A graduate diploma is a post-graduate degree that complements the original degree and awards it with a graduate degree. Countries awarded with but not limited to Bangladesh, Barbado, Belgium, Brazil, Hong-Kong, Spain, Pakistan, Kenya, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Republic of Panama, Philippines, Sweden, United Kingdom, Trinidad and T are also countries that are the main countries awarded with post graduate diplomas. Such countries are not restricted to Education levels and recognition vary by country of origin.

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There are several post-graduate institutions and universities in India (PG Diploma). For this reason, one-year programmes primarily rely upon the practical training, fieldwork and credit requirements of graduate programmes. Consequently, they are master programmes which only cover basics. In addition, the primary objective of such programmes is professional training for candidates, in order to enhance job opportunities and readiness for the sector. It also aims at providing a comprehensive overview of concepts, science and new approaches.

Instances, are postgraduate degrees of administration, postgraduate degrees of banking & finance, remote sensing and gistics, robotics, engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Moreover, some institutes offer post graduate diploma programmes which fulfil the credit requirement of a master’s course, which have an increased number of lower credit courses for 2 years. Accordingly, the post-Studies diplomas are designed to enhance their interdisciplinary/translational skills for those with a bachelor’s degree and for those with a master’s degree.

Thus, PG diploma is shorter than a master’s degree, though at the same academic level. On the other hand, 180 credits (taken from examination, assignments, etc.) constitute a master’s degree, 120 credits are a post graduate diploma. Besides this, a lesser version of this is also available – a 60-credit postgraduate certificate. Above all, there are a number of courses covered by a postgraduate degree – it can be a professional course such as a legal or academic course.

Academic courses

The biggest difference between a graduate and a Master’s degree is that there is no dissertation to complete a post graduate diploma. Similarly, it is most likely that the candidate is evaluated through examinations, assignments, training or their mix. But beyond that, the candidate can expect to be similar in terms of content to the level of employment needed in other post-graduate courses.

Vocational courses

Here, the subject is very important for vocational courses, but it is meant to prepare you for a career in this field, so post-graduate diplomas will not only be theoretical, but also pracical in fields, for example business, marketing, etc.

Why do you study a graduate degree?

This is due to numerous reasons. As, a post graduate diploma may first of all be useful in changing their situation for those who already have a Master’s programme. Likewise, in these situations, instead of nothing, candidates may obtain a postgraduate degree. Now, the Candidates do a thorough investigation, which may not be the thing, or after they start their master’s degree, they decide not to do a dissertation. Therefore, they do not spend six months and the rest of your studies without getting a graduate certificate!

This does not explain, however, why they would first choose to do so. As previously stated, many post graduate diplomas are somewhat vocational in nature. So, if candidates have a specific career objective in mind, they might have a better diploma than a masters. Therefore, they are especially helpful for people who want to practise or teach law. Also, often there are links to work programmes, residential courses or other possibilities to practise while you are qualified. Thus, these relationships to business are great for those who have this in mind, since the work experience, they have gained in a course can very often lead to paid jobs.

Moreover, finding a particular field will also help people to gain practical skills to advance their careers, thanks to their shorter time and the Lack of research. Likewise, they are much easier to take a job break or fit into a job that is great for your job. Due to their length.

But what about university reasons? | Post Graduate Diploma Meaning

Well, for anyone who might not be sure of going to academia, or maybe who wants to study more but does not want to receive a Master degree, it’s a good intermediate style. Certainly, it is also good to move into an area connected with but not entirely covered by your degree course (for instance, religious studies after a philosophy degree).

In India: Find postdoctoral graduate courses in science, management, engineering, medicine, law, business, arts, design.

P.G. Diploma courses have had a greater influence on the career of the aspirant. After completing their degree or diplomas, the postgraduate diploma programme is a higher-level education for students. P.G. Diploma courses have offered numerous opportunities, options and benefits in India. Indeed, this article also includes distance learning courses for pg diplomas. Here, these courses are similar to the master level, but only essential matters are covered by the P.G. diploma. Several universities and colleges offer P.G. graduate courses. Also, Dip and is considered Universitario at Bachelor level but under Master. At the same time, the PG diploma is also known as Grad. Dip. Furthermore, these courses are one- or two-years programmes with a half-year pattern, depending on course requirement and field requirements, in two or four ways. Also, postgraduate diplomas are mainly for students who want to gain advanced knowledge.

What is PG Diploma Courses? | PG Diploma means? | Why PG Diploma courses?

