List of Top PCM Career Options after 12th in India

April 1, 2024
PCM career options

Quick Summary

  • Students who have their senior secondary (10+2) certification with science as their core course are referred to as being in the 12th PCM stream.
  • The best PCM career options after 12th in India are Chemical Engineer, Software Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Data Scientist, Mathematician, Pharmacist, and more.

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Most students find choosing decent PCM career options after 12th PCM a stressful challenge.

There are thousands of courses after the 12th science PCM available today. Deciding which career route to take and what holds the key to a successful future is more difficult than ever. After 12th courses for PCM students, we have bought several PCM Career Options choices.

Here you also need to understand your options and figure out how to guide your courses after 12th PCM in the proper direction.

What is the Meaning of PCM?

Students who completed their senior secondary (10+2) certification with science as their core courses (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) are referred to as being in the 12th PCM stream.

Since 12th grade is the last year of school and the start of their future profession, it is a pivotal year for kids. Knowing your possibilities for career options after 12th science PCM and choosing one that appeals to you can help you create a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Depending on their preferences, PCM students have various career options after the 12th PCM in the science sector. Following the PCM career options after 12th standard/grade, numerous professional paths concentrate on technology, healthcare, planning, multimedia, and infrastructure.

Courses You Can Choose After PCM

There are many courses after 12th science PCM that you can enrol in after your 12th PCM Career Options. This is the following list of courses after the 12th PCM.

Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering)
B.Tech Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)
B.Tech Information Technology
B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering
Bachelor of Technology Genetic Engineering
BTech Aeronautical Engineering
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
BBA Sales
BBA Entrepreneurship
BMS BBA Accounting
BBA Marketing
BA in Hotel Management

Career Options After PCM

We may all now agree that there are several questions about what to do after the 12th PCM. Many people still wonder about these questions: “What can I do after the 12th PCM?”, “After 12 science PCM what to do?”

There are many opportunities available after completing the 12th-grade science PCM. But what are the top occupations with the greatest demand? Which ones promise large salaries? To answer all these queries, after the 12th course list PCM job choices with salaries in this section.

Chemical Engineer

This job focuses on processing natural and synthetic chemicals into finished goods. They are employed across many sectors, particularly in manufacturing, energy, and research. Chemical engineers typically conduct research and experimentation to develop chemical products that are used in agriculture, medicine, food, fuel, and other industries.

Average base salary – ₹23,944 per month

Software Engineer

Making software, applications, and electronic solutions. Software engineers develop codes to find and fix mistakes as well as build, test and refine virtual solutions to accomplish business goals.

Average base salary – ₹61,557 per month

Data Scientist

They analyse data using numbers and algorithms, building models that categorize, predict, and cluster data. To make wise business decisions, data scientists also help validate organized and unstructured data and find trends.

Average annual salary – ₹10,58,906 per year

Machine Learning Engineer

ML engineers collaborate with administrators, data scientists, analysts, and engineers. The creation of artificial intelligence systems to automate predictive models is their main responsibility. In addition, they create models and analyse and evaluate numerous data sets.

Average annual salary – ₹10,28,034 per year


Their main responsibility is to use mathematical concepts and theorems in a variety of fields, including business operations, computer graphics, and architecture. Additionally, they might create theorems and improve academic research in mathematics. A doctorate will boost your employability and chances if you’re a mathematician trying to develop your profession.

Average annual salary – ₹11,85,224 per year


A pharmacist conducts research, produces medicines, and oversees the quality of those medications. They may also work as lecturers or in pharmacies.

Average annual salary – ₹2,08,035 per year

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Aeronautical Engineer

The study, creation, and construction of aeroplanes, missiles, and spacecraft are the domains of aeronautical engineers. They do research and development to advance commercial aviation, defence technologies, and space exploration.

Average annual salary – ₹3,99,408 per year

Product Designer

A product designer researches consumer needs and trends to create goods that benefit consumers. They also monitor the calibre of the goods.

Average annual salary – ₹3,56,663 per year


A computer program is used by an animator to creatively produce exciting motion and sequences. An animator typically creates two- and three-dimensional setups for commercials and movies.

To create characters and landscapes, some animators might collaborate with creators. To be qualified for employment, an animator often has to earn a bachelor’s degree in animation and graphic design.

Average annual salary: ₹ 2,66,115 per year


A pilot controls an aircraft to move cargo and passengers from one location to another. They may work for commercial or governmental airlines, and they are in charge of ensuring the security of the passengers, crew, and cargo. After passing a medical examination and completing their 12th grade with PCM as their subject, a pilot goes through extensive training.

Average annual salary: ₹35.6 Lakhs


The student’s next choice is to enrol in a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) program. Another excellent career option after 12th science PCM  is this one. The program lasts for five years. It is particularly intended for students who aspire to become architects of marvel.

There are several distinctive architectural wonders in the world, including the Petronas skyscraper and the Burj Khalifa. These Marvels were built after extensive planning and design, resulting in stunning constructions.

Average annual salary: ₹ 24 Lakhs


This career should be the main focus for all students who dream of flying above the clouds. For those who don’t want to work the typical 9 to 5 jobs or spend their days in a room continuously experimenting with new things, this career is ideal because it combines knowledge from both science and technology with travel. By taking the course, they can eventually become commercial pilots.

Average annual salary: ₹ 4 Lakhs

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Non-Engineering Career Options after PCM

B.Des in Product Design

A three-year undergraduate Fine Arts degree called the Bachelor of Design is available. You learn about the system, the product, and the users. This course might be for you if you have a scientific mind but an aptitude for creativity.

