20+ Career Options in Biology (Beyond Doctor & Nurse)

May 15, 2024
Career Options in Biology

Quick Summary

  • The best career options in Biology, apart from the traditional roles of Doctors, Nurse, and other medical roles are listed in this blog.
  • Options include Microbiologist,  Forensic Scientist, Research Scientist, Botanist, Biotechnologist, Zoologist, etc. 
  • You can also take courses in biology like Msc in Food Science, MS in Biology, etc. 

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“There’s biology in everything, even when you’re feeling spiritual.” -Helen Fisher

When we think about career options in Biology, our minds often jump to doctors and nurses. But did you know there’s a whole world of exciting jobs in biology beyond healthcare? From studying animals in the wild to unlocking the secrets of genetics in a lab, the field of biology is vast and full of opportunities.

In this blog, we’re going to dive into some of these lesser-known career paths. Whether you’re a student figuring out your next steps or someone looking for a change, we will explore the many doors that biology can open for your future.

career options in biology

Best Career Options in Biology

Career Options

Skills Required

Average Salary (in INR)



1. Scientific knowledge

2. Analytical skills

3. Ethical considerations

4. Attention to detail

5. Communication skills

2.3 LPA

Forensic Scientist


1. Evidence analysis

2. Attention to detail

3. Science and mathematical Skills

4. Deductive reasoning Skills

5. Computer skills

4.8 LPA



1. Bioinformatics

2. Laboratory skills

3. Analytical skills

4. Knowledge of biology and chemistry

5. Critical thinking skills

4.9 LPA

Marine Biologist


1. Scientific inquiry

2. Environmental awareness

3. Problem-solving

4. Attention to detail

5. Technical skills

6.9 LPA



1. Knowledge of pharmaceuticals

2. Customer service skills

3. Attention to detail

4. Strong communication skills

5. Analytical skills

2.2 LPA



1. Scientific Knowledge

2. Research Skills

3. Computer Skills

4. Problem-Solving Skills

5. Analytical Skills

4.8 LPA

Environmental Scientist


1. Scientific knowledge

2. Fieldwork skills

3. Analytical skills

4. Critical thinking

5. Attention to detail


Medical Transcriptionist


1. Excellent typing skills

2. Good listening skills

3. Knowledge of medical terminology

4. Understanding of HIPAA

5. Time management skills

2.9 LPA

Food Scientist


1. Laboratory skills

2. Knowledge of food science and technology

3. Analytical skills

4. Creativity

5. Adaptability




1. Knowledge of botany

2. Research skills

3. Fieldwork skills

4. Data analysis

5. Communication skills


Biological Technicians


1. Knowledge of biological principles

2. Laboratory skills

3. Computer skills

4. Problem-solving skills

5. Attention to detail


Plant Biochemist


1. Knowledge of Biochemistry

2. Plant Science Knowledge

3. Laboratory Skills

4. Problem-Solving Skills

5. Communication Skills

3.7 LPA

Commercial Horticulturist


1. Plant knowledge

2. Soil science

3. Pest and disease management

4. Planning and organizational skills

5. Problem-solving skills

3.6 LPA

Research Biologist

1. Strong scientific knowledge

2. Analytical skills

3. Problem-solving skills

4. Technical skills

5. Communication skills

3.3 LPA

Farming/Agriculture Consultant


1. Knowledge of agriculture

2. Business skills

3. Analytical skills

4. Problem-solving skills

5. Communication skills

2.2 LPA

Source: Ambition Box, PayScale, Glassdoor

15 Fantastic Career Options in Biology

1. Microbiologist

Becoming a microbiologist is one of the first choices that you can consider as your career options in Biology. Microbiologists are the scientists who study microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. As microbiologist you will investigate the growth, behaviour, and interaction of the microscopic organisms in various environments, such as in soil, water, air, and living organisms.

You will also be developing and applying techniques to identify, isolate, and manipulate microorganisms for various purposes, including disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, food production, and environmental monitoring. You can work in various settings, including research institutions, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and industries.


  • Research and analysis of how various micro-organisms affect the lives of humans and the environment.
  • They identify and control infectious diseases, develop new drugs using various molecular biological techniques, and manipulate microorganisms to prevent contamination and help break down toxins.

