What to do after retirement in India- Work from Home


Are you 60 years old? Are you retired? Or thinking about what to do after retirement in India?

Well, let me tell you that the best thing to do after retirement is to continue working. Don’t just sit back at home. It will frustrate you. Nowadays, most people involve themselves in something after retirement, so you should also involve yourself in something for a better life after retirement in India.

Now the real question comes that what to do after retirement in India?

So, What to do after retirement in India?

Options on what to do after retirement in India

Typing Jobs

There are a lot of Online Data Entry jobs after retirement(What to do after retirement in India) in India. In data entry jobs, there are various divisions like filling up online forms, Recaptcha etc. You may also transcribe audios into text online through various portals. Another option is to proofread articles and help with copywriting through various online portals available. These types of jobs are not restricted to any age. Open for all who want to know what to do after retirement in India.

what to do after retirement in india
January 28, 2022
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If you know different languages, you can become an online translator and translate speeches for others in meetings, webinars, videos etc. A viable option on what to do after retirement in India.

Focus on your hobbies to decide what to do after retirement in India

If you have always wanted to do something with your hobbies, now is the perfect time for you to pursue them and do something with them. Here are some of the examples-

  • Drawing-

If you love drawing, you can draw and sell your drawings online. You may also invite drawing personalised orders for portraits.

  • Handicrafts-

If you can make handicrafts, then you can sell handicrafts made by you online through different portals available or your company website.

  • Photography-

If your hobby is clicking photos whenever you get a chance, you can click and sell photos online. You can also invite personalised orders for clicking photos online.

  • Reading-

Reading may be boring to some people, but at the same time, it’s a very good hobby for many people. So if you love to read books and articles, you can read online articles and review/ rate them.

  • Storyteller-

Start your Podcast, which is a replacement for radio or become an online storyteller. After you gather many people to listen to you daily, companies sponsor you for advertising.

Connect with different people to help on what to do after retirement in India

Network marketing is a very old concept of marketing. It’s like you need to refer three people, then they will go ahead, and each of them will refer three more. In this way, the network channel will also increase, and the sales will also increase, which will help everyone earn money along with you—an easy approach towards what to do after retirement in India.

Consultancy(What to do after retirement in India)

You can give consultancy services to various businesses to grow online. The youth want to know and learn from the experiences you have gained through your work life before retirement to don’t repeat the same mistake and do better. Some companies also need help with surveys. So you can do online surveys for companies on the consumers buying behaviour and share your views for their success—a great option on what to do after retirement in India.

Share your life experience

Your experiences can be used to choose what to do after retirement in India.

  • Become an Online Influencer-

You can become an online influencer and give some life lessons to other people who need help to shape their life in a better way. This will help you gather followers so that companies are also attracted and sponsor you for advertising.

  • Give career counselling-

Guide students with career counselling through webinars or online meetings through various portals. Nowadays, students need proper career guidance that will help them go ahead in life and be successful. So as you are already experienced, you can always go forward and help them through an online platform.

Freelancing- A great option on what to do after retirement in India

Well, you can start freelancing and do the same work you used to do in the office by sitting at your home and being your boss. Freelancing means that you become self-employed and work for other firms/ individuals on a contract basis. You can do some freelance work sitting back at home, like giving consultancy support with your expertise in that domain.

Also, you can earn a handsome amount of money by doing only freelancing. You never know. If your work is good, it will help you create more work for yourself, which may help you earn more. Here are some of the examples-

  • Become a financial advisor and work for customers and companies as a freelancer.
  • Help start-ups with branding through graphic designing, such as designing logos, designing visiting cards etc.
  • Give web development and application development services to various start-ups online.
  • Give digital marketing services to various start-ups/companies. There are a lot of things to explore in digital marketing such as search engine optimization, email marketing etc.


You can become a Youtuber by posting self-made videos on anything on Youtube. You can spread your knowledge to millions of students through Youtube, free. The main twist is that Youtube will pay you to drive a certain number of viewers/views for your channel. There is a huge scope in this because everyone watches youtube videos for entertainment, learning etc. You may also try for some other platforms similar to YouTube.

