25 Unique Ways to Earn Money Online


You probably landed up on this page looking for ways to earn money online in India during this pandemic or are you looking for options to simply replace your current job? Before you go for any of these options, it would be preferred that you check all the details for that particular job so that you don’t fall prey to any scam or illegal activities as some of them can be malicious.

Listed below 25 ways to earn money online in India

Some of these online jobs do require some basic skills while some don’t, so you should choose the right profession accordingly.

1) Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to earn money online in India sharing opinions, spreading information and news, etc. People start writing blogs to express their views on any issue and share it with people around the globe and in return when they get the feedback they further talk on that issue. Through this, a community is formed where a group of people who have the same opinions, get together and discuss various issues.

Now, there are millions of blogs out there but if you play your cards right then you can easily stand out from others and earn a lot of money. Some of the ways to earn money online in India which you can make your blog stand out are-

  • Use killer headlines to attract traffic
  • Your blog design should have a professional look
  • Write on trendy and hot topics
  • Adding visuals to your content to make it look appealing
  • Keep a consistent publishing schedule
  • SEO plays a very important role, for your article to top the list

Once you have a successful blog with a lot of traffic coming to your website then you will also have the opportunity for paid advertising, affiliate marketing, or even selling your own products.

So, if you are good at writing then this is the right profession for you!

ways to earn money online in India
January 3, 2022
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2) Create a digital course

Creating your own digital course in itself is rewarding. Digital courses can be integrated into various other methods of websites such as blogs, e-commerce platforms, affiliate marketing sites, etc. If you are good at any software, any particular subject then you can use this to your advantage and teach people who want to learn new skills.

If you want to create a beneficial online course then the most important thing is that you need to know what your audience is interested in. A successful course always teaches something new and solves the problems others are facing.

I will also mention the various types of courses you can create-

  • The masterclass will include various skills like- cooking, writing, acting, dancing, sports, fashion, painting, etc.
  • Coaching will include – business coaching, career coaching, yoga coaching, family and relationship coaching, etc.
  • Mini-courses
  • Corporate training

But if you still are confused about what topics you should put in your course then you can conduct a poll with your audience and they will tell you what they are actually interested in and are ready to pay for.

3) Publish e-books
You always wanted to publish your own book? Well, then this is the best time to do it. But, entering this profession means facing a lot of competition, criticism, for which you have to be thick-skinned.  But, by writing a great story and meeting the expectations of your readers you will surely get success. You are responsible for everything starting from writing the book to the marketing of it.

Here I will tell a few tips on how to be a successful self-published author-

  • Keep in touch with your fans
  • Be realistic
  • Research your niche carefully
  • Invest in a high-quality book cover and time on book description as these two go hand in hand in the selling of the book

Your success as an author is entirely dependent upon you. If you write the best book and open an email list for your fans to connect with you, the more they will feel connected.

4) Email marketing

Many of you might wonder as to how do you get so many emails from different companies on a daily basis. Well, this is what email marketing all about. Here the companies send commercial messages, advertisements request business to a group of people, using email. This one is popular among ways to earn money online in India.

To start with it, here’s a simple process that you can follow-

  • Decide your niche you would want to target
  • Choose an email marketing provider
  • Creation of a landing page to drive traffic to that page
  • Lastly, send them regular mails

But, the main target here is to build the trust of your audience so they open your emails every day.

Once you have a stable audience who are ready to open your emails daily, then you have various other ways earn money online in India, such as-

  • Selling your own products
  • Selling memberships
  • Offering them affiliate offers

5) Sell photos

If you love to take photographs then you can earn money off this passion.

There are many sites that allow you to upload your photos, these have huge user bases, and you get paid whenever someone licenses your photos.

Some of the best stock photography sites include-

  • Shutterstock
  • iStockPhoto

When creating your stock profile, research the trendy styles, and decide what type of niche do you want.

Remember- the longer your portfolio is the more chances are there of your success.

Beyond making money you will also earn a huge fanbase for your work.

6) Sell your crafts on Etsy

If you specialize in making handcrafted goods, paintings then you can make a living by selling these goods online. The best online platform for selling these kinds of goods is none other than Etsy.

