Exciting Jobs To Watch For After BBA In 2023

February 1, 2023
jobs after bba

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Scope of BBA in India

Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is a three-year undergraduate degree. This course focuses on business management. The demand for BBA has been rising because of the variety of work opportunities it offers. Jobs after BBA include work in government, education, sales, marketing, finance, and other sectors. Do you find yourself wondering what you can do after BBA? The answer is – a lot! Take up managerial positions, leadership roles and entrepreneurship for a promising career.

Anyone from the age of 18 to 35 years can opt for a BBA degree. A career after BBA could range from pursuing marketing to MBA. BBA covers a variety of business, management, and corporate-related topics. Get equipped with a broad skillset that prepares you for masters programmes and specialisations.

Graduates often wonder what to do after BBA. The sector that piques your interest the most can decide after BBA which course is best for you.

Top Areas of Recruitment for Jobs after BBA

Let’s look at a few sectors where a BBA graduate can work after their course, and their different advantages and disadvantages.

Financial Sector

Financial institutions actively recruit BBA graduates and provide them with competitive salaries and benefits. They create job opportunities after BBA in the form of stockbrokers, financial analysts, investment bankers, and many more. Graduates can also explore roles such as:

  • Financial Advisor
  • Trader
  • Loan Officer

Many benefits are associated with such BBA job opportunities, including commission on sales.


Jobs after BBA can be marketing-related. Work in this sector may include positions of market researchers or marketing analysts. This sector is fast-growing, especially with the field of digital marketing. Almost all companies now include a marketing department.


For BBA grads, the most sought-after career is as a chartered accountant. Accounting is a challenging but very fulfilling job. Accountants are among the highest-paid professionals.

While accounting is a difficult profession to enter, it’s worth the effort.

Human Resource

Human resources generalists, experts, and recruiters are all job options for BBA graduates.

Important roles such as employee management and policy-making rely on HR professionals. This makes it a very lucrative option for BBA graduates. The pay is lucrative, with decent perks and a high scope of growth.


A job in travel and tourism can be quite lucrative after BBA. Graduates with a BBA in Travel and Tourism can explore various possibilities in the tourism sector. This ranges from ticketing and VISA management to tour planning. The programme emphasises intercultural communication, ecology, food service management, etc.

Supply Chain Management

If you are looking for job opportunities after BBA, explore the supply chain Management sector. You will be planning the company’s overall purchase, warehousing, logistics and management when working here. Some avenues need further specialisation, such as MBA in supply chain management. SCM is a critical unit in any organisation and a great chance for you to explore job opportunities after BBA.


The BBA Operations programme teaches fundamental management topics, logistics, and project management. BBA graduates may find it helpful to choose job roles such as operations managers, plant managers or supervisors, logistics and supply chain managers, local operations managers, and many other professions.

Business Consultancy

Choose consultancy after BBA to gain first-hand experience in learning business management. Business consultancy roles demand organised planning, effective implementation, risk assessment and more. A career after BBA can include becoming a firm’s potent business consultant. Put your analytical thinking, communication, and decision-making skills to use. Opt for business consultancy jobs after BBA.


This one is among the most in-demand and thriving fields. E-commerce constantly seeks competent individuals with strategy, planning and execution skills. BBA graduates can make the most of this digital boom and explore E-commerce based jobs after BBA. This includes taking up roles as managers, accountants, economists, statisticians, finance analysts, and marketers in other management-related fields.

Information Technology

Since India is one of the biggest IT marketplaces, job prospects for BBA IT graduates are in demand. BBA enables graduates to take up roles within the IT-support industry in addition to core IT programming jobs. Careers after BBA in IT include taking up a role in network system creation, application programming and web development. Job opportunities after BBA include working as network expert, business intelligence manager, IT systems manager, etc.


BBA in Aviation opens many opportunities for graduates within the aviation sector.

The training covers all pertinent topics, including business, aviation, and airports. Graduates can work in the following jobs after BBA: marketing, airport operations, financial accounting, passenger forecasting, air transportation, and airport planning. With a good salary scale and scope of growth, this is a lucrative industry for BBA aspirants.

