25 Ways To Earn Extra Income Online From Home In India

November 3, 2023
Earn Extra Income

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Around 62% of Gen Zs and 51% of Millennials have an additional source to earn extra income in India. It shows how aware the future generation has come to know the importance of having a second source of income, rather than relying completely on their jobs. And it is important in today’s time of rising inflation, ever-changing lifestyle of people and less job security. So, if you have some spare hours to give you should positively start earning extra income from home.

Staring a side income has several benefits for everyone who starts it, like:

benefits of earning extra income - Side income
  • Multiple sources of income enhance the financial stability of an individual or family that helps them in case of crises.
  • Having source to earn extra income gives you flexibility to live better on your own terms and improve your lifestyle.
  • Side income sources help you learn new skills and gain confidence in yourself.
  • Online earning or side income sources help people achieve their financial goals earlier so that they can live happy and free life.

25 Proven Methods to Earn Extra Income from Home

There are countless side-income sources available on the Internet. However, finding reliable websites to earn extra income from home is difficult. Today we have presented the 25 best ways to earn extra income from home:

1. Online Tutoring 

Chegg India is the ideal option for job seekers looking to become Q&A experts. Anyone can apply for this remote work, regardless of their level of expertise. The required business, engineering, healthcare, and academic knowledge will get them paid.

The online questions from students must be answered by the Q&A expert, who will be compensated for each correct response. Consider working at Chegg India right away to earn side incomes from home.

2. Starting a YouTube channel 

An incredible way to earn extra income from home is through YouTube. Those who are enthusiastic about vlogging can create their own YouTube channel. They only need to be proficient in any subject, skill, or art and have effective communication skills.

Based on these skills, they can create and post content on YouTube. The extensive platform YouTube enables individuals to connect with a vast audience. Videos can be made on various subjects, including travel, food, daily vlogs, etc.

The posted content must be engaging and attract a wider audience. The creator’s channel must have received 1000 subscribers and 4000 view hours in the previous year. This makes them eligible to earn a side income from YouTube.

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3. Tailoring 

It’s a great idea to make money at home by tailoring and sewing. If someone is skilled in this area, they may choose to tailor. Their excellent sense of style can be used to sell high-quality apparel.

Tailoring does not require a large investment. With a sewing machine, people can start their careers at home. They might market the stores on other social media channels for a side income. Tailors can also offer customers a variety of specialized, custom-made clothing options. 

4. Baking 

One cannot overlook baking and cooking when looking for home-based business ideas. The love of baking among people today is enormous. Some are skilled and experienced in making cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. They can choose to bake to earn extra income at home. 

Individuals opting for baking, however, must have access to an oven and adequate baking skills. Earning money with baking is not difficult. Food delivery apps and websites make it simple to sell prepared foods. To receive orders for birthday cakes and other items, bakers can even create social media pages. 

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5. Trading 

The world has become fascinated by trading. Everyone is keen on entering the stock market, from older men to young folks. They can generate enormous gains by applying the proper techniques and trading more effectively in the stock market.

It is best for people with extra money to invest and the necessary trading knowledge. Moreover, those who are interested might even learn how to trade stocks. A Demat account is required for anyone who wants to sell. Traders purchase stock in a company. The company pays them a dividend when the value of their shares rises. This way, individuals can earn extra income from home.

Trading on the stock market can sometimes be risky; therefore, investors should exercise extreme caution. They must diversify and make prudent investments. 

6. Selling on e-Commerce Websites

Technology has made it simpler to buy and sell items. People looking for second-income ideas in India can start selling products on e-commerce websites. They can sell their goods on various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart.

These sites help to reach a wider audience of customers by listing the products on their sites. E-commerce websites routinely deposit earned money into the seller’s bank account. One can earn great revenues with perfect knowledge of the product and its demand. Selling goods on these e-commerce platforms is a fantastic way to earn extra income from home.

Helpful resources:

7. Putting Household Items on Rent

Numerous useless items in a person’s attic can be used to earn extra income. Rentable items include cameras, music players, furniture, books, and more. If any of these things are useless to a person, they could rent them. 

In this manner, individuals might earn a side income with no outflow of funds. The most popular websites for renting items are Olx and Quickr. However, there are a lot more websites online that offer this choice. Renting household items is a great idea to earn a side income in India. 

