Affiliate Marketing in India - Beginner's Guide


Are you fascinated by the idea of online business? During this lockdown period, you can be the successful owner of an online business when you choose affiliate marketing in India. This is one kind of a way to earn a passive income or, you can solely build an online business out of it. Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing but it has come into the limelight in the past few years. It is based on the method called referrals. Referrals are the oldest techniques in marketing history. The only leap now is that it is all on an online platform now. There are several affiliate marketing programs in India that you can join to open another source of your income.

In this competitive scenario where the inflation rate is touching the sky every year, everyone wants to have multiple sources of income. You can beat all inflation and make more money by a simple trick of affiliate marketing in India. In this article, we will discuss the scope of affiliate marketing in India and all compiled points about how to start affiliate marketing in India?

When you start involving in affiliate marketing programs in India then you can enjoy the tremendous profit potential and up to 80% of the commission. It is a booming business prospect where you can earn a great profit just by dealing online. No matter what your niche is and from what industry you belong. Tapping on the right steps and methods you gain the maximum advantage of affiliate marketing in India.

affiliate marketing in india
January 2, 2022
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Table of Contents

What is Affiliate marketing?

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a way where you earn money by selling products or services to other people. All the process is online so, you don’t have to work physically by interacting with people. All you need is a marketing strategy to sell the product you are choosing. You can select the best niche for affiliate marketing in India by doing proper research and examining the market trends.

The term affiliate refers to the promoter of the product. The process of affiliate marketing is pretty simple. First research the product you want to sell. After which, you will have to promote it through means of a network. When a consumer buys a product marketed by you or an affiliate then you will get a commission for the particular product. Networking and marketing are the main process or pillars for your business. We will be discussing the ways to promote the product and related tips in the later section of this article. Your profit and commission from the product you sell depend upon the performance you put for marketing. Since the profit margin is remarkable affiliate marketing jobs in India are gaining huge popularity.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Since now we have understood what affiliate marketing is in India, let’s see how this concept works. It is an easy concept to understand. Whenever a consumer buys a product by clicking on the link you have been sharing, you earn a commission for it. You earn performance-based rewards, when a user takes action on your link then you will get paid for it.

Suppose for an instance, you are a proud owner of any business online. You have a page where you receive great traffic every month. Then any other brand contacts you regarding their product. They ask you to affiliate their product on your website. You can simply distribute the affiliate link all over your business page. Once any customer takes an action on that link you will automatically receive the affiliate commission in return. Whenever someone clicks the link a cookie is generated and stored on their browser.

This cookie helps to figure out the seller who sold the product and who will earn the affiliate commission. Even if the consumer decides not to buy the product right away, you will be paid if the purchase is made before the cookie expires. Different cookies have a different expiration date. All these affiliate marketing programs in India have different business models on which they work.

Pay per click affiliate programs in India.

As the name suggests an affiliate gets paid based on per click made by the customer or the person who opens the link. Regardless of whether a lead or sale is initiated. The more consumers visit your link the more you will be earning through those affiliate links. The key to this pay-per-click affiliate program in India is your role in marketing. The more you advertise your affiliate link to different places the more chances it creates to get clicked by customers. The more they click the higher chances of you to earn a commission.

To attract the customer’s different methods are used. You can include the affiliate link into the most trending blogs so that chances of visiting the link increases. This market grows from time to time. As discussed above every link is stored by the cookie it creates. These cookies are stored for different time duration on the customer’s device. Different pay-per-click affiliate programs in India have a various duration for tracking cookies.

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Pay per lead affiliate programs in India.

In this type of program, the affiliate gets paid on every lead generated by the customer. When the customer clicks on the link and then it is taken to the page where they can buy the product. The further action of the trial of the product or anything related to creating the lead falls under this pay-per-lead program. It is way different than pay-per-click affiliate programs in India. The risk attached to this program is shared by both the affiliate and the merchant.

Pay per sale affiliate programs in India.

As we can see the sale is involved in such affiliate marketing in India. Every time an affiliate link is shared and the customer makes the purchase using that link a commission is earned. It is the most followed type of affiliate marketing in India. In this program risk associated is on affiliate.

How to start affiliate marketing in India?

Since now we have gone through every possible Affiliate marketing program in India now you must be wondering How can I become an affiliate marketer in India? Let’s go through the step-by-step process of setting up an affiliate marketing business in India.