Digital Marketing

A BBA digital marketing course opens many doors for you during a job hunt. It teaches you sales conversions, campaign analysis, and branding skills. This specialisation offers a wide range of job options. In the current setting, this degree is in-demand.

Government Jobs

The future of the course is bright, and there are many jobs after BBA in both the State and Central government sectors. With their business management skills, BBA graduates can readily find jobs in various public sector organisations, including businesses, banks, schools, and other institutions. These include:

  1. Banking sector
  2. Civil services
  3. Defence services
  4. Police Services
  5. Other government jobs with entities such as ISRO, BHEL, ONGC, DRDO, MTNL, NTPC and SAIL

List of trendy jobs after BBA in India

In order to choose BBA, you need to be aware of the various trending jobs available. Mentioned below are some of the interesting jobs, along with their salary packages.

Chartered Accountant

A career as CA is one of the best possibilities for business students interested in finance and the financial sector. A CA can assist with financial management, policy creation, tax planning, budgeting, and financing. A CA can be employed with a company, an individual, or the government. The salary range is 6 to 8 LPA on average.

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Graduates have a wide range of opportunities following a BBA in Entrepreneurship. They can work as Assistant Manager, Business Consultant, Business Reporter, System Manager, Finance Controller, etc. The BBA Entrepreneurship course’s content is expansive and informative. The typical salary scale is between 5 and 10 LPA. Jobs after BBA also include exploring the world of entrepreneurship. This course equips students to manage businesses and their various roles.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager works with product managers to implement new programs that create an impact. They are also responsible for creating market research studies, analysing the results, and optimising marketing strategies. The primary role is to market the company’s goods and services. Their salary range begins at around 7-9 LPA on average.

Investment Banker

After earning a BBA, investment banking is a promising option for graduates. It also opens up avenues both in India and abroad, given the scope of investment banking globally. BBA graduates have the necessary financial exposure to explore this option. The pay range is between 9 to 12 LPA.

Freelance with Chegg

Freelancing is an excellent opportunity to earn at your convenience. For instance, Chegg offers Q&A expert freelance positions. You can put your BBA knowledge to use and become a freelance subject matter expert at Chegg.

Earn with Chegg

Just sign up and earn per answer based on your level of expertise. It can be a full-time or part-time freelance job after BBA, based on your choice. Freelance with Chegg in a hassle-free way. Establish your salary scale depending on your skill, competence and experience.


Professionals in strategy, operations, HR, and other sectors are drawn to consulting. Businesses face challenges like launching new products, improving operations and market expansion. They also struggle with organisational structure. Here is when consultancy comes to the rescue. It is the backbone of a good firm. The average salary scale is 10-12 LPA.

Event Manager

Event management jobs after BBA involve employing management techniques to organise, prepare, and promote events. Graduates of a BBA programme are ready to organise various events. This includes family gatherings, corporate events, exhibits, conferences, sporting events etc. The typical pay scale is 3 to 8 LPA.

Work in Foreign Embassies

Foreign embassies are looking to hire graduates for senior leadership roles. BBA teaches analytical and strategic skills that can help in these roles. It is an outstanding and yet lesser-known career option after BBA. The pay range for the same is 7-9 LPA on average.

Real Estate

Real estate and urban infrastructure are rising industries with fast-track career growth opportunities. This includes understanding valuation and advisory services, contract agreements, negotiations, and more. The pay range is 4-6 LPA on average. However, there is large variation based on the role.

Market Research Analyst

Jobs after BBA for marketing research analysts are available in nearly all industries. These include IT, marketing agencies, digital marketing, product-based businesses, etc. Analysts may earn an annual income ranging from 2-5 LPA.

Government jobs after BBA

Getting into a safe, secure government job offers the opportunity of a holistic life. Good pay, good perks and job security are a few of the pros of a good government job. Listed below are the jobs available for you.


