Best Professional Courses To Do After Graduation


There is no end to learning and there will be no point in your life when you would have to stop acquiring skills. In every aspect of your life, you will be needing more knowledge to upgrade your skillset. We will discuss on the best courses after graduation.

No age is considered to be legitimate to adopt a new skill set in your life. With that being said, today’s competition in every field expects you to stay updated with trending formats and technology.

A person with just a bachelor’s degree only knows about the work but doesn’t know how to execute work according to the status quo. Because on-field experience can never be taught to you, rather it is something that is understood by doing it.

Nowadays even after graduating, students tend to uplift their skills in diverse fields. Therefore, it becomes necessary for students to polish their skills through available professional courses after graduation. Polishing skills makes you creative and helps you in exploring your interests and ideas. By doing that you can enhance and innovate your skills.

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January 8, 2022
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While doing any course, be it a bachelor’s or master’s degree everyone needs a platform to clarify their doubts. Everyone needs continuous access to their education, therefore online platforms like Chegg, becomes necessary to opt for.

In the status quo, there is a variety of professional courses after graduation offered by both private and government universities. Many institutes also offer diploma courses in the list of professional courses after graduation.

A candidate can opt for any field depending on the following three factors:

  • Interest
  • Eligibility
  • Budget

If you are a graduate or pursuing graduation and looking for professional courses after graduation.

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Here are the top 15 courses that one might consider doing after graduation

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Since an MBA can be pursued by a student from any degree, many students from diverse domains apply for an MBA degree as a postgraduate degree. MBA provides you a wide range of experience in different analytical fields that uplifts your confidence and boosts your communication skills. An MBA from a reputed and well-established institute will provide you immense exposure to management and an innovative platform to uplift your skill-set. It is one of the sorts of courses among the other professional courses after graduation.

One can pursue MBA in multiple fields. The common fields opted by students are Marketing, Human Resource, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, and Health care. An average MBA graduate earns about 12 lakhs/annum in India.

M.Tech (Master of Technology)

Mtech degree is more inclined towards technology and engineering in the list of professional courses after graduation. This is a two-year-long course that requires you to accomplish your Btech degree first. One can also apply for Mtech in India after completing their MSc degree from any reputed university. Degree helps you improvise your engineering skills and gives you skills to generate new and improved ideas. You can accomplish a Mtech Degree in a variety of fields like Information Technology, Mechanical, Statistics, Computer Science, Electrical, and Biotechnology. An average engineer with apt skills and a master’s degree earns up to 2 lakhs/month.


Comparable to an MBA, many students from diverse domains tend to go for PGDM at various universities. The course structure of the PGDM program is similar to an MBA and is offered by various reputed universities.  The curriculum of a PGDM program prioritizes the core of the management field that invokes flexible and creative thinking in the candidate. An average person holding the degree of PGDM program can grab the starting package of about 2.5 lakhs/month.

Admission in this program is entrance based and the candidate is expected to have considerable knowledge of mathematics, English, and logical capability. There is a huge demand for PGDM among the other professional courses after graduation.

MA/MSc economics

In the status quo, all of us hear a lot about the economy on a daily basis. A Master’s degree in economics will help you to gather experience in topics like stocks, market rates, Indian economy, GDP and etc. A person belonging to the economics domain knows about how the market works and how our shopping lists affect the GDP of the entire nation. You tend to look at things in your own unique way.

Many Institutes like Delhi University, Ambedkar University offers a Master’s degree in economics and a person can make a huge amount of money out of it. Most of the economists usually become a lecturer and devote their time in research of innovative ideas.  A candidate with an economics degree can make up to 1 lakh/month. It is one of the complex course among the other professional courses after graduation.

MA/MSc Statistics/Mathematics

If you like to play with complex ideas like topology, calculus, and number line then mathematics/statistics can be an appropriate field for you. With a sudden boom in technology, companies need employees to manage huge data that they encounter every day. Most of the statistics graduates are hired as a Data Analyst or Data Scientists and they make an ample amount of money from it.

Many mathematics and statistics graduates prefer becoming lecturer and move towards the research field that also pays you well. One needs a bachelor’s degree with one of the core subjects as mathematics in order to apply for a Master’s degree in mathematics/statistics. It is always a priority for Maths/statistics graduates in the list of professional courses after graduation.

MCA/MSc computer science

In the present scenario, all of us surrounded by gifts of technology. With so much demand in the latest software, firms need huge masses of computer science graduates. In India, the MSc degree is considered to be equivalent to Btech in Computer Science. One can also pursue MCA (Masters in Computer Application) in order to become a professional software engineer.

