Here are some Career Options After BSc Computer Science

career options after computer science
January 29, 2021
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Computer science as a subject and its application in real-life business situations are considered to be the most sought-after courses both at the graduation and the post-graduation scenario. Let us look at some career options after Bsc Computer Science.

Several renowned educational institutes provide an aspirant for this course. The trend is rapidly rising owing to the growth in the information technology industry and other sectors of a business organization.

List of Part-Time Job Opportunities

Below is the list of part-time job opportunities & career options after bsc computer science:


After pursuing in computer science one has to wonder what to do after computer science. Being a data scientist is a perfect job for such pursuits. Data scientists are the people who are responsible for the collection and interpretation of such large and complex data.

The role of a data scientist can be categorized as one of the offshoot technical roles such as a statistician, a computer professional, and a scientist. The job requires the application of technical skills and knowledge, which includes predictive modeling, and machine learning.

A data scientist is the best career option after computer science & it studies large amounts of data to make inferences, analyze both customer trends and market trends to develop hypotheses. The basic work includes the collection, analyzing, and interpretation of data by using a variety of statistical as well as analyzing tools, to detect trends and patterns and spotting the relationship between various elements of the data.

Skills that are needed for being data scientists are technical skills such as python, machine learning and AI, Handoopm platform, etc. one should have a good command over statistics and algorithms.

A data scientist is an extremely interdisciplinary matter of subject and is the most fast-growing field that can provide a good job opportunity and can be good career options after computer science.


Being a part of the IT industry, the role of an application analyst helps a business organization to achieve its short term as well as long-term goals by designing and creating various useful computer application systems. It is a rapidly growing field and can prove to be one of the best career options after Bsc computer science.

Application analysts use various combinations and permutations of mathematical modeling, information engineering, and data modeling to ensure perfect application designs. Most of the application systems involve departments such as finance, accounting, and business. Data analysts are sometimes required to study and prepare a return on investment and cost benefits to identify the feasibility of technological implications and solutions.

Some important aspects of being an application analyst include diagnosing problems, identifying errors, and followup solutions.

Most of the employers of reputed companies look for employees having a varied set of skills such as a strong and wide knowledge base, analytical skills, problem-solving, and multitasking skills. One will work as a technical fixpoint for application and system issues being an analyst and will be responsible for the systems and processes for a business to function smoothly.


This technology-driven era has alarmingly increased the need for various information system managers and has contributed to ensuring their survival. Activities ranging from financial analytics to sales department require networking and problem solving thus requiring an IT manager to deal with such problems. Thus, it is one of the most lucrative career options after computer science.

An information systems manager guides a business organization’s information technology department, supervising all systems as well as computer-related activities to assess and constantly monitor and improve current IT practices of a company. They often provide insight into technological upgrades and development.

An information systems manager requires a background of technology, strong management skills as well as problem-solving skills. IT managers play a vital role in a business organization they not only manage information system expansion but also helps to make premises and strategic decisions that will affect future IT needs.

They oversee the planning, installation, and up-gradation of software and hardware systems. As an IT manager one needs to frequently monitor technological needs and up-gradation of new systems with a security solution. Decision-makers at every level in an organization rely on the information that they receive. IT managers efficiently work with an organization to design project budgets and work with top-level members of the organization to ensure optimum utilization of resources.


A good website gives several reasons for its visitors to visit again on its website. A well-designed website helps to convert visitors to customers and followers of the website’s products. Therefore the job of a web designer is one of the most lucrative career options after computer science.

A web designer needs to have concise designing skills to hook audiences, he/she needs to have a sound understanding of creative techniques and an eye for aesthetics.

Ther are various tasks within the job of a web designer such as developing websites, working on visual effects to appeal to the targeted customer, focus on databases, and software. Structuring of a website with constant changes and visual effects is an important task for the web developers. Any change in the company’s policies, rules, and regulations needs to be reflected in a website.

The job of a web designer is gaining its importance day by day and proves to be one of the most required jobs in today’s technological era. A pursuant can easily go for this career options after computer science with full job security and satisfaction.