Choose a product or niche.

To get started with any business you need to figure out what will be your product. Good research is needed in deciding what is trending in the market. Choose accordingly, as you will be promoting it through writing content about it and other techniques to market the product. Searching for the best niche for affiliate marketing in India keep in mind the platform you will promote. Social media platforms can be very handy. Writing blogs and including the affiliate link is the best trick used by people.

Create an audience.

To promote your product the key thing is your audience. Your reach and established traffic to any site depict your rate of being successful in this industry. Building an audience is one of the main pillars of your online business. The more established your audience is the higher the chances of you to earn the commission. You can spam the affiliate link and get a commission out of it. Researching your competition and bringing traffic to your website should be your plan. Attract the traffic with engaging articles about your product and these loyal online audiences will do the rest of your work.

Select from affiliate programs in India.

To establish your affiliate marketing business in India, it is best to choose from the affiliate programs offered by many companies. In India, the amazon affiliate program and Flipkart affiliate are some of the famous platforms where you start your business. As soon as you sign up for these programs you will get a unique affiliate link that you can promote through your audience. Most people develop their website where they promote this link. You can also proceed with the same technique. It would be best if you could set up your website as these affiliate programs will ask for this requirement when you sign up. Later you can add some engaging articles on your website where you can create web traffic for better reach.

When you select the program then you can go for the products that fall into the category of best selling from Amazon. Amazon provides some of the best niches for affiliate marketing in India. This will increase your chances of getting the affiliate commission when it gets sold.

Create content.

Another step that makes a great impact on your sale is the content you create for the product. Creating content includes writing an article for the product. Genuine and remarkable content never fails to increase the buzz of the affiliate product you are selling. There are various things that you can write about the product.

Write about how to use articles and tutorials about the product you are selling. This type of topic attracts a lot of readers and eventually adds some affiliate links in the article to earn the commission. If you are writing about healthcare products then try to make an article related to how to use such equipment and its uses. Frame the points in the surrounding of your product. Highlights its uses in the article to make it look more attractive.

Comparison articles are also in trend. Comparing some products that are from the same category. You can look for electronics items from Amazon for this. Try to compare the good two trending smartphones. All such attractive things make a buzz in the market. You can also review the products and write a review article. This will help the customers to choose from the points you mention. Always try to highlight the glorious side of the product. To make it look rich and exotic as compared to other products.

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Tracking of the affiliate link.

Keep a keen eye on the movement of your links. Tracking your link will help you analyze how your product is performing out in the market. When the customer clicks on the link you have added or marketed on the sites it will create a cookie. This helps you track actions on the particular link. Every qualified action is recorded and you can easily see the result. This will also assist you in making future amendments to your strategy. IN simple words tracking and analyzing the progress will help in rectifying the mistakes you make during your marketing. Your future scope of affiliate marketing in India depends on your growth and performance made by earlier products.

Benefits of doing affiliate marketing jobs in India.

When you decide to get into this affiliate business or affiliate marketing jobs in India then there are a lot of benefits that you can avail of.

Cost-effective investment.

The only cost you need to pay during your affiliate marketing program in India is of hosting a website that is charged as a monthly fee. If you are an owner of a business then you can keep an affiliate marketer for your products. Many businesses are into the technique. This also opens an opportunity for Affiliate marketing jobs in India.

Passive income 24X7.

There is no limit to your earning. You can earn a decent amount at the start but as soon as your audience base increases and traffic on your website shoots you will see a rise in your account.

Final thoughts

The scope of affiliate marketing in India is huge, anyone following these simple steps that are mentioned above can start their online affiliate marketing job in India easily. It is the best source of passive income. If you are looking for another passive income source then Chegg India is the best platform to look for. Chegg India allows you to become a Subject matter expert, SME. Your job as an SME is to answer the questions asked by students from all over India. These questions are related to any particular subjects like Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Business and many more. Just simply by answering these questions, you can earn a great amount. Sitting at home taking out 2 or 3 hours a day can bring a lot of money your way. So why wait to sign up with Chegg India here and become an SME now.

This additional income that you can earn through Chegg India can be an investment in your online affiliate business. You can improve your website and host it with a good domain. So in conclusion, your scope of affiliate marketing in India depends upon the best niche for affiliate marketing in India and the efforts you make in marketing. Keeping these points in mind you can easily kickstart your business and earn without any limit online.

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