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Biological sciences deal with life, it is, therefore one of the widest subjects that an individual can study. This article focuses on the best career options in Biology for students. Biology is the only subject that encompasses every element of life right from the tiniest molecule to large animals and human beings.

It is a field that can lead to study living beings to develop a broad understanding of living processes for several purposes. A biological student can get into a variety of career options in Biology, for a student who is intrigued by science a degree in biology can be a perfect career launch. Within these roles, an individual plays an important role in educating and making people aware of various biological tissues.

List of career options in Biology


Microbiologists are the people who deal with microbes basically, it is the study of various microscopic organisms like fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. the main purpose of studying organisms is to develop beneficial medicines and vaccines. The subject deals with the interaction between animals, humans, plants, and other microorganisms in the ecology.

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February 5, 2021
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A bachelor’s degree in biology will help an aspirant to start his/her career path in the respective field, But a Ph.D. degree is required to become a professional microbiologist. Microbiologists research and analyze how varied microorganisms affect humans’ lives and the environment at large. The subject consists of fields such as bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, etc.
They identify and help to control infectious disease, develop new medicines using various molecular biological techniques, and also use microorganisms to control pollution and helps to break down toxic substances.
Being a microbiologist enables a person to have a bundle of job opportunities in the respective field such as, as a clinical researcher, lab technician, health sector, quality control, breweries, agriculture, etc. several colleges provide a degree in biology such as Delhi University, Osmania University, Punjab University, Fergusson University, etc.
Therefore it can prove to be the most lucrative career in biology.

Forensic Scientists

Being a forensic scientist is one of the best career options in biology that one can opt for. Forensic scientists re the people who analyze, investigate, and tests various physical and chemical elements to draw inferences for crime and its evidence. It is one of those disciples of science that is used all around the world to enforce laws and regulations and to protect the public domain.
Forensic scientists use various mathematical and scientific techniques for investigation and to draw inferences.
It can be demonstrated as the most fruitful career in biology for an individual. An aspirant needs to possess some set of skills such as patience, good observation skills, he/she should be proficient enough to have an eye over the tiniest detail and should have enough skills and interests in interpreting scientific data and samples. A candidate can go for a bachelor’s degree in forensic sciences which is a 3-4 year program, the curriculum involves crime victim studies, a criminal investigation, and procedure, fingerprint analyzes, constitutional issues, etc. some various top colleges and universities are adamant to undertake such students. Thus, this career option in biology is a bundle of success an individual can earn a handsome salary of three to four lakhs per annum.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the most rapidly growing part-time jobs for biology students. It is the most convenient and affordable opportunity for students who want to become proficient in this particular field. Online tutoring does not only provide a medium for earning money but it is a great platform that helps an individual to excel in a particular course and become proficient in his/her course. Due to technological up-gradation and extensive use of the internet, there is an increase in online approach as a result of which online tutoring comes out to be the most lucrative mode of part-time job opportunity for biology students.

Some several online platforms and companies provide such assistance to students such as Chegg, Chegg is a leading student connected learning platform, it makes education accessible and affordable while improving student’s results. It provides an opportunity for students to act as “subject matter expert” and to work from home remotely with flexible working hours. Anyone who is enrolled as a student in diploma, bachelor’s, doctorate or masters get into the respective field. The subject matter experts are paid per question that they have answered, and an individual can earn an average of INR 30000 to INR 80000 per month without any investment. It gives an exposure to the students to earn while they learn, working at an MNC.


Biotechnology is the process of hacking our life elements, it is a combination of biology and technology. They manipulate various biomolecular and cellular processes to develop new products. It is one of the most successful biology-related careers. The field uses living organisms like bacteria and cells for their studies, the job of a biotechnologist is to work in different fields. It has got a wider working opportunity such as developing cleaner fuels, improving the production of food items, and crop yields, it also includes the development of drugs to deal with infectious diseases.
There are various career opportunities in this respective field, one can get into pharmaceuticals, genetics, and healthcare. Various private and government industries are working in fields related to cosmetics, nutrition, agriculture, marine biotechnology, waste management, etc. one can also work in quality control, laboratory assistant, or a field technician.
Some of the top colleges such as Loyola College, Madras Christian College, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Manipal university, etc. which provides a great opportunity for the students to make a career in biology.
Biotechnology is an expansive field that generates a handsome salary for the candidates.

