40 Trending Startup Business Ideas in India for 2024

May 20, 2024
startup business ideas in india

Quick Summary

  • Successful startups in India need creativity, proper planning, execution, and market awareness. 
  • Create a detailed business plan outlining objectives, strategies, and market analysis before starting a business.
  • Some of the trending startup business ideas in India are dropshipping, content writing, catering, edtech business, mushroom farming and many more.

Table of Contents

Is there any business idea to start in today’s market? Is someone interested in building the newest business? Which business can make a profit in the long run? The solution to all the queries is clearly stated in this article. There is no need to be confused before starting a new business. Every business has its merits and demerits. Passion and dedication to working here count if anyone wants to start a new business. There are many startup business ideas in India for aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, startup business ideas can provide self-employment to many people in the upcoming years.

When we improve the quality of existing materials, surely startup business ideas in India can run in the market. Selling them in a new way also adds significance. Starting a new business in India can bring higher earning potential. Aspiring businesspersons can have the flexibility of time. The best business ideas in India can give someone financial freedom. Startup business ideas can satisfy those who want to be their own boss and work on their schedule.

Challenges to face before a startup business in India

There are brilliant startup business ideas in India that can make anyone successful. Startup business ideas come with a lot of challenges. Still, success will surely be a cakewalk if anyone follows certain tips and tricks. Another thing, a creative mindset and uniqueness can give better results. Best business startup ideas in India can be started at any time or at a particular time. The best startup business ideas will work depending on the availability of products.

One can be a successful entrepreneur with proper planning and execution of these best business ideas. Along with money, appropriate premises and specific skills are also required. Most businesses are coming to an end due to improper management and planning. So, people should think about how they can run a business by taking the right approach.

Startup business ideas in India will only work if they have a futuristic approach. Entrepreneurs should keep an eye on the decreasing trends and fastest-growing opportunities in the market. Here is a list of 40 trending business ideas in India that one can start. We should go through it carefully before starting a new business.

Aspects of being considered before starting a business

One shouldn’t ignore the topic of funding. The funds from which one can avail of loans should be considered first. After that, a proper business plan is to be made. Before starting a new business, some major factors need to be considered. Those factors include –

Business Funds

Before starting any business, one should arrange money. Nowadays, many Government Organisations, Banks, and Cooperative societies are giving loans to start a business. With a very low investment, even one can start a small-scale business. So, an Entrepreneur needs to arrange Funding at the beginning. One must remain very cautious about where to invest the money in how much amount.

Business Plan

Planning is the key to success. If anyone makes proper planning and acts accordingly, then success is sure. In fact, before launching a new business, it is essential to make a proper business strategy. One should know the potential customers. A potential customer database is to be collected. The product should be introduced in the market in such a way that the customers will be attracted. One should know the competitors and observe the whole market.

1. Content Writer and Blogging

Blogging can be a better startup business idea in India. If someone has a strong command of writing and reading skills, then blogging is the best option. Moreover, blogging is the best business opportunity that anyone can dream of. This is a profitable business idea in India as well as abroad. The best part of Blogging is that anyone can start it with zero investment. All one needs to focus on is client satisfaction.

Among the top-rated home-based businesses, blogging takes a stand. The payment is descent according to work. Many Publishing Houses actively hire content writers. The best part of blogging is that one can sit at home and start working. Even this startup business in India can help someone to get money and fame. National and International clients actively search for content writers. In brief, if someone’s writing skills are perfect, then a startup business in India will surely bring luck.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the trending startup businesses in India. The marketing skill involving the internet and digital platforms is known as digital marketing. Many Centers provide digital marketing courses. In today’s world, everything is digital. The scope of Digital Marketing is huge. If anyone masters this skill, various career opportunities will be there. Similarly, there are so many Companies in the Market that spend their budgets on advertising digitally.

The startup business Idea in India can make anyone a well-rounded professional. Further, one can start an Agency and serve the clients. In the beginning, one may promote various products, take freelance projects from companies and earn better. However, before starting a business in India, one should master this skill and appoint skilled professionals.

3. Edtech Business

Edtech Industries are snowballing in India. One can own an educational Center and initiate a business. This is one of the best business ideas for the coming years. One can buy a franchise or make an independent Education Center. Coaching Centers, pre-schools, and Educational Institutions are in high demand. The required funding is to be arranged from the investors to start. The business person should choose a suitable place for the Learning Center. A well-communicated place is always recommended.