Some of the tips which you can use for success are-

  • Learn to be competitive, and give your best to make your work stand out from others.
  • Use the right keywords
  • When shipping to clients, don’t forget to include a business card and a thank you note which will show that appreciate them for buying from you.
  • Be creative with your work.
  • Writing your product descriptions wisely
  • Custom packing to improve customer experience
  • Research on your target audience
  • Find your niche

7) Create a Youtube channel

Youtube is the largest video sharing platform where anyone can watch, like, share, comment, and upload their own videos. Nowadays, if people want to search for anything whether it is related to education, entertainment, news they prefer going on youtube and watching a video. This platform covers each and every topic for anyone who cares to know about it. The videos available can be easily shared via other forms of media. It has also incorporated features that let businesses promote their videos to people who might be the target customers by demographically, topics, and interests. Advertisers pay each time anyone views their video.

8) Become a website developer

Are you good at coding? Then this is the best opportunity for you to work in this field. You can easily create a profile on Upwork and Freelancer, where you can put your resume and start pitching for jobs to get paid.

It would be better that you create a niche for yourselves as it will increase your chances for success and will also craft your profile and portfolio accordingly.

You want to create a website for any real estate agents or property management companies or you want to make eCommerce websites that use WordPress, you need to be well educated in whichever field you will go to make websites.

Remember that you have all the skills that are needed for this particular field as companies can be very choosy sometimes.

9) Narrate Audiobooks

This is one industry which keeps on growing every year and it seems that nowadays people are preferring to listen to their books rather than read them. But still, there are many books out there that never make it to the audiobook.

These days audiobooks can be very beneficial; as they not only get to earn extra money but this way also stands out from the crowd.

You could also be an audiobook narrator if you have a great voice and love reading, this could be an amazing opportunity for you.

Signing up for ACX is one way to get started as it’s a service that connects audiobook narrators to the authors.

Before you get into this field, I suggest that you invest in a high-quality microphone and recording software as this will be the best way to show off your vocal skills.

Also, creating a profile on Upwork can also help you expand your reach.

10) Become a graphic designer

Do you have great designing skills?  Or do you love playing around with software like photoshop and illustrator, then you can now use these skills to earn money?

Using freelance services you can create a profile and start pitching for jobs online. Using a platform, 99 designs which especially curated for designers, here you will be able to compete on various projects. And if your client likes your work then hopefully you will start working.

You can also go to your local working space which is filled with start-ups and other companies who are all in need of the designing skills.

11) Offer SEO services

Having the knowledge as to how to rank websites is a very beneficial skill. This skill helps to create any website where you can test your knowledge about SEO.

You can start by making your profile on any freelance websites or you can for local businesses who are looking to be ranked on the search engines.

12) Create a Podcast

Do you love speaking and sharing opinions on various topics or issues then podcasting would be a great medium for you to explore? Today, this particular market is exploding with opportunities which is a good thing.

The audience loves how they can listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere as now people are on the go and barely have free time. This medium to communicate has become one of the most preferred ways to earn money online in India by consuming content.

To be able to succeed in this field you need to create something which people would love to hear and is of high quality. Here it does not apply to the quality of your audio, but putting emphasis on the quality of your content. Last but not least you need to invest in a solid microphone setup.

Starting with a few interview-style podcasts with your friends will help you get an idea of what kind of style are you in before your first real interview.

Try listening to various other podcasts to get a basic idea of what it is all about and have your own genre for this.

How much you earn from this depends totally on the size and engagement of your audience. The larger the audience and the number of downloads you have, the better income you have.

13) Become a freelance writer

Are you a good writer then you can make money as a writer.  Even if you have no experience you can make money as a writer easily and pretty quickly.

The first thing to do is to establish your niche as that will decide the type of writing.

There is an endless supply of content that needs writers like you.

The faster way to earn money online in India is by using some best freelancing websites to find relevant clients.

14) Online surveys

You can’t rely solely on filling surveys to earn money as to be very honest this job has more fast cash, gift cards, and prizes, without learning any new skill.

