Passive Income Ideas in India to Become Wealthy


In a rapidly changing economic environment, the need for passive income ideas in India is increasing. The question here is what is passive earning? Passive earning is the earning from the sources you are not actively involved in. You can say the passive income is your secondary income. These incomes can be from letting out of assets, investments, side jobs, side businesses, etc. To earn these incomes, you don’t have to take an active part. The generation of passive income does not involve much labor or work. It is kind of making money from your money. Passive income is not a casual or one-time event. It is a regular flow of income like the normal income. Let us look into some of the passive income ideas in India.

As Warren Buffet correctly said, “if you don’t make money while you are asleep, you have to earn till you die.”

passive income ideas in india
January 8, 2022
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About Passive Income

Passive income is the money you can earn that does not demand a lot of Active work to continue making it. You only need to give some more additional effort to earn from other ways.

Let me tell you with an example, you create a course related to any exam. Any course if you design. Assume that course is in demand. You just need to update the whole content. You will earn consistently. It’s an outstanding way to earn. If you created a course that will become popular, then you will be able to earn a lot of money. In this way, you will feel growth in your life.

What can you do? Well, you can create a blog, websites another online market also these all generate money. Even you don’t need an office or more required to work with targets, no stress. It’s all about less effort with more income. These ways are never bad. It’s the to proceed in your life.

Why Passive Income is Important?

You will find many articles related to this topic that explores the various ways to make passive income.

You need to know many things more about this passive income. So make your eyes touch.

Do you have any idea and importance about this? Money that can be earned, spent, and lost. When your account is credited with more extra money. After your hard work, the smile comes automatically on your face, Right?

Now, more than millions of people switch to earning money in different ways. You will see or read many success stories. Achievements which are taken by unknown now popular. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, YouTubers, influencers, etc. they generated, or you can say they build the source of income. They touched the height of success. And still, many ones are sitting on this train so that they can reach their destiny.

Creating passive income ways is easier, but it takes a major amount of effort. Also, you must know time management. Passive income is beginning, I don’t feel the solution to all the problems. But it’s a pathway to success indeed.

Just imagine, there are many extra things where you wish to spend money. But you cannot always cause you to need extra money too. So, earning with passive income is a great idea even for your extra wishes.

Moreover, you can have sufficient money you feel independent. You feel free, life will not in high stress. So, yes! I think passive income can stand like support in your life. You will be less worried about the money.

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Benefits of Gaining Passive Income

You are already aware that passive income requires minimal, this is not an imitating thought, it’s true. For example-real estate, stock market, YouTube channel, blogging. These are the passive income sources straight ways for everyone. It’s okay if you are not learning at the beginning, but don’t stress, be patient .one day you will learn and understand whatever option you will choose.

Oh! We are discussing the benefits of passive income, so can you guess? Ok, I will list some basic benefits.

1.Financial independency

Earning passive income is like a strength. And you will never regret that why you started? You will become financially independent with side income ideas if you focus. There are various sources to earn passive income. If you want to know them, you can easily find them on Google search. Also, you can go to any source that you think is good for you. Choose any of the sources, consolidate all the knowledge related to’s done!

Being financially independent seriously feels an essence of satisfaction.

2. Think about Your Growth

Most of the people who have 9 to 5 jobs are searching for new things in their life. Because irritation is a common thing when you work regularly. Have you ever wanted to do new things which are apart from active jobs? You have the best answer to passive income ideas. You can grow yourself .this is highly true and many people now following this trend. The interest of anything you want to create you go and search about that you will work, and automatically you will rise. Also, note that always, just be consistent and have patience .your growth will stand high above others.

3.Multiple incomes Sources

If there is something where you can earn endless, then that is passive income. There are so many options available for you. The multiple sources of income are perfectly the best thing. You can choose the ideas on your mindset. The sure capacity you have, yo

What are the passive income ideas in India? 

There are many alternative sources of income in India. You can select one or more than one as per your choice and specifications. The passive income is generally based on the work from home concept. These are the source of extra income for you. So select wisely. Following are some of the alternative sources of income: 

Rental income 

The rental income is one of the most conventional forms of alternative income. The investment in real estate property is very profitable. It can earn you both capital and revenue incomes. You can earn continuous passive income. Rents are very stable and also increase gradually with the market price rise. But in recent times, rental income has seen setbacks all over the world. The pandemic has posed a great downturn in the economy. This reduces the capabilities of tenets to pay the rent. They may have to vacate the property. So in recent times, the regularity has been greatly affected. 

Share market investments 

There are many good dividends yielding stocks in the share market. There are many high-cap companies with good treading history. You can earn both dividends and capital appreciation. You can be a smart investor to earn regular income. Investment in the share market requires a good knowledge of working in the share market. As well as, it also requires market information and decision-making power. 


You can start blogging and content writing to earn passive income. It requires very little time and less effort. Many companies are providing freelance opportunities in content writing. If you love writing and have good knowledge of the language, you can earn good money. You can also start writing your own blogs. This can be upon anything which you have knowledge and interest in. 