2. Forensic Scientist

Becoming a forensic scientist is one of the best career options in biology that you can opt for. A forensic scientist is a professional who applies scientific methods to investigate and analyse evidence related to criminal or civil cases. They collect and analyse physical evidence such as DNA, fibres, blood, and fingerprints to help solve crimes and provide evidence in court.

As a forensic scientist, you will work closely with law enforcement, attorneys, and other professionals to help piece together the events of a crime and present their findings in a clear and concise manner. You will also be trained in a variety of scientific disciplines including chemistry, biology, and physics, helping you excel in your career after biology.


  • Analysis, investigation and examination of various physical and chemical elements to conclude the crime and its evidence.
  • Forensic scientists use a variety of mathematical and scientific techniques to conduct investigations and draw conclusions.

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3. Biotechnologist

A biotechnologist is a professional who applies principles of biology, chemistry, and engineering to develop and improve products, processes, and technologies that utilize biological systems. When you choose this career after biology you work in various fields such as healthcare, agriculture, food science, environmental science, and more.

Biotechnologists also use genetic engineering, protein engineering, and cell culture techniques to develop new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic tools, as well as to improve crops, develop new materials, and study the environment.


  • Manipulating various biomolecular and cellular processes to develop new products.
  • They work in different fields such as cosmetics, nutrition, agriculture, marine biotechnology, waste management etc.
  • They also develop drugs to combat infectious diseases.

4. Marine Biologist

A marine biologist is one of the career options in biology that you can go with if you love water and water being. As a marine biologist you get to study about life in the oceans, including the biology, behaviour, and ecology of marine organisms such as fish, whales, sharks, and corals. You may also work in research institutions, universities, government agencies, or conservation organizations, and may conduct fieldwork, experiments, or data analysis to understand and protect marine life and ecosystems.


  • Marine biologists study marine organisms, their habitat, behavior, and interactions with the environment.
  • They need to have proficiency in writing and communication skills, as the job requires expensive writing skills to draft notes and comments about the area under research and investigation.

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5. Pharmacist

A pharmacist is a person works in a chemist shop, dispensary, or medical store. Pharmacology is a rapidly growing field with a huge scope in the global healthcare scenario. It has given rise to various medicinal manufacturing, marketing, and clinical research and labs that made it one of the most preferred career options in biology. There are several jobs in biology field for a good pharmacist, you can open your medical store, work in a private hospital or even work for government hospitals too.


  • They supply medicines to the patients according to a doctor’s prescription.
  • To research, prepare and distribute medicines.
  • To give instructions and guidelines regarding the preparation of various medicinal drugs, dosages, and effects.

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6. Geneticists

Genetics deals with the various variations in genes, heredity, and characteristics among living organisms, this field has great scope in biology. Geneticists are people who study the interactions of diseases, mutations, traits, abnormalities, and games in the environment. They investigate how traits are passed down from one generation to the next, analyse DNA and genetic data, and use this knowledge to understand and treat genetic disorders. This can be one of the most renowned career options in biology.


  • Treatment and counselling of patients with hereditary problems
  • Researching genetic problems and finding solutions.
  • Developing various pharmaceutical and agricultural products.
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7. Environmental Scientist

An Environmental Scientist is a professional who studies the natural world and its complex interactions with human activities. This is another one of career options for biology students who want to use scientific methods to investigate environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and resource depletion, and develop strategies to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. Environmental scientists use their knowledge of natural science to protect the environment and its impact on human health.


  • Environmental scientists investigate and analyse various environmental problems such as waste management, global warming, pollution, etc.
  • To deal with the components of the environment such as animals, plants, and other living beings and organisms. And finding ways to save them.

8. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcripts are responsible for producing reports and other documents from recordings and audio as directed by the physician. The job requires an in-depth knowledge of various medical terminology, medical treatments, and procedures. This is one of the best career options in biology for students.


  • Transcription, editing, and proper use of medical terms and usage of grammatical errors.
  • They should be aware of various legal requirements and standards to perform the work smoothly and efficiently.

9. Food Scientist

Being a food scientist is one of the best career options in biology for people who love food and want to understand the science behind it. A food scientist is a professional who applies scientific principles to study and improve the quality, safety, and nutritional value of food products. They analyse food ingredients, develop new food products, and ensure that they meet government regulations and consumer expectations.

