Best Online Jobs in India to Earn Money Online- Genuine Ways

best online jobs in india
February 5, 2021
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The Digital era has led to a drastic change in this world of employment. It is a platform that provides an individual with a number of opportunities. One can create money in this uncertain and unpredictable working environment with the help of some best online jobs in India. It is now no more a myth that earning money is linked with a standard 9-5 job.

People can understand that earning money is no more a cumbersome process that happens slowly and gradually. But now it is more of a smooth process that one needs to be aware of. There are various alternatives for people to get into some business ideas and explore their interests. It helps an individual to create some extra money. One can easily gain a certificate of experience. And polish their skills before stepping towards their career.

List of Best Online Jobs in India

Here are some of the best online jobs in India that will help an individual to excel in the field and create money at the same time:


Blogging allows an individual to express his/her opinions on a particular issue. A blogger can write a blog based on his/her interests on a topic such as gardening, cooking, etc. Bloggers often write from an individual perspective. It allows them to directly connect with their readers. Moreover, most of the blogs contain “comments” sections where the readers can socialize with the blogger. The direct relation with the readers is one of the major benefits of starting a blog. This direct connection helps an individual to interact with varied ideas with other like-minded people. This bond of trust and loyalty helps an individual to get the golden key to success. It opens up the door to make money from blogs.

Since it is a long process, it helps an individual to make limitless money. There are various platforms such as Google Ad sense, Click Bank, Amazon that allows a blogger to make money online.


A virtual assistant is the one who offer services from a distance to other business. The services are offer in exchange for an agreed-upon fee.

The virtual assistant is a broad word and the most vital part of a business organization. He/she performs various tasks such as providing customer support, graphics layouts, web designing, Word Press, etc. It proves to be a great support pillar for business people. It is an easy process and aspirant needs to choose a business structure he/she wants to work in. Then one has to decide the services that he/she wants to offer to the business organizations. And then one has to launch a website and has to start networking and finding varied jobs and projects. One has to be comfortable in operating computers and applications like MS office.

There are various websites that provides work from home jobs. Such as fiver, Up work, etc. It helps business organizations worldwide in various tasks. It makes the working environment all the more organized and comfortable.


One has to be good enough in speaking as well as in understanding at least two different languages. It is one of the easiest and comfortable best online jobs in India.

The job of a translator is to interpret written as well as spoken data into more than one language. They have to maintain the meaning f the words in that particular context. One has to create dictionaries while adding in words to it. A translator can work in different fields ranging from a government organization to medicine, education, and many more.

It is one of the most provident best online jobs in India to earn money. One can easily earn a handsome amount as he/she is paid for the words translated per hour. Nowadays business organizations, business tycoons need to communicate policies, strategies and various business deals across the world. Therefore, this job can prove to be lucrative for further future aspects. One can also try his/her hands as a proof reader in foreign languages. There are various websites such as Gen-go, smartling, unable, etc. that provide an opportunity to find a job.


Web developers are the forefront of this Internet age. The websites that people browse, the news updates that we get online are made possible by these proficient web developers. They create, design, build and implement various Internet websites. They are heavily involved in creating website. The activities they perform ranges from developing design, layouts, to technical as well as legal complications. It is therefore, one of the best online jobs in India. But it is somewhat a tough skill to master. One needs to possess enough skills to be able to perform the task. The job involves coding and decoding things, SEO models, Java-scripts, etc. Therefore, ne should have a good taste of designs and creativity.

A web developer has to make sure that websites designed need to be reader-friendly. It should be appealing and at the same time should be designed according to legal compliances.


Graphic designers are the one who creates visual displays. They communicate to the visitors of a particular website every second, worldwide. Therefore, it is one of the best online jobs in India. They create and develop features in varied sections of the columns such as news, advertisements, entertainment, etc.

A graphic designer is also a creator of other digital and broadcasting platforms such as television, web browsers, game machines, etc. This job requires creativity and a combination of various symbols, texts, and images. It involves demonstration of ideas and messages that a website wants to convey. In this competitive world, every platform needs to constantly monitor the changes. This will help them to engage the audience. At the same time it maintains website traffic. Therefore, the job of a graphic designer is the most vital job in this digital era.


