5 Easiest Ways to Earn Money from Home in India

February 4, 2021
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ways to earn money from home in india

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According to a survey, about 45% of the workforce works from home and they are pretty satisfied with it. There are people who are earning lakhs every month with ways to earn money from home in India.

Although there are many ways to earn money online in India such as-

  • Blogging
  • YouTube channel
  • Earn with affiliate marketing
  • Sell online
  • Provide training and consultancy
  • Instagram marketing
  • Online paid surveys
  • Offering photoshop services

Easiest Ways to Earn Money

The above-mentioned list can go on with endless options of ways to earn money from home in India. But in this article, I will be telling you the 5 easiest ways to earn money from home in India through which you can earn.

The reason why I chose these options from all the mentioned above is that because these are the easiest ways to earn money from home in India which can be done by anyone. Whether you are an engineer, a housewife, a retired person, a teenager, or anything you still can do it. These jobs require zero or very low investment, and in return, you will be earning a good amount of income. These online jobs are the best for anyone who is looking for ways to work from home in India as you won’t be having any boss and you will be your own boss and will work as per your own will.


Blogging is a way of sharing experiences, opinions with others through a medium. This is one field where you need no specialization. You can start your blog if you just want to share your own experience with the people. The best part about blogging is that you can write and post a blog from anywhere around the world. Isn’t it one of the most convenient ways to earn money from home in India?

ways to earn money

You will get freedom from your daily hectic office schedule and if you earn well then you can plan your retirement early as well.

In order to be a successful blogger, you need to have some basic skills which are very important for one to have-

  • You should have the knowledge and a real interest in your topic which you are writing on.
  • You need to be willing to research your market.
  • You’ll need endurance, motivation, and self-discipline.
  • And lastly, you’ll be needing the motivation to interact with people.

There are many ways to earn money from home in India through blogging itself, let us look at it-

  • Google Ads- This is the simplest and popular way of monetizing your website. If you have decent traffic already coming to your website then you can register your website to Google AdWords. Once your website is approved then Google will start putting the advertisement on your website. You will get your commission on the CPC (Cost per Click) basis.
  • Affiliate Marketing- This is another popular way of earning money, there are many companies out there who run affiliate programs.
  • Sponsored Posts- You can allow good quality, well-written posts on your blog and charge for the same.


  • Sometimes it is hard to believe but the outreach can be incredible, you never know who might land up on your website and love your article. So, always write as if your article will be impacting not one but many.
  • Blogs help create a sense of community, meaning your blog can put subjects for people to discuss on. And then you will get feedback that will generate new topics and ideas for you to write upon.


  • A decent blog is one that is updated on a regular basis. The most difficult part is being consistent on writing and posting frequently. So, it’s better to have a proper schedule for updating.
  • Its time consuming, gone are the days when a shorter blog would have been enough, now longer comprehensive content is the king.
  • Writing has to come naturally only then can you communicate with your audience in a friendly manner. So, the only solution is that the more you write, the better you will get with time.

YouTube Channel

ways to earn money in India

Are you good at singing, painting, cooking or you can pull off pranks very nicely, etc., then this platform is made for you!

You later can earn based on your earned views and subscribers.

Having basic knowledge about the platform, solid content research skills, video editing, digital awareness are some of the basic skills you need to have in order to be a successful Youtuber.

You can also make money on YouTube through the following features:

  • Advertising revenue: Get ad revenue from the various display, overlay, and video ads.
  • Channel memberships: Your members make periodic monthly payments in exchange for special perks that you offer to them.
  • Merchandise shelf: Your fans can browse and buy official branded merchandise that’s showcased on your pages.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: you will get part of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch your content.

If your audience believes that your channel or video is not eligible, you may not be able to turn a specific feature on.

Becoming a YouTuber has its own pros and cons such as –


  • Do you want to make videos? Then you just need a phone or a camera with a nice video idea. You don’t need any college degree to get into YouTube.
  • In this profession, you don’t have any 9-5 office to go to. You can easily just sit from home and make content.
  • It is true that YouTube is competitive but if you want to make your own mark then all you need is confidence and understanding.


  • There are times when an upcoming Youtuber fails in being consistent with his content as it might not be that powerful and the audience is eventually losing their interest in his channel.
  • Even if your content is based on trending topics then there are still chances that your viewership is very low as the most important factor that works in SEO and getting the audience to your channel takes a lot of time, so patience is the key here.
  • Starting a YouTube channel is easy but the most disappointing part is when your idea gets copied by other YouTubers who can’t find content to make videos on their own, and the worst part is that they don’t even give credit to you.