Marine Biology

A marine biologist is one who specializes in the field of oceans and marine life. Marine biologists study marine organisms, their habitat, behavior, interaction with the environment. It is an expansive and diverse field no job profile calls “marine biologists” this title can be held by professionals who are involved with marine life and their habitat. Additionally, marine biologist needs to gain proficiency in writing as well as communication skills, as the job requires expensive writing skills to draft notes and observations regarding the area under research and investigation.
The subject contains an array of topics ranging from viruses to climate changes to marine mammals. Marine biologists are likely to work in labs or fields according to the working requirement. It generally requires a bachelor’s degree. It is an arduous journey if one earns a degree in marine biology he/she is on the safest way to reach their goals.
There are several career options one can find for himself/herself such as an aquaculturist, environmental consultant, researcher, fishery biologists, etc. and a large variety of universities support these career opportunities such as the University of Madras, Indian maritime University, Pondicherry University, National Institute of Oceanography, etc.


It is a combination of science, technology, healthcare, and research. A pharmacist is a person who works in a chemist shop, dispensary, or medical store. Their job is to supply medicines to the patients according to a doctor’s prescription. Being a pharmacist one needs to research, prepare and distribute medicines with the help of knowledge that one possesses as a result it is mandated for them to gain knowledge regarding medicines and their effects even though they do not deal with prescriptions.

Additionally, the job of pharmacists is to give instructions and guidelines regarding the preparation of various medicinal drugs, dosages, and effects. This job profile can be categorized as a recession-proof profession that offers benefits, handsome salary, flexibility, and various opportunities for holistic growth and development. It is a rapidly growing field that has got a huge scope in the global healthcare scenario, it has given rise to various medicinal manufacturing, marketing, and clinical research and labs.

An aspirant can easily get into this profession he/she needs to study PCB, PCM, or PCMB in the science field. A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy is mandatory for further career for an individual. There are wider job opportunities for a pharmacist such as a job in the pharmaceutical industry, education, and research, etc. it is one of the most preferred career options in biology.

Part Time Teaching

Teaching has always been an evergreen opportunity for students in different fields. It is one of the most cherishing part-time jobs that one opts for. This job option in biology not only provides an insight into an individual regarding how the profession works, if he/she wants to get into it but also helps to polish one’s skills and knowledge at the same time.

Biology is considered to be one of the trickiest and a demanding subject and in order to excel in it, a student needs to go for additional input apart from what he/she has been taught, Here comes the need for a biology teacher. The subject involves the fundamentals of biology such as environmental issues, the relationship between various living and non- living organisms, genetic relations, and scientific concepts. Apart from books, lectures, or assignments, the task of a biology teacher is to provide practical knowledge to its students.

An aspirant who needs to work for a part-time job can easily get into this. It has got an easy and simple job profile. An individual needs to make the subject relatable and enjoyable for the students. By trying different teaching styles and forms of education this part-time job opportunity can prove to be the most informative one both for the student and for the aspirant and at the same time, it can also help those students to achieve their dream career of being a biology teacher. It is a lucrative part-time career in biology.


Genetics is a profession that deals with genes, different variations in hereditary, and characteristics among the living organisms.geneticists are the people who study diseases, mutation, traits, anomalies, and interaction of games in the environment. It can prove to be one of the most renowned biology-related careers.

The job of geneticists ranges from treating and counseling a patient with his/her hereditary problems to researchers, to developing various pharmaceutical and agricultural products. There are wider career opportunities for aspirants such as one can become an immunologist, forensic DNA analysts, cytogeneticists, pharmacologists, clinical research associate, medical technologists, etc.

