Best Career Options after MCA in India

November 23, 2023
career options after mca

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If you’re considering a career in the IT sector, pursuing an MCA degree can open up numerous job opportunities for you. With the demand for computer application graduates on the rise, this degree offers a bright future in various fields such as IT, banking, consultancy, and more.

This article explores the various career options after MCA (Master of Computer Applications), providing you with insights into where to start your journey. Discover the employment prospects in IT companies, consultancy firms, the Navy, and more with this comprehensive guide on career options after MCA.

List of 18 Most Demanded Career Options after MCA in 2023

There are many jobs after MCA. Let us discuss some career opportunities that you can take:

  1. Software Developer
  2. AI Specialist
  3. Full Stack Developer
  4. Project Manager
  5. iOS Developer
  6. Data Analyst
  7. System Analyst
  8. Hardware Engineer
  9. Data Scientist
  10. Troubleshooter
  11. Web Designer & Developer
  12. Software Consultant
  13. IT Architect
  14. Cloud Architect
  15. Database Administrator
  16. Cyber Security Specialist
  17. Professor
  18. Become a Computer Science Expert

1. Software Developer

Software Developer is one of the leading career options after MCA. There is software for everything today- paying bills, booking tickets, shopping, etc. If you love to code, being a software develop might fulfil your interests.

The software developer’s job is to research, design, implement and manage software programs. You will also test and evaluate new programs and identify areas that need improvement or revision.

Skills Required: Mathematical aptitude, problem-solving skills, Programming languages, Time management.

Salary: The average salary of a software developer is INR 5 LPA.

2. AI Specialist

The Artificial Intelligence specialist understands the wide variety of technology and tools available in the AI field. You can work in many organizations. And your work will involve discovering innovative methods and applying them in daily work.

Skills Required: Programming languages, Data Engineering, Data analysis, Data Modelling, Design & Software Engineering knowledge.

Salary: The average salary of an AI Specialist is INR 24 LPA.

3. Full Stack Developer

A full stack web developer develops software for both- backend and front-end. You should know HTML and CSS and programs like JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc.

As a full stack developer, you will work on front-end and back-end development processes and design, develop and maintain databases.

Skills Required: Front-end Languages, Design skills, JavaScript, Python

Salary: The average salary of a full stack developer is INR 6.5 LPA.

4. Project Manager

A project manager is an important part of the company. They manage multiple functions in the company, perform analysis to identify problems and solve them with their problem-solving abilities.

One of the best career options after MCA is Project Manager. You will manage the company’s product, create and reach a plan and goal and share it with the stakeholders. You can also manage the team to accomplish business goals.

Skills Required: Communication, Time Management, Leadership, Technical Expertise, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Risk Management

Salary: The average salary of a project manager is INR 14.6 LPA.

5. iOS Developer

If you are fond of iOS applications and have good knowledge of coding, then you can become an iOS developer.

The work of iOS developers includes designing, building, and testing applications and software for Apple’s iOS. They also do coding for iOS applications and fix bugs that have arisen.

Skills Required: Basic syntax, Control Flow, Error handling, Spatial Reasoning, Networking, Core Data

Salary: The average salary of an iOS developer is INR 5 LPA.

6. Data Analyst

The Data Analyst job is one of the suitable career options after MCA if you have problem-solving skills.

Data analysts collect, organise and interpret statistical information for clients that helps them make decisions. You will collect data and generate information from it using a variety of tools.

Skills Required: Mathematical aptitude, Problem-solving skills, Programming languages, Time management

Salary: The average salary of a data analyst is INR 4.72 LPA.

7. System Analyst

If you have a creative mind then a system analyst is worth considering. One of the best career options after MCA, your job is to provide better and better business solutions. You will use analysis and design techniques and apply them with technology. Apart from this, your work involves managerial aspects.

Skills Required: Communication skills, Written skills, Interpersonal skills, Team player, Analytical and problem-solving skills, Computer systems and programming knowledge.

Salary: The average salary of a system analyst is INR 8.1 LPA.

8. Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers are in high demand and always will be. All companies like private, government and research-based companies have recruitment for hardware engineers.

Your job will be to design, develop and maintain all the physical parts. You will also test the computer system and its components like circuit boards, processors, memory devices, networks and routers etc.

Skills Required: Creativity, analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication skills.

Salary: The average salary of a hardware engineer is INR 4 LPA.

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9. Data Scientist

Data Science is one of the good career options after MCA. This is one of the interesting career options after MCA. In this age of technology, data is increasing with the increasing internet. So how to use this data for the betterment of your future? This is where Data Scientists are required.

Your job will be to analyse the data using various codes and extract quality experiences from the available data. You will also predict the future and help society.

Skills Required: Machine Learning, Programming, Mathematics, Deep Learning, Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis

Salary: The average salary of a data scientist is INR 10.6 LPA.

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10. Troubleshooter

A Troubleshooter is the one of the best career options after MCA. You are the solution to every problem and who keeps every system running.

Your job is to detect and repair faults in machinery and technical equipment. In addition, you will research, diagnose, troubleshoot and identify solutions by following standard procedures for any problems that may arise.

Skills Required: Analytical skills, problem-solving skills, creative skills, team player, and communication skills

Salary: The average salary of a Trouble-shooter is INR 8.9 LPA.

