Best Way to Earn Money in India - Special Ways to Work from Home

February 1, 2021
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best way to earn money in india

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The world is getting inclined towards technology so much so that they find it a reliable source of daily life functioning. Earning money is no exception in this regard. More and more people are interested in the best way to earn money in India easily. Apart from fun activities and online games, there are several skill-based ways online that will help you. These are especially ideal for housewives, part-time job seekers, college students, retired professionals, and anyone with some basic qualifications and extra time. You can earn for saving, re-investing, or just as extra pocket money. If you find yourself wondering how to make money online or what is the best way to earn money in India and actualize the process, you should adapt to methods that are legible and convenient for you to follow through.


The available statistics show that a huge shift has been noticed towards activity over the internet for the past few years. Total mobile phone users have increased and the mediums through which people access the internet have also widened. This is proof enough that the internet opens up a variety of domains for someone to expand and grow whether it is for business or for personal knowledge and interest. So, monetizing does not fall too far from the topic either. There’s no one way to call the best way to earn money in India but there are several for you to choose from depending upon the factors that matter to you the most.

What is certain is that there lies a huge potential on the internet for people to utilize in the right way. A wide variety of things are available on the internet for people to indulge in and make money out of. It is not restricted to the conventional ways of earning money with only fields of professional degrees getting paid. This flexibility makes all kinds of people feel welcome to the internet in a world where there is a lot of rush and vengeance for everyone to prove themselves. Apart from monetary benefits, most times, there is independence in terms of work, mobility, and time which allows people to make money online and is the best way to earn money in India.


make money online

If you plan to go ahead with work from home online jobs like the ones mentioned above, finding out the best way to earn money in India is not a difficult task. you will be subjected to small challenges like most other ways of earning money but there are benefits that exceed the hassles.

You can use the money whatever you want. But apart from that too, there are several other benefits of working online.

  1. You gain a lot of experience
  2. There is no dependency on a formal degree
  3. It is easy and convenient
  4. You are your own Boss
  5. The timings are flexible
  6. There are no physical establishment costs
  7. There are no hassles of transportation
  8. You can perform daily responsibilities without hindrance from the earning source

and more subjective benefits as well!

Now that you are well-acquainted with the process, you can try to make changes in your life to accommodate an additional source of income. It is time we see making money online as an activity more than just filling surveys for a very small amount and promoted it for its benefits.

Possible Jobs

making money online

Going forward, we would like to discuss the possible jobs based on your skills.

Well, let us look at 10 different ways to earn money online in India.

Content Writing Gigs

There are a lot of content writing gigs available online. Most companies have content needs that need to be met under a budget. This might be content used for marketing, promotional, social media, blogs, websites, and product descriptions. If you are someone who has a good hold on the language that a company requires content writers for, you do not need a degree and can simply prove your vocational skills through a sample in order to bag the job. The pay is not too much but the fact that you control how much work you take according to convenience is a plus. In a way, you are your own boss as long as the client agrees to your deadlines.

Finding gigs for content writing is an irregular job so it’s ideal for those looking for earning money online on the side. If you have the time to work for a content company and churning thousands of words a day, then you have a chance of a heavy regular payout as well.

Photography Gigs

Everybody on the internet has an aesthetic these days. They have a style that they like more than others, and in some cases, want to promote this aesthetic as well. In turn, people are learning to photograph better but not everyone is successful at converting that learning into actual skill. If you are a photographer and want to work from home for some extra cash, you can rely on gigs. A lot of online producers and artists want to use pictures without copyright issues. For this, they are looking for original images that will help them earn eventually, in some way. So, they are willing to pay for it as long as the image is of good quality and helps solve the purpose. If you’re looking for the best way to earn money in India, this would be a good idea.

YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel entails a skill to entertain. You don’t need a specific degree to achieve a fan following. You just need to know what the audience likes and produce content according to it. YouTube is the source of entertainment for thousands of people who spend hours together scrolling through and watching videos that they enjoy. You can earn from YouTube in several ways through marketing. The most common feature for making money online on the website is through advertisements that Google allots. You get paid per click and there are no hassles as such, as long as your account has more than the minimum number of subscribers needed for Google ads to run. Once a YouTube channel is well established, it calls for collaborations from different brands since a great bandwidth of audience can be influenced.

