Guide to Make Online Income in India using Internet


The internet world has successfully managed to make us wonder about a good online income sitting at home. There are many methods and options for the same but choosing the right one is the most important especially when you’re a beginner and don’t have enough experience of how online money earning works. The money you earn, that is your online income can serve both as your prime income and side income depending on what method you choose. So, here’s a complete beginner’s guide that will help you understand how to earn money at home.

Ways of Earning Money from Home

Internet, being such a vast platform, has its own pros and cons. You may find many ways to earn money and that too, in a super quick manner. However, it’s important that we carefully choose what options to opt for and adopt only legitimate money-earning methods. The below methods are helpful for all the people who wonder, how can I make real money online?

Let’s now see some interesting, authentic, and well-paid ways of earning money from home through the internet.


Freelancing has emerged and is fastly flourishing as a much-preferred source of online income in India. That’s because it has some really solid perks as compared to internships, jobs, etc. Firstly, we can choose which projects to take up and which to pass on. Then, there’s the fact that you work with people for short time durations. Working on a per-project basis allows you the flexibility to decide whether you want to work more with a particular company or not. Also, one can take up projects as per their schedule and not be under the compulsion of continuously working which happens in internships and jobs.

Freelancers these days are very active on professional platforms and websites specially created for freelancers. Freelancers get paid well too, obviously depending on one’s skills, experience, and quality of work. You can find so many talented graphic designers, content writers, app developers, social media/ digital marketing experts, and more professionals. Even some songwriters, painters, etc. have also begun successful online careers as freelancers. Thus, if you think you can offer your services online, you should start building your portfolio and an interesting profile.

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May 4, 2021
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Table of Contents

Virtual Assistantship

If you have excellent administrative and managerial qualities, you can earn an impressive online income by being a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants without a doubt are currently the most important individuals for big and small businesses online. They provide a variety of services like scheduling appointments, taking care of travel and phone calls, managing emails, etc. There are so many tasks that are handled by virtual assistants and you don’t even need to go to the office daily.

So, you don’t just save a great deal of time working as a virtual assistant, but your online presence and portfolio are built well too.

Affiliate Marketing

Already own a website or blog and want to earn some extra cash? If yes, affiliate marketing will definitely be your way to earn money at home. Also, if you’re planning to start with your own blog, affiliate marketing will help you a lot in terms of generating a considerable online income.

Now, how does affiliate marketing work? In simple terms, you promote a product on your website and earn a commission if someone buys that product through your link. This money-earning method doesn’t require you to invest any money. You can start off by joining affiliate programs by Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

Social Media Influencer

YouTube and Instagram are proof enough that you can earn money at home while following your passion and hobbies. Things like travel, fashion, and food can help you become a social media influencer. And we don’t even need to tell you how well successful influencers are earning today. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. With the ever-increasing competition and quick switch of people’s preferences, maintaining your career as an influencer is tough. So, you need a lot of dedication, innovation, and patience if you want a good online income in India through social media.

You can start with whichever platform you prefer and whatever genre you would like to choose as an influencer. Also, you needn’t keep your scope limited to the existing niches. You can form a unique niche of your own which will increase the chances of your content getting more popular.

Chat Support Executive

We all have at least once sought help from a customer care executive or chat support executive for various reasons. This one is a nice option for people who have skills like problem-solving, customer handling, etc. As a chat support executive, you are supposed to provide support to customers, solve their issues, answer their queries, etc. The whole process happens over a chat. There are a lot of companies that hire chat support executives. These include food delivery, online shopping websites, taxi-booking, courier services. etc.

This opportunity is also beneficial for people who want to take up a part-time online job and generate additional online income. So, you can choose which shift you want to work in as a chat support executive and earn money at home.

Stock Market

This money-earning method has been chosen by an increasing number of people in recent times. This is because people are now getting more educated and interested in stock market investment. For years now, there have been numerous myths and taboos about the stock market. But, trust us, if you get into the game with the right research, knowledge, and approach, you won’t regret your decision. The research and analysis part is as important as investing.

