Alternatively, the demand for paramedical courses is very much in the present world.  Despite this hard situation of pandemic millions of students got the opportunity. They get to have a career in the medical field.

However, if you want to become a part of this demanding field, then you need to start your career soon by joining Paramedical courses.

Indeed, one doesn’t need any particular age to have a career in this field. Therefore, you can join the paramedical course at any stage when you feel like it. Also, the best thing about paramedical courses is, you can have your career in this field after the completion of the 10th board.

Usually, a Paramedical course refers to medical training courses that can engage you with jobs in the medical field. However, with the growing period, the need for paramedical courses is known to the world.

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What is a paramedical Course?

So, if you are eager to start your career in the paramedical field it is important to know all about paramedical courses.  Paramedical Courses were offered to students as postgraduate, graduate, Ph.D., and also for certificate courses. One can seek this course in both online and offline mode.

Paramedical Courses consist of various emergency medical services which are required by hospitals or hospital lie environment such as nursing homes, medical health camps.

Paramedical courses are the professionals who offer hands to help the doctors in the period of crisis. These are the professionals who were well trained on how to deal with and diagnose the human body that helps doctors.

But for getting this course you need to complete at least 10th, 12th and after graduation. It usually depends on the type of course you choose.

The courses depend on the duration. However, the duration of paramedical courses lies between 6 months to 4 years. It is totally based on what course you want to join.

So, having a paramedical Course means you provide the best medicals training in the field of the premedical emergency situation, training in diagnostics technology, medical assistance, and many more.

Sectors of Paramedical Courses

However, if you are looking for a career in Paramedical, but having confusion on which field to choose and start your career. So to help you in clearing your confusion, here is a list of various branches of Paramedical that you can choose to pursue your career.

Medical laboratory Technologies:

However, this course is for the ones who want to have their career in Medical laboratories. These professionals usually diagnose diseases through sample testing. So, these professionals were trained with effective skills and make them proficient in testing and analyzing samples and study the results.

After the experience, you can also start your own laboratory or start your career as a technician. Usually, these courses provide a lot of growth in my career as a lab technician in various medical fields.

To pursue a career in this field you can pursue, a Certification course in Lab Assistant, Diploma in Lab Assistant, and B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology. The salary offers in this field starts around 1.17 LPA and it increases with experience.

Anesthesia Technology:

So, this course focuses on how to administer anesthesia doses of various concentrations that are used in different medical cases. Setting up Anesthesia is a primary step in many medical treatments and therefore it is considered an important process.

These professionals were also trained on the process to look after patient’s health and how their body reacts to Anesthesia. So if you want to have these as your career, then you can opt for in Anesthesia Technology or Diploma in Anesthesia, and later for further knowledge, you can also seek for PG Diploma in Anesthesia.

Even Anesthesia professionals get paid well with growing experience. It is not only a demanding career but it also pays well

Dialysis Technology:

So, these courses offer training to the students on machinery techniques, the dialysis procedure. It results in report reading and interpretation that helps in diagnosing the issue were also teaches in these courses.

Dialysis usually refers to the procedure of removing impure blood and liquids from our body when the body was not capable to do it on its own. Then with these procedures, the impure liquids were drawn out from the body.

However, if you want your future in this field then you should pursue courses from Diploma in Dialysis Technology, Certificate courses in Dialysis Technician, or B.Sc in Dialysis Therapy. Usually, the Dialysis professional also gets a good salary even on the entry-level, and with growing experience the salary increases.

Speech therapist and Audiologist:

Likewise, Audiologist and Speech therapist is a very demanding course in the health industry. So, an Audiologist was particularly trained to treat patients suffering from Speaking problems, stammering, and treating patients with special technology, therapeutic exercise, and treatments.

These professionals were also trained to understand the levels of impairment, various diagnostic techniques and equipment knowledge, etc.

However, the courses offered in these branches are Diploma in Hear language and Speech, and B.Sc in Audiology and Speech. Usually, an entry-level professional in these branches earns up to Rs 4.8LPA.


