What to do after BCA? Career Options and Courses

January 6, 2023
what to do after bca

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BCA, or Bachelor’s in Computer Applications, is an undergraduate degree program in the field of computers. With the rapid growth of the IT industry, the preference for this course is also increasing among college students. This 3-year course trains and teaches students about the basic skills of software and application development.  

However, when it comes to making career options after completing BCA, students often get stuck on what to do after BCA. So, here is the answer. Reading this article, you will learn about various lucrative and reputed career fields that you can choose for yourself. 

Average Salary after BCA

Here is the list of the average salaries of different career options that you can choose if you are wondering what to do after BCA.  

Job Title Average Salary Range (per annum) 
Data Scientist ₹10 LPA 
Web Developer ₹3 LPA 
Digital Marketer ₹2.4 LPA 
Blockchain Developer ₹ 7 LPA 
Product Management ₹16 LPA 
Subject Teacher ₹3 LPA 
Cyber Security Expert ₹11 LPA 
AI Developer  ₹8 LPA 
Network Engineer ₹3 LPA 

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Top 10 Career Options after BCA

There are several jobs after BCA, but these are some of the most in-demand and high-paying career options that you can choose from. Let’s know what are these jobs and the skills required to apply for them. 

Data Scientist

Data scientist is one of the best jobs after BCA if you have a keen interest in numbers and statistics. The demand for skilled data scientists is increasing every day and companies are paying well to those who can do the impeccable job as data scientists. As a data scientist, you can work in industries like marketing BFSI, automotive, retail, technology etc. 


The data scientist’s role is to collect a large amount of data using their analytical, statistical and programming skills. The data they collect is used by the company to find useful insights and information about their use. Data science is all about finding the gold from the unearthed mine of data, and data scientists do this. The data collected by them are presented interestingly and clearly which showcases how to use the data for solving the company’s problems.  

Skills Required

A data scientist must have skills in Programming skills, Predictive Analysis, Statical skills, Strong mathematical skills, Machine learning, Data wrangling and experience with Data Visualization Tools are some of the technical skills that a data scientist must have. And soft skills like strong communication skills, problem-solving attitude, analytical mind and good business sense are also needed.  


The average salary of a data scientist in India is INR 10 lakh per annum, which can increase with experience and skills acquired.   

Web Developer

Becoming a web developer is one of the great BCA career options that you can positively choose. As a web developer, you work on developing attractive and user-friendly websites for companies and it is also one of the most paid jobs in India.  


As a web developer, your responsibilities will include designing the user interface, and navigation menus, and writing and reviewing the codes of websites written in languages like HTML, JAVA and XML. Working on the integration of multimedia files on the website, testing site and troubleshooting problems with user experience etc. 

Skills Required 

Technical skills like knowledge of programming languages, responsive design, visual design, version control and technical SEO knowledge are necessary. Along with these, soft skills like communication skills, time management, problem-solving and being detailed oriented are also important to be a successful web developer.  


As a web developer after BCA, you can earn an average salary of INR 3 lakh per annum.  

Digital Marketer

As the world is shifting online and all the tasks are being done digitally, the demand and need for digital marketers are increasing with every passing day. A digital marketer is a professional whose work is to promote the product and services of a company digitally. Being one of the most in-demand careers it can be one of the good jobs after BCA. So, this can be your answer to what to do after BCA. 


As a digital marketer, your role will be to use different social media and digital channels to generate leads and create brand awareness among people. Digital marketers work on bringing organic traffic to the digital platforms of the company by creating attractive, interactive and informative content. Along with this, they need to use analytical tools to find out weak links in the company’s marketing and solve their issues. 

Skills Required 

Some of the must-have skills for a digital marketer are great knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEM (Search Engine Marketing), content marketing, content analytics, video marketing, design thinking etc. Once you learn all these skills you can easily enter the field of digital marketing after BCA.     


The average salary of a digital marketer in India is INR 20000 per month, which can increase with years of experience and expertise.   

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain development is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s time, making it the perfect answer of question, what to do after BCA. With more and more digital payments and assets being created, the need for blockchain developers was never like this before. This makes it one of the best jobs after BCA for students, it is a high-paying career with challenging and interesting work. So, you can positively think about choosing a career path after BCA.   


As a blockchain developer, your responsibilities will include handling the entire life cycle of the blockchain application. Your work will be to create secured and unchangeable technology which will be used to make digital payments and track digital assets accurately. 

Skills Required 

Before you enter the field of blockchain development after BCA, you need to learn some of the important skills related to it. These skills include Ethereum, Composer, Smart Contracts, JAVA, Core Backend Development etc.  


Blockchains developers make an average salary of 7 lakh per annum in India. And it can increase if you gain expertise and have good experience in hand.   

Product Management

Every company wants that its products to be loved by the customers and generate huge profits for the company through sales. But this will only be possible when the product is managed in the right way. This is where product managers are needed. A product manager is responsible for the whole life cycle of a product. From ideation to marketing everything is looked over by the product manager.  


