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Money is an important asset and saving it for emergencies and future needs is one of the most crucial parts of your financial plan. It can help you stay debt-free and hence, stress-free! Explore helpful ways to save more, invest more, and ultimately earn more with your investments. 

How to Save Money 101

“Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving,” one of the most famous financial quotes by Warren Buffet, teaches us the importance of saving money. Let’s face reality, saving money sounds more manageable, but it can be tough to achieve. Many people come up with the question about how to save money? But they think of it never execute any plan to achieve it. There are several easy ways to save money each month and secure your coming future. All the methods, strategies, and money-saving hacks seem overwhelming, but what people don’t look for is realistic ways to save money. Most people don’t get from where they should start, and from there, things take a drastic turn. One should consider it as a fun way to save money.

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the preliminary estimates of household financial savings show a significant increase in Q1:2020-21, which is in line with the rise in household savings observed in other major economies post-COVID-19. The substantial increase in household financial savings in India is counter-seasonal. It may reflect the impact of COVID-19-led reductions in discretionary spending and the associated forced saving, as well as a surge in precautionary saving on concerns about future income flows. The estimated increase in financial savings is consistent with other official statistics, particularly the decline in private final consumption expenditure and the external current account surplus.
Saving money should not be complicated keep it easy and sorted will lead to various options to save your money. Look for a fun way to save money rather than tougher or unrealistic ways. In this article, we will cover all significant money-saving hacks and an essential guide on saving money?
Before getting started, one should be clear of all the benefits of saving money and how they turn your life around?
Some of the significant reasons to save money include saving for an emergency fund. You never know what could happen in life. One should stay prepared for all the consequences in the future. You have no idea when you can need a medical emergency or an expensive repair can come your way of house or vehicle.
Another reason can be financially strong; when the money backs you, then you feel strong. You don’t rely upon somebody else in your older age. When you know how to save money each month, you can use it as your retirement fund.

How to save money?

Choosing from the below money-saving hacks can improve their future financial status and overcome any money situation. 

Track your money

This sounds easy, but most people make a slight mistake here. They tend to spend more and trackless of their money. Most people don’t even know where their money is going; just a swipe of a card, and it’s gone. You don’t want to start your savings like this.
It would help if you started writing it down every time you spend somewhere. This will give you an upper hand in your expenses as well as your savings. But, first, one should understand where the money is going. When you list all your monthly purchases in one place, you get to know where you stand financially. That will decide how much you are going to save in a month.
Writing down stuff is generally classified as budgeting; it is considered one of the best money-saving hacks. When you practice these techniques, then there are very few chances of you owning a debt. On the other hand, you also start building your emergency fund or savings fund. The longer you follow this budgeting better you get at financially.
This comes on top of the best way to save money for the future; one should always start budgeting and living a budget life.

Get rid of all the debts. 

Getting rid of all the debts can maximize your chances of investing and savings. You must have heard a saying, “The poor pay interest, while the rich earn interest.” Therefore, it would be best if you got rid of the interest-paying system as soon as possible.
There are two ways to do it either you pay debts of a low balance or one with a higher interest. A practical method can be used in this situation, known as the snowball method. This method goes like if you target to pay you low balance debt first, then you can clear other debts on time too.
So how all this works? First, all you need to do is list all your debt according to the remaining balance and then target the smallest balance. On the other hand, continue making payments in remaining debts. Once your small debt is paid off, use that money to tackle another smaller debt and so on. While following this practice, you will gain confidence and satisfaction in clearing your debt. The time is no far when you clear you will reach your debt freedom. You will feel motivated as soon as you remove your first debt. All this is about the momentum, don’t let it break. The research was conducted about this snowball method. The people following this technique are more often go debt-free. Getting started with a debt-free situation can lead you to save money easily.

Think before you buy anything

For instance, you are willing to make a big purchase, which can later cost you a significant setback, whether you cannot deposit an electricity bill or anything. You should give that kind of purchase a second thought. There is a 10-second rule. Think about that product for 10 seconds before purchasing. Ask yourself some questions do I still need it? Is there any other option I can go for? If you still feel a need to buy it, then go for it.
This technique will help you eliminate some of the useless stuff you could buy. This is not only with the big expensive purchase but also the smallest item. Saving on the smallest item will collectively help your reach your set goals.
There is another good trick you can use. If you’re looking to make a big purchase, extend that purchase for 30 days in the future. Go for a month without it; the feeling of not needing it can do a great thing on your budget. At the end of 30 days again, think of that product and see if you need it? Can you still make a month without it? If you feel yes to all these, it was just an unnecessary purchase to burden your expanses.

Take control of your monthly expenditures.

Since you are now out of your debt and responding to every purchase by writing it down, you should start thinking of cutting some monthly expenses. First, fix all your costs and make a list of things you can still make your month. In short, make a fixed expense when you cut stuff from fixed payments; you get a reasonable margin of financial flexibility.
There are certain areas in which you can reconsider and choose a relatively good option that can save money, like your monthly payments for many subscriptions, internet bills, and television cable. Try to change or reducing the monthly budget by altering such things once a year.
It is a realistic way to save money, and If changing or switching to a cheaper option can save you a good buck, then why not.