Despite, doctors the nurses are also considered to play the most important role in the Health industry. So, if you want to become the next future nurse then you need to go for these courses, B.Sc in Nursing, in Obstetrics & Gynecology Nursing, Diploma in Nursing care Assistant, M.Sc in Health Nursing, M.Sc in Pediatric Nursing, and many more courses are available that you can go for.

The Nurses were usually trained on maintaining records of patients, dressings, First Aid care, assisting doctors in operations and surgeries, etc. But if you are going for a career as Nurse then with growing experience you are getting a good amount. However, it varies in different health industries.


Altogether, a Paramedical course has been more in demand, unlike other careers. However, if you want to pursue a career in paramedical Courses, then you need to follow the eligibility criteria for Paramedical Courses.

So, to pursue Paramedical Courses, you need to at least complete 10th and 12th board exams from any recognized university. The eligibility criteria for General students need to secure at least 60% in Science streams. However, it varies in different institutions.

However some of the Paramedical courses are also offered to Arts students, but it is compulsory to pass the 12th Board. Whereas in n some colleges it is compulsory to clear the entrance exams to pursue Paramedical Courses. So if you want to have a career in Paramedical, then it is important to follow these criteria to have a career in Paramedical.

Why pursue Paramedical Courses?

So, the demand for Paramedical Courses was rapidly increasing because of its larger scope availability in the present world. The paramedical sector is like a backbone in the Health industry. The health industry is rapidly growing, which has created a demand in this field.

Not only it is a developed career opportunity but rather a smart and profitable career. It is a challenging profession where you need to push yourself the extra mile. Every day a challenge stands up against you. It is a platform for growth and learns. Therefore, the one who wants a career that challenges you and makes a progress, then obviously this is your very much suitable career.

It’s anytime emergency makes you an Eveready work person that is ready for any type of challenge and makes you a mentally strong person.

However, apart from every challenge, it is a most rewarding job that smiles at you even after facing many difficulties. You help a person in recovering from very serious or mild diseases, and sometimes heartbreaking. So it’s a job roller coaster ride with many challenges. This type of life learning and challenging career is not offered in any other field.

Types of paramedical courses:

However, if you want a career in paramedical courses then here is a guide for you to choose at which level you want your career in Paramedical. It is basically divided into four types

Paramedical courses after class 10th and 12th courses: When talking about the level of paramedical courses that one can seek for after the completion of class 10 & 12th are:

Certificate Paramedical Courses:

So, if you are very much eager to have a career in the field of paramedical, then you must go for the Certificate paramedical courses. However, these courses can be started immediately after completing the 10th board exams. So here is the list of few courses that offered certification courses to gain a career in Paramedical.

Medical Laboratory Technology:

So if you want to seek a career in Medical Laboratory Technology then you can start from here. However, it is a short-term specialization course. It usually includes the duration of 3 months to 6 months, which varies in every institute.

So this certification course can costs around Rs 2,50,000 to Rs 2,50,000.


So if you want a career in Physiotherapy that usually takes around 2 years to complete the course. However to pursue his course the student needs to clear 10+2 board with science stream.

Usually the cost for this course is around Rs 1,50,000- Rs 2,00,000.

Dialysis Technician:

Likewise this course also offers opportunities to students t have their career in the field of Dialysis as technicians. Usually it costs around Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 3,00,000.

HIV and Family Education:

However if you are an interested person to help society with the race for these medical problems in a professional way then this course is for you. However, to have this certification course it will cost around Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 2,00,000.

Nursing Assistant:

Usually, many students go for this course as it is very much in demand in the medical sector. To pursue this course you need to spend around Rs 2,50,000 to Rs3,00,000.

Home-based Healthcare:

But with the growing demand for other types of Diploma courses this has also been much in demand. SO to have a certification course in this field you need to spend around Rs 1,25,000 to Rs 2,30,000.

So these are the few courses that you can get avail to. However, certification courses are available for the shortest duration and provide you with many benefits. However, students with art backgrounds can also pursue certification courses in HIV and Family education. Most importantly, this doesn’t require any advanced level of knowledge in the subjects of Biology and other science subjects.

Diploma courses

So, if you want a career in Diploma then you can opt for this course after completing 12 board exams. Usually, the duration for Diploma courses is 1 -2 years. The courses are offered in various institutions that usually vary from one another. However various courses offered in Diploma are:

Gynecology & Obstetrics:

If you want a career in gynecology or Obstetrics then go for this course. It usually cost around INR 1,00,000 to 2,50,000.

