Top 20 Freelance Jobs you can do from Home

February 4, 2021
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freelance jobs from home

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This article aims to educate you about the 20 most promising freelance jobs from home that you can do in your comfort. We have tried our best to include as many diverse options as possible. We have included jobs like UI/UX developer, Financial expert to PPC/SEO Experts i.e. from jobs that require a certain level of expertise and experience to jobs that require minimum professional training. We hope our readers find value in the top 20 list specially curated freelance jobs from home.

The road to becoming self-made begins from self-employment ideas. Hence in this article, I will inform you of 20 freelance jobs from home.

Freelance is a term used for people who work on a contractual basis for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed as they work on their timeline with minimum commitment.

The internet has become a pool of freelance jobs from home in the last decade. There are various platforms you can use to land a freelance job from home. A few of them worth checking out are:




Now that, we have talked about freelance jobs from home opportunities being an attractive work option, Let’s deep dive into the topic.

Most promising freelance jobs from home in India

1) Online Tutor

Share the love of your favorite subjects with millions who need guidance.

There are platforms where one can freelance as an online class taker or subject matter expert without a teaching background.

The sole requirement is knowledge about the subject. If you have an internet connection, a passion for a subject, and some free time, you qualify to become an online tutor.

One such platform is Chegg. They have a student base of over 3 million subscribers. The students post their queries and the subject matter experts registered with Chegg answer these queries at the comfort of their home.

You earn each time your answer is approved. It’s a great freelance option to earn from home. You can follow 3 easy steps to get registered. Check out the website for more.

2) Copywriter

If you enjoy storytelling and engaging on the internet, you’ll have a blast writing for a brand. A copywriter is responsible to write just about everything for a brand.

Copywriting is a big umbrella that includes captions of social media posts to a sales copy. If you dream to work in advertising, Freelance jobs from home as a copywriter is an amazing option for you.

You can easily freelance from home as a copywriter and earn the most valuable asset-Feedback.

As a copywriter, you are expected to write in a certain way which differs from brand to brand. With valuable feedback, you can become well equipped to look for a full-time opportunity in this field.

3) Public relations associate

Communication, Media, and Creativity. These three words best describe the work of a public relations associate.

If you know what to say and how to say it in a way that it becomes impossible to say no, freelancing as a PR Associate will become a cakewalk for you.

Public relations is brand-marketing. You need to have a knack to talk to new people and write evocatively to freelance as a PR person. You just need an internet connection and a laptop to kick start your career in PR.

The work includes talking to journalists, filing press releases, and research. It’s a wonderful freelance jobs from home option for the extrovert in you!

4) Digital marketer

40% of today’s businesses in India depend entirely on digital marketing and it is estimated that more than 90% of businesses will go digital in the future.

Every business cannot invest in a permanent social media marketing team. Hence, digital marketing is one of the most requested in the freelance job market.

FYI-Digital Marketing took India by the storm when over 8 lac jobs opportunities were created in 2017 first quarter only. PM Modis Digital India’s campaign only ignited the spark. The Digital Marketing industry is worth $68 billion and is growing at a 40% growth rate.

One can start educating themselves in digital marketing by doing online courses for free or as low as 3000 bucks and start their journey. It is worth giving a shot to earn a study income from home.

5) Social media manager

With the gaining popularity of different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media engagement has become an inevitable necessity to establish a brand’s position in the target market.

Social media managers become the voice of a brand on these platforms. They are responsible for creating content, user engagement, campaign designing etc.

If you wish to get into media and communication, freelancing as a social media manager will look great in your work experience. Freelance jobs from home will not only give you a lot of insights but also up your game in this field.

6) UI/UX Developer

If you’re techy who is passionate about coding and design. It’s a win-win for you. One of the highest paying freelance jobs from home is a User interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) designer.

freelance work from home

With the remarkable popularity of digital media consumption, mobile applications and website optimization have become integral to all brands.

You need to have a decent expertise of UX software like sketch, axure, and a basic understanding of front-end languages like html, javascript, etc to try your hands in such freelance opportunities.

7) Graphic Designer

“Jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai” (You buy what you see) This phrase is the lingo for Advertisers.

Graphics not only play an important role in driving traffic to the web-site but also help in effective consumer engagement.

A customer is more likely to visit your website if they get your attention on the internet.

The attention span of an individual is less than 8 seconds. Amid scrolling, it’s quite impossible to make a lasting impression. This is when creating graphics makes a brand win the game.

freelancing options

They are in high demand as most businesses have gone online and started to focus on their social media presence.

According to research, 22 % of graphic designers are self-employed. Hence, it’s an attractive freelance option.

An attractive portfolio and solid skills in Adobe and photoshop. You can easily get a freelance job in this area.

8) SEO Consultant

Visibility on search engines has become a contemporary barrier to boost traffic on websites. I bet, most of you don’t even bother scrolling to the end of the google search page.

Five million google search results were analyzed and it was found that #1 Result In Google Gets 31.7% whereas the top 3 Google search results get 75.1% of all clicks

Hence, giving the statistics, You can imagine how important it has become for a brand to have a search-engine-optimization (SEO) strategy in place.

Brands spend lakhs on Google ads, Backlinking to increase the visibility of their websites. They also hire SEO experts who help them increase traffic on their websites.

Anyone with a decent knowledge of SEO tools can work as a freelance SEO expert.

9) Recruiting Agent

A lot of small businesses need help in the form of professional recruiters to find the right person for a job. Recruiting agents are responsible for putting up ad vacancies, resume screening, and initial interviews.

It is an attractive freelance job where you get to have a lot of human interaction.

Usually, an experienced candidate is preferred over a fresher for permanent job positions in Human Resource.