Medical transcription can prove to be one of the best on-line jobs in India. It is a good choice for medical students. Since, it requires an individual to have a good command over medical terminologies. One needs to have a good understanding of certain medicals and other general terms. A medical transcriptionist is basically a healthcare documentation specialist. His/her work is to interpret the recordings of different doctors. And then convert these messages into reports and documents. Anyone who owns a degree, diploma, or a certificate in this field can apply for this job.

This job involves interpretation, transcription, and dictation of patient history. It just requires a good internet connection, a degree, and a desktop to work with.


Online tutoring is all about teaching students online at home. It is done by using an online tutoring application. Maybe, therefore, categorized as one of the best online jobs in India. It helps to provide an interactive session to students. As it involves pre-recorded video sessions and presentations. This is a substitute for offline classrooms. One needs to have a decent internet connection and a desktop to work on.

A lot of online platforms have come up to provide online tutoring sessions to students. Thus, filling the gaps in their study pattern. Thus, such websites are eagerly searching for online tutors for the same job to assist with students’ grievances and queries. One needs to have the knowledge of the subject that he/she needs to teach. One can easily make a profile and can search for potential job offers available on different websites.

online jobs in India

For instance, Chegg India is one of the largest subject expert hiring platforms. It is a kind of part-time job opportunity for such aspirants who are willing to work from home. Chegg online tutors are called subject matter experts. They answer the questions asked by the students. Anyone who is working as a student in diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate in the respective fields can become one. Although Final year students are not restricted under this. The subject experts get paid per question that they have answered. A candidate can earn an average of INR 30000 to INR 80000 per month. It is one of the most convenient and flexible job profiles. Here an individual can get exposure to working at an MNC. Therefore, it helps its students and subscribers to have the best teachers available with a high level of academic integrity.


Excellent competency skills and a knowledge-driven person can easily go for a consultancy job. A consultant is the one who expertise in a particular field. He/she counsels or advises different individuals in their respective fields. In order to get into this jobs one needs to consider his/her abilities, strengths and skills. One needs to find his/her niche. Consultancy specialty and the area of interest is also an important aspect. Being a consultant is a tough job that requires knowledge, passion, and love for work. For example, if a person is a fitness lover and keeps himself/herself updated in this field. Then he/she can start his/her fitness consultancy.

Thus, one can start a consultancy business without any investment but with a certain set of knowledge and skills. It can prove to be the best online jobs in India.


top online jobs in India

Content writing involves thinking, writing, and editing the content. It involves a whole lot of planning and putting an idea into words. Thus, can prove to be the best online job in India for “logophiles”. They are the ones‘s who love words and passionately convert their ideas into enriched content.

Every writer is different in his own writing. The only difference that makes every writer different depends on his/her expression of speech. Nowadays people have started reading various online content on various online platforms. It has helped them to widen up their thinking horizon. At the same time it encourages such content creators to work harder. They get an appreciation for the content produced worldwide and capture a greater population of audiences.

One needs to be efficient enough in providing his/her views to potential readers. This ultimately helps an individual to create money, in the long run. One is successful in polishing his/her skills and attracting a wider customer base. Many websites such as,, etc. provide an opportunity to such aspirants.


Social media marketing has become a key to success for many business organizations. It is one of the powerful ways for businesses of all sizes to reach their prospective customers. It is one of the most comfortable and affordable jobs. Potential customers are very much active on social media. They interact with several brands on various social media platforms. Customers can directly interact with the brands, they can ask queries, and solve problems on social media platforms. .Therefore, it is one of the best online jobs in India.

Therefore, every business organization needs these plans of action in order to increase its customer base. One needs to get himself/herself to indulge socially in such platforms. One needs to get a profile for themselves. After that, they can easily find a good job for themselves. The job involves Designing and graphing content, reading, reacting, and commenting on reviews. These are also part of this job.

Final Thought

The best online jobs in India can act as a valuable tool for people to connect with the real world. Online jobs in India can uplift the career of newbies. It provides an incentive to them to gain working experience before stepping into a typical 9-5 job. Since people start earning money it helps them to boost their confidence. It also encourages them to find their interests in their respective fields. Working online can help an individual to earn some extra money from some side hustle money. And to be able to improve their prospects.

The latest online money making developments have resulted in better future job prospects for the aspirants. Therefore, one needs to choose those online job profiles that are compatible with one’s lifestyles.

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