Child Health:

So to opt for a career in child health you can choose the diploma course in child health that usually costs around INR 80,000 to 90,000.


Likewise, you can choose an optometry course. However, this course will cost around INR 50,000 to 60,000.

OT Technician:

Usually many of you seek a career in OT Technician then you can go for this course that will cost around INR 50,000 to 60,000.

Clinical research:

Similarly, opting for a career in Clinical Research, can cost you up to INR 1,00,000 to 2,50,000.

Hear language and speech:

Also, the one choosing this course in Diploma in Hear language and speech it will cost you around Rs INR 50,000 to 75, 00,000

Rural Health care:

Also many individuals are interested in having a career in the Rural health care system. So this is a better opportunity for you to have your career in this sector. However, it can cost you about INR 50,000 to 75,00,000.

Diploma in Dental Hygienist:

Dental Hygienist has been a demanding career. So to Pursue a career, you can go for a diploma in Dental Hygiene that will cost around INR 70,000 to 1,00,000.

Diploma in Medical Record technology:

Likewise, Diploma in Medical Record technology has been in demand. However, seeking a career in this course can cost you around INR 50,000 to 70,000.

So these are a few of the diploma courses that one can have a career. Similarly, this course has its demand among the medical sectors. However, this will not only provide you with a better career but also gave you a career fill with respect and honor.

If you want to start your career in paramedics soon then go for this and have a beautiful career in Paramedical after completing this course.

Graduate Courses:

So, if you want an undergraduate course in Paramedical, then in India you can many colleges that are offering these courses. However, the duration of these paramedical courses varies in many universities. But still, the duration lies between 3 to 5 years. So here is the list of some undergraduate courses:

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy:

Usually, Bachelor of Occupational Therapy is a  4-5 year-long course. Specifically, it provides education on becoming an efficient occupational therapist. The professionals seeking this course get to work for mentally and physically challenged people. This course usually costs around Rs 4,00,000.

B.Sc in Cardiac technology:

Likewise, B.Sc in Cardiac Technology is a 3-year course. It has been divided into 6 semesters. This course usually focuses on medicines.

However, Cardiac Technologies help by assisting the physician in the testing of cardiovascular, where a tube gets inserted into a blood vessel that carries blood  to the heart. The course usually costs around Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 4,00,000.

B.Sc in Nuclear medicine technology:

Usually, B.Sc in Nuclear medical technology consists of a 3-year program.  To pursue this curse you need to clear 10+2 board exams in the science stream. The fee required to pursue this course is Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 4,00,000.

B.Sc In Medical lab technology:

So, if you want a career in B.Sc Medical lab technology which is for a duration of 3 years and includes 6 semesters. The professionals under this course were taught about various aspects included in health care. Students get to perform diagnostic analyses on microscopic and various body fluids. However, the course fee for B.Sc in Medical lab technology is Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 6,00,000.

B.Sc in Neurophysiology technology:

So, the duration of the Neurophysiology Technology bachelors course is 3 years, which includes 6 semesters. It teaches Physiology and Neuroscience. But one needs to complete 10+2 boards with science streams to get to join in this course. Basically, the fee for this course is around Rs2,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000 that is mostly similar to other courses Paramedical.

So these are the few Undergraduate Paramedical Courses that you can pursue and have a career. Studying Paramedical fills you with a wide range of Choices. But it is up to you on how to chose the right subject to have a better career.

Postgraduate Paramedical Courses

However, students who have completed the Undergraduate in the same courses can only seek their career in Paramedical courses postgraduate program. This course usually consists of 2-3 years where you were also offered an internship program.

M.Sc Nursing:

So, after completion of Ug courses in nursing, one can get the opportunity for studying M.Sc in Paramedical Courses. Hence you get to learn on taking care of patients in both mental and physical ways. One can get avail to the large number of colleges that are offering these courses. However, the fee for this course is Rs 30,000 to 3,00,000.