After choosing product management as after BCA career option, your responsibilities will entail handling the whole life cycle of the product. This means you have to come up with ideation of the product, and after that development, testing and deployment of the same are done.  

Skills Required 

There are various skills that you might need after BCA to get a stable job as a product manager. Some of the skills that you need to learn are technical expertise, research skills, business intelligence, analytical skills, communication skills, strategic thinking skills, prioritisation skills etc. Once you acquire these skills you can get hired for good pay as a product manager.  


Once you learned the required skills and do some necessary courses for becoming a product manager. You can earn a well-paying salary of 16 lakhs per annum as a product manager in India.  

Subject Teacher

Teaching is one of the noblest professions that you can positively opt for as a job after BCA. Today, the youth of the nation need some good teachers, who don’t only teach them syllabi but also guide them towards the right career prospects. If you are interested in teaching students and sharing your knowledge and expertise with the young generation, then you can become a teacher.  


As a teacher, your responsibilities lie in imparting knowledge and building skills in the students. Your day-to-day activities include teaching your subject matter of Computer science, covering the syllabus and training students in new skills related to computers and software. You can become a teacher in a school and if you want to work flexible hours and teach students online then you can also become a Chegg Q/A expert for Computer Science.  

As Chegg’s expert, you will be answering the queries asked by students and you get paid for each correct answer. You have the freedom to choose your subject and the questions you want to answer. 

Skills Required 

As a teacher, you have good communication skills should have expertise in your subject matter, and good leadership skills and interpersonal communication are also required.  


An average salary of a teacher in India is 3 lakh per annum. But you can earn more by gaining more expertise in your subject and through years of experience.   

Cyber Security Expert

If you are wondering what to do after BCA? And have a keen interest in cyber security and everything related to cybercrime. Then you might want to consider becoming a cybersecurity expert as one of your BCA career options. With the rapid digitalisation, crimes related to the digital world are increasing rapidly too. As a cyber security expert, you will work to make digital apps and payment modes more secure and stop such crimes. 


As a cyber security expert, your work is to keep the data and IT infrastructure of the company safe and secure. Your responsibilities will include conducting a risk analysis and updating the company’s security system with changing systems and software. You also need to perform research, testing, evaluation, and deployment of security-related technology.  

Skills Required 

Information security and systems Security operations, Network Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Information assurance, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Linux Project management are some of the technical skills. Along with these, you need soft skills like communication skills, teamwork, interpersonal skills etc.  


If you choose to become a cyber security expert after BCA you can earn an average salary of INR 11 lakhs per annum in India. 

AI Developer

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is gaining popularity day by day, it has been around for the past decade, but today is the time when its demand and usage are increasing. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to mimic and feel emotions like humans. The work AI developer here is to create such AI which can predict and facilitate human tasks as accurately as possible. So, if you are thinking about what to do after BCA? If you are interested in AI, you can consider becoming an artificial intelligence developer. 


The role of AI developers is to develop particular artificial intelligence for the company. For this they need to first understand the problems, then identify their solutions and lastly develop technological solutions i.e; machine learning solutions.  

Skills Required 

Programming language skills, statical skills and knowledge of algorithms and NLP are some of the technical skills. Soft skills like analytical skills and problem-solving and time-management skills are required too. An artificial intelligence developer must have these skills to create the best solutions for the company. 


An artificial intelligence developer can earn up to INR 8 lakh per annum in India.      

Network Engineer

Network engineering can also be an answer to your question of what to do after BCA if you are interested in creating great network connections for seamless communications and working. With so much usage of internet connection, the of network engineers is quite much. As they do the task of creating better networks for an organisation 


The core responsibilities of a network engineer include designing, maintaining and handling the current network systems of an organisation. Your work will also include checking the security of current network systems and solving all issues and debugging the bugs found, to strengthen the security systems. 

Skills Required 

There will be specific skills you need to learn and courses after BCA to become a skilled network engineer. These skills include knowledge of fundamentals of the operating system, cloud computing, programming language, firewalls and security knowledge and troubleshooting processes are some technological skills. Soft skills like communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and detail-oriented are also needed in a network engineer.   


The average salary of a network engineer in India is INR 3 lakh per annum. Which can increase with the experience and skills acquired by you.  

Government Jobs

Applying for government jobs after BCA can also be a good option for you and answer to what to do after BCA. If you want to work for the government and have a stable and secure career then you can try for government jobs. The central and state governments keep posting about vacancies for BCA graduates in different departments.  


Your job responsibilities will be determined according to the position you have been hired for. You can work as a software engineer, network engineer, or cybersecurity engineer for government-owned and operated organisations. 

Skills Required 

You need to know programming languages, and basic computer skills and must have soft skills like communication skills, and interpersonal and social skills. 


The salary of a BCA graduate in the government sector depends on the position you will work for and the skills and experience you have.       

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Courses after BCA

BCA is a great course in itself, and you will get various options for jobs after BCA. However, if you want to gain some more knowledge and learn some specialized skills then you can opt for doing Master’s courses after BCA. Doing these courses will not only help you gain knowledge but also opens door to better after-BCA career options. If you are thinking about what to do after BCA? Then these master’s courses are the answer to your question. 

