25+ Latest Home Business Ideas In India In 2023

February 22, 2024
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Everyone desires to start their own business but lacks home business ideas. Most aspiring entrepreneurs, however, have their aspirations dashed owing to a lack of capital for investment or successful small business ideas in 2023. Because, let’s face it, opening a physical business can be expensive and time-consuming for a novice firm.

But what if you could avoid this stress while still building a lucrative business? Fortunately, you can manage a prosperous business with the help of technology and the internet. Plus, you will need almost very little or no capital investment to get the ball rolling!

Finding a business idea that works for you is the first step toward becoming a successful entrepreneur. It may appear challenging to come up with a decent business idea. Still, with enough thought and preparation, you may easily begin a small business to supplement your income – or become your full-time boss.

There are several ideas for home-based businesses in India today. This post contains plenty of home-based business ideas in India that you may start fast and simply from home. Let’s get started!

List of 25+ Latest Home Business Ideas

Looking for the latest Home business ideas in India to get started in 2023? Here is the ultimate list, created keeping several factors in consideration, including:

  • Start these from the comfort of your home
  • Little to no investment is needed
  • Low entry barrier
  • Highly profitable
  • Requires little to no training
  • Requires little hands-on inventory or supply management
  • Based online
  • Doesn’t require a large team initially

Let us get started!

1. Network Marketing/MLM

Network marketing is one of the top work-from-home ideas in India if you want to be your own boss without taking on the responsibilities of starting your own business.

In business, network marketing is based on person-to-person sales of a product or service. It entails forming a group of individuals who will collaborate to deliver the product’s message to many potential clients. These teams’ leaders are rewarded for the items they or their team members sell.

Multilevel, referral and direct consumer marketing are other terms for it.

You’ll be able to work from home and set your hours, offering you immense flexibility like entrepreneurs while avoiding the pitfalls. Another benefit of this is that you will learn skills that you may apply in any future activity, like building relationships, making presentations, leading a team, and effective follow-through.

You can begin your network marketing career by joining an established firm. You’ll usually get a “starting kit” with promotional materials, resources, and other items to get you started. Initially, you will work under a sponsor who will show you the ropes, educate you, and provide industry tips.

You’ll be ready to start selling your product once you’ve learned everything there is to know about it. The majority of network marketing in business is done in person. So, allow your enthusiasm to shine through, and use your communication abilities to establish rapport and pique people’s interest in your goods.

2. Catering

People with exceptional cooking abilities might capitalise on their talents by establishing a home-based catering service. A home-based catering business can be an exciting introduction to culinary entrepreneurship, with fewer initial costs than a restaurant and the opportunity to select your working hours and meals!

Starting a catering business from home in India is not very expensive because there is no requirement for a brick-and-mortar, “customer-facing” venue. It is a terrific way to augment or replace your full-time income without having to invest a lot of money.

Catering enterprises can be run full-time or part-time from home. Depending on how much initial capital you are ready to put into setting it up, you can opt for a small or large business.

If you’re just starting, consider experimenting with local food markets and catering for small events. You can begin with small catering events you can manage on your own or with a couple of volunteers to see whether a catering business is right for you.

While there is no definite recipe for a profitable home catering service, a sprinkling of culinary expertise, dedication, and composure under pressure can go a long way.

3. Online Tutoring

If you have marketable skills or knowledge and a knack for teaching, think about imparting your wisdom online and get paid for it in return! You may not realise it, but many people are eager to learn the skills you possess.

Courses such as music, advanced marketing, sewing, DIY, languages, math, science, and business are among the most popular to be taught online. However, there are no restrictions on what you can teach. You only need a laptop, a stable internet connection and a passion for teaching.

In online education, you can determine the size of your class. They could be one-on-one or small group classes. You can also choose how long you will spend in each class.

You can pace the course however you like, whether it’s two hours of classes per week or an all-day teaching session.

Numerous online teaching marketplaces will assist you in connecting with students and managing your classes. You will also need to develop a syllabus and a lesson plan for any skill you intend to teach. One such great option is to become a Q&A expert at Chegg.

You will get the opportunity to earn money by solving student doubts from all around the world. Gain global academic exposure and meet specialists from various fields to develop a strong peer network and a successful career path.

Get Paid to Help Students Across the World - Earn With Chegg home business ideas

4. Photography

You might consider building a photography business if you have the skill and ability to capture great moments. You’ll be able to produce a body of work that most truly displays your strengths once you’ve specialised.