SSC, or the Staff Selection Commission, holds the Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGLE), a national exam. It offers applicants various Group B and Group C positions in the Indian government upon clearing the exam. Because of the SSC CGL Jobs and the privileges and rewards attached to government jobs, such as subsidised healthcare, pension facilities, bonus and others, it is one of the most applied for exams in India. If you are looking for jobs after BBA, the SSC is the perfect doorway to getting into government jobs with a good salary structure.

Bank PO

Higher-level Bank Probationary Officer (PO) positions are available in the public banking sector via an exam for BBA graduates. A PO manages client complaints, public relations, and more. They handle matters related to customer satisfaction. Like most bank jobs, the benefits include house rent allowance, travel, leave fare concessions, miscellaneous allowances, and more. Information related to bank job openings is available here.

Indian Railways

Graduates can apply for the Civil Services after receiving a BBA and becoming a Class I officer in the Indian Railway Traffic Services. In addition, the degree qualifies for non-technical subordinate jobs after BBA that Railways Recruitment Boards often post, such as administrative, accounting, commercial, and store positions.

Courses after BBA in India


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is highly valued. It includes a curriculum focusing on management and business skills development. Graduates of the programme can study full- or part-time. The options include executive MBA programmes, global MBAs, distance learning MBAs, etc. Some popular MBA subjects include financial management, market research, the legal environment, etc.

MBA programmes post-BBA have become extremely popular. They attract students from various fields including science, commerce, and the arts. Jobs after MBA come with good salaries and high-profile corporate positions. This two-year course is a lifetime investment that will pay off.

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The Master of Management Studies (MMS) is another excellent choice for students seeking courses after their BBA. It is a career-focused course with an emphasis on enhancing managerial abilities. The course focuses on training students on information and skills related to business management in organisations, human resource management, and marketing management. Taking an MMS course might assist graduates in exploring prospects in numerous worldwide domains.

Those who receive a grade of at least 50% may enrol in the MMS programme after BBA. After completing the MMS course, management positions with high salaries are available.


If you think your professional flair needs to rekindle after BBA, a PGDM programme can help you direct your career. This course trains you to become a CEO, project manager, entrepreneur, marketing manager etc.

After BBA courses, you can opt for PGDM to learn the fundamental skillset needed for managerial positions. It is one of the most pursued after-BBA courses. It also teaches them crucial job skills to create a successful career. The focus of the training is on business, teamwork, and leadership.


Business colleges in India and around the world offer the PGPM, a 1-2 year MBA programme. Like an executive MBA, candidates for a postgraduate management programme must have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of work experience, depending on the institution. Top IIMs in India offer this programme that is comparable to an MBA.

The postgraduate program develops a specialised curriculum for people who desire to work in managerial roles after BBA. It is also regarded as a substitute programme for MBA. After completing a PGPM programme, candidates can find chances for various managerial jobs like HR Manager, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, and Retail Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What job can we get after BBA?

Ans. BBA graduates have plenty of career opportunities after BBA. This includes jobs in finance, marketing, accounting, human resources, e-commerce, Information technology and more.

Jobs after BBA include taking up roles such as marketing manager, chartered accountant, freelancer with Chegg, market research analyst and more.

Q2. Which field is best after BBA?

Ans. After BBA, graduates can explore several fields, such as choosing between information technology, E-commerce, marketing, finance, accounting, aviation, supply chain management, operations and more. Based on individual capabilities, the field chosen may vary; however, some of the most popular and high-paying BBA jobs include business consultancy, marketing analyst, chartered accountant and government jobs.

Q3. Which BBA has the highest salary?

Ans. Chartered accountants are among the highest-paid professionals once they have taken up a specialisation after BBA. This salary can vary based on individual competence and the choice of employers. You can choose to specialize in CA after completing your BBA degree.

Q4. Can I get a direct job after BBA?

Ans. Yes, there several fields that offer direct jobs to BBA graduates. This mainly includes roles in the sales, marketing and operations area. Government jobs are also an option to be directly pursued after BBA; however, entrance exams need to be cleared for this purpose.

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