Low Investment Business Ideas with high ROI in India


Low investment business ideas are all that is running in our minds. We all have an urge to opt for high ROI jobs to fulfill our dreams. But is this possible in India? Are there enough opportunities? Certainly Yes! All you need is some guidance and self-confidence. You need to analyze your skills and abilities to find the best job. In the following article, I will enlighten your senses by telling you about how to make money online without investment or with low investment in India. Tighten your seat belts so that you can get answers to all your queries.

Is it possible to earn money with low investment business ideas?

You might be thinking that can I get low investment business ideas? Yes, it is possible. In this technology-driven era, everything seems to be flexible. You can earn money by sitting in your comfort zones and opt for a small investment business from home. There are uncountable companies that need employees who can cater to their online needs. These companies are not just confined to 5 or 10 professions or skills but in reality, there are truly multiple fields involved. And many of them just require your knowledge with not a single penny of investment.

Low Investment Business Ideas

I can guess your excitement. So without any further delay, let’s go through various low investment business ideas that will change your tomorrow.

Low Investment Business Ideas with high ROI in India
January 14, 2022
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Table of Contents

Online Typing Jobs

Yes! You heard it right. If you have a good typing speed then you can put your fingers on task. You can earn a good amount by listening to audios and typing on MS Word or any other platform. All you need to have is just a laptop or a computer. Many companies connect to various websites to get in touch with their employees. Some of these websites are Upwork, Shine, and Freelancer. You can find a large number of companies wanting typing specialists. You can select among them according to your salary preference. This is one of the most resourceful low investment business ideas which will certainly meet your expectations.

Captcha Solving Jobs

Almost all of you must be well aware of this term Captcha. You might have come across typing a Captcha while login in or registering into some portals. Many online companies require personnel who can identify Captcha and type it for them. All which is needed in terms of investment is a mobile or a PC. Captcha solving is a fair and good thing because it protects internet users from all dangers as that of hacking.

The Captcha solving companies pay you for solving the correct Captcha. You get to earn rewards and can generate a good amount of income by solving as much as Captcha in a day. In terms of skills, all you need is a strong vision to identify as hard Captcha. You can find this kind of job on websites such as 2captcha.com, SolveCaptcha.com, and many more. It is one of the extremely low investment business ideas which can serve you in the best possible way.

Writing Cover Letters and Resumes

There are a large number of people in India who do not possess the skills of writing their resumes and cover letters. These people often look for someone who can write the best resume for them. So if you have a strong command over writing resumes and cover letters, this job can fetch you success. You can approach people through various mediums such as social media, advertisements, etc. You can display your older resumes which have fetched jobs to people. If once your profession gets known to a large group of audience, then no one can stop you from reaching heights. This is one of the best low investment business ideas where you can generate a good rate of income by using your expertise and knowledge.

Sell your eBook

If you have amazing creative writing skills, this is one of the best low investment business ideas for you. Amazon Kindle Store is one of the best platforms where millions of users can buy and sell their books. For this, you have to create an account with Kindle Direct Publishing by clicking here. However, if you already have an Amazon account, use the same credentials to log in. After opening it, you will reach the bookshelf where you can add your book following multiple steps. It may seem to you quite messy or difficult to publish your book on Amazon. But, once you are done, a huge amount of money will add to your income. If your book is liked by your readers, then you will not only earn money but recognition, praise and motivation as well.

Become a Subject Matter Expert

Yes! You read it right. You can become a Subject Matter Expert in one of the most reputed e-learning company i.e. Chegg. It hires subject matter experts from all over India who answer questions of the students online through the 24*7 Chegg study portal. It is a completely no investment job opportunity. There are approximately 100 thousand experts who are registered with Chegg. To become a subject matter expert, the various subjects available are Business, Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Healthcare, and Earth science. You can choose a particular topic according to your choice under these subjects.

