Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free in 2024

February 19, 2024
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Asking how to earn bitcoin without investment in 2023 is a crazy question. It is challenging enough to find a job and make ends meet. But now, there’s more to do with digital currency than just buying it. That’s right; it is possible to buy digital currency if desired. Efforts are underway to make cryptocurrency accessible. No one will have to invest to use cryptocurrency if these efforts succeed.

Those new to cryptocurrency can be excused for thinking it requires a steep learning curve. It is not very complicated. There are several ways to earn cryptocurrency without making investments. Here are the best methods to start earning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free.

Bitcoin has become one of the most discussed topics since it boomed in 2021. Everyone wants bitcoin, and as it is expensive, earning it is tedious. However, there are ways to earn bitcoin for free by completing simple tasks. These include completing surveys, filling out a CAPTCHA, watching videos/ads, playing games, and visiting websites. Let’s dive into the best ways to earn bitcoin for free in 2023.

Ways To Earn Bitcoin for Free

If you are a novice to cryptocurrency, you might wonder how to earn bitcoin for free. If so, this guide is for you.

It is pretty easy to earn free bitcoin. There are many ways to earn bitcoin for free that you can try today.

This guide will show you some of the best ways to earn bitcoin for free in 2023. This includes social media tasks and surveys, playing games, and completing website tasks.

First, we must understand what it means to ‘earn’ bitcoin online or in general.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been around since 2009. It is used by people worldwide and can be exchanged for goods and services.

Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning that no one person or organization controls it. No physical coins (or notes) are involved with the distribution of bitcoin. Instead, bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer network where computers connect directly to each online.

Here are the two effective ways to earn bitcoin for free in 2023.

1. Pionex – Using Crypto Trading Bots

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange comprising 12 built-in trading bots at no additional fee. The bots can automate investing strategies and eliminate the need to monitor the market constantly. Pionex features low trading commissions and a comprehensive mobile app.

Pionex is an online platform that allows one to trade cryptocurrencies in a competitive market. One can earn money by buying and selling the same asset.

The main advantage of Pionex is that it allows users to trade bots. This means users do not need to understand the market to earn while trading crypto. All one needs is a bot to execute trades automatically, allowing users to focus elsewhere.

Pionex offers a variety of trading bots. It makes it easy for beginners to earn bitcoin without knowledge or experience.

A new feature allows Pionex users to purchase bitcoin and crypto assets with credit cards. There are alternatives to credit cards directly on the Pionex website or the Pionex Lite app. Users can also use credit cards on the Pionex website.

Using the new feature, one can make deposits using a credit card, verify the account, and log in. Deposits via credit card can only be made after uploading a copy of the national ID card.


Here are some of the features of Pionex:

In-built Crypto Trading bots

Pionex is a trading platform that offers cryptocurrency trading bots. The platform offers 9 different automated trading tools in the exchange. The bots are designed to help users make money from their investments.

Pionex has a mobile app that allows users to trade from anywhere in the world. Users can also connect with other traders on Pionex for free. The company also offers 24/7 support for users with questions or concerns about the platform.

The Lowest Trading Fees

Pionex is the only exchange offering the industry’s lowest trading fees. Users enjoy a 0.05% trading fee and a 0.10% listing fee on the Pionex exchange. There are no maintenance and withdrawal fees on the platform.

The exchange also offers advanced features. These include trade-by-time charts, chart analysis, and real-time disclosure of trades.

Excellent Liquidity

Pionex is the first exchange to implement an innovative Liquidity Engine. The revolutionary Liquidity Engine aggregates the liquidity from both Binance and Huobi. This enables Pionex to have the best price and availability on all pairs. It also provides better prices than other exchanges. The Pionex team has invested heavily in developing this Liquidity Engine. This makes it possible to provide high-quality service with excellent liquidity.


Pionex is a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange. The company has been approved by the Singapore and US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to list and trade bitcoin futures contracts.

2. Bitstamp – Using Staking Rewards

Staking Ethereum and Algorand cryptocurrencies on Bitstamp can also earn a passive income. Those looking for free Bitcoin can earn as much as 5% APY on investments. Alternatively, all cryptocurrencies can be deposited for free on the cryptocurrency exchange.

The fees associated with trading 73 cryptocurrencies on Bitstamp are lower than on other exchanges. The features of this platform make it suitable for both novice and advanced traders.