Of course, you’ll learn more and gain experience with time. But, the “risk” factor is not strong enough to scare you off from even trying your hands on in the stock market. Currently, there are so many YouTube videos, courses, and Instagram pages that give you the right knowledge and tips. Moreover, you can take help from trustworthy personal contacts who are already involved in the stock market.

No matter what way you choose to learn, it’s important that you also trust your own knowledge, logic, and research. There are many people like you who started as beginners just to try. They are now earning enough money to consider their online income as a prime one! So, there’s a lot that you can learn and earn in the stock market.

Online Tutor at Chegg India

Looking for an option that is well-paid. flexible and convenient all at once? Then, you must consider Chegg India as one of your top choices. This educational portal bridges the gap between millions of students in different parts of the world and thousands of experts. Subject matter experts or Q&A experts at Chegg help students solve their queries and clarify their doubts by answering questions asked by them.

You can choose what subject you would like to take as an expert. Available subjects range from varied fields like engineering, science, earth science, accounting, etc. There are so many advantages that make this option a favorable choice for earning a good online income. Firstly, experts get paid for each correct answer that they deliver. The pay-outs are timely and hassle-free. So, how much you earn depends on how much you can answer correctly.

This online earning option doesn’t require you to invest a specific amount of time and fixed hours of the day. You can work according to what your schedule allows. That means you can work for even 2 hours a day. Or, if you can give more time to this job, say 5-6 hours, you’ll be able to answer more and earn more. Hence, it all depends on your time constraints and payscale expectations.

Now, how much can you earn? As mentioned earlier, payment for each correct response is counted and the number of questions you answer correctly decides your pay. Currently, some of the best experts at Chegg India get a handsome monthly payment! But of course, they spend a good deal of time on this job on an everyday basis.

How can I apply at Chegg India?

The role of a subject matter expert is not the only hassle-free thing. The application process is as easy. All you need to do is follow the below simple steps to become an expert at Chegg India:

  • Sign up and register
  • Clear online tests related to your subject and guidelines
  • Upload your documents for the verification process
  • You’re now an expert!

So, the first thing you must do is head to Chegg India and apply for a Q&A expert job!

Pros and Cons of Earning from Home

Sometimes, what holds one back from taking the decision of earning from home using the internet, is the lack of surety. The trust people have on the internet, mostly related to money or salaries, isn’t all that strong. But, there’s nothing to worry about if you choose authentic methods, websites, and platforms to start with your job and earn a good online income in India. We suggest avoiding applying for a job or even register yourself on random websites on the Internet. Always check if it’s a trusted, secured, and legal method of money-earning.

There is a wide range of benefits of choosing the Internet as your source of online income. Firstly, you save so much time of going to your workplace, coming back, etc. Furthermore, most of the sources to earn money at home are flexible and allow you to adjust your work hours. And then there are other bonus pros like getting the golden chance to follow your passion and polish your skills while generating an online income. Moreover, you get the freedom to make decisions based on what excites you and evolve through amazing experiences. Hence, if you’ve always been wondering if and how you can earn money at home, we would suggest you get started. It’s just about stepping in and diving deeper into the possibilities.

Final Thoughts

So, we just looked at several ways that you can choose among to earn a good online income. You can start earning from home by using your academics or other skills to your benefit. With the boom of social media come endless opportunities to share their knowledge and experiences for people to learn and get inspired. And that’s the reason why people are growing more open to art and innovative style of education.

What’s important here is to understand what kind of method would be suitable for you. You can take help from other people who’re already earning money online, or observe and learn from the internet. You can surely find many videos and tutorials on YouTube channels and other social media accounts helping individuals in the same field. Make sure to do proper research and choose an online earning method that matches your skills, schedule, and priorities. All you’ll have to do is get started with good preparation. Then, it’s all about gradually learning more and earning more.

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