MCA (Masters in Computer Applications)

MCA is a three-year professional degree for those who want to dig deeper into the world of computers. It allows you to know more about modern computer applications. It provides you with both theoretical and practical knowledge and there are several great career options after MCA. Students who pursue MCA have to choose from various subject specializations: internet, MIS, hardware technology and application software, etc. 


The eligibility criterion for MCA is a graduation degree in a relevant discipline like BCA, BTech, B.Sc. etc., at least 55% of the minimum aggregate from a recognized University.   


After doing MCA doors of several career options open up for you like, Cloud Architect, Technical Writer, Software Consultant, Manual Tester, and Trouble-shooter are some of them. 

MBA- Masters in Business Administration

This is one of the best courses after BCA that a student can choose. A great option on what to do after BCA. MBA is chosen by students who want to expand their horizons in commerce as well. However, MBA includes specialization in Human resources, Finance, Marketing, etc. 


The eligibility criteria for a general MBA is a minimum of 50% marks in graduation, and some colleges make take their entrance exam. Some universities and colleges also give exams based on marks obtained in the CAT, GMAT, and CLAT exams. 


After completing your MBA you become eligible to apply for job roles like Product manager, Supply chain manager, Human resource manager, Business analyst etc. Depending on the MBA specialisation you chose. 

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Master’s Degree in Information Management (MIM)

MIM is a degree program designed to provide knowledge in strategic aspects. The MIM degree resembles other degrees, but the latter focuses on computer science subjects. 


The eligibility criteria for getting admission to a master’s degree in information management is that the candidate must have done 3 years of graduation from a recognized government university. And should also have some work experience if you are doing a master’s with a specialization. 


After BCA and MIM you can apply for job roles like business analytics, UX/UI Designer, Software Development etc.  

Master’s Degree in Computer Management

It is a two-year full-time degree that enables you to understand IT’s ongoing, upcoming, and changing culture. During this program, you will study software programming, e-commerce fundamentals, etc. Being one of the best courses after BCA, MCM enables students who want to make their careers in IT and CS. 


The candidate should have a 10+2+3 education qualification and they also have to give an entrance exam for admission. 


You can work in industries like desk publishing, consultancies, software development, industrial design database administrators etc. And can make a great by doing these courses after BCA.  


If you want to be a software developer or a programmer and delve deeper into theoretical and practical knowledge. MSC in IT is one of the best courses after BCA. It is a two-year program that aims to learn software development, data mining, computer systems and analytics, object-oriented programming (OOP) and OS, etc. 


The candidate must have completed graduation from a relevant course like BCA, or BSc. B.Com with IT etc. And should have scored a minimum of 50% marks, this can vary from college to college.  


You can work as an application programmer, software quality assurance analyst, software trainer, information security officer etc. After doing MSC in IT. 

Choose Your Career after BCA

After reading this article, you might have gotten the answer to what to do after BCA. It is normal to get confused and feel lost after you complete your graduation. You might think to have thought what now? What can I do in my career? How can I achieve my dreams?  

However, if find you recognise your interest and goals in life then you can easily choose what to do after graduation. BCA is a great course and there are several options after BCA, some of which have been explained in the article. You can choose from these after BCA career options. And if you are thinking of doing a master’s after BCA, then some of the options regarding that have also been mentioned. So, do what you want to do after BCA and achieve your goal.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the future after BCA? 

Ans. Your future after BCA will be quite bright, as there are several career options after BCA. You can choose the best option which meets your career needs and goes with your skills. Some of the career options after BCA are Network engineer, data scientist, digital marketer, cyber security expert, IT consultant etc.   

Q2. Is BCA a good career option? 

Ans. Positively yes, BCA is one of the best career options. If you are interested in making a career in the IT field and love coding and developing software and web pages then you should opt for the BCA course. Not only is this course the best but the jobs after BCA are quite high paying and reputed too. So, you can go with BCA as your career choice. 

Q3. Are BCA and software engineering the same? 

Ans. No, BCA and software engineering are not the same. The reason for this is that CS engineers do the work of developing concepts and testing them While the BCA programme is designed to build programming skills for developing efficient and resource-optimized software/website/cloud/mobile applications. And this difference doesn’t end here, their years of graduation differ too. B.Tech is 4 is a 4-year programme while BC.A. is of 3 years. 

Q4. Who earns more- BCA or BTech? 

Ans. The average salary of a BCA graduate and a BTech graduate differs from each other, because of the difference in their knowledge and skill. While a BCA graduate may be offered an annual salary in the range of 2 to 8 lakhs, the BTech graduate can be offered a more annual salary depending upon the institution he/she is graduating from.  

Q5. What are BCA and its scope? 

Ans. BCA is a 3-year undergraduate programme in which students are taught basic programming skills and computer skills. There are a lot of scopes after BCA, that you can choose from according to your skills, interest and knowledge, some of the job roles are IT Architect, Blockchain developer, IT consultant, Digital marketer, technical writer and much more after doing BCA.  

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