You can do a BSc in Food Science and Technology as an undergraduate degree. And this gives you one of the best career options in biology to get jobs in reputed organizations like FSAI (Food Safety Authority of India) and ISI (Indian Standards Institute) to become a food scientist.


  • Responsible for multiple roles like food packaging, marketing of newly developed technologies, ensuring safety compliance etc.
  • Dealing with the safety and processing of food products through research and development.

10. Botanist

Botany is one of the well-established branches and career options in biology. A botanist is a scientist who studies plants and their relationship with the environment. They research plant biology, growth, and development, as well as their uses in agriculture, medicine, and industry. When you choose this career after biology you may get to work in a variety of settings, such as laboratories, botanical gardens, universities, or government agencies, to advance our understanding of plant life.


  • They study plants, agriculture, and the environment.
  • Researching, observing, analysing, and discovering new species.
  • Study the interactions of living organisms with plants in ecology.

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11. Biological Technicians

Biological technicians are professionals who work in a laboratory or field setting to conduct experiments and tests related to biological research. They assist scientists and researchers by preparing samples, recording data, and maintaining laboratory equipment. This is one of the best career options in biology where you work on analysing biological specimens, monitoring experiments, and documenting results.


  • Installation, maintenance, and cleaning of laboratory instruments and equipment.
  • Collect and prepare biological samples for analysis.
  • Biological test and experiment.
  • Document work including procedures, observations, and results.
  • Analyse experimental data and interpret the results.
  • Write reports that reflect their findings.

12. Plant Biochemist

If you love plants and chemistry and would love to know more about these topics; then becoming a plant biochemist one of the career options in biology to consider. A plant biochemist is a scientist who specializes in the study of the chemical processes and metabolic pathways of plants. In this scope of biology, you get to use various techniques to investigate the structure and function of plant molecules such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. Their research contributes to the understanding of plant growth, development, and responses to environmental stimuli.


  • To study the chemical and physical principles and biological processes of living organisms, such as cell development, growth, heredity, disease, and DNA.
  • Understanding chemical reactions that occur in tissues and recording the effects.
  • Conduct research projects and prepare technical reports

13. Commercial Horticulturist

This is one of the career options in biology which is related to food and agriculture. A Commercial Horticulturist is a professional who specializes in the cultivation and management of plants for commercial purposes. This may include growing fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and other crops for sale to consumers or other businesses. They may work in a variety of settings, including farms, nurseries, greenhouses, or other agricultural facilities.


  • To conduct activities such as monitoring the cultivation and maintenance of plants and crops.
  • Manage weed, pest, or disease control programs while ensuring compliance with the government.
  • To conduct a horticulture test.
  • To analyze horticulture, production, operating costs, and financial returns.
  • To maintain financial and administrative records.

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14. Biology Researcher

A biological researcher studies living organisms, if you are interested in doing this as job then it is one of the best career options in biology for you. A biology researcher is a professional who studies living organisms, their structure, function, behaviour, and interactions with the environment. They conduct experiments, analyse data, and publish their findings in academic journals to advance scientific knowledge and contribute to the development of new medicines, treatments, and technologies.


  • To analyse plants
  • To research mammal habitats,
  • To study bonding patterns and test samples.

15. Farming/Agriculture Consultant

Farming or agriculture is the base of any nation and choosing this as one of the career options in biology will only lead to success. As an agriculture consultant, you can do so by providing advice and guidance to farmers, agricultural businesses, and government agencies on various aspects of agriculture. In this career after biology, you will help in crop selection, soil management, pest control, and marketing strategies, among others, with the aim of improving agricultural productivity and profitability.


  • Visiting farms to analyse and collect, measure, analyse and interpret data,
  • Advising about trading strategy and financial options etc.

16. Zoologist

Zoologists are scientists who specialize in the study of animals, encompassing their behavior, physiology, ecology, and evolution. They conduct research to understand various aspects of animal life, such as their habitats, reproductive patterns, and interactions with other species. Zoologists often work in diverse environments, including laboratories, zoos, natural habitats, and conservation areas.


  • Conducting research to understand animal behavior, physiology, and ecology.
  • Studying animal populations in various habitats to assess biodiversity and conservation needs.

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Part-time Career Options for Biology Students

1. Online Teaching

Online teaching is one of the fastest-growing part-time jobs for biology students. It gives you the benefit of teaching and learning from the comfort of your home. Due to technological advancement, the concept of online learning or teaching has increased. There are many platforms available for those who want to work as a teacher.