A new thing that is trending nowadays, along with youtube, is a podcast. A podcast is the modified version of radio available on the internet. You can earn if you have your portal so that if you get much traffic, companies might sponsor you for advertising. Here are some of the examples of youtube videos you may opt for-

  • If you love to travel and you do travel a lot, shoot explanatory videos while travelling and become a travel vlogger.
  • If you are a foodie, you can shoot videos of the food while you go and eat at any restaurant or you may also show some of your own cooking recipes through Youtube. Some of the restaurants might invite you to have the food and give your views on that for promotion through you.


If you were a teacher and love to teach students and still want to continue teaching, then there are many ways to teach and earn money just by sitting back at home.

You can create your personalised Courses and sell them online other than online tutoring because nowadays, many students enrol for specialised online courses. You can also start teaching online as a private tutor through other Portals provided by established companies or through your portal. These are also known as live classes. Chegg India offers an online tutoring platform for you to teach and earn online without any investment. Even if you are not into technology so much, you can always sit back home, teach students at your home batch-wise and become a private tutor. Even if you were not a teacher previously, you might still opt for this if you want to be a teacher.

Subject Matter Expert

You can also join Chegg India as a Subject Matter Expert to answer academic questions asked by students on their Question & answer board. You get paid for each question you answer, but monthly, so you can easily earn between Rs 30,000 – Rs 50,000 depending on the number of questions you have answered at the end of a month. In this way, you can earn a handsome amount of money through Chegg India just by sitting back at home and doing part-time teaching.

There are a lot of subjects available, so you can always choose from them. You need to give tests (maximum two attempts) on the subject you choose and pass with 60% marks. After passing the subject test, you will also need to give and pass (with 80% marks) the guidelines test (maximum three attempts) after reading the guidelines. So finally, after all these, you can enrol yourself as a subject matter expert.

Blogger/ Content Writer

Deciding on what to do after retirement in India, you need to write very good content, and with real data related to the topic, you are choosing and giving true details. Becoming a blogger/ content writer helps you gather traffic which is a very good way of earning money. The main moto is gathering customers by influencing the customers through your ideologies.

You can write books and publish them. The book can be a specific field of study related to work, life experiences, storybooks, etc. You can also write an E-book and sell it online. Previously you publishing and selling a book was difficult and needed investment. Nowadays, you can easily publish a book online and sell it to earn money.

If you have nothing to write for yourself, you still want to write. Then become a content writer/marketer and do content writing as a freelancer or work from home for a company. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for content writers.

Taking Care- A hobby to decide.

If you are good at taking care of babies, you can become a babysitter and give babysitting services at your home. You can also become a paid keeper online and keep pets for others when they go out for work or on a vacation. These are very good jobs after retirement. These also help you get rid of loneliness, and sometimes if you feel frustrated, you may find the meaning of your life through this kind of work.

Telephonic Jobs

Suppose you are looking for what to do after retirement in India. In that case, you can become a Customer Service Representative at home and handle client calls at your home because nowadays, many companies outsource customer service representatives.

Business/ Start-up

You can always start your own agency/ company providing solutions with your domain or any other business you like/look up to. For starting a business, you need a good team, plan, capital etc. To make a business/successful, you need to know almost everything like Marketing, HR skills, technical skills, etc. You need to have leadership skills. But always remember that doing a business/ start-up is the most difficult option with great risk. You might or not succeed. But if you succeed, you will reach heights that you can’t reach by any of the above options.

Final Thoughts

You retire at the age of 60. But you might live till the age of 90. So you better not waste those years in vain. You have a lot of time to choose what to do after retirement in India is going to be. So choose smartly and choose well. Here in this article, I discussed what to do after retirement in India, the options after retirement, how to earn money after retirement in India, and the jobs after retirement in India.

I hope this article helped you make a good decision on what to do after retirement in India.

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