Use some apps 

Using some of the financial apps can be a fun way to save money as well as helpful. Budgeting can be easy if you such apps on your computer or smartphones. These all come with many functions to choose from. If you need a monthly report about your spending or link your cards to it, see any updates. 

Apps can be a beneficial method to conduct all your savings and spendings in one place. You don’t need to write somewhere else to do a regular entry every time you spend. You can also set an alert whenever you get charge with some payment and account balance going below your set limit. It can also be beneficial in any suspicious activity. The app will alert you about any payment deducted without your notice.  

First, save, then spend

Always live on the money with which stays after savings. This sounds tough to follow, but it is crucial to understand. This is one of the best ways to save money each month. If we see the traditional way, saving is considered leftover money at the end of the month. Most people save after spending all the bills and other regular stuff. However, there is one flaw in this method you decide to save that much amount you choose to pay, and as a result, you are left with very little to save.
So one effective way is to reverse this thing and save before you spend anything. By this, you will permanently save a fixed amount every month. Then, when you receive your salary, cut some amount and put it in another saving account. This way you can some interest as well. By this, you will be left with a fixed amount in your hand, and you will have to start budgeting according to it. This is one of the most convenient ways and money-saving hack wealthy and business people use.

Try a no-spend month.

Not spending a month sounds a little complicated and hard to digest. But it is not what it looks like. Challenging yourself with such things will make you good with money. It is a fun way to save money. All you need to focus on not spending an extra buck on a thing that is apart from your necessity. You will be paying only for the essential something without you cant live. Try this as your adventurous challenge, and in return, it can be treated as the best money-saving hack. 

Don’t spend on meals from outside; instead, devote yourself entirely to home food. Try not using a vehicle for your work; try using a bicycle that can benefit your health and wealth. Don’t put your money into entertainment; instead, go for a walk and spend some time with your family. 

Stay motivated throughout, and remember your soul purpose is to save as much as you can in a month. This method will enlighten you with many facts that were necessary for you in daily life as it is one of the realistic ways to save money. Cut such things from your life and progress towards a sustainable future. Do try this challenge for once and see the difference in your balance sheet.

Start a side hustle 

This sounds obvious that there you earn money and have different sources of money the more you can save. However, when you opt for other options to make money apart from your daily job, keeping money increases; it also allows you to pay your debt faster and save more. So what can be the best place where you can find yourself a side hustle?

You can also enroll yourself with Chegg India to earn a decent amount just by sitting at home. You can become a subject matter expert (SME) at Chegg India. We are good at some subjects from the start then why not take some advantage of it. As an SME, your job is pretty simple. It would help if you answered the questions about your chosen field of expertise, and in return, you can earn money as per your answer. It gives you the flexibility of work according to your schedule and earns just by sitting at home. Another benefit you can avail of is to enhance your subject knowledge with International academic exposure. Starting with it is easy; you have to register yourself on the website. Then, there will be screening by clearing online subjects and becoming an expert. After which, write your detail, and after verification, you can start earning. 

Since you know how to save money each month with other income sources, you will feel much more confident and save a significant amount.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re on your way to starting saving from your salary or struggling to implement. Then go through some of the best ways to save money for the future, as listed above. These are some realistic ways to save money effectively, from knowing all your expenses to hiding your savings in a saving account. Finally, please take a look at your credit card and use it effectively and wisely.
Keep in mind that never get into unnecessary debt that you cannot pay later. Instead, try to learn the 50-20-30 budgeting plan. 50% of your salary goes to daily expenses and necessities. So figure out 20% of your money and invest in future and other costs, and the rest 30 goes to your savings account. This is one of the money-saving hacks used by most people to avoid unnecessary purchases and structure their money correctly.
If you’re in a dilemma about which strategy to choose, then you can try to put the budgeting option on top of your list. This will give you the upper hand in understanding your expenses and where your money is going. On the other hand, saving money is mostly where you put your money and how much it matters.


In India, how can you save money? Some of the most practical and entertaining ways to save money for the future and learn everything there is to know about it. You can look into it more based on your needs and requirements.

To address the spectrum of thoughts you must be having related to how to save money and in fact, earn more, and we would recommend exploring:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is saving money is important?

The importance of saving money is straightforward: it allows you to live a more secure life. If you have money set up for emergencies, you’ll be prepared if something unexpected occurs. You may also be able to take chances or try new things if you have savings saved aside for discretionary spending.

How to earn money without investment?

With the ease of the internet and technology, you can now earn money online without investment. Chegg India provides you with a platform to work from home and earn online without any hassle. Since there has been an increase in online jobs, people are shiting towards this and choosing this as their side money to meet daily needs. We hire subject matter experts who answer students’ questions globally, adhering to some guidelines, and get paid timely.

How to do money management?

If you want a chance at getting wealthy, you must do more than just make money. No, it’s not as difficult as it appears. You only need a basic understanding of a few fundamental concepts. You are one step closer to becoming wealthy if you learn to efficiently manage your finances and master the art of money growth. Begin with fixed expenses such as transportation, books and supplies, bills, and rent, and assign a specific amount to each. With the remaining funds, create a second budget for discretionary items. Alternatively, you might put the money aside.

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