What are the trending Chemical Engineering Jobs in India?

December 6, 2023
chemical engineering jobs

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Chemical Engineering as a Profession

Chemical engineers are the creative minds of the team. They are in charge of developing and designing processes that transform raw materials into desirable products. They often start by researching and planning with other professionals, including engineering technologists, chemists, biologists, and scientists. They also work closely with industrial supply companies to implement their ideas safely. Finally, chemical engineers supervise operations in which chemical processes produce various products for consumers to use daily.

Before deciding how to solve a problem, chemical engineers are tasked with gathering data from all sources, such as experiments and observations. They don’t just perform calculations independently; they collaborate with others in fields like environmental science or pharmaceutical science.

Chemical Engineers can find employment in many different industries, including pharmaceuticals, medicine, or finance, through their knowledge of chemistry and biology. Therefore, selecting chemical engineering as a profession is not just a good choice but also the best decision you can make. This is because chemical engineers face a relatively low unemployment rate, and it is expected that they will continue to be in high demand in the future.

Scope of Chemical Engineering in India

There are many areas in India where chemical engineers can work and study. The chemical engineering field in India is growing each year. Due to the economy’s expansion and industrialization in 2022, more chemical engineers are needed to process chemicals as required. There are many different branches that chemical engineers can choose from when they decide to join this industry.

If someone wants to become a professional in production, they can join the production facilities. If a person wants to study the methods of extraction of materials and the processes involved, then they can choose refining and extraction as one of their interests. For those who want to work in research, there are many different fields for them in which they can work, such as biotechnology or pharmaceuticals.

List of Chemical engineering Jobs

There are many types of chemical engineers’ jobs they can do in the field. They have the opportunity to research and develop materials, processes, and equipment that could be used in the manufacturing industry. In addition, a chemical engineer can work in a laboratory and produce products made from chemicals.

For chemical engineers, jobs are available at pharmaceutical, textile, and food processing corporations and research institutions, where they will often focus on one specific area, such as gas production or heat transfer. A career in chemical engineering is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to use their knowledge of chemistry to change how things are produced or function.

A person who wants to work as a research chemical engineer could work for a company where they could research new compounds for producing new products. Here is a list of areas of employment for chemical engineering positions.

Process Engineer

A process engineer is a chemical engineer who uses their science and engineering knowledge to solve various process problems. For example, they are required to try and create methods that could improve the efficiency of a process. This is something that engineers deal with in different areas of industry.

Exactly how much a process engineer will be paid per year depends on their work, where they are located in the country, and what type of business they work for. However, process engineers are in high demand and have many opportunities for job security as chemical engineering is a growing field. Process engineers earn an average of Rs. 4.1 lakh a year. For more information visit

Fire and explosives engineer

Fire and explosives engineer is also a critical position that must be handled by a professional who knows how to handle situations that arise due to fire or explosions. If they don’t deal with them properly, it could lead to economic losses for organizations that use their services.

Fire and explosive engineers take into account the type of fire and explosives involved in any particular situation and use knowledge and training to solve problems they are presented with while working in the lab or at production facilities. In India, this profession pays an average salary of Rs. 12 lakh per year. For getting more information visit

Biochemical Engineer

Biochemical engineers work in areas involving the chemical analysis and how chemical products are made. This field is growing due to the demand for new products and chemicals. They try to develop methods that can reduce costs and improve the quality of the product that is being produced.

Biochemical engineers must be trained in science and engineering, to begin with. They must know how to seek information on what they’re researching to develop new products that could be used for medical or research purposes. According to data, biochemical engineers can earn an average salary of Rs. 14.99 lakh per year.

Chegg Q&A Expert 

Chegg Q&A expert is a professional responsible for handling any questions that may arise in their respective field. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that their company or facility doesn’t face any difficulties. To become a Q&A expert, one must know about the respective education field along with training.

Q&A specialists must keep up with the latest knowledge in their field to continue providing high-quality service in their industry. The pay scale of Chegg Q&A experts varies on their experience in their respective fields. A Chegg Q&A engineer can earn an average salary of Rs 3.04 lakh annually in India.

Food Hygiene Engineer

Food Hygiene engineers work in food processing facilities where they ensure the products are safe for consumers to eat. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that the product’s quality is maintained by following strict procedures to prevent food poisoning.