It is also possible to conduct institutional-grade over-the-counter trading through it. Bitcoin trading brokers, neo banks, fintech companies, and banks can access Bitstamp’s institutional product. Hedge funds, prop traders, and family offices also have access to Bitstamp’s institutional product.

With the platform, traders can trade fiat for crypto and swap cryptos for another. Traders can also speculate with charts, custom order types, and trading strategies on the platform. Trading interfaces or algorithmic trading systems can be set up using APIs.

Bitstamp lets you earn bitcoin for free if their staking rewards are used. To learn how much bitcoin you will receive, check the details in this link. You can also claim your free bitcoin by following these steps:

  • Open a Bitstamp account and deposit some money with them.
  • Make, trade, and earn 1% in fees.
  • Open a Staking wallet and add funds to it using this link.
  • After making the deposit and opening the staking wallet, Bitstamp will email your transaction details. This will include the amount of Bitcoin received by you as a reward.
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Bitstamp is a Bitcoin exchange that allows users to stake their bitcoin. Those who hold bitcoin in their Bitstamp account and participate in staking are eligible for staking rewards.

Bitstamp has two staking options: Instant-Stake and Extended-Stake.

Instant-Stake allows you to “spend” your staked rewards at any time. The expiration date is one week after the last reward was spent. If rewards are spent before expiration, the transaction is delayed for a week (which could be inconvenient).

Extended-Stake allows users to “spend” staked rewards at any time. There is a six-month expiration date after the last reward was spent.The transaction is delayed for six months if rewards are spent before they expire. This could also be inconvenient—especially if they are spent on something important.

Instant deposit

Bitstamp’s instant deposit feature simplifies the process of purchasing cryptocurrency, unlike exchanges that make it difficult. One can instantly begin trading with a credit card after depositing money into the account. This feature saves time and money. One needn’t buy crypto on external exchanges and re-import it into the system.

Transaction confirmations

Waiting for a cryptocurrency transaction to process can be tiresome. This is especially true when dealing with crypto coins with slower transfer speeds. By sending push notifications when a transaction is completed, Bitstamp addresses this problem. Maintaining an updated digital asset portfolio is easy with a mobile app, text, or email notifications.


BitStamp can be customized based on business requirements using API capabilities. By modifying source code, application program interfaces (APIs) allow for custom workflows for products. Integrations with external software services can be created through API programming, allowing more efficient workflow.


Furthermore, the platform provides robust whitelisting capabilities to ensure the security of information. A list of trusted recipients can be created to ensure that crypto reaches the right person. With whitelisting enabled, assets will only be transferred to designated parties. This protects one from malicious hackers intercepting and misallocating funds.

How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment

There are lots of ways to earn bitcoin without investment. You can get more details by following the links mentioned earlier. Earning bitcoin like this helps save and earn simultaneously. Ultimately, investing in cryptocurrencies is exciting and fun but can also be risky. If you go all in with cryptocurrency, only invest money you are willing to lose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I earn bitcoin for free? 

Ans. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can buy things online, send money internationally, and pay in physical stores. There are various ways to earn bitcoin for free. The easiest and most common way is by buying something from someone else.

Here’s how it works. Go to an exchange website like Coinbase or Local bitcoin (the two largest sites). Buy some bitcoin using your credit card or bank account. You can use this to purchase items on these websites. You can also sell them back to other users at a profit later. This can be done quickly and easily without leaving your house!

Q2. Can I earn a Bitcoin?

Ans. Yes, you can. This article will show you how to earn bitcoin for free in 2023. The first thing is to download the official bitcoin wallet for your operating system. You can find this in our list of recommended wallets. This wallet is available for all popular platforms, including Android and iOS devices. The best way to earn bitcoin in 2023 is through Bitstamp and Pionex.

Q3. Is free bitcoin legit? 

Ans. Yes, it is safe to say you can earn bitcoin for free in 2021. This is a great opportunity for you to earn your first bitcoin. If you are interested in earning more bitcoin, get started with the free bitcoin generator.

The free bitcoin generator software was created by developers familiar with the challenges of getting started with bitcoin mining. This software has made it easier for anyone to start earning bitcoin.

This free bitcoin generator software does not require special skills or technical knowledge. You only need an internet connection and a computer that supports the Windows operating system.

Q4. Can I mine crypto on my phone?

Ans. Yes, you can! Many mobile mining apps can help you get started with your new hobby. You can also use a computer to mine bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is a common misconception that mining cryptocurrencies are only for big mining farms. In reality, mining is available to anyone with a computer, graphics card, and internet connection. Download the mining app from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user.

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