These courses are offered primarily to students who want a level of expertise in their respective fields. In addition, these courses are intended to offer a thorough understanding of concepts, new revised concepts, scientific principles, and processes and methodologies.

Furthermore, these courses focus mainly on professional training, the ability to make students ready for business and offer them the highest job opportunities in their respective fields.

A student with a bachelor’s degree from any of the recognised boards can take a postgraduate diploma course. In particular, those areas in which the students want to pursue their PG diploma, a total of 50 to 60% marks.

All About Post Graduate Diploma

Post Graduate Diploma Duration 1 to 2 Years
Next, Post Graduate Diploma Admission Criteria Merit/Entrance Based
PG Diploma Eligibility 12th Pass/Graduate
Also, Post Graduate Diploma Course Level Undergraduate/Graduate/Postgraduate/PHD
Then, Post Graduate Diploma Fees Rs. 4 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs
PGD Full Form Post Graduate Diploma
Post Graduate Diploma Average Placement Package 5 to 10 Lakhs
Then, Post Graduate Diploma Average Cut Off Average – 90 percentile for CAT

Post Graduate Diploma: Eligibility Criteria

Here, there are certain conditions and requirements for the candidates to be admitted. As, unqualified candidates will not be offered entry. Also, they will be thrown away. Now, candidates should note that the eligibility criteria of each PGD programme differ from college to university. Next, in general, candidates must have obtained their bachelor’s degree in the respective fields from recognised institutions to qualify for a post-graduate diploma.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognised university must be obtained for candidates.
  • Then, the entrance examination should be skilled by candidates.

Then, Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Science

  • Aspirants must graduate with a minimum of 50-55 percent aggregate marks in any discipline from a university or college recognised.
  • Next, some colleges are required to receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in medical/ forensic/ pharmaceutical studies with a minimum score of 50%.
  • Also, few universities are also acceptable to students from any medical council of India who have an MBBS or BDS.

Next, Post graduate Diploma In Computer Applications

  • A minimum of 10+2+3 years of typical Mathematical education must be completed by the students who want to apply to the course as one of the major subjects.
  • After this, the only other requirement is for the institution to be affiliated with a certified university or entity.

After this, Post Graduate Diploma Courses In Management

  • A Bachelor’s degree from any recognised college or institution should be offered to candidates seeking admission in any course with a minimum of 50 percent. However, in the case of elite institutions like IIM, the level of graduation should have been at least 60 percent or CGPA 6.5 per 10.
  • As such, there is no age limit to follow this course.

Next, Post Graduate Diploma Courses In Law

The eligibility criteria for PGD in law are discussed below. Get to know the minimum requirements that a person must meet before he or she applies.

  • Eligibility criteria vary in each college and university. Applicants who do not meet the above are not considered for college admission.
  • Next, a law or LLB must be granted to the applicant.
  • Also, a qualified LLB is required for applicants from a university or institution.

Also, Post graduate Diploma In Banking

A BA degree of recognised university from a respective discipline or equivalent must apply to PGD students interested in banking. So, in order to be able to admit to this programme, students must remove a cut-off mark agreed at the university’s entrance exam. Therefore, some universities also offer their qualifications for direct admission to the Bachelor degree course.

Now, Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Designing

The nominee has to pass a graduation or level examination of at least 55 percent of recognised state, central, private, university marks (45 percent to 50 percent for reserved category candidates)

  • In any of the subjects/compartments to be clear upon approval, they shall not have a backlog or compartment at the graduation or equivalent level.
  • Also, in addition to the above, different colleges/institutions may have their own additional criteria, which should be met by the students to be admitted.
  • Next, if students of a reserved category are reserved for reservations, the appropriate authorities must present their reservation certificates in order to use the applicable benefits.
  • Later, some institutes admit by the Common Entry Test (CET). So, if candidates were to receive admission in those institutes, the respective entrance exam had to be qualified by obtaining minimum marks.

Most universities and colleges throughout the country that offer this training to students are common to the criteria of eligibility above.

Here, Post graduate Diploma In Fashion Designing

The following is the minimum eligibility requirement for the programme. The candidates willing to apply for the programme must satisfy the following requirement:

  • The university recognised by the UGC must have a degree in Fashion Design or Bachelor’s Degree (equivalent) with a 50% mark.
  • Then, the required percentage will vary between universities. A student with a 3-year diploma can also apply for a PG fashion design diploma in any stream of a recognised university.
  • Also, some colleges admit students based on merit, while others require entrance exams.