M.Sc in Physiotherapy:

Likewise, to have your career in M.Sc Physiotherapy you need to complete the Ug courses in Physiotherapy. This course is available in most of the colleges in India. However, the fee for this course is around Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 7,00,000. However, it varies according to college.

M.Sc in Child Health Nursing:

Specifically, this course completely focuses on child health care. However, this course trained candidates on theoretical knowledge with clinical skills in Pediatric, understand and have awareness on primary health care needs, child health nursing, and many more.  However, the fee for this course usually lies around Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 9,00,000.

M.Sc in Optometry:

Usually,  M.Sc in Optometry focuses on detection and treatment of eye diseases, managing binocular vision problems, and improper eye functions.

Altogether it is a study on eye problems and their treatment.  Many colleges are offering this course in India that you can easily get avail to. However, the fee for this course is Rs 3,00,000 to 30,00,000.

So these are the few post-graduate courses that a candidate can pursue and have a career forward. With the demands of these courses, many colleges are providing these courses and guiding the children with better education and training.

Other Courses:

However, the students who want to seek further studies in Paramedical can also seek Doctorate courses. Unlike, other courses Paramedical courses also provide higher degree courses that students choose to have a better career and promotions in their job.

The doctorate courses offer students to gain more knowledge and development.

So if you want a better career in paramedical courses then go for a course that is suitable for you and seek your career in that field. The higher job demands in the paramedical sectors have created a larger demand in the paramedical courses.


However, opportunity as employment in the field of Paramedical professions was observed to be growing rapidly. The demand has increased not only in India but there is an increasing opportunity abroad also.

These professionals play the role of assisting doctors during operation and treatment. Whereas, some works in diagnosing diseases show the best possible way to treat the disease.

Usually, with growing skills and experience the Paramedic professionals climb the ladder to become successful. After completing basic courses, the students get the job opportunity.

Many offers were provided to these aspirants they can go for any Nursing Home, Clinics, Lecturer in well-known colleges and Universities, Health departments, Hospitals, Medical laboratory and more.  However here are few suggestions of jobs that one can have their career into according to their courses chosen:

Types of Career

Physiotherapy Career:

So, if you have completed your studies in Physiotherapy then you can choose your career in the field of Physiotherapist, Consultant, Researcher, and Osteopath. These health care providers usually work on Electrotherapy, Physiotherapy, movement of non-working body parts.

A career in Operation Threaten Technology:

However, the one who studied this course gets to work at the hospitals. They can work at both government and private hospitals.

Usually, these department works for the emergency department, Operation theaters, ICU. These candidates help doctors by assisting them. One can also become OT Technician, anesthetist, associate consultant, OT assistant, and lab technician.

A career in X-Ray technology:

These candidates can get jobs in fields like Mammography, cardiovascular intervention radiography, angiography, bone densitometry, interventional radiography, etc.

Usually, these professionals get to work as X-ray technicians, radiographers, radiation protection, specialist therapy, diagnostic radiographer, etc.

A career in Nursing:

Altogether, Nursing is the most demandable career in the field of Paramedical. These aspirants can gt to work in Hospitals, Nursing homes, Government as well as Private medicals, Orphanages, Department supervisors, and many more.

However, these aspirants get to work administering medication, arranging types of equipment, assisting doctors, community health nurses, and many more.


So, the salary offered to the paramedical aspirants varies depends on a different profession. As Paramedical offers a wide range of career It depends on the career you choose.

Nursing: However the ones going into a nursing career can expect a starting salary of around 1.8 LPA to 8.7 LPA. However, it varies accordingly.  Usually the ones with private can expect a higher salary as that of government sectors. With growing experience the salary increases.

Audiologist & Speech therapist: Usually these professionals on an entry-level can earn up to Rs 4,8LPA. But with the increase in experience the salary increases.

Dialysis Technology: However, aspirants in these professions on an entry-level can earn up to Rs 18,000 per month. Usually with experience increases the salary also increase up to Rs 50,000 per month. But it is not fixed it varies according to industry.

Medical laboratory technologists: S, if you are planning to have a career in this field then you can earn up to rs 1.17 LPA on an entry-level. However with the increase in experience the salary increases. Mostly it varies according to industry.