Affiliate Marketing

Some other ways to earn money from home in India is affiliate marketing. Here you can use your own platform, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook to promote other people’s products.

You need to have some basic skills in order to get into affiliate marketing namely-

  • Leadership qualities – it’s a skill you need to develop. If you get super successful with your website then you can hire a team of virtual assistants to help you to manage campaigns.
  • Money management- it is essential in affiliate marketing because your cash flow is the lifeblood of your campaigns.
  • Technical knowledge- being an affiliate marketer does require you to have some basic technical knowledge. You need to learn how to build landing pages, set up your tracker and deal with various issues that come with it.
  • Data analysis- Affiliate marketing is all about buying traffic. The conversions show you the types of people who like your product which is very useful for later and it can be used to optimize your campaign.

Keeping in mind there are many pros and cons to this –


  • It is the easiest way to start your business.
  • In affiliate marketing, you work with zero/minimal investment.
  • It is a billion-dollar business that is rapidly growing with enormous opportunities.
  • This is a profession where you learn as you move forward with various opportunities thrown at you.
  • In affiliate marketing, you get a wider market to sell others’ products, which will result in more customers and more sales.
  • Promoting complementary products other than the main products is also another way to earn more revenue.
  • The best part is you can work by sitting in any corner of the world and still earn money.


  • Unlike internet marketing where you get on Pay per Click (PPC) basis, in affiliate marketing, you get paid only when the consumer buys that specifically advertised product.
  • Affiliate marketing requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to adopt different strategies to advertise the products in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • One have no control over affiliate programs; you have to adjust to whatever rules the company sets for its products or services. In the end, adjusting to their ecosystem is the only situation.
  • It has a very high competition, as there are chances that what product you are promoting, that same thing others are also doing. So, you need to have a unique strategy to advertise and attract the crowd towards you.
  • It is very important that you do your proper homework and chooses the right product that may fit you, of all the products available on the field.
  • As you are working as an affiliate, you are only working as a third party for the company by advertising their products to your audience. You have no other relationship with them. You will get the payment only if the consumer buys the product using your link or even for that matter directly buys from their website. This is how the company is getting more potential customers and you are just helping them build their buyers list.


easy ways to earn money online

Are you good at baking or cooking? Then you can now change this passion into a business and if you put your whole heart and soul into a business it is bound to flourish. You can also make your own website, advertise and take orders through it, and deliver the food directly at the customer’s doorstep. If your food is according to your customer’s demands then gradually your business will expand through word of mouth.

With baking/cooking comes various pros and cons-


  • Easy to start, since the raw food items are easily available in the market.
  • Starting this business doesn’t require a lot of investment so the fear of losses is very less.
  • Add creativity in such a manner that the customers are attracted to your food, as there are already many outlets for food in the market where the customers can go.


  • Everyone has a different taste, which means if your family loves your food, doesn’t mean the customers will love it too.
  • You will need to learn to stand out from the crowd as there is already a very tough competition in this kind of business.
  • You will only earn when you will sell baked goods, which will take a great amount of time to bake enough food to meet your income goals.

Graphic Designer

There are many companies that are always on the lookout for graphic designers who can help them create their company’s logo, websites, or visual ads. And if you are good at your work then you will get more clients by word of mouth.


  • You get to use both the creative and analytical side of your brain, as when you are creating logos then you are also logically thinking about how to use the tools present in various software like Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc.
  • You will easily get appreciated for your work because let’s face it, that a human brain is structured in such a manner that it always gets attracted to a colorful creative design. So, whether you are making logos, design for medals or anything you will always get lots of recognition for your work.
  • It is a highly coveted skill in many industries like management and entrepreneurship.


  • In a digital era like today, this field has become quite competitive, you will have to really work hard to market yourself in such a manner that you stand out from the crowd.
  • Many people think that making posters, logos or in fact, graphic designing is a very simple skill. But it can become disheartening if you don’t get the required credibility as this field requires a very specific skillset.

I myself do blogging to generate passive income online, you can also choose your own way from the above-mentioned list.

Final Thought

The above-mentioned five ways are the most effective ways of earning money from home in India. If you are really serious about earning by working online then you should start following these steps as the sooner you will start the faster you will be reaching your destination.

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