Post Graduate Diploma: Fees Structure

College/University Type Average Fees
Central Universities INR 10K – INR 65K
Private Universities INR 50K – INR 15 Lakhs
Deemed/Deemed to be Universities INR 45000
Then, State Universities INR 10K – INR 65K
Next, Private Colleges INR 10 Lakhs
Government Colleges INR 25000
Institutes of National Importance INR 50K – INR 10 Lakh

Post Graduate Diploma: Admission Process

Admission to the postgraduate diploma programme is typically based on the candidates’ graduation grades or performance in the entrance examination. Here, sach specialisation and programme has its own admissions process. Therefore, it should be noted that all ineligible candidates will be removed from the admissions process. Thus, to apply for the programme, candidates must fill out and submit an application form with basic information such as personal, academic, and contact information. Likewise, for each programme, a separate application form must be submitted.

Online Post Graduate Diploma in Management

PGDM online courses are brief, but can be very useful in understanding the topic. So, the course management is short and covers a variety of management topics that can be applied in a professional environment.

  • The student will be familiar with a wide range of subjects that are not covered in the curriculum.
  • Then, there are no travel time requirements.
  • Next, the course is self-paced, allowing students to learn at their own pace.
  • Now, the fees are lower than in an offline class, which benefits the students.
  • Also, allows students to broaden their horizons in the field of computer applications and gain a better understanding of what is going on around them.

Distance Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Distance education for the PGDM is a planned education that takes place away from the teacher’s source. Some of the reasons for pursuing PGDM Distance Education are as follows:

  • Lowering the cost of purchasing books saves money that can be used elsewhere,
  • And, allowing a person to work and study at the same time.
  • Next, the Students at PGDM distance learning have a variety of colleges to select from. So, this allows an individual to remain up-to-date without leaving work.

Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Full-time PGDM provides students with an in depth of knowledge of industry standards and standards, a two-year professional diploma programme. This is therefore the most common PGDM course type. It helps students to decide a career path literally. Depending on university, the full-time fee ranges from INR 4 to 24 LPA.

  • Firstly, the Entrance Exams at the national or university level are used to determine PGDM admissions. CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, and GMAT are the top PGDM entrance exams.
  • Next, Full-time PGDM specialisations include PGDM Marketing, PGDM Finance, PGDM in Human Resources, and others.
  • Not only – but also, the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is available in top colleges across the country. Students can pursue PGDM from IIMs in addition to Top PGDM Colleges in India.

Likewise, the same process is for other courses in the certain steps to get enroll for the admission.

Post Graduate Diploma: Entrance Exams

Most of the institutes are admitted to the post-graduate diploma based on graduation marks. However, some universities conduct their own admission examinations or accept scores of admission exams.

1. CAT

The CAT is one of the most prestigious and well-known management entrance exams. Hence, once a year, one of the IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) holds a national Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission to top management colleges across the country. Therefore, the candidates can review the CAT exam details given below:

Exam Syllabus: Officially, CAT 2021 will not release CAT 2021 programming body, IIM Ahmedabad. However, applicants can understand the CAT 2021 programme on the basis of results from previous years. Especially, it covers all important topics of VARC, data interpreting & logical reasoning (DILR) and quantitative aptitude (QA) (QA).  Here, CAT questions were based mainly on middle school mathematics, i.e., class IX, class X, and english subjects.

Also, the IIM exam curriculum is generalised and wide-ranging. So, the CAT 2021 programme covers all major topics related to Data Interpretation and Logical Reasons (DILR), VARC, and quantitative ability (QA) (QA). CAT is a computer-based test common admission test (CBT). Next, the 2021 CAT programme gives us a good insight into how the CAT entry examination 2021 can be prepared. Thus, candidates must know the CAT exam programme and paper pattern before starting the CAT preparation. The sectional programme of CAT 2021 is discussed in this article.

Validity: IITs, NITs, Private Colleges, Central Universities

Level of Difficulty: Highly Advanced iimcat.ac.in

Exam Fee: For General Category – INR 2000, For Reserved Category – INR 1000

Read more about the exam (IIMCAT.ac.in)

2. After this, is XAT

The Xavier Aptitude Test is another prominent examination for admission to popular management studies in India. Here, 163 institutions accept the admission examination in India. Therefore, the Candidates who pass the entrance examination must participate in the GD-PI process in order to ensure their admission.