Well-certified educators are to be hired to gain credit for the Learning Centers. All the educational equipment is to be arranged to run the business. Before the business, one can advertise and promote the centre to attract customers.

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4. Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a kind of marketing that believes in selling products by increasing one’s network. One can increase the network by generating leads and recruiting people to grow their business. Network Marketing is of 3 types.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is a marketing technique where individuals sell products directly from the manufacturers. Mary Kay Cosmetics and Pampered Chef Kitchen are the top Companies that do direct marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a newer business idea in India. Affiliate Marketing is a kind of marketing where one markets another person’s or Company’s products and gets a commission. Many big companies are searching for affiliate partners to run their businesses.

Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level Marketing is a type of business plan that involves person-to-person selling. Here, the Company appoints an individual to sell its products or services. The salesperson promotes and sells various products and services.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the unique startup business ideas that anyone can start in India. A big advantage of the dropshipping business is that anyone can start it without investing. There is no requirement to purchase or stock any product. First, one must find e-commerce suppliers and tie up with them. One can market and sell the products on social media platforms or other marketing channels. When a customer orders any product, one can inform the supplier, and the suppliers will deliver the product to the customer.

Profit can be gained by taking the price between the supplier and selling prices. There are many e-commerce online marketplaces where anyone can register and start a business. In this way, dropshipping is one of the awesome startup business opportunities. Dropshipping is a unique business opportunity as anyone can start it from the comfort of home. There is a great margin profit. So, if anyone is thinking of starting a dropshipping business, then go for it.

6. Social Media Consutant

Does anyone want to become a social media consultant? If yes, then it’s a great choice. There is a high demand for social media consultants in the market. The opportunity may return well if one can offer better social media services. One can find a large number of clients to serve. The best thing is that the startup idea can be made by sitting at home.

A qualified social media consultant can launch a firm and start offering social media marketing services. The services belong to the Planning and Execution of social media strategy. In the current market, there are many social media channels. One can promote a Company’s products and services on social media Networks.

7. Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is among the best startup business ideas in India. The business idea can be started by qualified persons expertizing in this Industry. Cybersecurity will remain a trending business idea in India. Cybersecurity is a process where one saves internet-related systems and programs from cyberattacks and threats. This startup business idea provides ample opportunities across the world.

Industries like Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and Entertainment face cybersecurity challenges. They seek for cybersecurity professionals to save their data and information. So, anyone willing for this startup business should go for it.

8. Courier Services

The courier business is considered one of India’s upcoming business ideas. The business is all about sending goods from one place to another. Usually, courier companies deliver packages, messages, and emails to the address given by their clients. For this, the courier companies get a good payment. A courier company’s popularity lies in certain things like speed, the safety of packages, and the tracking method also count.

One can start the business by arranging a vehicle, delivery boys, logistics helpers, accountants, and legal persons. Though the returns are lucrative, one should make heavy investments. To deliver Medical welfare and Chemicals, one may need to follow certain legal procedures. Before starting the business, one must take the advice of trusted individuals like lawyers and accountants.

9. Home Solar Energy Set up Company

Setting up a solar home company is one of the new business ideas in India. Most of the places in India get ample sunlight. So, one can easily buy and set the solar energy equipment on their rooftop or balcony. After setting up, a huge profit can be gained by generating electricity for free. This way, one can make a huge profit by supplying electricity to nearby areas or Electricity Supply Companies. The electricity generated on the rooftop is connected to the main electricity supply unit. This is an awesome business opportunity for the people living in India.

By investing in solar rooftop solutions, one can make a great saving along with keeping the environment safe. Solar energy setup can be considered a unique business idea in India as solar power is always environment-friendly. For the past few years, the price of solar power panels has been reduced. But, the installation and maintenance are higher. Before starting the business, one should be sure that the house gets enough sun exposure. Therefore, starting up a solar energy setup company is an upcoming best business idea in India.

