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March 6, 2023
Experience Certificate

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As an employee leaves a company for another, a need arises to prove their previous employment. It would be hard to rely on word of mouth regarding an individual’s previous designation, tenure etc. This is where an experience certificate comes in.

This certificate, per the name, signifies their experience and is proof of the time they spent doing specific duties at the previous employer. This is a crucial document for resignation and will also be required by the new employer. Without this important proof of work experience would be like finishing college studies without a degree.

Experience is presented in the form of a letter or a certificate. There are differences in both formats and details that must be included. To understand this, formats and samples will help.

What is a Work Experience Certificate?

A work experience certificate proves an individual’s work and contribution to their previous employer. The certificate issued by an individual of significant authority verifies the terms of employment. For instance, the full name, designation, tenure, address etc., are details mentioned in the certificate.

Written in a proper format, the certificate also has details like the skills and abilities of the employee. Future employers will refer to this detail when judging if the candidate will fit into a particular job. Other details like a report on the employee’s conduct and if they are an honest worker also matter in the certificate.

Most companies issue this certificate of experience at the time of resignation. Employees can send in an official request to issue said report. Without a letter or certificate stating their efforts at the company, it would be hard to validate their claims by future employers.

Components of an Experience Certificate/Letter

Experience certificates made without any research done could be detrimental. A letter in the right format with the right components could do wonders. One can include any detail in the work experience certificate as they deem fit but must have some essentials.

  • Company’s Letterhead – Any experience certificate must be on company letterhead. This will make it more official and also will carry more authority.
  • Date of issue – Undoubtedly, the service certificate format must also have the issue date in the top right corner. This is the date when the employee receives the certificate.
  • Salutation or Declaration “To Whomsoever it May Concern” – A good start to the letter is to address whoever would be reading it. The common way to do so is to write, ‘To Whomsoever it May Concern’.
  • Full Name of the Employee – The employee name, in full, as given in the company documents, must be written.
  • Period of Employment – Since this letter signifies experience, it must state the entire period of employment. Specifically, from the date of joining the company to the date they leave.
  • Designation – The letter must have all the employee designations from start to end.
  • Performance – Any positive or negative feedback on the employee’s performance should be stated in brief.
  • Best wishes at the end – To wrap up the letter, express best wishes for the employee for their future.
  • Signed by the Authorized Signatory – A person should sign the certificate in a significant position at the company.
  • Company’s Seal or Stamp – Use the company’s seal at the end with the letter writer’s signature.

Importance and Need of Experience Certificate

Discussing a work experience letter and what it must include makes it worth understanding why this certificate is necessary. Besides being a necessity when seeking out future jobs, there are other reasons.

  • The correct format of this certificate is a way to verify that an employee has worked in an organization. With no letter of experience from a previous employer, the interviewing candidate could be treated as a fresher.
  • Certain job profiles require prior work experience. This is especially true in the case of managerial job positions. Employers need proof that the candidate has experience in handling similar job responsibilities.
  • The experience letter is also a way to judge an individual’s character. When done properly with all the correct details, the letter also contains a short note on the individual’s character and work ethic. After all, companies want genuine workers who can give results.
  • The certificate of work experience is, in particular, helpful when one is applying for work, study or tourist visas to other countries. Embassies need proof that the applicant has worked or is working and will return back to the country. This is why the certificate proving previous work comes in handy.
  • This certificate adds to the validity of an individual. More jobs are open to them if they have a work letter from a credible company. Other aspects of hiring, like negotiating for salary, also become easier.
  • Individuals who have gaps in their resumes due to any reason need to have proof of previous experience. They will be able to find better jobs quicker and prove their working ability.

Objective of the Experience Certificate

A correct and properly made work certificate aims to authenticate a candidate’s experience. Before hiring a candidate, employers must verify the designation, work duration, and character at previous employment. This is undoubtedly an important document during a job search that will also help verify skills. The experience certificate does the same.

Tips to Write an Experience Certificate

The experience certificate is essential to prove that an individual has worked in a specific company. This letter also has the responsibilities and the work ethic of the employee. Each company has their own letter of experience. However, some tips must be considered before creating the next certificate.

  • All employment experience certificates must be made on an official company letterhead document. Such a document typically contains the name, phone number, address, and registration number. The website name of the company is also there.
  • Since the certificate is for an employee signifying the work done at the company, their details must be accurate to be valid. Employee details such as the full name must be correct. Incorrect details could lead to the loss of future employment.
  • Along with the name, the certificate for an employee must also have other relevant details. For example, the designation, employment tenure, and responsibilities carried out. This is a particularly important aspect that most organizations tend to miss out on.
  • The certificate’s date of issue should be at the top of the document. The format could be DD/MM/YYYY. Alternatively, write the full month and year with the date. Here, the certificate can also have the issue of the certificate.
  • The entire tone of the letter of experience must be polite. The closing statement, an important aspect, should wish well for the employee. Wording this last statement correctly could make or break the chances of the employee securing future jobs.

Difference Between Experience Certificate and Relieving Letter

The major difference between an experience certificate and a relieving letter is minor. A company presents a relieving letter during the resignation. On the other hand, the employee receives the certification of experience during, after or even before the resignation. There is, in truth, not much difference between both documents. However, the relieving letter is to let the employee know the last date of employment and the acceptance of the resignation request. The experience certificate is for future job search given as a testimonial of the work experience at a certain company.

