20 Best Money Earning Apps in 2023

December 26, 2023
money earning apps

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Have you ever thought of earning money through apps? There are a plethora of ways to earn money online when the internet provides you with a pool of earning opportunities. Money-earning app is a great source to kickstart your earnings. There are several online earning apps in India. According to statistics, there are over 2.87 million apps which 21% of Millennials and 41% of people use apps every day.

These online money-earning apps can help you make a great amount of money when used consistently. But the question arises that which money-earning app is good and legit.

In this article, we will look at the best-earning apps that are legit and easy to use.

How Money Earning Apps Work

There are many legitimate online money-making apps that work and can help you earn extra income. With a little dedication, you can generate regular cash flow too. If you do not get enough time to work on other projects besides your work then this is the best way to earn money online.

Most of these online earning apps depend on the users. When users come back to their app, again and again, the app pays small amounts of money for trivial tasks.

These money-earning apps have multiple reward programs where you can get cashback by referring them to others. You can also earn from affiliate programs on these apps. You can redeem your money through gift cards or transfer it to your online wallet or bank account.

Easy Sign-Up

After deciding on the app, you want to download, go to Play Store and enter your account details. After sign-in into your accounts, you can easily download the app. 

Create a profile that best suits the job you want to do. This will help you understand in-app interference better. You will integrate with the application and enhance your interaction with the app. Once you understand the app and tasks, you can start earning.

money earning apps

List of Money Earning Apps in India

Here is a list of money-making apps that you should try to start earning. Some of the best money-making apps in India are:

  1. Google Opinion Rewards
  2. Cashbuddy
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Dream 11
  5. Loco
  6. Doocash
  7. Roz Dhan
  8. Databuddy
  9. Survey Junkie
  10. mCent
  11. EarnKaro
  12. Pocket Money
  13. Ibotta
  14. Taurus
  15. Rupiyo
  16. PhonePe
  17. AppTrailer
  18. U Speak We Pay
  19. Meesho
  20. Google Pay


How it Works?




Google Opinion Rewards

  • It is a survey-answering platform that pays you every time you complete a survey.
  • You can earn around Rs 5 to Rs 20 for every survey on your Google Pay account.


168.9 MB

Play Store, App Store


  • CashBuddy has a variety of functions including watching promotional videos and YouTube videos.
  • When a video owner earns a certain amount then he shares some revenue with you through the app.
  • You can link your Paytm wallet to receive money.


10.7 MB

Play Store, App Store


  • There are several tasks that you need to complete to earn cash. Including watching videos, playing games, and doing online surveys, and polls.
  • You earn rewards in the form of coupons and gift cards from popular sites like Amazon, PayPal and many more.


130.2 MB

Play Store, App Store

Dream 11

  • Here you create a fantasy team of any particular sport like cricket, kabaddi, football and many more.
  • You need some money in your wallet to enter a contest which has a fixed prize pool.
  • Start putting in a small amount. After winning you can get cash directly into your account.


264.1 MB

Play Store, App Store


  • Here you play games for free and earn rewards in return. You can also live stream and play money earning games on this platform.
  • You can earn money by playing quizzes, live streaming or playing your favourite game online.
  • You will get paid when people watch your stream.


78.5 MB

Play Store, App Store


  • Here you get free rewards when you complete special tasks.
  • These tasks include watching videos and participating in surveys, and polls.
  • Once you complete these tasks you can earn money in your online wallet.


32 MB

Play Store

Roz Dhan

  • Here you have to complete the surveys, watch videos and sometimes read the given news to get paid. When you visit the news site the revenue generated on the site is later shared with you.
  • You can link your Paytm wallet, bank account or other UPI.


8.9 MB

Play Store


  • On installing the app you’ll get free cashback and recharge
  • You can also invite your friends to the app to get cash rewards
  • You can also get cashback from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many more.


Play Store

Survey Junkie

  • You have to answer surveys about different brands to get cash in return.
  • As rewards, you earn coins and coupons which you can redeem as PayPal cash or any other suitable method.


83.8 MB

Play Store, App Store


  • Here you just refer to the task and in return, you earn a substantial amount through your selected payment option.
  • You can also earn mobile recharge coupons by doing various tasks provided in one section. It is like an Affiliate App to earn money.
  • If you use various links to download apps and other products then you earn a decent amount in return.