10. Consultancy Business

Is someone planning to start a placement consultancy? If the answer is yes. Then, this piece of article will help you. The consultancy business is one of the startup ideas in India. Many professionals and experts in India are in search of consultancy companies. To maintain the growth of the Companies, they search for consultancy firms. There are various consultancy firms – educational consultant agencies, recruitment firms, career consultancies and customer consultancy. One can start this startup business idea by taking a rented room or in one area of a house.

A consultancy firm is one of the best business opportunities in India. This business will run in the future as there is a growing need for skilled professionals. People hire suitable candidates to run their companies to meet the rising competition.

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11. Career Coach

If someone has an experience in career counselling or personal coaching, then certainly go for it. Career Coaches help those who are unsure about their career goals. Nowadays, students and job aspirants look for Career Coaches who can guide them. The Career Coaching business is not a cheap idea. The Coaches can effectively provide solutions to their customers to help them build their professional lives. So, career Coaching is one of the trending businesses in India that one can do. Before starting this business idea, one must acquire a registered career counsellor certification. There are many Institutes in India that offer career certification programs.

12. Tiffin service

The Tiffin service is one of India’s popular startup business ideas. Students, working professionals, and many living away from their homes search for Tiffin Centers. So, there is a growing need for Tiffin Centers in India. So, if someone is willing to launch a Tiffin Center, it’s a great startup business idea. This business opportunity in India can immensely benefit you. By investing a low amount of money, anyone can get good profits.

This startup business idea in India can help many people earn a good income source. One can run this business in the long run by offering hygienic and good-quality meals. This startup business idea in India can give good returns if one can serve people better. Another good thing is that one can simply start the business independently. The kitchen is the place where one can start.

13. Organic Farming

Organic farming is the most popular startup business in India. In the modern era, chemicals, pesticides, and other preservatives spoil the quality of foods and vegetables. Fruits with chemicals are present in the market everywhere. So, people are genuinely searching for organic items. Therefore, organic Farming is one of the trending startup business opportunities that anyone can start. With a little supervision, this business idea can go well.

Anyone can initiate this startup business idea in India. One can cultivate the crops or take the crops from farmers and distribute those items in the market. Another good news is that it is possible for the people living in India to grow this business with heavy profit returns.

14. Home-based bakery

This startup business in India is a better option for those who want to work from their home. This startup business opportunity will work better if anyone loves to do all kinds of bakery items. People love to eat tasty bakery items and eagerly go to the Bakery shops. If someone is good at bakery skills, this startup business idea in India can run well. One needs a very low setup cost before doing this startup business in India.

The best part of this business opportunity in India is that one can make a great profit. By beautifully decorating and adding delicious taste and hygiene, anyone can do well. This startup business in India can be initiated from home or a shop.

15. Tuitions

Tuition is one of the upcoming startup business ideas in India. This startup business opportunity can give a large profit. Students, housewives, and people willing to do business in the coming years can start it any time. Parents look for better educators who can provide quality teaching to their children. So, this startup business idea will give high returns with zero investment. If anyone wants to impart education, this business startup idea can give them good returns.

Not only this, anyone can earn money by simply sitting at home or taking online classes. This is the best platform if anyone has a passion for teaching and a strong knowledge of any subject.

16. Flower business

Flower business can be taken as the best startup business in India. During marriage ceremonies, parties, functions, grand festivals, events, and other celebrations, people search for a large number of flowers. This startup business in India can be beneficial if gardening is a zeal for anyone. One should cultivate and grow flowers on a seasonal basis. Various kinds of flowers are to be collected when a customer orders. Anyone can execute this startup business in India. One can either collect the flowers from cultivators and sell them or cultivate the same on their own and sell them.

17. Interior Designing

As per the reports, Interior designing is surely the best startup business idea to start in India. Many Indian families are looking for modern kitchens and fancy interior home decorations. Indian families love to decorate their houses with different colour schemes. Due to the growing need for modern furniture, lighting, and beautiful antiques, this startup business will run well. Many Architectural and Designing Firms opt for Interior designers.

18. Scented Candles and Incense sticks business

Yes, initiating the scented candles and incense sticks business can be the best startup business in India as candles and incense sticks are daily-use products in Indian houses. Nowadays, scented candles and incense sticks are very popular in the Indian market. Fragrant oils are easily available in the market. There are training Centers where one can learn the skill of making candles and incense sticks. Another thing is to install the machines required to do the business. With a low investment, this startup idea can get anyone huge benefits.