To your surprise, a lot of small businesses are open to hiring freshers as well to freelance for their recruitment needs.

Hence, freelancing as a recruiting agent becomes a valid option for many.

10) Translator Jobs

There are clients who need professional help to translate official documents from one language to the other. It is a win-win for people learning a new language.

You will get a chance to sharpen your language skills and get paid for it too!

There is a lot of demand for transcription and translation in the freelance job market. Most of these jobs are work from home as well.

11) Financial Advisors

A lot of people like relying on expert advice while making financial decisions. A freelance financial expert guide one to realize their long term wealth goals.

They keep track of your earnings, savings, tax returns, and investments. They give expert advice as to how to maximize their client’s regular income.

Not all businesses can afford a full-time finance team as well. Hence, their services are required by both individuals and firms.

It is a promising freelance jobs from home option that one can do by providing consultancy from home.

If you’re a finance expert, you must give a thought to freelancing.

12) Data Analytics

In today’s data-driven business environment. It is imperative to collect, record, analyze relevant information to win the race.

Businesses must anticipate threats and take advantage of emerging opportunities amid the uncertainty.

freelancing jobs

They heavily rely on market information. Data Analytics professional does the job of making most of the available data.

They make sense of the numbers and help the business formulate strategies in order to analyze the data well to boost sales.

Freelance data analytic professionals are contacted on a day-day basis by businesses in order to benefit from their expert services.

13) Virtual Assistant

Yes! You read it write.

Not only Siri or Alexa can act as assistants. There are vacancies for virtual assistants who are not chatbots as well.

They are more than just a remote secretary. The quantity and quality of work solely depend on the client.

It can range from scheduling meetings, transcription of interviews to research work.

If you’re somebody who enjoys putting chaos into place, then you might do wonders as a VA. You can also define your hours of work or get paid per task. Few websites worth checking to get a freelance virtual assistance job are: FancyHands, ZipRecruiter, and Flexjobs.

14) 3-D Modeller

They are responsible for designing 3-D models as per the client’s specifications. As a freelance 3-D modeler, one can collaborate with video game makers and artists.

This job requires an eye for detail and expert-level knowledge of 3D design and animation tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, etc. is mandatory.

One with a creative mind, visualization power, and effective training in animation can surely excel as a freelancer in this industry.

15) Subtitling

Video consumption all over the world is at an all-time high. Producers constantly aim at making the reach of their content as global as they can.

To get that kind of reach, it is important to have proper subtitles.

Increasingly people are switching to Netflix, Amazon Prime from watching television.

You might have heard of Money Heist ( A Spanish web-series) in India. Yes, with amazing voice-over and subtitle work, it didn’t only gain access but the massive fan following.

You can get yourself a certification as it will up your chances of getting hired. It is an attractive freelance option for individuals with proficient multilingual skills.

16) Content Writer

Simplicity, Clarity, Evocativeness, and Eloquence are four characteristics that turn a write-up into a praiseworthy content piece.

Not everyone who has a way with words can become a content writer.

One needs to have a true passion for serving the readers, to become a successful freelance content writer.

It is quite an attractive option as most freelancers are paid by article/write-up. There is enough time flexibility and the more you add to your portfolio, the more hirable you become!

17) Pay per click executive

Have you ever noticed that, once you search about something on Google for eg: Shoes, The moment you will open Amazon/Instagram/Youtube, you will be shown small box advertisements from Nike or other brands in a matter of seconds.

These advertisements work on the Pay-Per-Click model. How do you think search engines and social media platforms earn revenue?. After all, they don’t charge anything from users.

Each time a user clicks on the advertisement link to go to a different website, the platform earns a commission.

PPC Specialists help clients (brands) set up a PPC campaign to expand their reach on the internet. They make data-driven decisions and help get benefits from Google Ads, Binge ads, etc.

It is an attractive freelance option as it doesn’t require any certification.

18) Freelance Instructor

Modern age Learning is not restricted to a teacher in the four walls of a classroom. The internet, we all would agree has become our new Master! For searching the meaning of a word to checking out a youtube video to guide you to make lasagna.

There are many individuals who have a hidden artist amongst themselves.

A lot of people post for private tutor requirements for all sorts of subjects. They range from maths, science to dance or fitness.

If you have the expertise that can be shared, it’s a great freelance jobs from home.

You can even start selling your own course on platforms like Udemy and Coursera.

19) Video Editor

Video Editors are responsible for making a video broadcast ready.

Their work includes editing of camera footage, sound effects, dialogue, special effects, etc.

Solid knowledge of computer operating systems, video editing software and media communication is a prerequisite to work as a freelancer in this field. Decent experience and expertise in this field can fetch you a job as a freelance artist.

It’s a job for the creative mind who aims to deliver what is asked.

20) Become a Social Media Guru

If you have what it takes to influence people and spread information you can consider becoming a social media star.

I’d like to explain this freelance opportunity by sharing an amazing piece of information i came across lately

A few weeks ago choreographer Terence Lewis uploaded a video of a dancer named Arman Rathod from Gujarat because of his amazing dancing skills. He was so impressed that he offered him a scholarship of rupees 3 lakh so that he can polish his dance skills more in Mumbai with him. A star was born from Tik Tok. There was another lady. a homemaker Geeta Sridhar who used to make 50,000 per month by brand promotions on Tik Tok.

Basically, these people are using their social media presence to attract brands to give them money to post or advertise their products.

It’s an amazing freelance option to earn an additional income.

Final Thought

A call for action!

Now you are aware of 20 promising freelance options available at your comfort. In today’s work environment, there is no dearth of opportunity.

One just needs to realize his/her true potential. The freelance market is growing and there is no stopping!

We at Chegg India, wish you the best of luck for freelancing and monetizing your talent for good! Thank You.

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