Exam Syllabus: For XAT 2022, there is no prescribed syllabus.  Here, all aspirants should remember that they must cover the XAT 2022 syllabus by practicing from the syllabus of several management tests, such as the CAT. Also, the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is held yearly on the first Sunday of the year by XLRI. Next, the Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision Making and Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, and General Knowledge portions of the XAT 2022 would be included. Indeed, the XAT is a computer-based test (CBT) that takes three hours to complete.

As a result, the applicants should prepare as there are so many components in the XAT paper. candidate must first analyse the XAT curriculum and then organise their study according to your analysis of the curriculum of each section. Therefore, the experts say that there is enough time to prepare for the XAT for four to five months. So, read all about the XAT curriculum, the structure of testing, the XAT topics section by section, and questions about the 2022 XAT curriculum frequently asked on this page.

Validity: IITs, NITs, Private Colleges, Central Universities

Level of Difficulty: Highly Advanced

Exam Fee: INR 1750 and with late fine INR 2000

Read more about the exam (xatonline.in)

3. Next, one is SNAP

The Symbiosis Nationwide Aptitude Online Test is a national entrance exam for management degree admissions. Thus, the exam is recognized by 16 symbiosis institutions and other management institutes around the country. So, the Candidates can review the following SNAP-related details given below:

Exam Syllabus: It covers Analytical & Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency, and General English.

From last year’s SNAP examination pattern 2021 the existing business section had been removed. Here you can find out a better idea of what can be expected in the SNAP Question Paper with the SN AP 2021 Syllabus. All students now have to understand the SNAP 2021 curriculum and prepare for it thoroughly with the help of SNAP books, to work well in the SNAP.

Validity: IITs, NITs, Central Universities, Private Colleges.

Level of Difficulty: Advanced level

The current business unit was removed as of last year from SNAP examination pattern 2021. So, the SNAP 2021 curriculum provides candidates with a better understanding of what to expect from the SNAP question paper. Next, in order to perform well in SNAP students should understand SNAP programme 2021 and prepare for it thoroughly using SNAP books.

Exam Fee: The application fee shall be INR 1750 for every SNAP 2021 attempt. Also, the programme fee is payable only once. The fee is Rs. 1000 per curriculum/college.

Read more about the exam (snaptest.org)

4. After it, NMAT

Narsee Monjee Aptitude Test is another top entrance exam administered by GMAC on behalf of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. Therefore, the NMAT is a national level examination of 2 hours duration that is accepted by all colleges in India. So, the Candidates can review the following NMAT-related information below:

Exam Syllabus: Accordingly, the NMAT syllabus will be announced by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). So, the NMAT exam will include questions from sections such as logical reasoning and language skills. Also, the NMAT 2021 syllabus will make it easier for candidates to prepare for the entrance exam that is held for postgraduate management programmes.

Along with the NMAT syllabus 2021, candidates should be aware of the NMAT exam pattern 2021. Furthermore, NMAT is a national-level entrance exam for admission to postgraduate management programmes offered by various colleges taking part in NMAT 2021.

Validity: IITs, NITs, Private Colleges, Central Universities

Level of Difficulty: Highly Advanced

Exam Fee:

  • The NMAT registration fee is INR2300 plus applicable taxes.
  • Next, NMAT Retake Fee: INR 2300 + applicable taxes (for existing candidates only).
  • Also, Extra Score: Reports (beyond the first five): INR 200 per Score Report + applicable taxes
  • INR 1100 + applicable taxes for rescheduling

Read more about the exam (test.nmat.org)

List of Top Post Graduate Diploma Specializations

P.G. Diploma courses were of greater influence on the career of an aspirant. Therefore, the Postgraduate Diploma Program is a higher education which students complete after graduation or graduation. Hence, P.G. diploma courses have offered many opportunities, opportunities and advantages in India. In particular, the paper also discusses distance education post-graduate diploma courses. Besides this, these courses are similar to those offered at the master level but only the essential components of the Post Graduate Diploma. Here, the number of colleges and universities offer P.G. diploma courses.

The graduation diploma, also known as a graduate degree, is considered to be higher than but less than a Master degree. Next, these programming can be performed in two or four different ways according to course and field requirements, with a one-or two-year programming pattern. Therefore, the main purpose of postgraduate diplomas is to students who want to learn in advanced fields of engineering.

The following list of courses provides different PG Diplomas from various fields, such as trade, science, law, administration and medicine. Next, to find the best PG diploma courses in India, read this article carefully.

1. Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Science

Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science (PG Diploma in Forensic Science) is a one-year postgraduate diploma programme that covers aspects of human biology and deals with the application of science and psychology to the scientific investigation of crime.

Moreover, admissions to the PG Diploma in Forensic Science are either merit-based or competitive. Personal interview rounds for admissions are also conducted by some colleges/universities. Although, PGCET is the most commonly used entrance exam for Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science.

Also, some of the top institutes in India that offer Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science are Banaras Hindu University, Bundelkhand University, SGT University, and RIMT University.

Specialized Subjects:

  • Post graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics. (1 Year)
  • Next, is Dietetics of Clinical Nutrition (1 Year)
  • Then, Post graduate Diploma in Forensic Science (1 Year)
  • Post graduate Diploma in Gis and Remote Sensing (1 Year)
  • After this, Post graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (1 Year)
  • Thereafter, Post graduate Diploma in the Biochemistry (2 Years)
  • Next, PGD in Botany (2 Years)
  • Also, Post graduate Diploma in Genetics (2 Years)
  • Next, one is in Chemistry (2 Years)
  • Furthermore, Post graduate Diploma in Information Science (2 Years)
  • Also, Post graduate Diploma in Computer Science (1 Year)
  • Next, Post graduate Diploma in Anatomy (2 Years)

Average Fee: 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh

Types of Jobs:

  • Medical Sectors,
  • Then, in Crime Branch,
  • Next, one is Intelligence Bureau (IB),
  • Thereafter, Quality Control Bureau,
  • Also, in Police Departments,
  • Detective Agencies
  • In addition, in Law Firms and many more

Average Salary: 3 Lakhs to upto 8 Lakhs

2. Then, Post graduate Diploma In Computer Applications

The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is aimed at graduate students who are interested in computer applications. Here, this course is designed for students interested in learning computer applications in a variety of fields such as banking, insurance, and accounting. Next, it has a lot of potential, with fantastic jobs both inside and outside the country.

Thus, this programme will provide you with a solid understanding of basic business computer applications such as

  • Firstly, critical programming languages,
  • Secondly, database management,
  • Thirdly, systems analysis,
  • Also, computer software development

in specific applications such as studies, financial management, and long-term planning. Therefore, candidates with such knowledge will be able to find work in the public and private sectors, insurance, banking, accounting, e-commerce, marketing, and many other fields.

Specialized Subjects:

  • Post graduate Diploma in Bioenergetics and Molecular Enzymology,
  • After this, Post graduate Diploma in Molecular Immunology,
  • Next, one is Post graduate Diploma in Bioinstrumentation,
  • Also, in Post graduate Diploma in Microbial Physiology,
  • Thereafter, Post graduate Diploma in Food and Dairy Microbiology,
  • Furthermore, Post graduate Diploma in Microbial Diversities and Extremophiles and many more.

Average Fee: 20K to 1 Lakhs

Types of Jobs:

  • Microbiologist,
  • Next, Research Assistant,
  • Then, Pharmacologist,
  • Nutritionist,
  • Also, Research Analyst, etc

Average Salary: 3.5 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs

3. Next, Post Graduate Diploma Courses In Management

PGDM is a two-year diploma programme offered by AICTE-accredited autonomous B-Schools that focuses on providing practical management knowledge. Thus, the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is the full form of Postgraduate Diploma in Management and is equivalent to MBA if the college is accredited by AIU.

Furthermore, the PGDM course lasts two years, and candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree, preferably in management, to be eligible. However, graduates from any discipline are eligible to apply for this course. Therefore, the PGDM admission is primarily determined by entrance exams such as the MAT, CAT, XAT, and others.

In addition, many working professionals and students prefer this management course because the post graduate diploma syllabus sharpens a student’s mind to deal with the daily challenges of their workplace, studies, and other similar aspects.

Specialized Subjects:

  • Here, Post graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (1 Year)
  • Then, Post graduate Diploma in International Business (2 Years)
  • Next, Post graduate Diploma in Information Technology (1 Year)
  • After this, Post graduate Diploma in Financial Management (1 Year)
  • Now, post graduate Diploma in Retail Management (1 Year)
  • Thereafter, Post graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (1 Year)
  • Furthermore, Post graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (2 Years)
  • Also, Post graduate Diploma in Event Management (1 year)
  • Next, Post graduate Diploma in Business Management (2 years)

Average Fee: 4 Lakh to 24 Lakh

Types of Jobs: Candidate can become

  • A Business Consultant
  • Or can be a Marketing Manager
  • Then, as a HR Manager
  • Also, as a PR Officer
  • Thereafter, as a Finance Manager
  • Next, a Strategic Manager
  • A Brand Manager
  • And also, International Sales and many more.

