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January 5, 2023
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A short form of communication that is informative is known as a notice. It can be used to notify, inform or warn the viewers.Notice Writing has a distinct role in communication and is predominantly used by business entities. Institutions and public service organizations have been known to indulge in Notice Writing from time to time.

What is Notice Writing?

A school student learns how to write a proper notice quite early. They learn how to write a proper and precise form of communication that conveys information to a group of people. There is no jargon or different words used in a notice either.

The information provided via a message reaches a large number of people simultaneously. Notice Writing does not need to be elaborate. On the contrary, its shortness provides instant communication, with the readers not being bored or reluctant to read through the entire text.

A Format Of Notice can be of several types and could be written for many purposes. A few types of notices are:

  • Formal Notice: It is used as formal communication within the school, college, or organization. It is used to inform about a time-specific and urgent event or occasion.
  • Informal Notice: An informal notice is used for interpersonal or casual communication purposes. It does not have a definite structure or pattern.
  • Invitation Notice: It is a way of inviting people to a function or occasion in a formal and structured manner.
  • Public Notice: These notices are issued by a legislative body or organization related to the government. They can be about a government policy or could be issued to create general awareness.

Why do you need to know notice Writing?

Students are encouraged to learn the art of writing by developing a style at school. Notice Writing Format Class 12is standard across all types of institutions that include classes in general language, formal, and informal means of communication.

Class 12 Notice Writing is sure to hone one’s language and communication skills, encouraging the students to communicate effectively with the target audience.

The purpose of notice writing is varied, but the concerned student needs to be aware of the following points that enable the notice to pique the readers’ curiosity and inform them about an upcoming event. However, Notice Writing can be used as effectively as a warning to the readers.

A Notice Class 12 must include the following points that are imaginatively termed as five ways:-

  1. What is going to occur? The event or occasion must be mentioned in the notice.
  2. The place of occurrence: The correct address of the venue should be mentioned clearly within the notice so that no reader finds it difficult to reach the location on the specified date and time.
  3. Timing: The time should be mentioned as well. There should be no ambiguity about the hour or confusion about the hour, especially when including A.M. and P.M. The instructor teaching notice Writing For Class 12 must emphasize the importance of the time.

They must ask the students to double-check this aspect before putting the notice up on the board.

  1. Eligibility: The notice should also mention the target audience lucidly. This is all the more important as failure to do it will only result in crowd gathering.
  2. Contact Information: Each notice must have the authority issuing the notice’s name and/or designation at the end. A contact address or number must also e included within the notice so interested readers can reach out and connect with the authorities without difficulty.

Format for Notice Writing

  1. Name of organization: The organization’s name should be mentioned at the top of the notice. The title should be written in an easily recognizable font. Doing so would help the reader to identify whether the information is essential to them.
  2. Title: The name of the notice issuing authority must be mentioned right on the top of the information. The idea behind this is to draw attention to the concerned persons.
  3. Date: The current date or date of issuance should be included within the notice. One must make sure to space the timing so that the date of the upcoming event is not the same as the date of issuing the notice.
  4. Heading: A title must be right on the top, preferably written in capital letters. A notice should be mentioned as NOTICE.
  5. Body: The main content of the notice is its body. The main body should be written precisely, with the meaning being obvious. It is essential to write it in sentences that may be numbered if required. Furthermore, one should ensure that the paragraph or corrections in the body are left aligned.
  6. Signature: The notice issuing authority must sign the notice to make it credible. The school’s principal, student leader, monitor, approving authority, or the person issuing the notice must also add the designation under the signature.

Notice Writing tips to follow

Notice Writing is a part of every school’s English curriculum. It is most important to follow the specific Notice Writing Format Class 12 or do according to the instruction provided by the teacher when Notice Writing is being taught in other grades.

Some of the tips to remember while trying to write a notice include:-

  • The notice must be brief and to the point
  • The title should be written in bold letters and should be highlighted.
  • The use of passive voice is the norm.
  • The word count of the content should not exceed 50 words in any circumstances.
  • The notice should be written in the simple-to-understand language, and jargon should be avoided.
  • The venue and time need to be mentioned clearly at the end of the notice. The information should be legible and clear.
  • The notice should be adequately addressed so that there is no confusion
  • The specific format of School Notice Writing should be followed perfectly

Class 12th Notice Writing should follow the formal Notice Writing Format perfectly. Mastering Notice Writing Format helps the student to achieve success both in school and the professional world

Template of Notice Writing

Simple Template:


(announcement) + (mention who is it for) + (when is it) + (what action should be taken)

Sign off

Departments / Designation

Toolkit for Content Writers

Example of Notice Writing

Sample Notice for Class 10th

Students must remember the various perspectives and the purpose of the notice. While a Class 10 student may be eager to write a notice for an upcoming event to keep fellow students informed, the definition may differ.