19. Pet Care

Pet Care is one of the good opportunities in India. So many people love to spend their time with their pets. Pet lovers treat their pets as their family members. So, when they go for a vacation or other purposes, they search for caretakers who can take care of their pets. This is the best choice if someone is good with handling pets. Additionally, one can keep pet food along to get more profits. So, a caretaker can earn good margins along with taking care of the price.

20. Beauty Parlor

Yes, Beauty Parlor can be taken as one of the trending startup businesses in India. It runs pretty well in Indian markets as the Indian people love to beautify themselves. It is a place where one prefers to go for adornment. People frequently visit the parlours to enhance their looks. The investment is not that high, and the returns are relatively good. Besides, one has to appoint trained people. So that the profit will increase, this startup idea will work well by maintaining healthy relationships with customers and a better marketing strategy.

21. Photography

Photography is one of the best startup business ideas in India. If photography is a passion for anyone and one wants to earn money, then certainly one should go for it. During the time of Marriage ceremonies, Birthday Parties, Grand celebrations, events, and festivals, people search for photographers. The scope of photography is huge. People willing to make a career in Modeling, Cabin Crew, actors, and Airlines eagerly search for glamourous photographers to take their pictures. People who keep an eye on this startup business in India should buy a professional camera first. One should arrange other related equipment to start a Studio.

22. Mushroom Farming

Mushroom is a delicacy in India. The price of mushrooms is fairly high. It is a nutritious item that every Indian family wants to have in their Kitchen. So, anyone willing for a startup business in India should go for it. This is a wise option. The government is giving facilities and training to harvest mushrooms. Mushroom spores are easily available in all agriculture shops. One who wishes to do this startup business in India needs to make a green room. A controlled temperature is required to crop the mushrooms. The best thing about this startup opportunity is that one can get a bulk number of customers. So, mushroom farming will surely be an optimistic business idea in India.

23. Renting scooters and motorcycles

There are so many people in India who look for vehicles when they visit other cities and towns. People choose to rent vehicles to save their time. Communication also becomes easy. One can start this startup business idea by purchasing scooters and motorcycles. Anyone can start this startup business in India with a couple of two-wheelers. Later, when this idea brings profit, one can buy some more.

24. Handicrafts

Yes, handicrafts is a tremendous startup business idea in India. This business opportunity can be profitable by spending less money. Usually, handicrafts are made in rural areas. Significantly, these items are handmade and carry a lot of value in the market. So, the business can help someone to get lucrative money. Handicraft products are always in demand. One can take handicraft items at a cheap rate from different locations and sell them. The startup business in India will bring a promising future.

25. Soya Products

Nowadays, soya products are of high value. The requirement for soya products is high in the current market. Soya products are the best alternative to nonveg products. Vegan people are increasingly buying soya products. One can begin the startup business in India by installing a few required machines. Another thing is that the manufacturing procedure is fairly easy. Products like – soya milk, soya flour, soya chunks, and soya curds hold demand in the market.

26. Tailoring

Tailoring is one of the best upcoming business ideas in India. As a startup opportunity, tailoring a business is very convenient. One can open a tailoring shop or a boutique or even start at home. One can initiate the startup business after completing the stitching training.

Additionally, one may learn the art of embroidery and several other sewing designs. In the modern era, people love to wear designer dresses. People are looking for boutiques and Tailoring Centers where they can easily get those.  This is a business idea that can surely make a huge profit.

27. Juice Corner

Nowadays, everyone is health conscious. People are taking fresh juices as an alternative to cold drinks. One has to observe the availability of seasonable fruits. So that there will be a diversity of juices. If someone starts a Juice Corner near Gymnasiums, Fitness Parks, and Hospitals, then the earning potential is higher. One should ensure the Public that the juice made is of high quality. Hygiene must be checked. If these steps are followed, the startup idea will surely succeed.

28. Fitness Center

Fitness is a matter of concern in everyone’s life. Most importantly, people want to be physically fit. Various Gymnasiums or Fitness Centers are increasing rapidly. A large number of people are joining Gymnasiums for fitness. Before starting the business, one has to arrange all fitness-related instruments that are easily available in the market. Even one can open a startup business in India by taking a spacious room. Fitness Center is a major attraction among young people of all age groups. So, the startup idea can assuredly return good.

