Top 30 Low Investment Business Ideas to Start in 2024

June 27, 2024
low investment business ideas

Quick Summary

  • Low investment business ideas are opportunities that require minimal capital to start and can generate profits over time.
  • Some examples of low investment businesses include dropshipping, affiliate marketing, freelance services, and online tutoring.
  • These businesses often leverage existing platforms or resources, such as e-commerce marketplaces, social media, or freelancing websites, to minimize overhead costs.
  • The best low investment business ideas are Bakery, Yoga Instructor, Tutoring, Cloud Kitchen, Graphic Designing, Website Designing, Dropshipping, and many more.

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Many individuals dream of establishing a successful business. However, the idea of investing their life savings in one shot deters them from pursuing their dreams. The idea of starting a low investment business is a great option, provided they have a solid strategy to make their business work. Opting for low-investment business ideas can lower financial risk and provide a more manageable pathway to entrepreneurship.

As per Statista, there are already 186 million businesses worldwide. Therefore, one must have a unique and practical business idea to succeed in the industry. Today, we will look at 30 low investment business ideas to help businesses to grow without investing huge capital.

List of Low Investment Business Ideas

Here are the top 30 low-investment business ideas that don’t require a massive investment:



Market Growth 

Estimated Investment






INR 15k

INR 30k – 80k

Yoga Instructor



INR 5k

INR 5k – 75k




INR  10k

INR 40k – 80k

Real Estate 



INR 30k 

INR 50k – 100k

Food Truck



INR 10k – 30k

INR 30k – 80k

Selling Homemade Food Items



INR 20k

INR 40k – 60k

Cloud Kitchens



INR 100k – 200k

INR 150k -300k

Graphic Designer



INR 30k

INR 30k – 50k




INR 5k

INR 20k – 60k

Clothing Business



INR 20k – 50k

INR 25k – 40k




INR 30k – 80k

INR 50k – 100k




INR 20k – 50k

INR 30k – 90k

Driving School



INR 30k – 80k

INR 40k – 90k

Event Management Company



INR 40k – 80k

INR 60k – 120k

Digital Marketing Agency



INR 40k – 80k

INR 50k – 100k

Jewellery Business



INR 25k

INR 30k – 90k

Footwear Designing 



INR 20k – 25k

INR 30k – 100k

Fashion Designing



INR 50k – 100k

INR 70k – 140k

Food Delivery



INR 10k- 20k

INR  30k

Affiliate Marketing



INR 2k – 10k

INR 30k

Sell Courses



INR 5k 

INR 20k – 45k

Fitness Classes



INR 5k – 20k

INR 25k – 50k




INR 10k

INR  30k




INR 5k – 10k

INR  30k

Career Counselling



INR 5k

INR 10k – 30k

Digital Publishing



INR 20k – 50k

INR 30k – 70k

Photography / Videography



INR 30k – 80k

INR 50k – 100k




INR 10k – 20k

INR  30k

Website Designing



INR 30k – 40k

INR 40k – 80k

Vegetable Business



INR 10k 

INR  30k

Food & Beverages Business

1. Bakery

Cakes and other bakery items are always in great demand. Many small entrepreneurs sell cakes, pastries, and other baked goods from their homes and make good earnings with this low investment business ideas.

Most of the items required to bake cakes and other baked products can be ordered fresh from the market. Therefore, there is no need to stock up on any raw materials.

2. Food Truck

Food trucks are trendy as people love to eat snacks, fast food, and pizzas. To start a food truck business, one can purchase an old truck. Fresh supplies of veggies, pizza bases, mayonnaise, etc., would be required to keep the orders rolling.

The funds required to execute this low-investment business idea might be slightly above Rs. 1 lakh, but an intelligent entrepreneur might even be able to manage everything within this budget.

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3. Selling Homemade Food Items

Homemade items are in high demand nowadays because people want to eat healthy food. Therefore, one can start selling homemade pickles, jams, chocolates, and snacks without investing a huge sum of money.

Entrepreneurs can sell homemade food items via social media groups and channels or even launch an app to receive online orders. Its initial investment is less than Rs. 1 Lakh and would be sufficient to start this low-investment business idea.

