Distance MBA: Is it Better Than a Regular MBA?

March 6, 2023
distance mba

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Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most reputed and in-demand postgraduate courses. With over 2 lakh students taking admissions in an MBA every year, it is clearly one of the first choices of every postgraduate student. There are several MBA colleges across India, and some of them are quite reputed for their quality education, training, and placement offers. These colleges provide specialization courses in MBA for students from different streams.  

However, colleges don’t just offer the option to choose specialisation courses, but they also provide the option to choose the mode of education. It means students can choose whether they want to do a regular MBA or a distance MBA.  

Here, you might be thinking of questions like, what is a distance learning MBA?  How is it different from a regular MBA? And why should one choose this distance learning programme? 

All your questions related to the distance MBA programme will be answered in the article. So, if you are considering doing MBA after graduation. Then you might want to read this article and get informed about this distance learning option for the MBA programme.  

What is Distance MBA?

A distance MBA program is a master’s degree program in business administration. This program is different from the regular MBA because, in a distance education MBA, you don’t need to attend classes physically.  This distance learning program is also recognized by UGC-DEB/AICTE, and nowadays, several universities in India are offering distance learning MBA courses. It is as valid as a full-time course. Students will be given a degree certificate after completing the 2 years distance learning MBA program.  

Difference between Regular MBA and Distance MBA

No.CharacteristicsRegular MBADistance MBA
1 Delivery of Program Offline classes are held, with a fixed timetable and attendance is mandatory for students in classes and offline exams Course books are sent to students via post, from which they study. Exams are conducted offline. 
2 Curriculum Theoretical knowledge is given, along with practical exposure. The curriculum of distance learning MBA is concise. 
3 Teaching Principles Regular MBA follows strict guidelines for teaching, submitting assignments, exams etc. Flexible teaching principle for classes. However, offline exams and assignments follow strict guidelines.  
4 Time Duration 2 years of fixed time duration, with no flexibility. Minimum 2 years of course duration, with the option of completing it in 3-5 years 
5 Fee Structure Private Institutions- 15-20 lakhs (or more) Government Institutions- 3-7 lakhs approx. The fee structure ranges from 30000- 2 lakh rupees 
6 Intake Process Strict intake process, because of limited seats and tough competition No fixed time period for taking admission 
7 Admission Process Complex and detailed admission process with steps like entrance exams, group discussions and personal interviews. Simple and swift admission process without many steps. 
8 Practical Exposure Industrial visits, field visits and factory visits are conducted No such practical exposure is provided 
9 Placement Assistance Campus Placement drives are conducted at the end of the final year Students are responsible for their placement and job 
10 Networking Opportunity Great networking opportunities are provided through practical exposure and guest lectures Less to no interaction between students and faculty. Thus, no networking exposure. 

Who Should Opt for Distance MBA?

There are no restrictions on who should opt for a distance MBA programme and who shouldn’t. However, this distance learning programme is majorly opted by working professionals, who have years of work experience. People opt for distance learning MBA for several reasons. 

  • Because of lack of time for attending regular offline classes 
  • Family and job responsibilities
  • Lack of institutes providing MBA course 
  • The extra cost of the course and travelling experience 

Top Distance MBA Colleges in India

These are the various colleges across India that offer distance MBA courses.  

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management (NMIMS)  

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies better known as NMIMS is one of the best and top MBA colleges. It is a NAAC- accredited institute with an A+ grade, the reason being its quality knowledge delivery, assistance to students and great distance learning experience. NMIMS provides offline and distances learning MBA programmes in different specialisations.  

Symbiosis College of Distance Learning 

Symbiosis College of Distance Learning is another great option for doing a distance education MBA programme. This institute is approved by AICTE and is considered one of the biggest institutions for distance learning in UG, PG, PGDM and Certificate and Diploma programs.  SCDL is known for providing quality education to its distance-learning students. Not only this, but it also assists its students in placement in top companies and networking with industry specialists and recruiters. 

 Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) 

Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU is one of the oldest and most reputed universities in India. IGNOU is known for specialising in offering distance learning courses to students. It provides brilliant and student-friendly solutions to them every problem. You can positively opt for their distance education MBA course. 