Top Recruiters:

Paramedical is the most highly recruited sector. Its demand never stops. However, some of the top recruiting agencies are:

  • Manipal hospital
  • Nanavati Hospital
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • MaxCure Hospitals
  • Billroth Hospitals
  • Artemis Hospital
  • Columbia Asia referral Hospitals


B.Sc Nursing Syllabus:

Year I Year II
Physiology Sociology
Introduction to Computers Communicational and Educational Technology
English Pathology and Genetics
Anatomy Community Health Nursing
Psychology Pharmacology
Biochemistry Medical-Surgical Nursing
Nursing Foundations


Year III Year IV
 Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing
English Communication and Soft Skills Environment Study
Mental Health Nursing Community Health Nursing
Child Health Nursing Management of Nursing Services and Education
Medical-Surgical Nursing -II

Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery Syllabus:

Year I

Topic Syllabus
Primary Health Care


·  Infection and Immunization- Concept of Disease, Immunity and Body Defence Mechanisms, Infection, Waste Disposal, Disinfection and Sterilization, Collection of Specimen (Methods & Principles)

Community Health problems: Fever (Signs), Aches and Pains (Nursing Management), Urinary Problems, Care of the sick in the community, Respiratory Problems, Diseases of Musculoskeletal System, Diseases of Nervous System, Care of Handicap, Digestive Problems.

Primary Medical Care: Drugs Used in minor Ailments, Types of Drugs, Administration of Drugs.

Communicable Diseases: Introduction, Care, Epidemic management

First Aid and Referral: Fractures, Minor Injuries, and Ailments Need for First Aid, Life-threatening Conditions.

Community Health Nursing


Dynamics of Community, Community Health practices, Structure of Community, Concept of Health, Health Problems and Policies, Health Organizational Role, Community Need Assessment, Counseling, Role of the health team, Rural Community, Community Methods & Media.
Child Health Nursing Growth & Development, School Health, Nutrition of Infants and Children, Children’s Rights, Care of Adolescents, Care of Sick Child, Care of Adolescent Girls
Health Promotion  Nutrition, Mental health,  Human Body and Hygiene, Environmental Sanitation


However, the paramedical Professionals were trained with enough knowledge to get well in the professional field. However, apart from the professional skills some of the few important skills that are necessary for paramedical students are:

Teamwork: Paramedic professionals usually perform their tasks as a team. Hence a candidate seeking these course need to have this skill for a better career ahead.

It is the field where every team members play an important role to perform their work.

Strong understanding of Medical techniques: Usually, a student should have an interest in medical instruments and know the work of these instruments.

Otherwise, they cannot perform well in the work.

Therefore the Paramedical candidates should have a strong understanding of medical instruments.

Mentally Strong: So, if you want to have a career in the Paramedical field, it is important to prepare yourself mentally for the challenges.

It is a part of your regular task to b mentally strong or you cannot become a good professional.

However, you need to have better knowledge and understanding of every emergency and make yourself prepared for it.


Situational Awareness: However, a paramedic’s professional needs to b aware of every situation that they will face and make preparations for it. They need to understand every situation and act accordingly.


Physical Fitness and Stamina: So, in the path of a Paramedical Career, it is a very important skill that you need to have.

You need to be physically fit with good stamina to have a better future ahead and overcome every difficult situation.

The ability for navigating challenging situations: However, on the path of Paramedical you come across many challenges.

Therefore you need to navigate those difficult situations with the immediate solution-finding ability to become a better professional.


SO, if you want a career in Paramedical, then to study in colleges you need to clear entrance examinations for Paramedical Courses. While Some Medical Colleges conduct their own entrance examinations. So here is the list of some Paramedical entrance examinations:

NEET UG & PG: However, these are the most prominent entrance exams for the ones seeking a medical career. This exam is accepted by Medical and International medical colleges.

Moreover, you need to register first for the entrance examinations. This exam is held every year for the students.

Occupational English Test: Usually this test is for the ones who seek to have their career in Healthcare sectors in English-speaking countries. This test is usually an English Language Assessment test. It mostly evaluates the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of the students.

MHT CET- Basically these entrance exams are for the ones who want to study Paramedical Courses like, Bachelor in Occupational Therapy, B.Sc Nursing, etc.

