Best Career options after MCA in India

jobs after mca
February 3, 2021
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One of the good courses is MCA i.e, Master of Computer Application. Let’s talk about career options after MCA.

After completing MCA everyone can understand,

  • Where they stand, what all are their interests?
  • Should they do a job or study more.

This article discusses some career options after MCA.

You will get an idea about how to start. After reading the full article you will know what and where to research.

List of Career Opportunities

In this article, there is a way for you to earn some extra money. Also, I have also mentioned some part-time job options.”

Software Developer

Software developer jobs

It is one of the leading career options after MCA. There is a software for everything. May it be paying bills, booking tickets, shopping etc.

If you love to code, then there cannot be any better option for you after MCA.

There are many companies. Some of the top recruiters are IBM, Wipro, HCL, Infosys, TCS etc.

System Analyst

He provides better and improved business solutions. One of the best career options after MCA.

They use analysis and design techniques and implement them with technology.

They design systems to improve the current scenario by implementing the solutions. Also, they motivate, train and help all to use these systems.

Also, Their work involve managerial aspects, they have relatively high pay scale.

Hence this career option is worth considering after MCA if you have a creative mind.

Hardware Engineer

Here, I will help you decide if you want to choose this after MCA. They design, develop and maintain all the physical parts. There is and always will be a very high demand for these engineers.

Creativity and analytical thinking are two things needed. All companies like private, government and research-based companies higre them.

The demand for a hardware engineer has been pretty high all around. Thus, Demand is quite high in career options after MCA.

Data Scientist

One of the most critical parts of our life is data. And with the growing internet in this age of technology, data is growing.

So how to use this data for the betterment of our future.

So here comes their role:

  • extract quality experiences from data available.
  • analyze the data using different codes.
  • predict the future and help society.

They need several types of skills to complete their tasks. They also need knowledge of machine learning. This is a very interesting career options after MCA.


A problem-solver is always the one who keeps every system running. He is the solution to every problem. As the name suggests, he shoots away the trouble.

Every company employs them to ensure that due to any issue, work doesn’t stop. However, For becoming one after MCA, one needs to have good knowledge of all aspects of computer.

Web Designer & Developer

This is one of those fields which attracts most students. Everyone wants to have their own website.

It is a never-dying career option, every business needs to have its website. It’s similar to software developing.

There are two parts to it:

  • Firstly, designing how the website looks. Looks are always the first impression. Looks attract the traffic.
  • Secondly, the functioning part. What is the work of different components of websites?

Also, A good website developer and designer can earn a lot even with the freelancing.

Software Consultant

They can work individually or with consultancy firms. Also, They require good knowledge and experience in their fields.

People also hire them from specific projects, their main tasks are to review the work and give feedback so that a optimizes version of the software could be built.

Software consultancy is an elite career to go towards after MCA. Hence, There work is to provide a better solution to the problems which are already present or might arise in future.

So they predict the problems and provide the solution, as to optimise the working of a software.

IT Architect

An individual that design and architects information technology services and infrastructure for a company or organisation are known as IT Architect.

They optimised the usage of information technology so to generate maximum profit in the business.

Also, An information technology professional must possess good knowledge of software as well as hardware to pursue the IT Architect as a career after MCA.

As this is an expert position, IT Architect earn a good amount of money. Moreover, They can also work as consultants. One of the best career options after MCA.

Cloud Architect

With the increasing use of smartphones and the huge data generated cloud technology is getting popular day by day. But the cloud has more to it than the basic storage facilities.

With the cheap facilities provided by different cloud technologies traditional ways of maintaining a website, software and data are no more in use.

This field is increasing day by day due to:

  • It is flexible to use.
  • Very cheap
  • Low maintenance

It is the right time to start building your career in this field.

Database Administrator

An information technology professional who designs the databases and maintain it.

The role of a database administrator also involves:

  • Capacity planning,
  • Security of the database.
  • Backup

Database systems of any company are one of the important parts. Also, If the database stops all the working will come to halt. So yes, the database administrator is a great career path but it is also true that this is a stressful job.

Cyber Security

With good comes bad. With the increasing technologies, threats have also been increased. All the hacking of accounts and other security breaches we see in sci-fi movies is all possible and real in the real world.

Cyberwar has started, data is very important and hence needed to be protected from reaching in wrong, unauthorised hands.

So, hence the role of cybersecurity comes into the picture. Therefore, Cybersecurity is a professional which is most in-demand in both private and public sector.

May it be police or military or a private company, none of them can work without a team of cybersecurity professionals.

Cybersecurity is one of the highest-paid professional career options after MCA.

With experience and good knowledge, you can even become a cybersecurity consultant.


If you have an idea, a plan you can become an entrepreneur.

Build a website for yourself or build a software application for yourself. Implement the idea, using the technology.

You can build a business from scratch, or use an already present business idea with some improvements.

This career path never grows old, you can become an entrepreneur maybe after MCA or you can do a job for some time and then start your startup.

Technical Writer

Interest in writing along with technology is a must. Use your creative writing skills and write some good articles.

You can either make your blog or do freelancing work or a full-time job as a technical writer.

There are many websites like Digital marketer, freelancer etc where you can find thousands of freelance jobs.

After you gain some experience you can even become a consultant on how to write technical articles, so as to increase and attract the maximum traffic.

You can also get a job where you need to write user manuals/guides, design specification, white paper etc.


Becoming a professor is one another career you can pursue.

There are thousands of college all over the globe and computer science is the field in trend. There are many subjects which you can teach.

The list is very big, some of them are core subjects which are taught in every college, but according to your interest, you can even request college to roll a subject of your interest as an elective.

You will also get lot’s of time for research, discovering new fields and interaction with different faculties, staff and students.

If you love to teach and research and interact this is the career path you should opt-in career options after MCA.

Also, If you want to do more specialisation you can do PHD.

Other than that there are several certification courses present.

These are some of the certifications I have mentioned here, if you would like to know more you can do your research and get started with your certification course.

Final Thoughts

This is a part-time job which can be done even if you are pursuing MCA or after MCA. So, there are two jobs mentioned here:

Subject expert – If you have a good knowledge of the subject of computer science, you can become a freelance subject expert at Chegg.

  • Chegg is an online platform where students ask questions and you need to answer them as a subject expert.
  • For every question, you answer you will get paid.
  • On average you can earn Rs.30k to Rs.80k per month.

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