Lovely Professional University (LPU) 

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is one of the most famous private universities in India. It has been approved by University Grant Commission, Distance Education Bureau, AIU etc. LPU provides a great learning experience to its distance learners, as the university has its own eLearning portal named LPU e-connect using which students can connect with teachers anytime. The best part is that LPU provides placement assistance to its students, through guidance and networking with top recruiters and companies. 

Amity University 

Another name in the list of the finest private institutes for distance learning MBA programmes is Amity University. This institute offers 14 MBA specialisation courses to students. Its distance education programs are as good as its offline courses. Amity University is accredited by NAAC as an A-grade institute, and in the past few years, Amity University has segregated itself from other private institutes by uplifting its education standard and excellent student learning experience. 

Institute of Management Technology Centre for Distance Learning (IMT CDL) 

IMT Ghaziabad is one of the best B-schools offering distance learning MBA in India. The university is by DEB University Grant Commission and has gained a great reputation in the education sector, for providing the best distance learning programmes. IMT CDL offers 2 years of Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is equivalent to an MBA programme by many top colleges. IMT CDL offers specialisation in 5 courses, namely Marketing, Operations, Finance, Business Analyst and Human Resource Management. 

Jaipur National University 

Jaipur National University is a self-funded private institute which has received approval from the DEC, the Distance Education Board (DEB), and the University Grants Commission, and it has NAAC accreditation too. The institute is one of the best distance education MBA colleges in India. The institute gives equal attention to other curricular activities like organising webinars, sports activities, cultural fests etc. Along with studies. 

Chandigarh University 

Chandigarh University is one of the best universities offering distance education MBA. This institute is known for its good reputation and impeccable track record in providing quality education to its regular as well as distance learners. The institute offers 4 different MBA specialisations to the students. 

Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre (JECRC) 

JECRC is a private university that offers distance and regular learning programs. JECRC is accredited by NAAC and affiliated with UGC-DEB, making it a great choice for pursuing a distance MBA in India. You can choose from any of the 3 specialization MBA programs, these are specialization in Finance Management, Human Resource Management, and Marketing Management. 

Sri Venkateswara University 

Located in the Amroha district of U.P, recognized by Distance Education Bureau and University Grants Commission is another great choice for distance learning in the MBA programme. Being recognised and accredited makes its distance learning MBA valid and accepted.    

Distance MBA Eligibility Criteria

Many universities conduct entrance exams to take admission in distance MBA. However, colleges also take admission based on scores obtained by students in CAT, MAT, XAT, and ATMA.  Also, you must complete your bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognized university with 50% marks in aggregate. Some of the best distance colleges, also prefer that their distance education students have some work experience in a similar field in which they are doing an MBA programme. 

Career Opportunities after Distance MBA

Management Consultant  

After completing MBA from distance learning, one can become a Management Consultant in companies. As a consultant, your job will be to inform the company about finance and the company’s growth. You have to give better-consulting ideas for the company’s growth.  It is a lucrative career option as one can earn up to Rs 22 lakh per annum as a management consultant. 

Human Resource Management 

Human Resource managers are responsible for searching for and hiring desired employees for the organisation. They take charge of talent recognition and the recruitment process; it is a great career option to opt for after a distance learning MBA course. If you choose this career option then, your average salary will be 7 lakhs per annum.   

Business Development

Business development managers are also an important part of a company, they help in identifying new work channels, market strategy, forming new partnerships, customer reviews, etc. This is also one of the good-paying jobs with an average salary of 5 lakh per annum

Data Scientists

A data scientist in a company is responsible for analysing and checking data. There is a quite high demand for skilled and knowledgeable data scientists. if you have a higher degree like an MBA in Computer Science or the IT field, then you can make a great career as a data scientist. As you will be earning an average salary of 10 lakhs per annum

Investment Bankers

It is one of the good-paying jobs worldwide. Investment banker helps their clients in spending money wisely for better benefit. Nowadays many students prefer this job as this has a high salary and a good position in a company. If you want to become an investment banker, you must have a bachelor’s degree or post-graduation degrees like MBA in Finance or Economics. And after you become an investment banker you can earn an average salary of 4 lakhs per annum in India. 

