Best Freelancing Sites in India


Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money without being dependent on your employer. You can work according to yourself, take work as per your need, and get payments as per your agreement policy with the client or the companies that you associate with. Freelancing gives you direct contracts which mean more money than most online jobs while devoting more or less the same amount of time. It also gives you the freedom to choose your payscale and time limit instead of binding you with something as per protocols you do not have a say in, thus giving an upper edge to the best freelancing sites in India.

Why work with a freelancing website?

Websites that allow freelancers to connect with clients are actually very helpful on both ends. The clients get to give maximum possible detailing and the freelancer enjoys better pay. There is better communication, flexibility of choices, and a systematic way of dealing with things. Online earning sites help you have a platform where both the client and the freelancer benefit while taking a small commission or monthly payment in comparison to connectors or agents. The best freelancing sites in India have a secure payment system that assists freelancers to be ensured of getting paid unlike talking directly to clients that may or may not seem sure about the payment, or new clients in general. There is not exactly the best freelancing sites in India that we can pin-point towards, since there are way too many fields and variations amongst those as well, to get

When you associate with the best freelancing sites in India, you get projects that suit you the best. Here are what the lucrative benefits would look like if you work with-

  • Secure payments
  • Timely payments
  • No involvement of currency exchange from domestic clients
  • Better collaborative methods
  • Clearer communication
  • Definitive reworks
  • Future portfolio for parallel projects
  • Exposure and expansion
  • Experience with big clients that hire through the best freelancing sites in India

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January 4, 2022
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Table of Contents

Possible Jobs

1. Chegg India

Out of the many best freelancing sites in India, Chegg India is one of the best ways of tutoring online. One gets paid well on the basis of their knowledge and skill while educating young minds. This site is knowledge-oriented and reaches thousands of students that are its client base. It thus provides a great platform to share your knowledge online and reap benefits in hefty amounts. One of the most popular websites for education and learning through experts in their field, it is known for a good graphic interface and user interaction so people find it comfortable to navigate through as well.

2. Freelance India

This website was one of the earliest ones created that are based in India and offer several types of jobs. It has both free as well as paid memberships in different categories and you can even create a Google listing. Having been started in 2002, it has a long-standing as one of the best Indian freelance websites even though its GUI is not the best. Free membership is available but the chances of getting projects on that basis are quite less. Premium membership costs Rs. 1600 while Premium Plus is Rs. 2000 for 12 months. The kind of membership you avail of decides the chances of how many projects you get and how easily.

3. Youth4Work

Known for conducting tests, this is one of the most popular India-based websites for freelancers to prove their worth. The clients can get their work done by someone they trust instead of someone random. This way they can rely on the person they are hiring and feel comfortable in doing so, with tests to prove their capability. Youth4Work is one of the best freelancing sites in India and represents individuals with their ability to make it easier for the employer to know the skill level before hiring.

4. Freelancer

Being immensely popular in lieu of its interface and adaptability, it is one of the most common platforms to find projects. With different categories and an easy search bar, you can get the projects of your liking easily. Freelancer has the facility where you can apply for work even with no membership fee but the membership fee obviously sells better. Freelancer takes a share of the project fee, between 15% to 20%. Arguably the best freelancing sites in India, this website allows freelancers to bid on the projects and free membership has only a limited number of bids allowed.

5. The Flexiport

It is the newer freelancing websites in India with less competition but a great number of clients. It mostly is like an outsourcing agency so the feedback system and the allocation are simply use-based. It is important for freelancers to get projects and so it mentions tips and tricks to get the same on its blogs and allows clients to manage whole projects altogether, creating more transparency and connecting the client and freelancer better.

6. Truelancer

You can post your services on truelancer and exhibit your skills to get amazing offers and gigs. It is a place where you display your profile and get the clients to pick you on the basis of some work that you might have previously done. This gives you a chance to show your work beforehand and assure the client of the quality you are to offer. Not many freelancing websites in India have this facility of posting your portfolio online and giving your possible employers a glimpse of how you work.

7. Design Hill

Having clients from all over the world, this website gives you the chance to indulge in a wide clientele. Several systems are made for designers to benefit from this website as well as clients to find suitable templates for themselves. Design Hill is known for its feedback mechanism with a real-time system that helps in rating and developing a reputation for possible future employers to hire you. It is one of the most dynamic Indian freelance websites with a 24*7 support line to help both clients and freelancers.