11. Web Designer & Developer

This is one of the fields that attract most MCA graduates. It is one of the best career options after MCA as today every business needs to have its own company website. This creates a demand for creative web designers and developers.

You work to design the website and ensure that it is free from bugs. If a problem occurs, you must fix it. Explore the working of the website and work on its various components. Also, a good website developer and designer can work as a freelancer.

Skills Required: Visual design, CSS, JavaScript, time management, communication, problem-solving.

Salary: The average salary of a web designer & developer is INR 3.56 LPA.

12. Software Consultant

As a software consultant, you can work individually or with consulting firms. Software Consultancy is a niche career after MCA. Companies hire them for specific projects. Their main function is to review the work and provide feedback to create a customized software version.

Your job will provide better solutions to problems that may arise in the future. Therefore, you will predict problems and provide solutions to optimize the functioning of the software.

Skills Required: Business understanding, analytical skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills

Salary: The average salary of a software consultant is INR 8.3 LPA.

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13. IT Architect

An IT architect is an individual who designs and develops information technology services and infrastructure for a company or organization. One of the best career options after MCA, you need to have good knowledge of software and hardware.

Your job will involve optimizing the use of information technology to generate maximum profits in the business. In addition, you will design and maintain computer networks and create a network plan before implementing it.

Skills Required: Negotiation skills, problem-solving skills, design skills, analytical thinking, communication skills

Salary: The average salary of an IT architect is INR 24 LPA.

14. Cloud Architect

The increasing use of smartphones and the huge data generated by cloud technology are getting popular day by day. With the affordable facilities provided by different cloud technologies, traditional ways of maintaining a website, software and data are no more in use. You will be working on generating, managing, and supervising the company’s cloud computing system.

Skills Required: Java, networking, communication skills, cloud-specific knowledge, data storage

Salary: The average salary of a cloud architect is INR 21 LPA.

15. Database Administrator

The database system is one of the important parts of any company. If the database stops, all work will come to a standstill. The database administrator is one of the best career options after MCA.

An information technology professional who designs and maintains databases. The role of database administrator also includes capacity planning, database security, and backup.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, logical approach, patience, problem-solving skills.

Salary: The average salary of a database administrator is INR 10.1 LPA.

16. Cyber Security Specialist

The dangers have increased with increasing technologies. The hacking of accounts and other security breaches are becoming real. Data is important and needs to be protected from reaching the wrong, unauthorized hands. With experience and good knowledge of hardware and software applications, you can become a cyber security consultant.

Your job involves discovering vulnerabilities and risks in systems and networks. Plus, you’ll scan and monitor network data for potential threats and make sure everything is secure.

Skills Required: Communication skills, written and oral skills, team player, problem-solving, critical thinking

Salary: The average salary of a Cyber Security Specialist is INR 11.5 LPA.

17. Professor

Becoming a professor is one of the great career options after MCA. If you love teaching and researching and negotiating, this is the right career path for you. Also, if you want to do more specialization then you can do a PhD.

As a professor, your job is to teach students in your specialised field and do research on topics.

Skills Required: Analytical, observational, problem-solving skills, research skills, interpersonal skills

Salary: The average salary of a professor is INR 2.2 LPA.

18. Become a Computer Science Expert

If you have a good knowledge of computer science, you can become a subject expert at Chegg and earn from the comfort of your home. It is an online platform where students ask questions, and you get paid for every correct answer that you give. To know how to register for Q&A opportunity refer the video below:

Skills Required: Observation, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, subject knowledge

Government Jobs after MCA

Many career options are also open to MCA graduates in the government sector.

  • IT SSC Executive: Selection is based on an interview and medical examination.
  • Insurance Consultant: Selection is based on an interview.
  • Adjunct Engineer and Architect: Selection is based on an interview.
  • Bank Manager: Selection is based on IBPS exam.
  • Consultant: Selection is based on an interview.
  • Data Scientist: Selection is based on an interview.

Opportunities After MCA

There are several career options after MCA. Whether you want to get into the private or public sector, you will find many jobs as per your interest. All you have to do is choose the most suitable position.

After completing your MCA degree, you can also apply for Navy and other government jobs. You can also proceed to do PhD for higher studies.

The more experience you have after completing the degree, the more your salary will increase. With more years of experience, your post and salary will be enhanced. If you are graduating from computer applications, there is a lot of scope after MCA with a bright future. All you need is right guidance and dedication to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which job is best after MCA?

There are many career options after MCA and you can do any job according to your interest and skill. You can get hired by private companies and also apply for government jobs. One can also become a subject matter expert in Chegg and earn from the comfort of your home. You will be paid for each accepted answer. It is a part-time job which can be done even after doing MCA.

Does MCA have scope in future?

MCA is a good career option. The demand for MCA graduates will also increase with the increase in technology and software. Since there are many career options open after MCA, such as software developer, AI specialist, consultant, data scientist, IT architect, etc. These are the highest paying jobs for MCA students which will make the field of MCA bright in future.

Which job is best for MCA freshers?

As an MCA fresher, you can work in any private or public sector. Choose the job which is more suitable for you. There are many jobs available in government and MNCs. You can also pursue PhD after MCA if you want.

Some of the fresher jobs after MCA are:

1. Software Developer
2. Data Scientist
3. Web Designer & Developer

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