29. Real Estate

The demand for the real estate sector is growing in this urban world. The requirement for real estate agents among people is high. The startup business in India is becoming a goldmine today. Many entrepreneurs are earning huge money out of this business. Nowadays, many people are looking forward to buying houses and buildings. People can start a business either by taking land or making houses. Even one can start this business with zero investment. Becoming a real estate agent can sell other people’s legally owned properties.

30. Childcare

Childcare is the best startup business idea in India. Working couples eagerly search for Childcare Centers. Someone can launch a Childcare Center with a minimal investment. This business idea can be implemented by arranging some toys, appointing a maid, and taking a small premises for rent. Even one can start in a home. If someone loves to spend time with children, this business will work.

31. Aquarium and Fish business

The aquarium is an upcoming startup business idea that can boom in the upcoming years. Anyone can set up this business at a minimal cost. People love to keep fish aquariums in their houses for the Vaastu benefits. The demand for fish aquariums is increasing in Indian houses and offices. Even Grand Hotels, restaurants, and Guest Houses keep these aquariums to attract customers. So, anyone can do business by buying different kinds of fish. Aquariums of different sizes need to be kept along. One can also include tortoises and other water animals if they want. The margin profit is very high in this business.

32. Pickles Industry

The pickle is one of the most promising startup business ideas in India that can give heavy returns. With a small capital, the startup idea can be initiated. The best part of this opportunity is that the demand for pickles is increasing daily. One has to learn the art of pickle making or skilled people can be appointed to make pickles. To gain high profits, one should introduce a variety of flavours like -sweet, sour, sweet and sour, bitter, etc. Before starting, one must create a manufacturing setup. Certain expenses are to be made for buying needed machines. Most importantly, one needs to do certain registrations and licenses before the commencement of this business.

33. Nursery

Do you have an interest in plants? If yes, then Nursery is a unique business opportunity in India. This is a great business idea as the investment is low. Due to the growing awareness about greenery, everyone is interested in plantations. The need for small plants and scrubs is rising in every house. People love to grow various plants in their houses, offices, balconies, and buildings. Some plants even carry medicinal benefits. So, the demand is growing day by day. One can start a startup business from home. One can sell fertilizers, seeds, and other garden-related products to get better margins.

34. Pharmaceutical Business

The pharmaceutical business is one of the best startup business ideas in India. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing fast in the market. Even Indian medicines carry popularity across the world. So, Pharmaceutical Companies require business persons who can run their business. Anyone who wants to start a business may take the verified authority first. Then, one can open a Medicine shop and distribute medicines.

35. Travel Agency

India is an attraction for many tourists. It is a great tourist destination. India has marvellous architecture, monuments, landscapes, palaces, and many more. People all over the world love to visit India and enjoy the attractions. If anyone thinks of this startup business, then assuredly, this idea can bring luck. The startup cost is also low. One can start the business by registering the Agency with the State. An attractive office in a well-communicated area will work. Planning is key to success here. Everyone is willing to take the advice of travel agents before planning a trip. Hence, the business plan can run better in the upcoming years.

36. Mobile Apps

The demand for mobile apps is increasing day by day. This is the best option if anyone has some technical knowledge about the tools to make an app. One can understand and prepare a mobile app for the customers. Another good thing is that the earning potential is higher. One can take orders from the Companies and design an app accordingly. Before starting this business idea, one must check whether the app will help potential users or not.

37. Fashion Designing

Yes, Fashion Designing is possibly one of the trending startup business ideas in India. People who have an interest in updated fashion should choose the startup idea. There are many career options available for a fashion designer. If someone uses fashion skills smartly, then success can come easily. The scope is growing rapidly in the market. Many business persons, celebrities, actors, and models search for personal stylists who can design their style statements. People are also looking for fashion designers who can design their outfits. One can launch a business by introducing all kinds of stylish and modern accessories to the market.

38. Catering Business

Catering is becoming a booming business idea that entrepreneurs can start investing in. In the beginning, one can simply start the business by spending less. Later, the startup idea can be grown into a bigger one. One can start providing catering services to a limited area of people with little manpower first. One has to arrange some required utensils and other kitchen items. If one gets enough orders, the startup idea can be built into a bigger one. Investors will also help. Before starting, one has to register and get a license from the Government.