 There are several other career options that you can opt for after a distance education MBA. Then, there are some opportunities like working as a Chegg Q/A Expert. Here you can earn online by answering questions asked by students. It means earning while learning, as you can choose the subject you want to solve questions for and can test your knowledge too.  

A Part-time Job that Pays like Full-time

Is Distance MBA worth it?

Today as technology is booming and educational modes like online courses and live studies are gaining popularity, it can be said that doing a distance MBA program is right. As today’s students want to learn in a flexible environment as per their choice, distance education MBA colleges are offering this opportunity.  

And it’s not the case that a distance learning MBA is way too different from attending offline classes of MBA. A full-time MBA and distance education MBA course have the same curriculum, they both are equally accredited and recognised by the universities and government. So, this issue is also resolved in that distance learning MBA has no value. Not only this distance learning MBA is a more economical choice than the regular MBA. 

As a full-time MBA degree costs Rs 5-8 lakh per annum, but a distance degree course costs Rs 2-3 lakh. And in this economic fee, you will be getting all the course material, teacher’s assistance, and an MBA degree from the comfort of your home. And after completing this program you will have the best career options in front of you.  

Pursue your MBA programme

Students, often find themselves in this dilemma that whether they should choose a regular full-time MBA programme or go with the distance learning MBA. The reason is the misinformation and unreliable reviews about distance courses, which inform students that distance courses are not worth it and there is no scope after it. This is absolutely incorrect. 

Throughout the article, it has been mentioned several times that distance learning MBA colleges which provide distance courses in MBA programmes are certified and have approval from government organisations like UGC. This is the biggest proof that distance courses are valid and worth it.  

Yes, there are some drawbacks like fewer to no networking opportunities and no placement assistance. But its features like learning flexibility, easy admission procedure and economical education weigh downs its drawbacks.  So, if you are thinking to do a post-graduate or graduate degree then you can opt for distance learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Is a distance MBA degree valid? 

Ans. Yes, the degree of distance learning MBA is as valid as a degree of a regular full-time MBA course. It is a misconception that distance courses are not worth it or do not have any value. Distance courses like distance learning MBA are valid and are even approved by the government educational organisation UGC-DEB.  

Q.2 What is the difference between MBA and Distance MBA? 

Ans. The difference between MBA and a distance learning MBA is that MBA is done by attending regular offline classes in the college. And distance MBA can be done from home and students just have college to giving exams. An MBA curriculum is vast whereas a distance education MBA has a concise curriculum, with the flexibility of learning.  

Q.3 Can we get a job after Distance MBA? 

Ans. Yes, one can get a job after completing the MBA from distance learning MBA colleges. You can apply for job roles like investor banker, business analyst, business management manager, human resource manager, finance manager, consultant and much more. Many people do an MBA because they want to start a business venture, so if you want to start your own venture you can do that too, after MBA.  

Q.4 Is distance MBA hard? 

Ans. Yes, getting an MBA degree will be hard but a learning experience. Throughout your MBA programme, you will get assistance from teachers, students and alumni who will make this experience less troublesome. And at the end of the programme, you will be a person with great critical-thinking ability and have problem-solving personality.  

Q.5 Is a distance MBA a good option? 

Ans. Yes, a distance MBA is a good option to consider if you don’t want to do a regular full-time MBA. And if you are a working professional then a distance learning MBA programme is the best choice for you. Distance learning MBA gives you the choice to learn from anywhere, the study materials are mailed to you at home, the MBA admission process is simple and the fee structure is affordable. 

Q.6 Is Distance MBA available at Delhi University? 

Ans. It has been announced that DU-SOL will be offering MBA in Open and Distance Learning from 2022-23. The course is approved by University Grants Commission-DEB and students can take admission to this distance learning programme. In this programme, you don’t have to attend classes physically, and you will learn from the coursebooks, which will be delivered to you via mail. Although you have to appear at the exam centre for giving offline examinations.  

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