experience, you can expect an annual salary between INR 14- 20 lakhs that can even go up to INR 30-45 LPA.

Which MBA has the highest salary?

Marketing Management is the best specialization with the highest MBA salary in India. The average salary that you as a fresher can expect after completing MBA in Marketing Management is about 5 lakhs per annum. You can choose from various roles like a brand manager, marketing manager, and digital marketing manager, to name a few.

Do IITians prefer MBA to M.Tech?

Marketing Management is the best specialization with the highest MBA salary in India. The average salary that you as a fresher can expect after completing MBA in Marketing Management is about 5 lakhs per annum. You can choose from various roles like a brand manager, marketing manager, and digital marketing manager, to name a few.

Which specialization in MBA sees the highest demand?

Human Resource Management is an excellent career option and sees the highest demand after MBA. The scope of an MBA in HR in the country has exploded as the demand for qualified human resources is increasing exponentially.
Candidates with MBA in HR Management enjoy starting salaries of INR 3 to 7 LPA. As you gain more experience and step into managerial or leadership roles, you may earn up to INR 18 LPA.

What is the finance MBA salary in india for fresher and experienced?

The salary range for finance MBA graduates in India varies depending on factors such as the type of job, the location, the employer, and the candidate’s experience and qualifications. Generally, MBA graduates in finance can expect to earn anywhere from Rs. 8 lakhs to Rs. 16 lakhs per annum. Experienced professionals with a finance MBA may earn up to Rs. 25 lakhs per annum.

Which MBA specialization is best paid?

The MBA specialization that is most highly paid varies from one industry to another. Generally, the most highly paid MBA specializations are finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, and consulting. Those in the technology industry may find that specializations such as information systems, data analytics, and software engineering are also highly paid.

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