39. Wifi Installation Company

If a startup business idea in India is coming into anyone’s mind, then one should go for it. The need for the internet is everywhere. People spend most of their time on the Internet. The Wifi use is increasing in houses, offices, shops, and retail counters. One can start the business by taking the dealership from Wifi installation distributors. One can buy the routers and keep them in stock. When someone gives an order to install Wi-Fi in their area, this business will work, and good returns will come.

40. Cloud Kitchen

Is the cloud kitchen idea coming into anyone’s mind? If yes, then certainly the idea is a great way to start your culinary career. A Cloud kitchen is a startup idea where a kitchen is used for preparing and delivering food to customers. There is no facility for serving food to customers in a particular spot. The business runs online. The startup business in India is also known as virtual or ghost kitchens. In the kitchen, the food items on the menu list are being prepared for delivery to customers.

Nowadays, many Restaurants, caterers, Local Meal suppliers, and Packaged food Companies are transforming their kitchens into cloud kitchens. Just at one call, the consumers get their favourite food items at their doorstep. The startup idea saves time, money, and hassles with a high profit margin. So, cloud kitchen is a popular startup idea in India in the coming years.

Final thoughts

All businesses can give heavy returns if they are executed properly. One should take advice from trusted persons and financial advisers when needed. The food businesses require licenses and registrations from the Government. So, one must check all the documents before starting a food business. An aspiring businessperson can launch a low-investing business. There can be no risk. People should follow all the legal procedures before starting any servicing Centers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which business is best as a startup in India?

Ans. There are many startup businesses that one can start in India. Food-related businesses, Digital Marketing, Mushroom farming, tuition, and tailoring are businesses that can be started anywhere in India with less capital.

Q.2 Which type of startup is most profitable in India?

Ans. Food-related businesses, plantation businesses, and business ideas that provide services to people can be most profitable. Tiffin Center, Pickles, Nursery, Organic harvesting, tuitions, mushroom farming, tailoring, and juice centre are some businesses that anyone can run with less capital. The profits are also possibly high.

Q.3 Which business can we start in 1 lakh?

Ans. We can start so many businesses in 1 lakh. Mushroom farming, Tiffin Center, Travel Agency, Juice Corner, Nursery, Child Care Center, Cloud kitchen and Placement Consultancy Firm can be started in 1 lakh.

Q.4 What are the top 5 most profitable businesses?

Ans. The top 5 most profitable businesses are

  • Food-related businesses
  • digital marketing
  • mushroom farming
  • Edtech
  • real estate

Q.5 Which business profit is more?

Ans. There are so many business opportunities that can be profitable in India. Food-related businesses, Edtech, Digital Marketing, Mushroom Farming, and Organic Farming, can return good margins. However,  Real Estate is a business where one can gain more profits. Using convincing skills, a real estate agent may get high commissions.

Q.6 What are the 10 business ideas?

Ans. The 10 business ideas are:

  • Dropshipping
  • Content Writing
  • Tuitions
  • Tiffin Centers
  • Aquariums
  • Mushroom Farming
  • Catering
  • Travel Agency
  • Organic Farming
  • Solar Setup Company

Q.7 How do I find start-up ideas?

Ans. If anyone is willing to start a startup business in the future, here comes a solution. Before starting a business, a person needs to have expertise in the field. Another thing, one should have expertise in something valuable so that the valuable skill can help the person to initiate a new business further. A person with good knowledge of digital marketing can start a digital marketing Firm. Digital Marketing services can be offered to the clients, and profit can be gained.

Q.8 What unique business can I start?

Ans. There are many unique business ideas that one can start in India. Some ideas are given below.

  • Head Chef – One can own a truck and start doing food business. If anyone has the expertise in cooking delicious food, then go for it. The truck can be taken to multiple areas, and food can be served to hungry customers.
  • Pet or Dog Walker– In today’s fast-paced world, people who can’t give time to their pets search for pet walkers who can take their pets for a walk. One can start a pet or dog walker business and earn money.
  • Virtual Assistant – Virtual assistants are those workers who know a variety of tasks. They plan the schedules, arrange meetings with the clients, and manage all personal and professional tasks. Business persons are hiring them to perform various roles.

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