Average Salary: 4 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs

4. Thereafter, Post graduate Diploma Courses in Engineering

A postgraduate diploma in engineering is a popular course among engineering students who have completed their undergraduate studies in the field. Therefore, a postgraduate diploma is extremely beneficial to those who intend to improve their skills after graduating.  Thus, those students who pursue a PGD course in any of the various engineering specializations gain both practical and theoretical knowledge of that particular field. Next, it is especially useful for students who know what specialization they want to pursue as a career.

Moreover, the Candidates must have a minimum of 55 percent marks in B.E/B.Tech/M.Sc or equivalent in relevant branches to be eligible for Post graduate Diploma Courses in Engineering. So, before applying for PG diploma courses in engineering, candidates should check the authorities’ eligibility criteria. Therefore, the Candidates must also have a qualifying GATE score. It also offers postgraduate diploma courses for mechanical engineers.

Specialized Subjects:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced-Manufacturing-Technology (1 year)
  • Then, Postgraduate Diploma in-Mechanical-Engineering (2 years)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Plastic-Engineering (1 year)
  • Next, Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial-Engineering (2 years)
  • Also, Post Graduate Diploma in-Marine-Engineering (1 year)

Average Fee: 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakh

Types of Jobs:

  • Mechanical-Engineering,
  • Next, Chemical Engineering,
  • Then, Robotics Engineering,
  • Also, Automobile Engineering & much more.

Average Salary: 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs

5. Next, is Post Graduate Diploma Courses In Law

PGD (Law) Postgraduate diploma in law is a three-year course that deals with dealing with real-world situations. They study advanced topics. A qualifying Bachelor’s degree from a registered institute with law is required for the course “Postgraduate diploma in law.” Top law schools offering a postgraduate diploma in law. It was ranked based on factors such as average annual fee and average salary package offered. Candidates applying for Pg Diploma Courses in Law must have a Bachelor’s degree in Law programmes from a recognised institute in India, with a minimum aggregate of 50%. Admission to these law courses is also determined by the results of the Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT).

Specialized Subjects:

  • Post graduate Diploma In Law (1 Year)
  • Then, Post graduate Diploma In Cyber-Law (2 Years)
  • Next, Post graduate Diploma-In-Corporate-Law (1Year)
  • Post graduate Diploma In-Intellectual-Property Rights (1Year)
  • Also, Post graduate Diploma In-Business Law (2 Years)
  • After this, Post graduate Diploma In-Labour Laws (1Year)
  • Post graduate Diploma In-Human-Rights (1 Year)

Average Fee: 1 Lakh

Types of Jobs:

  • Legal advisor,
  • Then, taxation expert,
  • Next, law office manager,
  • Also, research assistants,
  • Contract’s manager,
  • Thereafter, compliance specialist,
  • Public prosecutor,
  • After this, administrative lawyer,
  • Furthermore, a case manager,
  • Next, as a attorney,
  • Not just – but a advocate,
  • Civil lawyer,
  • Also, an arbitrator, etc.

Average Salary: 3 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs

6. Thereafter, Post  graduate Diploma In Banking

The Postgraduate Diploma in Banking is an undergraduate degree course that lasts approximately three years. Here, the financial market programme is also established in several colleges under the category of commerce. Also, the syllabus focuses on the development of firm financial traders and analysts through guidance in the Financial Marketing industry. The programme is a combination of management and finance.

Specialized Subjects:

  • Evaluation & Structure of Banking in India
  • Next, is Banker Customer Relationship
  • Also, in Deposit Accounts – Types and Features
  • Thereafter, Negotiable Instruments
  • Next, Loans and Advances
  • After this, Foreign Exchange and International Banking
  • Moreover, Banking Technology, Customer Service and Marketing
  • Recent Developments in Banking

Average Fee: INR 85000

Types of Jobs:

  • Lecturer/ Teacher
  • Then, Banking Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Next, Financial Advisor
  • Financial Manager

Average Salary: 7 Lakhs

7. After this, Post graduate Diploma In Interior Designing

Interior design is a science that is applied to the interiors of buildings and houses to make them more aesthetically visualized and beautiful. Therefore, the P.G. Diploma in Interior Designing is more focused on educating students on the process of designing a specific set/building and house. Also, the Students are taught to research new market trends and how to do something aesthetically pleasing. Next, students will be exposed to a variety of projects that they will be able to manage using their skills.