For example, if you have narrowed down on wedding photography services, conducting photo shoots for your close ones is a terrific place to start. As you build your portfolio, look for recommendations and testimonials. It would help if you also created a social media presence where you can showcase your work online.

No formal schooling requirements or licenses are needed to start a small photography company, but we advise attending a few lessons, mainly if you haven’t picked up your camera in a while.

A second potential alternative is to work as a stock photographer. You can sell your photos on services such as Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock or start a Shopify store.

Many businesses and people are constantly looking for outstanding stock pictures. However, establishing a photography business entails more than just taking amazing photographs. You must learn to promote yourself, create and grow your brand, and choose a photography niche.

5. Sell Handmade Products; One Of The Top Most Home Business Ideas

If you enjoy making crafts, art, or other items at home, you may monetise your skills by selling the items you create. These products can be made in your house, a studio, a workshop, or a commercial kitchen and sold from home.

You could, for example, choose to:

  • Make candles
  • Make Jewellery
  • Create works of art
  • Create and sew garments
  • Knit sweaters and blankets
  • Make wooden furniture

Selling homemade goods is a great way to transform a hobby into a work-from-home business, no matter what you like to make. Such one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items are always in high demand. Once your company begins to flourish, you might consider scaling up your business to make higher profits.

Are you unsure where you can sell them? There are two primary methods for starting to sell handcrafted things online:

Although the competition is severe, the market is vast. You can manage the majority of the manufacturing process if you make the products yourself. This means you can use many methods to reduce costs, increase quality, and even personalise them to unique consumer requirements.

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6. Thrift business

If you search for #thriftindia on Instagram, you’ll get 704k posts (as of November 2022), with the number growing by the day. This demonstrates India’s growing thrift culture. So, if you have a distinctive eye and the salesman’s pitch basics down, you should think about starting your own online thrift shop.

The majority of thrift stores operate through Instagram. The typical procedure is as follows:

  • Thrift stores curate a small selection of items.
  • They promote their products by posting images, videos, and other formats.
  • Customers that are interested in a product should comment ‘BOOK’ or DM the store page.
  • The first of the above is contacted for order confirmation.
  • The payment method is then selected, and information is transmitted via DMs.
  • The shipping details are emailed within 24-48 hours after a purchase is confirmed.
  • If the first individual does not confirm the order within a few hours, the product is rolled to the next person or auctioned off.
  • Remember to keep the word “curated” in the forefront of your mind anytime you’re developing your thrift store or selecting your goods. You should focus on a specific type of goods and, if possible, go even more narrow. This is where you can provide maximum value to your customers.

We advise not putting too much money into your stock initially. Begin with a small selection to get a sense of what’s selling well before purchasing more. When it comes to sourcing your goods, there are a few options:

  • Thrift stores
  • Yard/garage sales
  • Craigslist
  • Clearance sales
  • Estate sales
  • eBay
  • Flea markets

You can also choose to source stock in larger quantities to get the products at a lower cost.

Social media started out as a quirky way to engage with loved ones, but it has now developed into a vital, low-cost marketing strategy for companies of all sizes. Many firms engage specialists to handle their social media handles since they are too overburdened to manage numerous messages across different platforms.

Starting a social media management company might be an excellent match for you if you like tweeting, pinning, and sharing. Social media managers provide various services based on their expertise and the demands of their clients. Services may include the following:

  • Create a marketing strategy based on client objectives
  • Create a social media account
  • Post visuals and text for clients
  • Maintain current knowledge and discuss trends and news pertinent to the client’s business
  • Increase the number of people who follow the customer.
  • Community outreach to the client’s target market
  • Customer service for the customer
  • Marketing research

Here’s how you can start a social media management business:

  • Understand the different Social Media Platforms.
  • Create strategies that are in line with the client’s objectives.
  • Establish Your Following
  • Determine Which Services You Will Provide
  • Identify Your Niche
  • Determine Your Pricing
  • Develop a Marketing Plan
  • There are numerous compelling reasons to consider creating a social media management company. You’ll be compensated for using social media, which is wonderful if it’s something you already enjoy.

And, if you already have a computer and internet access, it requires little investment or equipment to get started. You can run the business from home or any place with an internet connection.

8. Sell Digital Products Online

Running a service-based business is fantastic, but expanding beyond a certain point becomes difficult. You can only earn money if you put in the time and effort. There is, however, a way out of this. You can convert your skill or knowledge into tangible or digital items.