8. Dream Starts

A lot of startups are in the making right now and they usually source freelancers from websites like Dream Starts. The companies are inclined to hire talent directly from websites like Dream Starts to get good quality work done at a nominal cost instead of big companies that charge hefty amounts. Being one of the best freelancing sites in India, it is a free service so that benefits a new company quite well and is thus also the preference of many freelancers who are looking for new projects.

9. Fiverr

This is one of the biggest websites all over the world for digital selling thus it is one of the best freelancing sites in India to make its name known. It allows a designer or a freelancer to make their account and offer their services in different categories from the many available to choose from. There is a way to present your portfolio and showcase past work to prove your abilities.

10. Ilmosys Studio

For a designer, this might be the best freelance site in India with a variety of options available. Both clients and freelancers get a fair share of advantage from the ilmosys studio which allows the freelancers to decide beforehand the number of changes that they will accommodate. This way, the client is pressurized to be precise and clear with their instructions, and the freelancer is not stuck beneath a load of endless changes.

11. On Contract

This is one of the best freelancing sites in India since it allows clients and freelancers to have a contract, which solves the basic problem for both of them and removes any scope of an argument. The point of an e-contract is to avoid any clashes and delayed payments or disagreements. It charges from the clients and agencies instead of charging the freelancer so that helps the ones associated with them work worry-free.

12. Guru

With quite a following, this website is one of the best freelancing websites India has running currently. Because of its credibility and long-standing in the market, it is relied upon by both freelancers and clients for great work outcomes. Multiple industries are accounted for here, including legal, engineering, digital marketing, sales, etc. Therefore, a wide variety of people join the website to meet their work needs as a freelancer.

13. Worknhire

Worknhire has several sub-categories to cater to, like IT, content writing, and finance, which allow a wide pool of talent to come in and pitch to possible clients. It is one of the best sites with the aim to bridge the gap between the needs of the client and suitable talent looking for work opportunities. It is one of the most trusted Indian freelance websites.

14. Behance

A unit of Adobe, one can understand why this website is so popular. It is one of the most preferred websites for clients to meet freelancers. Most of the talent up there is for display on the website as well as online galleries to get maximum exposure. It is thus the best freelancing sites in India and one of the most reliable sites for freelancers who are designers to put their portfolio up. What’s more: there are no charges for displaying your talent for hire!

15. Hubstaff Talent

With thousands of agencies, companies, and individuals on board, this is one of the most active Indian freelance websites that attract budding freelancers to take their shot. It is a place where many projects float for regular business. This website does not have a bidding system which means that the organizations that want you to work for them shall contact you directly. It comes free of cost to freelancers.

16.  People Per Hour

One of the best freelancing sites in India, people per hour has a commission-based system depending upon the amount of work you take up. With a record of how much work you get and your activity on the site, your rate of participation in your ‘workstream’ decides how much they charge. It is one of the most popular sites among prospective clients thus the rate per hour is usually quite good. There is a lot of rush of freelancers on this website for good, but the site does not let inactive freelancers stay after a while of inactivity.

17. Working Nomads

From the very nomenclature of the website, it has a different appeal for those who like to work remotely. It is a great website to connect with prospective clients who could use your services to pay you well for the same. It is known to be one of the best freelancing sites in India being those platforms where freelancers can work for free while the client is charged for posting. Thus, many people prefer the website for their project/ work needs and the competition is quite good.

18. Dribble

This is the best freelance site in India for those who are working in design and related activities. Creative work is displayed here for clients to hire from the community pool of talent that speaks for itself in the work they do. Having been one of the most preferred places for companies and startups, this is an ideal place since it is the best freelancing sites in India to register even with the fees it charges.

19. Outsourcely

A unique concept within freelancing is introduced by arguably the best freelance website in India in the category, Outsourcely. It provides both part-time and full-time gigs even as a freelancer thus helping those who are looking for long-term projects in different industries that it caters to. Being founded in 2014, this website has clients and freelancers present in more than 180 countries creating quite a far-reached network.

20. Krop

Something that started out as a private industry newsletter, this site eventually evolved into a pool of talented individuals. It is currently one of the top earning websites in India and all over the world. People from various fields of life can post their portfolios to apply for various jobs in their own field. Charges for the website start as low as $8 per month.

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