Specialized Subjects: PG Diploma in Interior Designing

Average Fee: 30000 to 3.5 Lakhs

Types of Jobs:

  • Design Engineer,
  • Then, Plan-maker,
  • Next, is Graphic designer,
  • Also, Textile designer,
  • Thereafter, Lecturer,
  • Assistant trainee etc.

Average Salary: 3 Lakhs

8. Then, Post graduate Diploma In Fashion Designing

The P.G. Diploma lasts between 12 months and 24 months. It focuses also on contemporary market issues and trends. Thus, this course is designed specifically to enable the student to understand and train market analysis accordingly. Therefore, the context of this course is to provide the management and functioning aspect of the industry. Hence, the training teaches various concepts such as different trends in fashion, dynamic mode challenges in styling scenarios as well as unique creative voice visualization and technological skills.

Specialized Subjects:

  • Firstly, in Advanced Pattern Making
  • Secondly, in Construction Details
  • Thirdly, in Technical Fashion Sketching
  • Also, in Surface Embellishments
  • Next, one is Textiles
  • Also, Care for Clothing and Textiles
  • Then, Fabric Types to Drapes

Average Fee:  5000 to 5 Lakhs

Types of Jobs:

  • Fashion stylist,
  • Pattern maker,
  • Then, Fashion writer,
  • After this, fashion editor,
  • Furthermore, Showroom sales representatives,
  • Now, technical designer,
  • Thereafter, Fashion show organizer,
  • Next, multimedia designer,
  • Also, graphic designer,
  • Then, Retail buyer,
  • Retail Merchandiser,
  • As well as, a Fashion Coordinator, etc.

Average Salary: 6.5 Lakhs

Subjects/Syllabus for Post Graduate Diploma in India

Below are mentioned some of the semester topics in PGD for Management and Fashion. Likewise, other specialization carries the kind of various semesters amid the course.

1st Sem Finance for Non-Finance

Next, Excel Spreadsheet Modelling

Thereafter, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Also, Business Statistics

Furthermore, Organizational Behaviour

Then, Operation Research

In particular, Macro Economics & Policy

After this, Business Communication & Presentation Skills

Next, Marketing of Products and Services

Also, Financial Reporting and Analysis

Moreover, Joy of Management

Besides this, Micro-Economics

Next, Business Research Methodology

2nd Sem Synthesizing and Analyzing Data using R

Thereafter, Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes

Also, Bringing Ideas to Market

Thereafter, Project Management

Next, Indian Banking and Financial Markets

Thereafter, Managing Operations and Supply Chain

Furthermore, Costing Products and Services

Also, Human Resource Management

Indian Economy in the Global Context

Next, Managing Financial Resources

Strategic Management

Then, Data Science Using R and Python

3rd Sem Business Model and Intellectual Property

Also, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Besides this, Applied Business Research

Then, Management of Design

Moreover, Leveraging IT for Business

Next, Analyzing and Mitigating Risk

Later, Problem Solving and Consulting Skills

4th Sem Ethics and Indian Ethos

Next, Leadership Development

Then, Capstone Simulation

After this, Integrated Decisions Making

Last, Applied Business Research Project


Semester wise details for Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing

1st Sem Advanced Pattern Making

Thereafter, Construction Details

Next, Technical Fashion Sketching

2nd Sem Surface Embellishments


Also, World Fashion History

Besides this, Fabric Types to Drapes

3rd Sem Practical Pattern Design

Next, is Construction

And then, Creative Surface Design

4th Sem Communication Technology for Fashion Design

Also, Merchandising

Care for Clothing and Textiles

Last, Project Dissertation

Skills Required for Post Graduate Diploma in India

Team management and Other Course applicants for PGD must be licenced at any level by a recognised institution/college, with a minimum of 40 percent total. As, last year, students can also apply for their respective skills (Only when they obtain minimum trademark and produce a trademark when admitted is their eligibility for admission considered.)