You might bundle your expertise and experience in a digital product if you have mastered a specific skill or subject but don’t want to offer services or educate online. This is a great home-based business in India that has the potential to enhance your revenue drastically.

There is no requirement to source, manage, or transport products to customers. Furthermore, it’s free to copy once you’ve generated a digital product. So, what kinds of digital things are you able to sell?

Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Courses
  • Videos
  • Logos
  • Animations
  • Overlays
  • Ebooks
  • Graphics
  • Editing presets (for videos, images, or audio)
  • Written templates (résumés, scripts, marketing emails, etc.)
  • Spreadsheets
  • Photos
  • Fonts
  • Graphic templates
  • Icons
  • Illustrations
  • Software
  • Online tools
  • Membership sites
  • Audio (music, samples, podcasts, etc.)
  • Research (statistics, reports, etc.)

You can sell these products to customers directly through your website or digital learning marketplaces.

9. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a terrific home-based business in India. But what exactly is dropshipping? Assume you want to establish your own online business but have no idea where to begin. You have no idea what things you want to sell, no money to invest, and no room for inventory. You can use the dropshipping model here.

Dropshipping allows you to sell things online without really owning them. Yes, you read that correctly. All you need is a basic understanding of online marketing and selling. Of course, you’ll need an online store to sell your products and a computer!

Dropshipping is a sort of e-commerce in which the seller does not need to buy or store the things they sell. Sellers instead collaborate with dropshipping suppliers, who manage inventory and ship products directly to buyers on their behalf.

You don’t have to bother about the production, storage, or shipment of the things you want to sell when you use dropshipping. All you have to do is manage sales, marketing, and customer service while your supplier handles everything else.

The best part is that getting started with a dropshipping business from home is as simple as 1-2-3. However, to get started with dropshipping, you must choose an eCommerce platform: Shopify and WooCommere are popular choices.

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10. Print-on-demand

Print-on-Demand (POD) simply indicates that you will print and offer customised products based on the customers’ orders or print them displaying mockups on your online store.

Like a drop shipping business, a print-on-demand business does not require you to keep inventory or transport any of your products. Instead, each item is printed as you get an order.

Printing t-shirts has become simpler and more economical because of advances in technology. As technology progresses, the cost of production per unit falls, ensuring that the ‘digital press’ is more cost-effective.

You can sell things with your designs on them, such as:

  • Apparel: T-shirts, leggings, hoodies, yoga pants, etc.
  • Homeware: Mugs, throws, bedsheets, cushions, towels, blankets, etc.
  • Art: posters, stickers, wall hangings, magnets, etc.
  • Footwear: Sneakers, boots, flip flops, etc.
  • Accessories: Jewelry, phone covers, watches, bags, face masks, bottles, notebooks, stationery, etc.
  • Electronics: Headphones, speakers, etc.

You don’t have to worry about inventory management or shipping when you use POD. Everything from printing through packaging and shipping will be handled by a third-party service provider. Some of the most popular print-on-demand websites in India are:

  • Printrove
  • Qikink
  • Blinkstore
  • Owl Prints
  • Print Ship
  • Vendorboat
  • Eprintcare
  • Dope
  • Printwear
  • Gelato India

The next step is to know where you want to sell this item. You can either create your website and sell through it or sell on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Many POD fulfillment service providers will also assist you in connecting to eCommerce sites via their platforms. You can also choose to retail through social media platforms, most commonly Instagram.

11. E-commerce Product Selling

The e-commerce industry has grown rapidly in recent years, the growth of online shopping catering to specific niches can provide a competitive edge, and consider developing an e-commerce platform specializing in unique products like artisanal foods or customized fashion accessories, selling handmade handcrafts, toys, and books.

If you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce business, there are a few things you have in mind before taking into account. First, you can sell your product through different platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Flipkart or you can create your own website simply by buying a domain and hosting, creating an e-commerce website, and start selling.

12. Digital Marketing Agency

Expanding digital world growth demands expert marketers who understand how to navigate through various online platforms effectively. Establishing a digital marketing agency could prove a lot of money by offering services such as social media management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content creation.

Every company needs an online presence with a website and social media digital marketing agency to help for better results. You can easily start a business with the help of a developer & graphic designer. Create a simple website find the clients for the marketing agency and start generating profit for your business or join social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. 

13. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) assists business persons and individuals to handle a few tasks required daily. Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular, so creating VR game centers or providing virtual tours of travel destinations could tap into this growing demand. Virtual business expertise includes customer service, data entry, appointment setting, blog writing, and social media management. So if you want to start your business all you need is a computer and some basic office setup. To get a client to join popular social media small business groups or freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

14. Educational Services

The education sector is growing for innovation, and education tech businesses are expected to continue to grow. Launching an online platform that offers interactive learning experiences or a personalized tutoring service that leverages education. Education services start with low investments and there are survival options. Start teaching from your home, create a website or a different platform, and charge some money. There are some platforms include Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy.

15. Blogging Website

The blogging website is one of the fantastic ways to earn money online from a very low investment. You need moderate creative and writing skills to start a blogging website. Some basic things are required to create a platform where people come and write, and share their thoughts, expertise, or experiences on various topics. This also improves the traffic of websites where you can put advertisements and earn online through websites.

Focus on a specific niche, such as education, travel, cooking, personal finance, branding, or technology, depending on your interests and expertise, and optimize this by writing some blogs. Building an accomplished blogging website takes some time, effort, and consistency growing on the website. To create a blogging website you can choose a specific niche, create a website, create a content strategy for the website, write some quality content, try to monetize this and build the audience. Some of the best education platforms are WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and much more.

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16. Web Development and Programming Freelancing Business

Website development is one of the rapidly growing industries every business needs a website to show the business online. If you have basic coding skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, become a freelance web developer helping individuals and businesses build websites according to their requirements. You simply grab clients through different platforms and ask them to create new creative websites according to their business needs. Simply show your portfolio to clients or in the initial stage start working on a low budget and understand the client’s needs & expectations. 

They need developers to improve their client-server for front end & back-end purposes. Simply reach them and ask for web development work. There are hundreds of websites and app projects available on different platforms and make some good income by creating apps and websites for business professionals. If you’re interested in website development work try to create an account on a different coded platform or freelance platform like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr and any other social media platforms such as Linkedin ask the client for website improvement needs.

17. Domain and Hosting Services

Domain and Hosting Services in this technology-driven business and every enterprise needs a domain and hosting before starting an online business. So simply buy the trending domain name according to your research and buy them from a domain provider such as Godady and Hostinger. And you also trade domains through different domain-selling platforms like Flipper.

Attracting your client by providing the top trending domain names and trying to sell them at a high price. The main idea of this business is that you can start this business from your home at a low investment buying domains at low prices and simply trading the domains at high prices according to the client’s requirements.

18. Soap Making Business

Soap making is the top growing industry and it’s one of the best household businesses in India. If you are interested in creating new fancy and handmade shops you can make these soaps at your home with a very low investment. Not only is soap making very easy and processed, but you also get high returns with low investment. The soap industry is growing in demand for handmade, natural soaps as well. Other than candles, sauces, or pottery, have a talent for creating other handmade goods. Try to make soap as a hobby into a successful small business at home. By making creative and natural soap try to sell this at a high price for better returns.

19. Fashion Designing

Fashion design is a bright and blooming field with different career opportunities. The Indian fashion industry is big and very different. Start making clothes for women and kids with creativity and designing skills as well as low investment. Fashion designers can earn high profits by creating creative clothing designs and accessories for different fashion labels. Fashion designers start their business with different categories like clothing, accessories, makeup and footwear, and many other creatives & design ideas.

Many other business persons, actors, celebrities, and models like to create their stylist labels so you can try to search for people who would like to create personal style and design their style statements. In the fashion industry selecting a category is also an important task according to the industry trend many people are starting from modern accessories styles.

20. Resume Writing

A resume writing business company helps people make resumes with formatting and provides detailed information about past jobs and skills. For a good resume writing business, the resume must be well-formatted & structured, right information, have a clear career objective, and showcase all the right areas of your education, skills, and experience, past work history, career path, and future view of the candidate. College students & business professionals always need a good resume to find better opportunities.

A resume writing business if you create a good resume enhances your business through word-of-mouth and referrals. For resume writing, business advises professionals about career path changes or guides to growing the corporate ladder. Resume writing business start with very low investment and earn high amounts by creating professional resumes. Some of the benefits are that you don’t need to spend extra investment, from students to professionals who start this business part-time. It’s not too hard to write a resume and attract many clients for this business.