Being a Technical support representative can be a good deal of business for the students of computer science. It can be a great part-time job opportunity for such fellows.

The career options after bsc computer science of a technical support representative is to address troubleshoot issues of customers with the help of an equipment. Technical support representatives are also responsible for maintaining customer interaction records, installing various equipment, interacting with people to improve company requirements and success.

Tech support team is supposed to install and maintain various hardware and software, they are they install security patches and frequently update them according to the technological up-gradation. It is more of a problem-solving occupation that a computer science student can deal with it requires receiving problems, analyzing the situation, and then finding out a solution for the same.

One needs to brush up his/her communication skills and at the same should have a good understanding of computers. It can surely be a good career options after computer science.


The job of a database administrator involves databases and a different set of databases. They are responsible for the monitoring of the database to ensure that these databases are running smoothly without any interruption and are not overused. Implementation of preventive tasks such as patching and clean-ups, assisting project teams, designing and creating a database, improving queries, and other tasks are some of the activities that a database administrator needs to perform.

These are some of the prime responsibilities and activities that an organization needs to do and for that, they need proficient database administrators to carry out this duty. And thus, it is one of the most lucrative career options after computer science.

The person who takes up the responsibility of data production, as well as consumption of the same by different organizations, is none other than a database administrator. His/her job involves installing and upgrading the database, allocation of the database’s physical requirements such as disks, memory, network requirements, etc. A DBA needs to ensure compliance with database vendors’ license renewals and assurance.

Being a database administrator is both a challenging as well as a rewarding career path. The pursuant acts as the custodian of the organization’s data and accordingly holds one of the most important positions in a business set up.


career options after computer science - Software engineer

Software engineers act as a key to lead this technological world. The software can be categorized as the fuel to run computer hardware. Hardware is just a clump of plastic or metal just a paperweight without software. Therefore, it can prove to be the best career options after Bsc computer science.

Software engineering is the process of research, analysis, and then converting this analysis in designing, building, and structuring the software according to customer’s preferences. It is an ever-hanging occupation that one can opt for, it is the application of engineering principles to design and develop is a unique, technically driven, and scientific field.

One needs to learn a programming language for the same such as java, python script, C++, and many such languages. Majoring in computer science will help an individual to have the most useful background for designing software and at the same time to have a good understanding of the respective subject.

Pursuing a degree in computer science will offer an individual a plethora of fields that one can enroll into such as creating video games, running computer networks, or developing internet applications.


The online tutoring business is the most flourishing business of this era. It is the most convenient and most comfortable job profile that one can ask for. Technological innovation and extensive usage of the internet has made it possible for a certain group of people who are likely to work from home without any investment. One needs to identify the targeted audience and the subject matter that one needs to tutor in.

Since computer science is demanding and a technical subject it requires extra assistance on both students as well as on the teacher’s part. A computer science pursuant can get into this part-time job profession easily, this will not only help them to expand their knowledge but also will help to brush their skills.

career options after computer science - Online tutoring

Chegg is one of the most top online portals that will surely help an individual to get into the profession. It assists the students in varied subject matters that will cater to a larger student population. The job profile is called the “subject matter expert”. Anyone who is enrolled as a student in diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or a doctorate degree program and in the respected fields can easily get into this profession through Chegg. This opportunity is not restricted to final year students.

One needs to adhere to the mentioned guidelines in order to ensure high academic integrity.

The job of the online tutor is to answer the academic questions asked by the students. The subject matter experts are paid according to the number of questions that the online tutors/subject matter experts have answered. This is a rapidly growing business and an individual can earn INR 30000 to INR 80000 per month, depends on how much time to spend answering the questions. There are several subjects that an individual can opt for computer science is also one of them. This is the most flexible career options after computer science, where one can work anywhere and anytime he wants.


Advances in the Information technology industry is an ever-changing process that will always create demand for such aspirants. This is a technology-driven economy that will always flourish with the least repercussions. The above-stated article is all about various careers as well as part-time job opportunities for the pursuant of Bsc computer science. One should get into the role that he/she wants to play, hopefully, this article will give an aspirant an insight into the solution that what one should do after Bsc computer science.

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