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2. Scientific/ Technical Content Writer

Technical content writing is a good way to earn money for those who are proficient in writing. If you have in-depth knowledge of biology, then you can work as a part-time scientific or technical writer. As a scientific writer, you will research, and organize complex information into a simple one based on the target audience.

3. Lab Assistant

Many biology departments and research labs offer part-time positions to students who are interested in gaining practical laboratory experience. Lab assistants may help prepare materials for experiments, clean and maintain equipment, and assist with data entry and analysis. This is a great chance for you as student to learn some practical skills and if develop interest in this work you might even choose it from one of the several career options in biology for future.

4. Medical Scribe

Medical scribing is another of the part-time career options for biology students to go with. As medical scribe you work alongside healthcare providers, documenting patient encounters in real time. This is a great part-time job for biology students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine or healthcare. Medical scribes can work in hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Courses To Excel Careers in Biology



Course Duration

Admission Process

Top Colleges

M.Sc. in Food Science


BSc in Food Science and Technology

2 Years

Entrance-Based or Merit

1. IGNOU Delhi

2. BHU Varanasi

3. IIEST Shibpur

Ph.D. in Biological Science


BSc+ MSc in Biological Science

3-5 Years


1. AIIMS Delhi

2. IIT Delhi

3. University of Hyderabad



B.Sc. with 55% to 60%

2 Years


1. Manipal University Sikkim

2. Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune

3. AIIMS Delhi

Master of Science in Biotechnology

Bachelor’s degree in biotechnology or a related field

2 Years



1. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur

2. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi

3. Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai

Master of Science in Biology

Bachelor’s degree in biology

2 Years


1. Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore

2. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

3. University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

1. M.Sc. in Food Science

The MSc is a two-year postgraduate program in Food Science and Technology where students learn about the processing, production and safety of food. Those students who want to go into food nutrition can pursue this course.

2. Ph.D. in Biological Science

A Ph.D. in Biology gives students an in-depth knowledge of biomedical research. It is a suitable course for students who want to make their career in the research field.

3. MBA

The Master of Business Administration is for students who wish to enter the biotechnology or pharmaceutical positions in a company. An MBA degree in biology will help you prepare for leadership roles and open doors to great career options in biology for students.

4. Master of Science in Biotechnology

Master of Science in Biotechnology focuses on the application of biological principles to the development of new technologies and products. This course provides multiple career option in biology, as graduates can work in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and environmental science.

5. Master of Science in Biology

This degree is a step up from the undergraduate level and provides a more in-depth study of the biological sciences. This course offers various specializations, such as molecular biology, ecology, marine biology, and more which open doors to career options in biology.

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Choose The Best Career After Biology

All the career options in biology offer a great deal of success, but what you need to decide is what’s best for you. To help you some of the best career options in biology along with courses have been mentioned here. You can evaluate yourself and your passion for biology, then can choose any of the careers in biology. So, do your research know about various choices in biology other than a doctor, nurse or surgeon and get your dream job.

Make the best choice and excel in your career with the help of some Career Advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best career in biology?

There are immense career options in biology. You can choose to work either full-time or part-time after your studies. Some of the fields in which you can make your career are:

1. Online tutor
2. Agricultural consultant
3. Biology researcher
4. Commercial gardening
5. Plant biochemist
6. Biological technician
7. Botanist or ecologist
8. Food scientist
9. Environmental scientist

How many career options are there in biology?

There are immense career options in biology from which students can choose. They can go into various sectors like health care, marine, corporate sector etc. As such, they can become researchers, consultants, and professors in the field of biology or take online tutoring.

What are the highest-paid jobs in biology?

Biology graduates have immense career options in biology, to get some of them high-paying jobs. You can choose any field in biology and if you have the skill and knowledge then you will get a good salary. Some of the high-paying jobs are:

1. Biotechnologist
2. Marine biologist
3. Pharmacist
4. Environmental scientist
5. Medical transcripts

Is biology a good career?

Yes, biology is the best career because there are immense career options for biology students. You can make a career in any field from medicine to marine and get a good salary. The demand for biology has increased in the last few years and the rapid development has also seen an increase and is expected to develop more in the coming ten years. This is also one of the sectors which offer good salary packages to students. So yes, it is a good file to build your career.

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