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Social media influencing 

Social media is a great place to make some money. You can start video blogging and posting pictures on your handle. It is a good place to earn extra bucks. You can earn by the way of advertising different products and engagements. Influences are the new mode of advertising and product promotion. There is more viewer attention on Instagram and Facebook these days. So this requires less work and give good money in return. 

Car renting 

If you have a car which is not in much use. In many metro cities, you might be using public transport in place of using your own vehicle. That vehicle can give you some passive earnings via renting it out. Many websites provide you platform to rent out your car. This gives to option of earning without any specific efforts. You don’t have to find any tenants for renting out. It is very prominent in big cities. Some sites also give you cover over the damage to your car due to renting. 

Invest in REITs 

REITs are real estate investment trusts. They deal in the renting of real estate properties. It is the best option if you don’t have enough money to invest directly in real estate. It gives you an option to invest your little savings into high-yielding REITs. Here you don’t personally own the property, but you get all the benefits of owning them. It works like shares, and you mean returns in terms of interest and capital appreciation. An upcoming option within passive income ideas in India.

Peer to peer lending 

Peer-to-peer lending is one of the oldest ways to earn passive income. It is been used more widely than any else method. You can lend extra money to your colleagues, friends or by other known and trustable people. This gives security to your money and interest as income. It is the best way to earn regular passive income in India. The unorganized lending sector is very large in India. You can be part of this sector and earn your passive income. 

Invest in small business 

If you have a good risk appetite, you can invest in small but rising businesses. You can be a kind of venture capitalist. This can give you a stay and good returns. You just have to go for good research before investing. After selecting the good option, your work is over. After that, your money will make more money. The only catch here is you are the owner of your share in the business. This comes with all the risks that a business person has. It is highly risky. One of the more risky ventures within passive income ideas in India.

Opening homestays 

If you live in a city or place with high tourist visits every season, this is for you. You can turn the extra places in your house into homestays for the tourist. It is like giving on rent, but for a shorter period. You also don’t have to go away from the home. This is the best way to earn small passive money. If you live in highly visited places, then you have a regular income. You can also choose who you want or do not want to rent. 

Fixed deposited and saving deposited 

With the investment in the fixed deposit, you can earn a good steady amount without any risk. This is a very easy way to have a steady passive income. You can also keep your money in saving accounts. Though it has a lower interest rate than fixed deposits, but they’re more liquid. 

Create a Mobile Application 

You can earn money by creating a mobile application of some use. The application creators have been earning good money these days. The mobile application gives you good passive income. There is an application for every work nowadays. The catch here is that you should know how to create the application and advertise it. 

The opportunity for additional income 

There is one attractive opportunity that is being provided by Chegg India. It is a multinational corporation that is providing an opportunity to work as Q&A experts in many subjects. It is work where you can earn by answering the queries and questions in available subjects. You can earn anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 Indian rupees per month. 

You have to fill the online form and then appear for the easy selection process to start working in this freelancing opportunity. To apply for this opportunity, click here. 

Top 8 Proven Passive Income Ideas

We will move ahead with ideas but before that, you should not some point. The ideas that you will find are genuine. Through this idea many people earning already so for sure if you will any of these ways to earn then, you can go for without any fear. Do give a read all these ideas conclude and move forward in your life.

1.Course Creation

If you can design a course and sell it online, then it will be the best idea for passive income. Just because you can see as the pandemic destroyed many things and when you will create a course that will be helpful for many students. Then what will be better than this? Also, you can learn course creation skills from Udemy. You can enroll any skills on this platform. Any day you can start your course. And once you learn, this passive income will never let you down.

2.Create an app

Secondly, the other most proven passive income source is app building. An app that we all use on our phones. Apps are common. Even many people search for many things in one app. You can be educational, a game, any kind of which looks interesting to people. One of my friends did the same thing the previous year now he is earning more fluently. But also it needs to have good knowledge related to programming. You can create a unique concept to settle all good things in your app, and then you’re earning, just flaunt your knowledge skills with audaciousness.

3.Earn with Youtube

You open a YouTube channel, you watch videos you enjoy browsing YouTube then why you are not earning from YouTube? I know you have already subscribed to many channels, so why not you? YouTube is allowing all users to provide unique content through their channel and increase their income. Are you lazy or clumsy? You can earn so much with this. You need to give a lot of effort in beginning, but what if you will get fame with your work. Earning is definite from here. You can generate ant new type of content and attract an audience .the best passive income source you have.

4.Selling Your Pictures

Are you a good photographer? Do you have captured the beautiful theory of nature? Or have you been evidence of ant nature plan well, if yes, is your answer then show them to the world? Also, do you know earning professionals earn more than lakhs in one photoshoot? If you can sell your photography creativity also you can earn then it will be the best income source for you.

Many magazines, images sites need high-quality and unique pictures which offer you a bunch in return. So, go with this as the best passive income source for you.