Optimisation Via Social Media

A lot of people on social media are the targets for a lot of brands. If you are wondering how to make money online, this is one of the best ways to earn money in India and to get involved in marketing, and increase your bank balance. When you optimize your posts for brand collaborations in Facebook groups, Instagram stories, etc, you get paid for it. It is as simple as that. You can do it via blog posts on your well-established blog or on Facebook groups that have people interested in the product that you are trying to promote. What Search Engine Optimisation is to content writing, Optimisation For Social Media is to digital marketing so you can easily earn money online if you nail this.

Having A Blog

If you are a writer and can write fictional or non-fictional pieces of articles, this is the best way to earn money in India. People love reading blogs online. Whether it is about some FanFiction it is an opinionated piece of an issue that is getting attention in the world, there is an audience for all kinds of blogs. The best part about blogs is that you can always find companies to sponsor you as long as their products are relevant to your article, regardless of whether or not it promotes it.

For example, a cooking blog is a great idea for people who are homemakers who are good at cooking. It gives them a platform to exhibit their skills and share their ideas while companies whose ingredients they use, pay them for the promotion. Obviously, it will take a while to establish yourself as a blogger but it is the best way to earn money in India for writing enthusiasts.

Online Teaching

Teaching has reached a whole new spectrum with the internet. A lot of websites help you connect with students who need your help in the subjects they feel they need to improve in. The best company to earn money through online tutoring is working Chegg. It is the most comfortable and the best way to earn money in India if you are good at the subject you want to teach.

You can easily enroll and pass a few steps to prove you are qualified to work at Chegg India. It also widens the scope of knowledge shared and gives variety in terms of the medium of communication used- as a subject matter expert, you will have ample space to explain well with proofs, diagrams, and links, if needed. It is an efficient way to earn money in India because it promotes an activity backed with experience. You get a chance to cater to students that are not necessarily in the physical vicinity of your house. Chegg connects students and teachers without the limitation of geographical boundaries or timing mismatch. Students put up their questions and you get paid for answering them- it is as simple and efficient as online teaching gets!

Graphics Designing

earning money online

If you know software like illustrator or Photoshop or have devices for graphic designing, you can also earn money through it. You can make logos, commission drawings, FanFiction drawings, etc. and sell them for earning money online. People have started appreciating freelancers since a lot of brilliant artists who know graphic designing have curved wonders. This is an art that is practiced digitally so is much more flexible than hand-drawn art. You can get it printed on items or for framing as per your customers’ needs. It is extremely popular in today’s generation because of the innovation possible in the smallest of details.

Being A Seller

The best way to earn money in India is to indulge in some sort of small business. You can think of what you want to sell depending upon how much knowledge and sources you have regarding the same. You also need to know how much competition is there in the market. It’s not necessary that you need to have an Amazon page. A lot of websites sell products through Instagram and Facebook as well since people are more active here and look for variety. This is the best way to earn money in India if you want to know how to make money online. People have started preparing online items over store-bought because of the time it takes to sort through things in a store physically. A few taps make a whole world of new products available to them on the internet, sorted according to them.

Being A Dealer

If you do not want to invest, you can simply pass on the products. A dealer is someone who helps you to get the item you need thanks to his/her/their sources. It’s another best way to earn money in India and has zero investment of money. If you have a lot of time, this is a good way to get money. Simply curate and pass on products to plausible customers who might like them. You can also work with companies that have a chain marketing system and don’t really have physical shops. People curious about the products that they need will contact you and you can source the product, direct it to the customer, and have a per-item commission with zero investment.

Being A Distributor

If you think you do not have the money or knowledge of social media to be a seller or dealer, being a distributor will help you earn money online and the best way to earn money in India. You can simply take a franchise or become a reseller under a certain seller and bring to action their thoughts One has to spend time talking to other sellers and asking them to share and sell the products. Becoming a middleman between the customer who is planning to buy in bulk and several sellers with different rates. You will be able to easily navigate between two parties or aim to deliver items that you are mostly not responsible for. This will help you in getting commissions and handling bulk orders which in turn I will assist you with the best way to earn money online in India.

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