4. Cloud Kitchens

In India, homemakers have been successfully running the tiffin system in most cities. With time, they are losing the edge due to the food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy. Still, they can revive such businesses using social media connections and platforms.

Cloud kitchens are commercial kitchens that accept food orders via online portals and calls. Food delivery companies deliver the food prepared in these kitchens. With sharp business acumen, one can manage all these expenses within Rs. 1 lakh.

5. Food Delivery Business

Starting a food delivery business on a small scale is possible. Many caterers and restaurants require delivery partners who can deliver their orders. Investing in a second-hand vehicle can help one start a food delivery business with a minimum investment.

Purchasing a van would cost up to Rs. 1,00,000. If this low-cost business idea works, one can handle multiple consignments simultaneously.

6. Vegetable Business

The vegetable business is one of the high-profit business ideas that requires an initial investment of less than Rs 1 lakh. In today’s world where everyone is health conscious, they are looking for suppliers of fresh vegetables.

Looking at the demand of consumers for home delivery service, instead of opening a vegetable shop, you can start selling vegetables from door to door, which will be more profitable.

Education Business Ideas

7. Tutoring

Online classes have seen a boom since the pandemic and many students are seen taking online classes. Spoken English, essay writing, drawing, or any other online class can be a good business idea to earn passive income.

There is no need for huge investment to start this low investment business ideas. You can also take online tuition where you just need to invest in good PC and Wi-Fi.

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8. Sell Courses

Selling courses is one of the most profitable business ideas, as one can start it with minimum investment. You must have enough knowledge about a specific domain or anything that gets enough audience onboard.

For instance, a trading expert can create online courses for intraday or F&O trading. Homemakers who can cook well can create an online cooking course. They can set a price for subscribing to or downloading the course online.

9. Career Counselling

Someone with excellent academic credentials or an academician by profession can start an online career counselling business. Career counselling means guiding young students to choose the right career and playing a mentor to shape their careers.

No initial investment is required to start the innovative low-investment business ideas. You can also take online career counselling and charge based on class level.

Health & Fitness Business

10. Yoga Instructor

Most people are passionate about health and fitness. Hence, a person having proper knowledge of yoga and meditation can start taking yoga classes.

The best thing about starting a yoga class is that it requires no initial investment. They can use the basement of a building, an open terrace, or a living room to provide yoga training. Therefore, there is no need to purchase or rent any space for this low-investment business.

11. Fitness Classes

Starting a fitness class can be a lucrative low cost business idea with high profit as one doesn’t need to purchase a space to start this business. They can use a lawn, terrace, or even a playground for conducting regular fitness classes.

They can then reach out to more people interested in joining such classes through social media channels and fitness communities. The fitness classes can include Zumba dance sessions and many other physical activities to keep fit.

12. Dietitian

Nowadays people are health conscious and like to stay fit. That’s why the demand for dietitians increased. A nutritionist business can flourish even with low investment. You can suggest different diets based on people’s health conditions, dietary preferences and fitness goals. Later, on you can expand your business by manufacturing dietary products, giving consultations, arranging health clubs and seminars.

Designing & Apparel Business

13. Jewellery Business

The jewellery rental business does not require a huge investment and can be easily managed under an investment of Rs 1 lakh.

You can keep a stock of artificial jewellery and sell or rent them as required. This is one of the excellent small investment business ideas that does not require huge investment. Along with artificial jewellery, you can also sell or rent draperies like sarees, sherwanis, coats and other apparel and accessories.

14. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing can be a business if a fashion designer thinks like an entrepreneur. The global apparel market is growing every day. Hence, there is a vast scope for fashion designers who can design kids’ wear, bridal wear, luxury wear, men’s wear, etc.

You can tie up with leading clothing brands and charge a reasonable fee per design. The initial investment will go into procuring the graphic design solutions needed to showcase the designed products.

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15. Footwear Designing

There are many people who are only likely to invest in good shoes that not only give them comfort but also look good. Hence, if you have a passion for shoes, then you can start a shoe-designing business. Research your competitors and understand the market and build your business strategy on it.