It is vital to go through the correct notice Writing Format before sitting down to prepare a draft of the notice. The standard notices that may be required to be written more often than not include the following: –

  • The outcome of an event that occurred in the past
  • Announcement of meetings, holiday amps, class schedule, examination results
  • Announcement of an upcoming birthday, bereavement, transfer of teachers
  • Sharing information about a cultural event
  • Invitation for participation

The students can follow the below-mentioned sample for writing notice:

(Name of the School)



The students will be happy to know that the school is organizing an Inter-School Quiz for Science and Mathematics for all the classes!

Classes- III- XII

Date – (Mention the date)

The students who wish to submit their names for the competition can do so by (mentioning the date) to their respective class teachers.

Head Mistress

Sample Notice for Class 12

A class 12 student needs to be aware of the techniques and Format Of Notice Writing, both for formal and informal occasions. Practicing this art is not a matter of trial and error, however. Instead, one must go through the specifications and remember each point meticulously.

Notice Writing is often included within the syllabus, and the student needs to create a notice based on the information provided. The marks may vary according to the teacher’s discretion, but the answer must be in the form of a perfect notice.

The notice may be written for sharing information or making an announcement. However, a student of Class 12 needs to remember the following when writing a notice on the answer sheet.

  • The word limit should not be crossed
  • Repetition of information is not allowed
  • Unnecessary capitalization should be avoided
  • Enclosing the notice within a text box is preferable
  • The words TITLE and NOTICE need to be highlighted to draw attention
  • The notice should be exciting and contextual.
  • The notice should be confined to factual information
  • The answer should fulfill the queries of the 5 Ws, namely What, Why, When, Where & Who
  • The notice should not contain any personal information of the issuing authority

The students can follow the below-mentioned sample for writing notice:

(Name of the School)



The students will be ecstatic to learn that the school is organizing a Diwali Mela for all the classes!

Classes- III- XII

Date – (Mention the date)

The students who wish to submit their names for the competition and other cultural events can do so by (mentioning the date) to their respective class teachers.

Head Mistress

Sample Notice for College

Notice Writing for college is not too different from that written by students. It simply requires more refinement and must look professional. It is important to remember that college is the stepping stone to a profession, and ones writing skills and procedure for imparting information should be according to the set standards.

A college student should be meticulous about Notice Writing and read through the draft multiple times before putting it on the notice board. Some of the salient points to remember are:-

  • The name of the institution must be displayed on top of the notice
  • The notice must be perfectly legible even when it is handwritten
  • The language used must be simple and understandable to the general public
  • Usage of pronouns like I, you, and are forbidden

The students can follow the below-mentioned sample for writing notice:

(Name of the College)



The students will be happy to know that the college is organizing a blood donation drive.

Date – (Mention the date)

The students who wish to participate in the noble cause can do so by (mentioning the date) to their respective department heads or supervisors.


Sample notice for the organization

Almost all organizations issue notices to their employees as needed. The responsibility of Notice Writing lies with the administrative department predominantly. One must remember that the notice should convey the required information to all concerned persons and not be frivolous. The language should be formal as well.

  • Brevity– The notice should be brief.
  • Precise– There should be no extra words included in the notice
  • Complete– The content is short, no doubt, but it should convey the whole idea instead of leaving the recipients guessing
  • Authority– The name of the issuing authority should be mentioned at the end of the notice. Highlighting the name of the authority will convey the urgency and establish the validity of the information

The organization can follow the below-mentioned sample for writing notice:

(Name of the Organization)



Please be informed that the cafeteria will be closed for maintenance purposes on the Date (Mention the date). The employees are advised to plan their lunchtime accordingly.

HR Department

Notice Writing is a crucial curriculum topic that needs to be mastered at school. Despite different classes and grades, the basic format for Notice Writing remains the same.

For this, you must register and take a screening test for the subject of your choice. Do you think yourself to be a whiz at Notice Writing?

Explore more about life skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I write my notice?

Ans. To start writing a notice, first decide what kind of notice you are writing, whether it is formal, informal, an invitation or public notice. After that, before writing, understand the format of notice.

A proper notice format includes details about the event to be held, venue of the event, timings, eligibility if any, and finally contact information.

Q2. What is notice writing with examples?

Ans. Notice writing is formal communication with a group of people from the same community. It aims to reach a certain set of people. It can be pinned in a common place where people can easily read it.

There are different types of notice writing:

  • Formal Notice
  • Informal Notice
  • Invitation Notice
  • Warning Notice
  • Public Notice

Q3. How do you write notice format in English?

Ans. The format of notice writing is simple. If you are writing the notice in English, you must follow the prescribed format.

Always write the name of the organization first, followed by the title and date. After that mention the title of the event along with the message. Do not forget to add your name, designation, and signature at the end of the notice. Also, add the name and signature of the authority issuing the notice.

Q4. When should you write an official notice?

Ans. Notices are written when formal communication is required. It is issued to the target audience to make them aware of special events, meetings, appeals or any other important announcement. They are pinned on a display board at a specific place such as a school or public place where the target audience can read them.

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