Food Hygiene engineers must know about chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, and engineering to ensure that anyone who eats any company’s or facility’s products won’t get any illnesses or diseases. They play a huge role in maintaining the health and safety of consumers by ensuring that any food they inspect is free from germs, bacteria, viruses, and other forms of contamination. Food Hygiene engineers can earn an average salary of Rs. 10.45 lakh annually.

Pharmaceutical engineer

A pharmaceutical engineer is a person who will be responsible for the development of new drugs and products. They will work in research and medicine development factories to help improve the chemistry and engineering processes involved in developing drugs.

They must pay attention to detail and know how to use the proper safety procedures to make a specific drug or medicine. To become a pharmaceutical engineer, one must have the knowledge and a degree in pharmacy and medicinal science. A pharmaceutical engineer’s salary depends on experience in the work field, but the average salary is 4.47 lakh per year.

Continuous Improvement Engineer

Continuous improvement engineers (CIEs) also work with companies that design products and ensure they function at optimum levels. Engineers constantly look for ways to improve processes and products and require additional training to do this effectively.

This involves a specialist understanding of manufacturing, engineering, management, and operational information, which is useful for advancing knowledge in their field. CIEs also develop new improvement processes that make changes in a specific area or even a product on a larger scale. A CIE can earn an average salary of Rs 6.4 lakh annually in India.

Thermo-Fluid Engineer

Thermo-fluid engineers design physical systems to control heat flow in specific systems. They create designs for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that keep buildings comfortable for the inhabitants. In addition, those who work in this field are responsible for developing heating transfer and cooling technologies.

Thermofluids require knowledge of chemistry, physics, engineering, human resources, management, and other skills to be effective at their job. When it comes to paying scale, it depends on the level of experience and qualifications that one has. A Thermofluid engineer can earn an average salary of Rs 11 lakh annually in India.

Design Authority

A Chemical Design Authority is responsible for the product’s chemical design and physical form. They design products that are safe for consumption or use and are safe for the environment in which they are used. Design authorities receive training in chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing to give them the necessary skills to be effective at their job.

They use their creative abilities when designing a product or making sure that it functions properly to improve the efficiency of any process, either in a plant or within an organization. A Design Authority can earn an average salary of Rs 2.52 lakh annually in India.

Scope of Chemical Engineering Jobs

The demand for Chemical engineers is expected to be high in the years to come with the increasing use of chemicals in industry, agriculture, healthcare, and research. Therefore, not only will the number of jobs created be high, but also there would be a need for more candidates with expertise in different skills.

Therefore, there is a constant demand for trained manpower in chemical fields. With industries and companies using new techniques to make products and increase efficiency, there would be a demand for trained manpower and expertise with the latest techniques and technologies. Chemical engineering is one of the most sought-after software engineering fields, as new developments in the field are being made continuously.

With the growing need for using new chemicals during manufacturing and creating different materials with multiple properties, there would be a requirement for trained engineers who could use these materials, along with leading-edge technologies, to help them develop safer and better products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Jobs do Chemical Engineers do?

Ans. Chemical engineers work on the process, design, and operation of factories and many other specific fields. To be qualified for a job in this field, you need many years of education and experience in the chemical sciences. Chemical engineers are often employed in the chemical, petroleum, manufacturing, and power industries. They work as designers, chemists, and researchers.

Q2. Is Chemical Engineering a good career?

Ans. Chemical engineering is a good career option; because chemical engineers make good money. The median income is way higher than in other engineering fields. It’s even higher than the median income for the engineering profession as a whole. So if you’re looking to make enough money to live comfortably and have a good time doing it, this is probably the path for you.

Q3. What kind of work is chemical engineering?

Ans. In chemical engineering, designing and developing the chemical manufacturing process is carried out. The principles of biology, chemistry, math, and physics are applied to solve issues involving the use or production of fuels, chemicals, drugs, food, and other products.

Q4. Are Chemical Engineers in demand?

Ans. Chemical engineers are in demand at every level of technology. Competition for chemical engineering jobs is high because of the shortage of qualified professionals. With the increased number of companies being formed, there is competition for chemical engineer jobs. In addition, many universities offer more bachelor’s and master’s programs in chemical engineering because they are in high demand.

Almost half of all university students seeking a job as a chemical engineer hold a degree in another field before choosing to study chemistry or biology. Chemical engineers have their pick of industries and work with customers who have their specialties and requirements.

Chemical engineering is a highly dynamic field and constantly evolving. When planning to build a career as a chemical engineer, it is imperative to know about the trending job options in the field and how they can help you look forward to enjoying a lucrative career.

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