Some of the most popular sites for generating ways to earn money online in India include-

  • SendEarnings
  • I-Say
  • Pro Opinion
  • Pinecone Research

15) Travel consultant

Have you traveled around the globe and want to share your experiences and stories? Can you create an organized travel plan? Then this job might be for you. All you will need to do is check flight prices and timings, as well as the catering as per your customer’s needs, this job can become a good source of income and one among good ways to earn money online in India.

16) Sell your services

You can create your own website such as on WordPress with the sole purpose of pitching services to companies.

Say for example if you are a freelance writer you need to find your niche and based on that build your website. Telling about yourself, the services you provide and showcasing some of your work are some of the things that you can incorporate into your website.

There are other ways to earn money online in India and sell your services-

  • By creating an educational blog
  • Creating a basic website and pitching your services

Although combining these two services together will give your business new heights to your business.

17) Sell advertising space

Every time we visit any site or we are surfing the net we always come across advertisements which are sometimes intrusive, and other time they naturally go in align with the content.

Monetizing your website through advertising can happen only when your website receives huge traffic. The amount you will get paid will solely depend on the volume of your network, i.e. you’ll usually get paid on the basis of the number of impressions or clicks you get.

One such ad networks to choose from is Google Ad Sense, you apply to it and once you get approved you can start adding ads to your website. If you don’t want to work with ad networks then you can also sell advertising yourself too. This is also one of the proven ways to earn money online in India.

18) Start an affiliate website

An affiliate marketing website is created to recommend or to review any products. Whenever the reader buys the product through that affiliate link, you’ll receive a commission.

To start your own affiliate marketing website, you can join any affiliate program that will fit your site’s niche.

19) Resell web hosting

This is another great options among ways to earn money online in India

The main idea behind this is to build your own web hosting brand which will allow one too-

  • Create cPanel (most widely used tool to manage a hosting account)-powered accounts
  • Set custom resource limits
  • And manage all accounts conveniently

It is beneficial as it allows one to focus on user acquisition, rather than the technical aspects of server management.

20) Sell your website

This is one of the most effective ways to earn money online in India, from your website by selling it.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration for the website to be sold-

  • Age of your website
  • Domain authority
  • Amount of traffic your website receives
  • Amount of profit generated
  • Revenue diversification
  • How much your revenue is steady
  • Whether your website is growing or not

21) Become a Virtual Assistant

Are planning and organization a key skill for you? Well, then this is the job for you. It is a great way to only grow your income but also exchange contact with influential people. Most importantly the market for virtual assistants is also growing as a lot of business owners are now turning into VAs.

To get into this particular job you can go on to websites for discovering ways to earn money online in India like Fiverr, Upwork, and search for jobs.

22) Tutor kids online

One of the most rewarding jobs is to teach children, especially during times like these where children are forced to stay in their homes. This is the best time any student would look to learn any skill online to enhance one’s knowledge and skills. You can pick up anyone skill that you think you are good at and teach students.

23) Testing websites and giving feedback

Do you have a good eye for what makes a good website or an app? Well, then you can make some fast cash online by just offering your feedback.

There are many sites out there that are ready to pay you for this kind of work. Some of them include-

  • Ubertesters
  • Usertesting
  • Testbirds
  • Userlytics

24) Become an Instagram influencer

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. But did you know that you could make money out of it too just by having a huge following?

It might be difficult to build a large following but in the end, it’s the easiest ways to earn money online in India. Huge brands and companies will pay you just for posting about their company, or for showcasing their products.

How much you make per post will totally depend upon your followers and how much engagement they are.

25) Sell your products on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers, with millions of products listed on the website.

You can sell your products by sourcing a cheaper version of them. Or you could simply work with a manufacturer who will customize the products and sell them to your buyers.

Final Thought

So, the above-mentioned list, are some of the ways to earn money online in India but don’t let these overwhelm you. Make sure you do what you love, only then will you be able to give back to society. Also, remember that earning money can be intriguing but at the same time it requires a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication. Nothing happens overnight.

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