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Facts & Figures, Rankings, Affiliated Colleges & more

Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About NIITE University- Facts & Figures & much more:

NIITE University entered the education industry in 1980. The institute lies in Karnataka state. It was established with the purpose of educating uneducated people. Also, it was established to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, and starvation. Therefore, the locals are thankful for what this institute has done for them.

Under the supervision of mentors:

NIITE University has a bunch of groups that look after the student’s needs, drawbacks, and complaints. Besides that, the organization organizes programs that cover various skills such as:

  • Public speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Interview sessions
  • And so on.

As a result, students become confident enough to face any job interviews with impressive communication skills.

An Anti-Ragging Cell

The university asks students to submit an affidavit at the beginning. The affidavit makes sure it prevents cases of ragging, bullying, etc. Hence, no student faces feelings of annoyance and frustration in any manner. Moreover, it contains the UGC norms, which just cannot be disregarded by any student.

Special Medical Facilities at NIITE University

Following are the facilities:

  • Students have the option to get a free dental care check-up.
  • There are medical experts handling cases of consumption of alcohol, nicotine, and other harmful substances.
  • The institute appoints specialists looking after sexual and reproductive cases.

NIITE University acknowledges the qualities of their students:

  • Having deep knowledge of their respective disciplines.
  • Possessing the ability to excel in any damn thing in life with full passion.
  • The ability to withstand difficult situations is easily found in them.
  • Consisting of ethical values with regard to personal and professional lives as well.
  • The sense of social responsibility originating from education.
  • Owning humanity, honesty, and compassion.

Languages commonly found there are such as :

  • Tulu
  • Konkana
  • Beary
  • Kannada

The Admission Criteria at NITTE University

Students get admission into NITTE University by matching the following admission criteria as follows:

  • Must maintain a score of 40% in the 12th grade with the compulsory subjects such as PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, and ENGLISH.
  • The basic requirement for the BSc courses must be a 12th

Once you get through the eligibility criteria, you can consider yourself an alumnus of NIITE University. Apart from that, you can see the minimum score they have set for applicants. Also, The score is not that big or hard to match. Therefore, students can easily make it to this college.

Facts & Figures about NIITE University:

  • Year of Establishment: 1980
  • University Address: Mangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Chancellor: N. Vinaya Hedge
  • University Type: Deemed University
  • Approved by: the UGC & AICTE, NAAC with an A+
  • The total no. of courses offered: approx. 62 courses
  • Admission Criteria: merit-based; a minimum score of 40% in the 12th grade
  • Degrees Offered: all three levels of education: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate.
  • Mode of education: online, offline
  • No. of seats: it varies every year.

Rankings of NIITE University

NIITE University focuses strictly on the empowerment of rural areas. Also, the institute intends to meet the growing societal needs by providing the best education, infrastructure, etc. The level of education acts as a deciding factor. If the standard of education is quite excellent, the NIRF, NAAC do accredit accordingly. Maintaining a good score is a task. Hence, universities keep making changes to their evaluation process from time to time.

International Rankings:

Qs Asia-2020 451-500

Qs Asia-2021 401-450

Domestic/National Rankings- India

 The NIRF (Overall) 101-150  

NIRF (Universities) 74 2020

Domestic Rankings

The NIRF (Overall) 101-150

NIRF (Universities)- 2020 74

Rank  Year Ranked for Ranked by
64 2020 Top 75 Universities In India Outlook
24 2020 Top 50 Deemed To Be Universities In India Outlook
12 2020 Top 155 Engineering Institute Rankings TOI
4 2020 Top 100 Private Engineering Institutes TOI
451-500 2020 Asia QS
401-450 2021 Asia QS
56-60 2020 India QS
99 2019 India NIRF
70 2019 India NIRF

The History of NIITE University:

NIITE University lies in Udupi district of Karnataka. It came into effect in the year 2008. The UGC declares NITTE University an institute of higher education.

The National Association & Accreditation Council (NAAC) accredits the institute with an A+. Thus, it has to ensure it keeps adding changes to the admission process.

Take a close look at the NIITE University constituent colleges:

  • KS Hedge Medical Academy
  • NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Nita Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences
  • Nita Institute of Physiotherapy
  • NIC
  • NIA

About the Founder

Justice KS Hedge was earlier a representative of India at the General Assembly of the US. Later, he became a judge of the Mysore High court in 1954. In 1966, he was the first chief justice of the Delhi and HP high court.

In 1973, he made up his mind and withdrew himself from the Chief Justice post. After a while, he took the plunge and became the founder of NIITE University.

The founder’s key motive

His main concern is the empowerment of the poor and unemployed. This is what he exactly wants and asks the faculty to do likewise. His urge to empower poor people is the kindest thing one can do. Thus, he makes generous moves towards the betterment of the poor.

He visualizes illiterate people earning and serving the nation eventually. He also imagines such people no longer suffering from starvation and extreme poverty. Having a benevolent leader like this is a blessing. People like him have a heartful love for others.

In his opinion, it is like

  • Higher the literacy rate, higher the chances of landing big job offers with handsome packages.

The Infrastructure at NIITE University:

The infrastructure of any organization acts as a deciding factor for many. Students judge the facilities based on the following factors:

  • The quality of education
  • How good the faculty is
  • Do they have hostel facilities? If yes, then what are the hostel facilities? Is it economical to reside on campus?
  • Do they take care of the sanitation of hostels or not?
  • And many more questions that are related to the previous ones.

NIITE University has the following amenities as follows:


The university gives students the option to study and stay on its campus. Also, it assigns rooms during the admission process itself. Besides that, the hostels offer a geyser, Wi-Fi connection, TV, water coolers, generators, etc. As a result, students do not feel homesick at all. Instead, they feel at home.

Additionally, the institute installs surveillance cameras for student safety. Hence, they are under the 24*7 observation of those safety cameras.

Laundry Services

Students living on the campus send their clothes for

  • washing
  • Drying
  • ironing

Therefore, they save their time doing something productive rather than just washing their own clothes.

Transport Facilities

NIITE University offers transport facilities. Moreover, They do not charge students for using transport facilities. Accordingly, students can save their money for the best.

Recreational Facilities

  • Gym: The gym is fully air-conditioned. There are trainers teaching tactics to be physically fit. Hence, students find their exercises helpful. Besides that, they make use of gym equipment like treadmills, cycling bikes, and rowing machines.
  • Student’s clubs- there are various clubs satisfying different student’s needs. For e.g.: there is a theatre club organizing plays. As a result, students cannot wait to take part in such competitions.
  • There is a photography club giving students professional techniques for taking photographs. Hence, students eventually develop great photography skills.
  • Additionally, there are many other clubs you must check at Students Club at Nitte (Deemed to be University) Mangaluru

The Frequently Asked Questions of NITTE University (FAQs):

What are the admission criteria at NITTE?

The admission criteria at NITTE are merit-based. Students have to just obtain a score of 40% in their 12th class. The criteria are too easy to get into the institute. As a result, students find the admission process a piece of cake.

How many courses does NITTE University offer?

NITTE University offers courses on various degree levels such as :

  • Undergraduate
  • Post-graduate
  • Doctoral
  • Diploma courses
  • Fellowship courses
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