You can deal with a variety of customers or find a specific niche in kids’ shoes, women’s or men’s shoes, sports shoes, casual or formal shoes etc. Alternatively, you can start a footwear business from scratch or buy an already existing franchise to run.

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16. Clothing Business

The t-shirt printing business is a lucrative business idea for those who want to start a company with a budget of Rs. 1 lakh. Smaller printing machines that cost a few thousand are available in the market.

One can even start a clothing business online by designing clothes. Those who create their designs can contact a clothing manufacturer that accepts a minimum MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for startups. Or else, it is possible to purchase readymade clothes from the wholesale market, fix a label, and sell them at your price on an online site or mobile app.

17. Boutique

Anyone can start a boutique with minimum investment. People, especially women, love shopping from fashion boutiques instead of purchasing clothes online or in malls. It would be even better if an entrepreneur sold hand-designed clothes. Social media platforms can tap into the local demand that increases during festivals and the wedding season.

A small collection of dresses and apparel would come within Rs 1 lakh. If the entrepreneur does not have a commercial space, they can set up the boutique in their own house.

Media Business

18. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can start an online business by taking orders for social media posts, logo designs, and other designs required for marketing and other purposes.

If a person does not have the required graphic designing skills, then they need to make a small investment in professional designing courses or invest in hiring professional designers.

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19. Digital Marketing Agency

Starting a digital marketing agency is one of the high-profit business ideas because it requires low investment. An entrepreneur can start this agency solo or with partners who have a fair knowledge of digital marketing, content creation, and graphic design.

The initial investment can be in software, marketing tools and other setups required to promote a business online. A small investment would go into purchasing licensed editing software, paid marketing tools, and a laptop.

20. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the low cost business ideas with high profit as one needs to promote products of popular brands on their website. However, those who don’t have a blog or website can also start affiliate marketing by signing up for an affiliate marketing program like the one offered by Amazon.

The affiliate marketer earns a commission each time a customer purchases through one of these links. An entrepreneur can create a website or blog that receives enough traffic daily.

21. Website Designing

Website designing can be one of the best low-investment business ideas if you are dedicated to helping businesses provide the best website design. It is a profitable business as every organization has an online presence and needs a good web design to attract its customers.

Before starting a website design business make sure your company have a proper business objective, provide a unique design niche to attract customers, and set valuable rates for your services.

22. Photography / Videography Business

Nowadays people like to document their happiest moments which eventually increases the need for a good videographer. Along with taking assignments to parties and functions, you can also click product photos for the business.

The photography/videography business does not require much investment. All you need is a good budget camera and editing software to get started.

Other Low Budget Business Ideas

23. Real Estate Business

Real estate broker is a low-investment business idea as the broker does not have to invest in anything except for his knowledge of the local residential and commercial properties.

Generally, brokers rely on their contacts, but new-age brokers also use social media and the internet to locate earning opportunities. A broker license is necessary for managing this business smoothly, which aspiring brokers might need to spend some money on. Besides that, they do not need an initial investment to fund these low investment business ideas.

24. Ghostwriting

Another low-cost business idea with high profit is writing. Those who can write well can start ghostwriting. Clients and businesses pay more money to ghostwriters. No initial investment is necessary for these low-investment business ideas if the person already has enough writing experience.

As you earn a good income from this business, you can also start a website and hire some writers who can work under you. These low cost business ideas can be very profitable in the long run.

25. Salon

After completing a beauty parlour and makeup course, you can start a beauty parlour/ salon in your locality. Men who have completed a professional hair-cutting course can also start a men’s salon. Even unisex salons are popular these days.

You will have to invest a small amount in arranging the equipment or can also take a helping hand, space is not necessary for the salon. Alternatively, you can also provide the service at the customer’s home or even in your home.

26. Start a Driving School

There always will be people who wish to get driving lessons from a professional. You can open a driving class and teach others how to drive and get paid for the same.

Driving classes can be expensive for most people. However, if one starts a driving school with minimum investment, they can only accept the requests of people who already have their vehicles. In this way, one can execute this low-investment business idea without an initial investment.