Average annual salary: INR 13,00,000

Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

A bachelor’s in architecture is a wonderful career choice if you are a science student with an aesthetic mindset. Both theoretical and practical training are emphasized throughout the five-year, full-time curriculum. A BArch graduate offers abundant work options in India and overseas thanks to the booming building industry.

To pursue BArch, you can take entrance exams like the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), JEE Main, other state-level entrance exams, etc.

Average annual salary: ₹ 3.0 Lakhs

Merchant Navy

The merchant navy is more of a way of life than a profession. The merchant navy might be a very rewarding career choice if you enjoy being around water and travelling on cruise ships.

You can pursue a career in the merchant navy after completing your 12th grade in the PCM program. Students can pass several entry tests to enter this sector, including the JEE Entrance Test, the All-Indian Merchant Navy Entrance Test, and the Common Entrance Test (CET) by Indian Maritime University (IMU).

Average annual salary: ₹ 6.6 Lakhs

Commercial Pilot

Another job choice for you, if you have a scientific background and do not want to pursue engineering, is a commercial pilot. Commercial pilots have an interesting life since they see new areas, interact with various people, and learn about various cultures.

To become a commercial pilot, you can enrol in aviation schools’ training programs or complete a BSc in Aviation.

Average annual salary: ₹17.7 Lakhs

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

The second most sought-after career option after 12th-science PCM students, right behind engineering, is a Bachelor of Science (BSc). You can choose to specialize in a variety of subjects, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, agriculture, statistics, forensics, etc.

Average annual salary: ₹ 6.9 Lakhs

National Defence Academy

The National Defence Academy test is for you if you aspire to serve your country by enlisting in the military. It is administered by the Union Public Service Commission and serves as a recruitment process for individuals interested in joining the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force.

A student must have taken physics, chemistry, and mathematics as their three main disciplines to be eligible to join the Navy or Air Force.

Average annual salary: ₹673000

Business, Commerce, and Management

Even though you took PCM in your 12th-grade year, you soon concluded that science is not your passion. Don’t worry; one benefit of doing your 12th grade in the PCM stream is choosing a career in commerce or the arts in addition to science-related fields.

If you are interested in business and management, you might opt to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Additionally, you can enrol in professional programs like Chartered Accountancy (CA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and others.

Average annual salary: ₹ 4.83 Lakhs

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

Bachelor of Journalism and Communication, also known as BJMC, may be the best career option after 12th PCM if you are interested in the hows and whys of the world’s events. It is a three-year degree, and to expand your skill set and take advantage of better chances, you can continue to a Master of Journalism and Mass Communication program after that.

Average annual salary:₹ 7.08 lakhs

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

You can pursue a Bachelor of Computer Applications if you are interested in the fields of computer science and information technology. It is a three-year course offered by numerous public and commercial organisations. After completing a BCA, you can work as a developer, programmer, etc.

Average annual salary: ₹ 2.5 lakh


A law degree might be a good choice for you if you have a strong sense of self and a strong persuasiveness. Immediately following the completion of your 12th grade, you can pursue a BA LLB degree.

BA LLB stands for Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Legislative Law. You study laws and legislatures in this integrated course along with subjects from the art stream, such as sociology, psychology, etc.

Average annual salary: ₹ 5.70 lakh

PCM Career Options and Chegg

After PCM, if you choose SME as your career, you can choose many subjects as a subject matter expert. Here are some of the subjects that you can opt for as subject matter experts.

  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • And many more other subjects which you like to choose as SME.
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The major responsibility of an SME is to guarantee the accuracy of any content or information related to their area of expertise. To a project, they contribute their specialized knowledge. They can work as independent specialists and respond to questions from students about their fields.

Chegg employs subject-matter specialists in a variety of subjects. They serve as online tutors for learners all over the world. Chegg Study is a 24/7 portal where experts provide online answers to questions. According to their training and experience, they can become authorities on any subject.

Final Thoughts

Academically, Class 12 is seen as a significant turning point where a student’s destiny is largely shaped. Additionally, engineering is currently seen as the best course after 12 science PCM if you are a PCM student.

After 12 PCM career options are many in which a student is under so much financial and academic pressure that they give up on their interests and aspirations. Their peers have influenced the students’ admission to various engineering colleges. After the 12th courses list PCM students have many choices.

Evaluate numerous career choices to choose the right career path for yourself. Dive in to our guide on Career Options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better- PCM or PCB?

Those who wish to pursue medical studies after class 12 should take PCB. Those who plan to study engineering after their 12th-grade year should take PCM. If you are uncertain about your post-secondary goals, take both (PCMB). Choose your preferred subjects, following whether you enjoy taking courses after the 12th PCM  in the basic sciences.

Is PCM good for the future?

With a PCM degree, you can pursue a wide range of careers, including those in engineering, architecture, industrial design, defence, forensic science, data science and analytics, ethical hacking, pharmacy, aviation, and several other fields.

What are the career options in the PCM stream?

PCM is a good option because people with this degree can pursue careers in a variety of fields. This includes engineering, architecture, industrial design, defence, forensic science, data science and analytics, ethical hacking, pharmacy, aviation, and a wide range of other fields.

Which course is best after the 12th PCM?

It depends on what you want to be after the 12th. The best course you can go for is machine learning. The best course after 12 science PCM you can opt for is what you choose and what is best for your future.

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