Some of the top colleges and universities such as Bangalore city college, institute of genetics engineering, Kurukshetra University, and many more are giving a chance to the candidates. However, some great educational institutes in India provide such assistance to students but it has also got a good educational profile abroad. A student in this business can earn a handsome salary based on his/her qualifications. The field has got a good career in biology.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists are the ones who apply their knowledge of natural sciences to safeguard the environment and indirectly human health at large. Therefore, an individual interested in studying the environment can make this field the best career in biology.
Environmental scientists deal with the components of the environment, they take a keen interest in animals, plants, and other living beings and organisms So that they can find ways and methods to conserve them. The field involves the study of various biological, chemical, and physical interactions of elements of the environment.

Environmental scientists investigate and analyze various environmental problems such as waste management, global warming, pollution, etc. and try to find ways to deal with these problems. They try to curb these shortcomings of the environment by offering solutions and sustainable techniques. It is one of the best biology-related careers that ensure environmental protection.

There are many career opportunities in this particular field such as these scientists are hired for research and development in industries like water treatment plants, mines, fertilizers, etc. some of the top colleges such as Delhi University, Fergusson college, etc provide this course. However one should note that environmental science as a specialization is offered at the post-graduation level in India.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcripts are the people who are responsible for the creation of reports and other documents from physician dictated recordings and audios. It can be categorized as one of the easiest part-time jobs that one asks for. The job requires in-depth knowledge of various medical terminologies, medical treatments, and procedures which is very much common in biology students.
The job profile includes transcribing, editing grammatical errors, and proper usage of medical terms and usages. They should be aware of different legal requirements and standards in order to carry out the job smoothly and efficiently.

The job requires a high degree of attention, analytical, and interpreting skills while carrying out the tasks. It is a type of part-time job opportunity that helps an aspirant to familiarise themselves with certain medical terminologies that are new to them and also helps them to get an insight into the profession of a doctor, how it works. Their job is to provide a structured document to the concerned authorities all edited and structured.

There are a number of companies that are providing such opportunities to the students to carry out the tasks while learning. One can make a good career in biology having this task as a part-time job opportunity which will polish one’s medical skills and knowledge.

Food Scientist

A food scientist’s occupation is to use his/her knowledge of physical sciences to develop and create better ways and methods of food processing, producing, and shipping to fulfill regulatory and satisfactory control measures to avoid food contamination and adulteration. It is one of the renowned jobs for biology students.

Food scientists are responsible for several roles such as food packaging, marketing newly developed technologies, ensuring safety compliance, etc. they deal with the safety and processing of food products through research and development. It is an easy process for an aspirant to get into the job one can take up a BSc in food science and technology as n undergraduate degree. As a beginner food scientists work for research and development firms and corporations. A graduate scientist can work in labs or fields, researching, observing, and analyzing food production. Food scientists are employed in reputed organizations like FSAI( food safety authority of India) and ISI (Indian Standards Institute). One has got a good career option in biology.

If you still think none of these options are where your interests lie, you can always turn to education as a career option. The world will never be in shortage of good teachers who are willing to educate the next generation. Chegg is an education-based company, the main aim is to help students build their careers. It is one of the best options of the online earning website for students, professionals whoever has expertise in any of the subject matters like Accounts. Psychology, Computer Science, and many more.


It is the most renowned and well-established branch and a career in biology. It deals with plant life, growth, structure, etc. they study plants as it relates to nutrition, agriculture, and environmental policy. People in this field are responsible for research and observation to analyze and discover new species, interactions of living organisms with plants in an ecology.
Botanists are likely to work in labs or in fields, they can find work with private companies, nonprofit organizations, universities, and most importantly in botanical is an exciting field on the cutting edge of the clean environment. There are various career opportunities in the respective field such as one can work in landscape industries, environmental consultancies, natural resource centers, or can work as a researcher or a taxonomist, etc.
Some of the top colleges and universities like Delhi University, St Teresa’s College, Stella Maris College, Loyola College, etc. one can easily get into this having a bachelor’s or a master’s degree and can assist with research, but the one who holds doctoral degrees are more likely to lead the research studies and development.

Final Thoughts

There are enough career options in biology to get one’s mind going in all possible directions. A biology degree will equip an individual with loads of transferable skills and exceptional knowledge.
A biology degree opens up a door to various successful career opportunities. The above-listed career options in biology will provide a useful insight into the biological world its scope and future avenues. Biology as a subject is not just restricted to being a doctor but an individual can play several roles in the stream.

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