Other Entrance Exams

This is the important test that one should qualify to study further.  Usually, students opt for coaching to get selected in the entrance examinations.

AIIMS: All India Institute of Medical Science is one of the top colleges in India for medical science. So if you want a future ahead in a better college then you need to crack this entrance exam. Cracking this entrance exam will placed you with a good career option.

IGNOU OPENMAT: Likewise, this is also considered one of the toughest entrance examinations. It is conducted by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. This examination is held twice a year. It provides various courses along with paramedical courses.

CPNET: Combined Paramedical, Pharmacy, and Nursing Entrance Test is held state level entrance examination. This entrance examination is held by the Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Science to get admission for various courses. This entrance is conducted every year. However, it is an offline mode entrance exam. The students after qualifying entrance examination get admission to various colleges under Uttar Pradesh.

So these are some of the entrance examinations that are held by the various universities. It is important to complete this entrance examination if you want to study in these colleges. Once you register for the entrance exams you get to apply for the entrance examination.

Top Colleges of Paramedical in India:

However, in the present scenario Health Sector is an important industry, which plays an important role in shaping the country’s economic part. Not only doctors but there is also increasing the demands for paramedics.  They have been the backbone of the health sector.

Hence if you want to be a part of this developing sector and have a career, you must follow a good course then that can helps you in achieving your dreams. Therefore it is important to start your dream journey with a better college. Here is the list of better college that gives good education and training related to Paramedical.

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences:

To pursue a career in Paramedical, Maharashtra University of Health science is considered as one of the best colleges in Paramedical courses. It offers various courses in paramedical and other health courses.

It consists of all the branches of health sciences that students can easily refer to for a better career. However, if you want to pursue your paramedic studies at the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences then you need to register and pass the entrance exam. Usually, the fee starts from Rs 20,000 for studying Paramedical Courses.

Bundelkhand University:

Among the other colleges in paramedical, Bundelkhand is also considered as the best college for paramedical. It is situated at Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh.

However, Bundelkhand University provides the best guidance by providing well-trained professionals for students. However, the fee for paramedical courses begins from Rs 40,775.

Government Medical College:

However, if you are on the verge to get a job in government health centers after completing your paramedical courses, then you should definitely choose this college. In India, every state’s government offers medical Colleges that offer the best professional training and knowledge for a better job. Hence, the fee for these courses at Government Medical Colleges starts from Rs 24,200.

Manipal University:

Likewise, Manipal Academy of Higher Education has provided the best education to students for many years. Its excellent education and training are considered as best for students that help them secure a better career.

However, this University for ages has been providing the best education and practical knowledge on Paramedical Courses. Usually, the fee for Paramedical courses starts from Rs 99,500.

Sri Ramachandra University:

So, if you are on the look for a better college to pursue Paramedical courses, then definitely go for Ramachandra University. It provides the best education to children. It is ranked 28th for best University and 13th position for Medical by NIRF 2020.

But if you want to pursue Paramedical courses in this university, you need to come under the merit list of this college. However, the fee for Paramedical courses starts from Rs 66,667.

So these are the few best colleges that you can consider to pursue Paramedical Courses. Better Educational guidance and practical Knowledge that helps in securing the best career in the medical field.

You can get admission after clearing the following steps that were offered by various colleges. Every college has its own selection procedures. Some choose based on the cutoff percentage and merit list, while some choose based on the selection of the Entrance examination.

Best paramedical Courses with High Salary:

However, according to the pay scale of paramedical candidates, the average salary offers in India is around 3 lakhs. Accordingly, it varies as per the jobs, institution, and profile. The paramedical course offers a large number of jobs.

Many of the jobs in the Paramedical field are of highest paying jobs while some don’t pay more, but with growing experience, the salary also increases. So some of the highest paying jobs are:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Nurse
  • Radiologist
  • Occupational therapist

However other courses also offer more salary but in some places only. Usually, the salary lies between 3 lakhs at entry-level. However, if you want to earn more money, it is best to start your own laboratory that can give you more money and profits.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers:

However, some of the frequently asked questions and answers regarding Paramedical Courses are:

What are Paramedical Courses?