5.Selling Homemade Products

This category needs some investment but when you are creative then nothing to worry about at all! Also, if you can sell all your products online, the best advantage. Hundreds of sites are where you can start your sale. Also, they have some specific niches like handicrafts, games, decor products, fancy dresses. You can build a massive business here.

Here list of some sites where you can sell your products and earn

  • Ruby Lane
  • Ali Express
  • Amazon
  • Handshake
  • Your online store

6. Instagram Influencer

If you use Instagram, well, who doesn’t? So, use it in all proper way now .how? If you have so many followers, then you have so many audiences anyone can pay attention to you anytime .so whatever is your favorite task travel, fashion, makeup, beauty. Dresses, top trends anything you can show just flaunt all these high .also always write about your professional information in your bio it will be helpful for the people who wanted to connect with you. Therefore, in this way you can easily earn this passive income that will fill your bank account.

7. Grow with Property

The business of real estate is so old but always comes in the category of high-profit sources. If you have enough money, you can buy apartments and rent flats or buildings in some other form. Also, you can hire managers who can manage all your tenants and collect payments from them on time.; this is a great business. Earning will increase day by day. Also, the sites like fund rise can help you if you want to invest in real estate. So earn passively when assets welcome you.

8. Teaching Online

If you are good at anything related to an academic subject or any technical things you know to make someone understand, then online teaching is best. Choose the topic that you want to touch, record it, make it downloadable for others. You can start with any platforms like YouTube, or teaching apps that will also help you.

Benefits of having extra income sources 

There are many benefits of having extra income sources. In the consistently increasing inflation in the economy, it is very important to increase or diversify the sources of income. Following are the benefits of having multiple sources of income in India: 

No physical presence required 

For earning the passive income, you do not have to be present like in the case of active income. For earning active income like salary, you need to go to the office or be present during working hours. This is not required with your secondary source of income. The secondary source is the way to earn with lesser efforts or time investment. 

No limits 

With now required any physical presence, you can earn at any time of day or night. This increases the quantity and quality of earnings. There is always a limit to the active earning sources. But, in the case of passive income sources, there are no such limits. 

Higher financial stability 

Income can never be extra. So, the additional income is always desirable. The additional income provides you with greater financial stability. Many unexpected events can take a toll on your financial stability and financial health. Now, after having a passive income source, you move more to spend and more to save. These savings can increase your contingency fund. A financially stable life is very important for a stress-free and relaxed lifestyle. 

Improved lifestyle 

With the passive source of income, you always have more to spend in your hand. This increases you’re spending on the product to increase your standard of living. Improve lifestyle is directly related to better stress management, better mental health, and overall relaxed living. This is very important for any individual. 

Freedom of time 

The passive source of income does not require any physical appearance or high effort. This gives you freedom of time. You can work whenever you want. There are many sources where you do not have to work. Your money will make more money for you. This is very important as money is very important. And there should always be more than one source of income. This reduces your risk exposure. 

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Constant income 

The income from the alternative passive source is generally constant. You don’t have to work for this continuous flow of money. It is the more beneficial characteristic of the passive income sources. The constant income is very beneficial. 

Drawbacks of passive income 

Like everything, passive income also has its own drawbacks. It is one of the growing ways to earn passive income. Passive income is the major alternative source of income for every earning or non-earning source. The following are some of the drawbacks of the sources of alternative income: 

High risk 

The risk associated with passive income is also higher. The majority of the alternative income sources are associated with high risk. Investment in shares, debentures, REITs, new business, etc. all have a high risk attached to them. So, almost all the sources require a high-risk appetite on the part of the inventor. This reduces the use of passive income by low-income strata. 

Money requirement 

The passive source of income mostly requires the initial monetary investment. The majority of the sources like shares, fixed deposit, investment in the business, etc. requires the initial investment on your part. So, mainly you need money to make more money. So, you have to depend on the money to make more money. 

Non-Dependable sources 

The main drawback of the passive source of income is they can’t be fully reliable. This is the reason they are called passive sources of income. There always require a main or active source of income. The active source is your main source of income. Here you put your time, efforts to earn the money. This earned money can give you a passive source of income. This is because you cannot fully rely on passive sources for your everyday living expenses. 

Effect of market conditions 

Almost all the alternate sources of income are highly affected by the market condition prevailing in the economy. They are more affected by uncontrollable external factors than the efforts you put in. This makes them volatile income alternatives. For example, you cannot control the price of shares in which you have invested your money. Or, you cannot force anybody to be your tenant. Thus, factors related to passive incomes are generally external and uncontrollable. 

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To sum up the topic we can say that, everyone requires alternative sources of income to have greater financial stability. These alternates are generally the passive income ideas in India. The selection of passive income sources depends on personal preference, availability, and benefits offered. There are many sources of passive income. Some of the examples of sources of passive income are stock market investments, fixed deposits, small businesses, etc. There are many benefits of having more than one income source. This makes the passive sources more attractive. They require less time and effort. You can go for passive income sources to have extra income inflow regularly. 

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