It is extremely simple to register as a Chegg Subject Matter Expert. First, you need to register, then choose your subject, give the subject test and guidelines test. After passing the tests, you will have to upload the required documents on the portal itself. And then finally you can start answering questions online anytime and from anywhere. You earn around 100-200 rupees on a per answer basis on average, the payout depends on the subject you choose. It is one of the best no investment business ideas which you can do in the comfort of your bed in your own time with the use of your knowledge.

Content Writing Jobs

If you have a strong command of English and have an interest in writing, then you can go for this job. There are many companies worldwide that need content writers for their tasks. You can find these companies on platforms such as Upwork and PeoplePerHour. You will have to write articles, blog posts relating to various topics. These companies pay you either per article or monthly. In this way, you can earn a good ROI with no investment.

Online food store

It might sound very unique and different. But if you have good cooking skills, this job is best for you. You can advertise the dishes made by you on social platforms or make your page. The next thing you have to do is to offer your services for making the respective dish by mentioning your details along with the dish. If your food presentation will be best, then foodies will automatically get attracted to you. In terms of investments, all you will need is food ingredients. This job will give you threefold of the amount you invest. You can become rich with just the magic of your hands and the taste of your dishes.


If you are expecting a bit more freedom in your professional life, then freelancing can serve the purpose. According to Wikipedia, India has around15 a million freelancers who have been significantly boosting their growth. In this type of job, you remain self-employed. Freelancers are considered as contractors rather than employees. They are responsible for their time schedules and tracks. You can select your own company through platforms such as Fiverr and freelancing. The major options in which you can do freelancing are writing, proofreading, graphic designing, scriptwriting, etc. In addition to this, you can even decide your own earning by specifying to the company. In this way, this job idea can fetch you high ROI.

Virtual Assistant

So who are virtual assistants? What is their requirement? Well, to answer all these questions, A virtual assistant is one who solves the online queries of customers of any online company such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. All you need to do is to address the doubts of the public. This thought of low investment business ideas will make you earn a good amount of money to answer every single question which can fetch you a damn good ROI in a month. To find these jobs you need to browse the websites namely Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, VirtualAssistantsJobs.com, etc. All you need in terms of investments is just a device to answer the question. You also need to have a good command of English because your answer must not confuse the customer. It should solve all his doubts in the end.


If you are a very creative writer and can fetch the reader’s attention, then this job suits you the best. It’s a fantastic way to share your thoughts with others. The first step you have to do is to choose a blogging platform. You can use platforms such as WordPress or any other of your choice. Secondly, you need to decide that you will do self-hosting or continue with a free alternative. And finally, you can start writing your blog in such a way that it attracts more and more audiences.

One of the most famous ways in which you can earn through blogging is advertisements. Various organizations need to advertise themselves. They use bloggers’ platform by putting their ads in between. Whenever any reader views the ad, it adds to the income of the blogger.

Tips and Tricks

  • Work in a peaceful room because a noisy area can mess up with your thoughts, thereby bringing you a failure.
  • Start your task with a smoothly working device because any internal device problems can irritate you and delay your task, thereby deviating you from your goals.
  • Always prefer doing half an hour of meditation in the morning. This will keep you relaxed the whole day with a satisfying state of mind.
  • Never keep doing your work continuously for a long duration. Take frequent 5 or 10 minutes rest in between so that you don’t develop any kind of back pain or shoulder pain.
  • Always sit in an area near the window or from where you can look outside. Because continuous exposure to the screen can make your eyes painful. So it’s better to avoid them than to treat them.
  • Always have a water bottle near you, because going to the kitchen to drink water might disturb your flow. And also water is very necessary to keep concentrating on your task. So keep yourself hydrated to achieve your goals.

Final Thoughts

I hope that all the above-stated low investment business ideas have served your purpose. Now you are well informed and ready. I made you all aware of various jobs from cheapest to no investment. You have to now think back and choose which job suits you best and will help you in achieving your goals. These innovative business ideas for upcoming entrepreneurs can make your family and friends proud and can earn you respect and praise along with monetary benefits. Those who never paid any heed to you will now ask the reason for your success. So grab your stuff and get on to work!

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