MSc degree is more inclined towards theoretical terms and research while an MCA degree is more about the application of the concepts. An MCA/Msc Graduate can also start his/her own work online with flexible working hours. It can be a rewarding choice among the other best courses after graduation.

Digital Marketing

With a sudden boom in technology, it becomes necessary to promote most of the products on the digital platform so that they reach huge masses of people. The field of Digital Marketing requires experience, practice, knowledge, and consistency. There are many institutes that offer year-long courses in digital marketing to make a candidate aware of recent techniques and processes. A Digital Marketing expert also has an option to work as a freelancer.

The salary of digital marketing depends on the number of clients he/she has. Average digital marketing experts in India can earn up to 2-3 lakhs/month. This field is one of the highest-earning jobs among the other best courses after graduation.

PGD Hotel Management

This is usually a year-long full-time course that exposes you to techniques of hospitality management. This post-graduate course exposes you to various fields like sales management, executive chefs, brand manager, Bar Manager, Food Manager. A hotel manager might start earning low, but the pay scale increases with increased experience.

A fresher might start with 20-30k per month but an average hotel manager with experience of 2-3 years earns about 2-3 lakhs per month. This field is an exciting option among the list of professional courses after graduation.

Business Accounting and Taxation

With an increase in the number of huge firms, Business accountants are in huge demand. It is best among the other professional courses after graduation and is an apt choice for the students belonging to the commerce background. The demand is in Real estate, Insurance, banking, Educational services, Executive, Legislature, and other Professional Services.


Tally ERP 9 is accounting software that is available for small firms and industries. It offers a comprehensive business approach. This is an apt choice for students belonging to the commerce background who are interested in dealing with accounts every day. It is an adequate professional course after graduation for the students interested in accounting and maths. An average Tally service provides makes about 50k-1 lakh per annum.


Mcom graduates are in huge demand due to evolution in the corporate sector. M.Com exposes you to the various sectors of accounting, taxation, and management. Many prestigious universities like Ambedkar University and Delhi University offer a Master’s degree in commerce. To become eligible for a Mcom degree, one needs to complete its Bachelors’s degree in commerce first. Most of the Commerce graduates pursue Ph.D. and become a lecturer at various universities.

An average Mcom graduate, depending on knowledge makes up to 50k-1 lakh per month. If you are a commerce graduate and looking for the best courses after graduation, this might turn out to be your dream job.

Machine Learning

If you can handle complex ideas of computer science, the machine learning field might excite you. Machine learning consists of different algorithms of pattern recognition that a computer can learn without being programmed. It is part of the diverse domains of artificial intelligence. The idea is based on the observation of a huge amount of Data.

Basically, every recommendation you get on your favorite apps is the result of Machine Learning. It is one of the highest paying jobs among the list of professional courses after graduation. An average machine learning expert makes about 3-4 lakhs per month in India. Most of the students working in this domain belong to a computer science background.

Mobile App Development

Most of the essential services you utilize nowadays are available in your mobile. Due to the immense utilization of Mobile Applications, developers are in huge demand. Candidate from any domain can start learning app development. It is supposed to be comfortable for the students who are good coders.

Many institutes offer Mobile App Development diploma courses with assured placement offers. Moreover, many prestigious colleges also offer App development as a subject to make it a professional course after graduation for students. An average mobile developer makes up to 1-2 lakhs per month.

Finance and Accounts

With an increase in the number of huge firms, Business accountants are in huge demand. Finance and Accounts will help you understand market risk and where should a company or a client invest. Finance and accounts is a comprehensive field that will help people to bloom their businesses in the market. Students from commerce background can make it their full-time career. Although, a student from a non-commerce background can also opt for the courses available by many institutes and universities. This field always prioritized by finance students in the list of professional courses after graduation.

Mass communications

Mass communication is one of the essential domain nowadays. A person with a considerable amount of communication skills and management skills can go for this job. A candidate from any domain can do the course and make their career in the field of Mass Communication. Many prestigious universities in India offer full-time mass communication courses with the necessary experience.

Mass communication graduates might start earning low as a fresher but with experience, they can gather a lot of stardom and money. It is the best among the other professional courses after graduation. An Average mass communication graduate makes up to 50k- 1lakh per month.

Final Thoughts

With the evolution in the educational field, students have a wide variety of choices nowadays. One can opt for the best suit for them and depending on what field he/she wants to work in. There is a huge variety of domains like Marketing, Business analyst, and Science.

The above list of professional courses after graduation will help you to choose the best domain depending on your interests. There is no field better than others, everything depends on your interest and creativity. Everything you do, you are only expected to be good at it instead of opting for something fancy out of interest and never being good at it.

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