8. Affiliate Marketing 

Those with a huge fan base on social media sites can choose affiliate marketing. Using social media’s power, they can use affiliate marketing to generate more revenue. An affiliate marketer joins the business or brand and advertises its goods. They must share the company’s items’ website URLs on social media. 

9. Digital Marketing 

With digital marketing, it is now simpler to promote goods and services. It is a perfect way to make extra money from home. Individuals must first acquire the fundamentals before entering this sector, though. 

They must learn enough about the theories and SEO methods used in digital marketing. Then, they can create their digital marketing website to aid in the expansion of their firms. Working with small companies and clients is preferred in the early stages. Once they gain expertise, earning a side income from digital marketing becomes more accessible. 

10. Online Consultations 

Start taking online consultation sessions to earn extra income from home. People can consult others online if they have a degree or professional experience in a particular sector. The consultation can cover various topics, including business, finance, social, and mental health issues. Entrepreneurs or individuals also seek advice from counsellors.

To be an effective online counsellor, a person should be empathic and have excellent listening and communication abilities. The counsellor decides the services and schedules based on their availability. These consultations can be conducted from home, which makes them an excellent side income source.

11. Freelancing

India has more than 15 million freelancers who make money remotely. One of the most well-liked ways to earn extra income at home is freelancing. If a person is skilled at writing articles or designing graphics and websites, they should try freelancing.

One must offer their services to clients to be compensated as a freelancer. They must establish a solid web profile and carefully pick their jobs and customers. With hard work and dedication, individuals can easily earn a side income from freelancing.

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12. Blogging

Blogging is a great side-income source for passionate writers. People who dislike writing content for others can launch their blogs. This is India’s most preferred way to earn extra income from home. Blogging requires a lot of effort and patience, though.

 It takes time and effort to start a blog and grow its audience. Blogging sites like WordPress or Weebly offer free and paid services to bloggers. Bloggers can write in their preferred niches like book reviews, cooking recipes, travel, news, etc. 

They earn money through advertising once their sites begin to attract readers. A successful blogger can make a side income between Rs. 70,000 and Rs. 1,000,000 monthly.

13. Writing and Publishing Books

A storyteller would benefit greatly from this work. They need to write and publish their books. The writers can select their theme, whether short tales, nonfiction, or autobiography.

Writing and publishing books allows creative writers to reach a new experience level. On platforms like Kindle, writers can even publish electronic books. They receive a royalty payment for each copy of these books sold. This is the best source of extra income from home.

14. Content Writing

One can work from home as a content writer to earn extra income. Many organizations and clients are looking for passionate content writers. Students, first-year students, or other individuals must have creative writing skills. 

Interested individuals can search for content writing jobs on LinkedIn or other platforms. Additionally, they can create an account on Internshala, Freelancer, or Upwork. The writers are paid to provide the businesses with content. They will have to write on various topics, including sports, food, and travel. Content writing is an incredible side-income source to earn income from home. 

Complete Toolkit for Writers with Chegg

15. Online Translation Jobs

There is a significant need to translate texts, voicemails, documents, and subtitles. Anyone who knows several languages can work as a translator online and earn extra money. Numerous specialized translation companies offer online translation tasks. They can even sign up on freelancer websites like Freelance India or Truelancer.

16. Data Entry Jobs 

Another option to earn extra income from home is through data entry jobs. These jobs can be done with knowledge and expertise in Excel and other Microsoft tools. Interested people should register with reputable websites like Data Plus, Guru, or Freelancer. They will be offered various data entry jobs from these sites. Individuals will receive instructions and information on the task. 

With these jobs, it’s simple to make ₹300 to ₹1,500 per hour. Before providing any personal information, one must confirm the legitimacy of the business. Data entry is a beautiful way to earn extra income from home.

17. Starting a Podcast 

A person with excellent communication skills can even start a podcast. A podcast, or audio blog, is a great source of extra income. Before beginning a podcast, individuals must have a passionate topic to cover. A blog post and a podcast are highly similar; however, a podcast is verbal. A PC and a microphone are two of the tools that will be required.

 Anyone can launch a podcast, even without technical expertise. They can make money from their podcast by including affiliate links in the episodes when they launch them. To earn extra income, they can even produce sponsored episodes. 

18. Buy and Sell Domains 

Domain trading is a great option to get extra income from home. All they have to do is go to websites where domains are bought or sold.