27. Event Management Company

Event management companies typically manage major events, such as weddings, concerts, and other large events. However, an entrepreneur can start this as a low-investment business by accepting orders for small parties or school and college functions.

You can expand their business and pump more money into it. An initial investment of a few thousand can help you know the market before investing more to manage bigger orders.

28. Reseller

In India, OLX and Quikr are famous for selling used products online. Some people also use social media platforms to sell their old furniture, vehicles, etc.

It could be a great online business if one finds a regular source for refurbished items and used products. This low-investment business idea does not need any initial investment. However, as the business grows, the seller can invest to develop a website to sell these products easily.

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29. Digital Publishing

Online publishing or publishing is gaining popularity today as most writers are moving towards self-publishing. If you are a book enthusiast then a small investment business of book publishing can be a lucrative business for you.

Initially, you will need to invest in marketing and website building and also work on branding your company. You can start with marketing eBooks, which do not require any printing cost and later expand to paperback printing.

30. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a successful low cost business idea with high profit potential. It is a retail business that can operate as an online business and does not require inventory. Hence, this is one of the best low-investment business ideas for which you don’t need to stock products.

Dropshipping business does not require much initial investment so you do not need to worry about purchasing or storing goods. You can sell products directly to customers ordering from multiple suppliers.

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benefits of low budget business

Factors Affecting Expenses in Business

If you have started thinking about the low cost business ideas, then you must also know what are the factors that make the business low investment.

Here are some factors that help you keep your business running with less investment.

  • Your business expenses come down with no inventory to manage. You can stock the product and ship it which ultimately reduces your investment and other operational costs.
  • Investing in technology improves your business efficiency which will ultimately reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • You can also start a business that requires selling services like business consultancy, graphic & web designing, content writing etc. As a product, the business needs stocking, manufacturing, shipping etc which adds up to the business expenditure.
  • Focus on your business niche. Focusing your attention on a specific business not only reduces costs but also improves the quality of your service.

Dos & Don’ts of Starting Low Investment Business

Here are some dos and don’ts for a small investment business that you must follow to make your business a success.



Link your business with another company to get more profit. E.g., service-based businesses like tiffin providers can sell homemade pickles, jams and other food products.

You should never invest in any business ideas, whether it is a high- or low-investment business ideas, without knowledge.

Expand your business, master it and move on to the next company.

Don’t depend on only one business to make profit.

Get easy business loans from banks and finance companies to help you with financial assistance to start a low-investment business idea.

Not having a concrete plan. Without a plan, you cannot measure the progress of your business.

Be innovative in providing new products and services that are different from competitors.

Not using enough resources to hire the best team.

Ask for consultation from the advisory board. They will help you in sales and the growth of the low-investment business.

Not having strong relationships with suppliers. To make the business successful, build a good rapport with suppliers.

Low Budget Business – Summary

Here we come to an end of the low-investment business ideas. You must get information about all the potential businesses where you can invest. Whether the business is small or big, it needs investment as well as dedication to make it successful. You can also gain insight and business ideas through case studies of different successful business owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses can prove to be great low-investment business ideas?

Businesses related to food, cleaning products or services, t-shirt printing, graphic designing, content writing, etc., can be started with a minimum investment.

These low-investment business ideas are profitable because beginners can expand their services easily once their business starts churning a profit. There are some profitable business ideas that can be started online. Such as freelancing business or online tuition classes.

What low-investment business ideas are most profitable?

Tea vendors, painters, garages, driving schools, food trucks, etc., are India’s most profitable low-investment business ideas. This is because these low-investment business ideas don’t require a substantial upfront investment.

Some of these low-investment business ideas can also be commenced without any investment. You can also start low cost business online which requires less money and will be more profitable.

What are the top 5 small businesses to start?

Here are the top five low-investment business ideas that one can start in India:

1. Selling second-hand vehicles
2. Starting a makeup Parlor or salon
3. Selling vegetables or fruits
4. Daycare services
5. Online tutoring

You can also start a freelance business, online publishing house, etc. Besides these, beginners can also try the low-investment business ideas that are mentioned in this article.

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