56.77 MB

Play Store


  • You can earn money by referring different deals to others. Plus, you’ll be promoting retailers like Ajio, Flipkart, Adidas, etc.
  • Whenever someone purchases through your link, you will earn a share of it.


43 MB

Play Store

Pocket Money

  • Here you can earn a good amount by completing tasks, watching videos and playing Tombola.
  • As a reward for being active on Pocket Money, you will also get free mobile recharge along with Rs 7000.


20.5 MB

Play Store


  • Here’s where you can earn cashback when you shop at Ibotta retailers. You also need to watch videos and vote to get extra cash rewards.
  • You can receive money through PayPal, digital gift cards, or directly into a bank account.


189.3 MB

Play Store, App Store


  • On the Taurus app, you have to play the game for 5 minutes to get the cash reward. You can also invite your friends and play in multiplayer mode to get cash.
  • You can withdraw money through UPI or Bank Transfer.


29 MB

Play Store


  • You can earn daily cash on the Rupio app by completing different tasks, playing games or just referring the app to others.
  • You can withdraw money via bank transfer.


6.71 MB

Play Store


  • You can easily earn cashback deals by making multiple referrals on this popular app.
  • You can get these rewards directly in your bank account.


173.7 MB

Play Store, App Store


  • This is the most simple and legit money-earning app. Here you are to give your valuable feedback. And with each feedback, you will earn real cash.
  • You can withdraw money via bank transfer or receive it in an online wallet.


12.9 MB

Play Store

U Speak We Pay

  • Here you will get money for reading the message on the display. These voice messages are used to train the AI system.
  • Once you read these messages, you will receive the cash in your accounts.


8.84 MB

Play Store


  • It is a reselling platform that requires zero investment. All you have to do is select the product category you want to sell.
  • After that, you can promote your product on various social media channels. And whenever someone buys from your affiliate link, you will get paid.


79.2 MB

Play Store, App Store

Google Pay

  • Google Pay is a highly trusted app where you can easily get cashback and rewards which you can later use for purchases.
  • You can get this cash in a Google Pay account and later transfer it to your bank account.


246.2 MB

Play Store, App Store

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Earn Online No Investment Required

Advantages and Disadvantages of Money Earning App

Here are some pros and cons of a money earning app.

Pros of Money-Making App

  • It requires minimal setup and requirements
  • It has flexibility and no time constraint
  • It provides great incentives and a good amount of cash flow
  • You can use the app from anywhere
  • You can easily transfer funds to your bank account
  • Most of these apps are free of cost

Cons of Money-Making App

  • It is a time-consuming task
  • It takes a while to earn rewards
  • Sometimes the earnings are less than expected
  • Chances of losing money on gambling apps
  • The threat of cyber-attack is always there
  • Sometimes you may have to do trivial tasks to get rewards

Start Earning with Best Money-Making Apps

Money-earning apps in India without investment can be a great way of side income. All the apps listed above are reliable and safe to use. Using these money-making apps is not limited to qualified professionals only, rather anyone can start learning and using these apps. Whether you are a housewife, a professional, or a student looking for a side income, a money-earning app is a great way to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best app for money earning?

There are lots of money earning apps in India without investment. Some of the apps which you use to earn money are:
·       Google Opinion Rewards
·       Swagbucks
·       Dream 11
·       Loco
·       Survey Junkie
·       Ibotta

Most of these apps are available on the App Store or Play Store on a single platform, while most of these you can find on both platforms. You can also download these apps directly from Google.

Which app gives real money?

There are many online money-making apps that give you real cash. Some apps you can download from the App Store or Play Store:
·       Google Opinion Rewards
·       Swagbucks
·       Dream 11
·       Loco
·       Survey Junkie
·       Ibotta

These are some money-earning apps from where you can earn real money. All you have to do is sign up and download the app. Once you download and sign in you can start earning money.

Which is the best earning app in 2023?

There are many legitimate money-making apps that you can download in 2023. Just make sure that you download these apps from Play Store or App Store only. Do not download any app from a third party or links provided on different websites.
Some of the best-earning apps in 2023 are:
·       Google Opinion Rewards
·       Swagbucks
·       dream 11
·       train engine
·       survey junkie
·       Ibotta

Are money-earning apps legit?

Yes, there are different money-making apps in India which are legit and provide good earning side money. All you need to do is find a legitimate app and download it from App Store or Play Store only. 

Once you have downloaded the app you can sign in and start earning money. Cash may be slow in the beginning but with time, you can easily make a good amount of pocket money.

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