People must purchase domain names from reputable, well-known websites. They should buy popular domain names and then sell them to people for profit. 

The domain must be reasonable from an SEO point of view. It is a very simple and significant way to earn extra income from home. 

19. Take Online Surveys 

Online surveys can be taken to earn money on a variety of websites. In the modern world, public opinion is critical. Websites are, therefore, eager to pay for reviews about different goods and services.

The most reliable websites include iPanel, Valued Opinions, Toluna, and others. Anyone who wants extra money can do surveys on these websites. They’ll receive a fair payment for completing surveys. This way, they can easily earn extra income from home in India. 

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20. Earn from Social Media 

People frequently surf through Instagram feeds or other social media sites all day long. They have no idea they could make money through social media sites. Users must first choose a fascinating niche and explore it. They should set up a social media page and publish relevant material. They could build a solid fan base with effort and dedication. Earning a side income will be much easier once they have a sizable audience. They can earn extra income through sponsored posts and affiliate links on their page. 

21. Video Editing 

Through online video editing, people can make a side income. Numerous unique video styles can be found on social media. The editor must possess specialized expertise in video editing. Their videos must have incredible production values. Various businesses and producers outsource video editing. 

The videos can be advertisements, YouTube channels, and more. The editors can select their favorite field and offer work in it. They will start earning more money once they gain experience in video editing. Anyone wishing to work from home and earn an extra income should consider video editing. 

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22. Remote Customer Support Agent

Working as a customer support agent is an option when exploring ways to earn extra income. There are plenty of vacancies for remote customer support agents in India. Due to a lack of office space, firms prefer to select a remote customer support agent.

People with strong communication and persuasion skills should apply for this position. In addition to a PC, a headset and a strong internet connection are required. Depending on their availability, people can work full-time or part-time. The salary earned will make up a decent side income.

23. Online Technical Support

Technical nerds have the option of becoming online technical support executives. Perhaps this is a fantastic option to work from home and make extra money. Interested individuals only require prior expertise in this area. Their work involves remotely resolving technical issues for clients.

These executives must assist customers with technical problems when they are on call. They can easily earn a side income by working in this field.

24. Professional Gamer 

The number of game enthusiasts in India is enormous. Being a professional player is quite advantageous in India. Professional enthusiasts can find jobs as professional gamers to supplement their income from home. They are compensated for playing and winning tournaments. 

Gamers can eventually earn extra income from brand sponsorships if they amass a sizable fan base. They can even live stream their game on YouTube to earn side income.

25. Reselling 

They are basically, reselling means selling something again. The re-sellers might buy products online and mark them up before offering them to buyers. On numerous thrift pages, they can also sell their used items. The most popular app in India for reselling is Meesho. Other similar apps are Glow Road, Shop 101, and more. 

Reselling is a fantastic alternative for those who lack time to produce their merchandise. It is flexible and a wonderful way to earn extra income from home. 

Final Words 

Anyone interested in finding a side job has a choice among these 25 options. Students, professionals, and recent graduates looking for part-time work can all benefit from working from home.

Individuals must contact CheggIndia if they are looking for hassle-free work. Sign up now as a Q&A expert at Chegg and get amazing payouts. Answering questions can make them earn extra income from home in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make extra income while working full time?

In today’s time of rising inflation, a single source of income can’t bear the burden of a person and their family’s living expenses. In such cases an extra source of income is needed, if you are a working professional who wants to earn extra income along with a full time job, then there are some ways:

1. Trading
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Buy and Sell Domains
4. Take Online Surveys
5. Reselling

How can i make extra money from home in the evenings?

Thinking about giving the spare hours in evening to generate side income from home in India, then you can positively go for these extra income sources:

1. Earn from Social Media
2. Data Entry Jobs
3. Online Translation Jobs

How to earn money online without investment

Today there are several ways to earn extra income even without investing anything, these ways to make extra money online are not only safe but quite well paying too.

1.     Starting a YouTube channel
2.     Affiliate Marketing
3.     Blogging
4.     Content Writing

How to make money online for beginners

If you are a fresher and want to earn extra income along with studying or doing part-time jobs then there are some easy and affordable ways to start. These ways to make money online for beginners are:

1.     Affiliate Marketing
2.     Freelancing

Here are some useful resources:

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