Paramedical Courses are the studies that were taught to students regarding support in medical work, but it doesn’t usually mean to become a doctor. The Paramedical is like a backbone to the medical doctors.  The helping staff of the doctors is known as the Paramedical staff. They also look at the Physiotherapy, Diagnosis, laboratory, and other departments. Paramedical Courses offers a wide range of courses to have a career in the medical industry.

What are the various types of courses offered in Paramedical?

Usually, paramedical refers to a wide field but it has usually divided into certification courses. Diploma Courses, Bachelor’s Degree Courses, Postgraduate Level Courses, Master level courses. So these are the types of courses offered by Paramedical but these are further classified into various branches that a candidate seeks the one that interests them.

What are the scope in Paramedical?

Paramedical is a very vast field, usually, it offers a candidate a large number of options. However the scopes available in Paramedical Courses are in large options. One can choose the career as Nursing, Diagnosis, Laboratory technician, Lecturer, consultant, OT Operator, OT Consultant, Anesthetists, researcher.

However one can also go for creating your own laboratory. Altogether aspirants can choose wider prospects of career options to choose. One can go for private hospitals, government hospitals, Nursing, Old age Nursing, and many more options are available for choosing a career in this field.

Which paramedical Course is best?

Usually, every Paramedical course has its own significance however some of the top paramedical courses are:

B.Sc in radiology: Usually this course signifies a career in technical aspects of how machinery works at the hospital. Once you complete the job you get to work under operating machines such as MRI, CT Scans and also get to examine reports.

B.Sc in OTT: So, this is a demanding course in the field of Paramedical. As the name suggests this course usually looks after Operation Theater. The aspirants can have their career in Operation technologies. They get an understanding of how the operation theater works. Usually, they get to assist the doctors during operations.

Diploma in Community Health care: Likewise this is a demanding career for the Paramedical aspirants. However, these professionals deal with providing healthcare and other healthcare facilities to the various communities or populations. It is mostly similar to the diploma in rural healthcare. It prepares the aspirants to handle medical emergencies on a large scale. Usually, you get to assist in this field.

B.Sc in Audiology and Speech Therapy: Usually these courses focus on communication disorders. The aspirant was taught about the hearing disorder, audiologists identify the issues. While the speech therapist and speech-language pathologists work jointly to get the communication source, problems and accordingly coordinate with problems for rehabilitation.

So these are some of the top Paramedical courses that have a higher demand in India and choose by most of the students.

What are the best Paramedical Colleges in India?

As most of the colleges choose candidates who cleared the entrance exams that were conducted by universities and centers. However, some of the top colleges in India are:

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University, Navi Mumbai
  • University College of Medical Sciences
  • Kasturba Medical College Manipal University, Manipal

So these are the few best Paramedical colleges in India.

Why pursue a career in paramedical?

So, if you are passionate to help people during their illness, discomfort then it is advisable to go for this field. It is the best field to work in. The development in these sectors also provides you with a great opportunity in Job. The Paramedical industry is like a pillar to the Medical sector.

Many private companies are leading in this sector. However many skilled and qualified professionals are getting attracted to this sector. It is the most high-paced and challenging as well as rewarding sector. When other sector’s demands were decreased during the pandemic, it is the only sector that never bent down. However, its demand rather increased.

What are the paramedical courses that ne can opt for after the 10th or 12th Board?

Paramedical courses are available in various types however if you want to pursue paramedical courses after 10th or 12th standards then you can choose the diploma and Certification level courses. However, these courses usually are of the short duration of 6 months to 2 years.

But, it is important to pass 12th standards with Science streams for studying diploma courses in Paramedical.

Is it possible to pursue Paramedical Courses after completing 12th standards in Arts?

So, if you want a career in Paramedical but have passed the 12th board with arts subjects then also you can opt for Paramedical courses. Some of the courses are available, which can be studied by the arts stream student.

Is it compulsory to clear the NEET exam for getting admission into Paramedical Courses?

So, if you want to get admission into good government colleges to pursue your paramedical degree, then you need to clear your NEET exam. Even some of the international colleges also seek NEET for admission. The Students get admission after clearing the NEET exam.

However many private colleges and government colleges have different exams that you can go for if finding difficult to clear NEET.

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