The company must present both documents on official company letterhead documents with the official signatures of an authority. The individual after that uses the certificate at future jobs as proof of previous employment. On the other hand, the letter allows the employee to leave and work for another company.

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Samples for Experience Certificate

To better understand about certificate, one must look at an experience certificate sample. To compare, the experience letter format should be observed.

Certificate of Experience

Letterhead of the company

Certificate of Experience

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr/Ms —— R/o ——- was an employee of *Company Name* as a *Designation* from *Joining Date* to *End Date*.

During their time with *Company*, *Employee* has shown great dedication and work ethic. We wish them all the best for their future.


Nature of signatory

Designation of the signatory

Company seal

Date of issue

Place of issue

Experience Letter Format

An experience letter is like a certificate but in a letter format. The format would be accordingly different from the certificate’s format. To better understand the difference, we can use an experience letter sample.

Company Letterhead

Date —-


Employee Name

Employee ID

Complete Address

To Whomsoever It May Concern

We are pleased to certify that *employee name* S/O, D/O —- has worked with us for *tenure*. He/She has worked as *designation* from *joining date* till *end date*.

During their tenure, they have proved to be responsible. They are competent and have also gone above and beyond their duties. They are competent and dedicated to proving their mettle in any organization henceforth.

We sincerely wish them all the best in all their future endeavours.



Name of signatory


Company Seal

Work Experience Certificate for Teacher

To discuss the certificate word format further, let us consider a situation. Here, we are creating the experience certificate for a teacher leaving school. The school’s principal will be the signatory for this certificate.

School Letterhead

Date: —

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that *teacher name* has been a part of *school name* for *tenure*. They have taught *subject* for classes 9th to 12th.

*Teacher name* has shown exemplary teaching skills and contributed to students’ progress.

We are highly appreciative of their efforts while here. Furthermore, we wish them all the best for their bright future.


Name of the signatory,

Name of school

Work Experience Certificate for professionals

The experience certificate model for working professionals is the same as that of a teacher. Much of the details, specifically, are the same. For instance, there is the designation, tenure, and a report on the employee’s character. The certificate is also then signed by the department manager or relevant authority.

Company Letterhead

Date: —

Place of issue: —-

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This certificate is to verify that *employee name* has been a part of *company name*. They have worked in the capacity of *designation* for *tenure*.

They have shown utmost dedication in the fulfilment of their duties. Not only have they done their responsibilities but also exhibited leadership abilities.

We wish *employee name* the very best for their future.


Name of the signatory,


Company Seal

Work Experience Certificate Request Sample

In many cases, employees need to write in a request for a certificate signifying work experience. Here, the request also needs to be in a specific format to be more effective. Generally, the request is given to the Human Resource manager.


The HR Manager

Company Name

Company Address

Sub: Request for certificate of experience

Dear Sir/M’am,

I *employee name* have been working as *designation* at *company name*. I have been a full-time employee since *joining date* with *employee id*. In search of better job prospects, I handed in my resignation on *the resignation date* which has since been accepted.

I request you to provide me with a certificate of experience at your earliest convenience. I will be forever grateful for being allowed to work with *company name*.

Thank You


*Employee Name*

*Designation and employee ID*

Work Experience Certificate for Internship

Experience certificates are also an essential part of internships. Students who have undergone internships need to present said certificate to earn the required credits at their institute. The experience certificate format for internships is not much different from a regular one.

Letterhead of the company

Certificate of Experience

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr/Ms —— have completed their internship at *company name*. Their internship period was *start date* to *end date*. They worked in *the department* under the guidance of the *Manager*.

During their time with *Company*, *intern* has shown attention to detail and a willingness to learn. They have also worked on their feedback and delivered results.

We wish them the best for a bright future.


Nature of signatory

Designation of the signatory

Company seal

Date of issue

Place of issue


For employees, leaving an organization is always bittersweet. Not only is one managing their emotions but also taking care of all necessary paperwork, from all the salary slips to the all-important certificate signifying experience. The experience letter or certificate is necessary at the next company the individual wishes to work at. Hopefully, the information given here has helped clear up what an experience letter or certificate is like and includes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do I get an experience certificate?

Ans. Usually, companies will issue a certificate of experience on their own as an employee leaves. However, there could be delays in some cases, and a formal request must be made. In such cases, one must write a request letter for a letter or certificate signifying experience. The certificate should contain the designation, tenure, and a report on the individual’s conduct.

Q.2 What is the difference between an Experience Letter and an Experience Certificate?

Ans. There is, in truth, no major difference between a letter and a certificate of experience. The only difference is that one is a formal letter, and the other is a simple certificate or a statement. The contents also of both are the same.

Q.3 How do I write an employee experience letter?

Ans. Usually, the company or the organization writes the employee experience letter. The letter will contain details of the employees like the employee’s name, tenure, and designation. The letter also has a short statement on the employee’s character before finishing off with a note wishing good luck. All contents are written in a work experience letter format. However, the employee can request the letter from authorities, not write their own.

Q.4 Can I get an experience letter for 6 months?

Ans. Yes, the company’s policies will differ from company to company regarding the minimum period to issue an experience letter. In some cases, this certificate is given only after a minimum of one year is done. However, whenever the certificate is issued, it must be as per the work experience certificate format.

Q.5 Can I make an experience certificate online?

Ans. No, while many online resources can provide samples and the format for a certificate of experience, it is not recommended. All certificates and letters of experience must be prepared on an official document with the company letterhead. Online documents could be questioned for authentication.

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