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21. Cyber Security Consultant

Cybersecurity is important for all businesses because getting cyberattack is costly to a business also getting bankrupt for the big hack. As a cyber security consultant, you will provide advisory and technical expertise to assist clients in creating and using the latest cyber security methods and systems. Also, you need to recommend your clients to advise design build and implement pragmatic cyber security solutions. If you’re smart about the internet and cyber security then go ahead and become a cyber security expert. You need a degree in technology and some clarifications that are necessary for training and some credentials as per clients want.

22. Interior Designing

Interior designing is one of the good opportunities in India. In the design industry, people start working with clients to create beautiful, creative, and functional indoor designs. Many people think interior design is a career hobby or passion, but it has become a highly profitable business in recent years. Some creativity, skills, and knowledge make beautiful and functional space designs. Many Indian households are searching for modern kitchens and fancy interior products for their home. 

For designing work needs proper lighting, modern furniture, paints, beautiful antiques, and other decorative items to improve the indoor area. Many architectural and design companies need interior designers. If you have a passion for design and creativity, you can make a high income by turning your hobby into a design business.

23. Remote IT Support

Businesses rely heavily on technology, but they often need help troubleshooting technical issues, setting up software and hardware, providing cybersecurity guidance, and offering general tech support. Offering remote IT support services to individuals and businesses and advertising your services through your website, social media, and local business directories to grow support business. According to the client’s needs, you can also add mobile device management and security measures to your business.

24. Consultancy Business

Consulting is the best business to turn your expertise into a well-paid and flexible schedule. Set your own hours and rates, and enjoy a high-profit margin with minimal time. Many business firms are searching for consultancy professionals and experts. Companies are searching for consultancy experts for high business growth and requirements needs. There are many types of consultancy firms: recruitment firms, career consultancies, customer consultancy management consulting. strategy consulting or educational consultant agency. 

You can begin a business consulting firm from a rented house or a small room. A consultancy business firm is one of the best startup ideas in India. This business will rapidly grow in the future to meet the needs of skilled professionals. Businesses recruit qualified candidates to lead their organizations to meet the increasing competition effectively.

25. Home Bakery

The bakery business is always a trending and profitable startup in India. Cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc are high-selling products in the Indian market. If you know how to make different styles of cakes and cookies a home business is one of the best ideas. It also helps you to be creative in baking and also helps you to expand your expertise, creativity, and networking. This bakery business helps for development and growth to become a successful business venture. 

Bakery business that starts from low investment and starts from the part-time of your day. This requires some basic ingredients and some tools for baking which are easily available at home. You’ll need a reasonable amount of money to start a bakery business at home. Some of the benefits are that the bakery is one of the best household businesses in India, and enhances your creativity, networking, & expertise in cooking. Most of the products are easily available at home and no need to be taken from a store or rented from a store.

Other Home-Based Business Ideas in India

Here is a quick look at some of the more work-from-home business ideas in India:

  1. Career coaching firm
  2. Clothing Boutique Owner
  3. Buy an existing e-commerce business
  4. Buy products in bulk to sell
  5. Web Development firm
  6. Virtual Assistant Business
  7. Recruiting Agency
  8.  Professional Consulting Services
  9.  Start a Subscription Service
  10. College Advisor
  11. Professional Translation Services
  12. Sell NFTs
  13. Become a Virtual Event Planner
  14.  Become an Affiliate Marketer
  15. Set up a Virtual Dance Studio
  16. Makeup Artist

How to choose the Right Home Business Ideas?

Determine your skill set, employment preferences, startup budget, and accessible resources before settling on an Indian home-based business plan. It’s critical to create a balance between what you can realistically give and what you can realistically afford in the short and long run.

We recommend that you begin with your skill set to establish the niche in which you can compete effectively quickly. However, it is critical to consider your work preferences as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best business to start at home?

Some of the most popular business ideas from home in India include catering, online tutoring, social media management, selling-handmade products etc. However, the most successful home business in India is the one that suits you perfectly. Therefore, keeping your skills and preferences credible is important when choosing a business idea.

Which home business is most profitable?

The ten most profitable home businesses to start today are:

1. Network Marketing
2. Catering
3. Online Tutoring
4. Photography
5. Selling handmade products
6. Social Media Management
7. Dropshipping
8. Print on Demand
9. Thrift Store
10. Selling digitised products

What are the top 5 small businesses to start?

The top 5 small businesses to start with almost no capital investment are:

1. Dropshipping
2. Print-on-demand store
3. Online Tutoring
4. Photography business
5. Social media management

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