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Then, Accounting
  • Besides this, Management
  • Next, Marketing
  • Also, Leadership
  • Then, Operations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Next, Data Analytics
  • Finance
  • Thereafter, Business Analysis
  • Also, Strategy as well,

Another essential skill is problem solving. So, a good manager must be able to deal in a typical working day with and solve the frequent problems. It should be adapted to those with the skills to maximise productivity in the face of world competition, customers’ demands and shopping models. Therefore, they should be creative people with a global perspective for the future. Students that are able to use their skills in any size or type of shop are also suitable, virtual and physical.

Jobs After Post Graduate Diploma in India

PG Diploma in Marketing:

The main aim of the course is to understand the markets, competitors and product portfolio. Students must be clear about how a product or service is to be marketed. The various methods of marketing arise when it has different training programmes, different case studies, different group / club activities and recent debates on hot topics. The marketing methods are different. Every student must have a good knowledge of 4P marketing mixes and 7Ps marketing services. You have to learn in real time to understand the concept very well.

Finance is the backbone of every organisation that administers the enterprise’s inflows and outflows. As we know, there are different departments in finance. There is also an enormous demand on the market of PG Diplomes in Marketing, based on your interests in one area of your passion.

Then, PG Diploma in Banking & Finance:

The primary goal of the course is to understand stock markets, accounts and derivatives. Students should have an idea of different financial aspects. When it has various training programmes, it understands different case studies, performs various group/club activities, and latest discussions about hot topics the different methodologies of financial concepts come. You have to learn in real time to understand the concept very well.

The financial department is the backbone for any organisation to monitor the company’s influx and outflow. So, the demand for a PG Diploma in Finance is huge on the market.

Next Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource:

The main aim of the course is to understand the process of recruitment.  Therefore, the Students should have an idea of different aspects, such as the relations with employees, compensation, employee levels and benefits. Thus, when he/she undergoes various training programmes and understands different case studies, performs several group/club activities, latest discussions on hot subjects, the different methodologies come from the concept of human resources. So, they have to learn in real time to understand the concept very well.

Furthermore, tn the recruitment process, HR plays a prominent role in recruiting right candidates. Most enterprises seek HR (girls) and it also depends on the industry. In the market for PG diplomas, especially girls, therefore, there is enormous demand in human resources. In the current scenario many startups are booming on the market, even HR has become more popular.

Also, Post Graduate Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management:

The main objective of the course is to understand the flow of the manufacturer to end users. Next, in the course of various training programmes and cases studies, different group-club activities will be undertaken, latest discussions will take place on hot subjects, different operational methodologies and supply-chain-management concepts. Therefore, the core business sectors can be divided into activities: the monitoring, monitoring and coordination of departments, report generation and analysis.

Here, the supply chain consists of internal and external flows of material, data and finances. The flow chain is usually between suppliers, suppliers, distributors, distributors and consumers. So, the task requires effective management skills like coordination, monitoring, updating, assignment, etc.

Similarly, there are many other postgraduate specialisations that allow the candidates to improve their qualifications and accelerate their career. Some job requirements and average salary per year are given below.

Job Name Average Pay (Per Annum)
Financial Analyst INR 4 Lakhs – 5 Lakhs
Business Development Manager INR 5 Lakhs – 7 Lakhs
Then, Product Manager INR 6 Lakhs – 7 Lakhs
Besides this, Marketing Manager INR  5 Lakhs – 7 Lakhs
Next, Business Consultant INR 5.5 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs
Also, HR Manager INR 6 Lakhs – 7 Lakhs
Thereafter, PR Officer INR 5 Lakhs – 7 Lakhs
Moreover, Finance Manager INR 7 Lakhs – 9 Lakhs
In addition, Strategic Manager INR 7 Lakhs – 8 Lakhs
Next, Brand Manager INR 10 Lakhs – 15 Lakhs
Then, Bioinstrumentation INR 9 Lakhs – 15 Lakhs
Microbial Physiologist INR 10 Lakhs – 20 Lakhs
Then, Teacher INR 7 Lakhs – 12 Lakhs
Banking Manager and, INR 8 Lakhs – 14 Lakhs
Also, Financial Advisor etc. INR 3 Lakhs – 9 Lakhs

Top Employers for Post Graduate Diploma in India

All aspirants who complete the Post Graduate Diploma course can either pursue further studies in the related field. Next, after completing their Post Graduate Diploma course, candidates may choose to pursue higher education or a career in further. Thus, following are some popular job profiles that candidates can pursue after successfully completing their Post Graduate Diploma course:

Job Profiles

Firstly, The Brand Manager:

Brand management is the brand’s guardian and responsible for ensuring that current and potential customers are in touch with the products, services and product lines which fall within its brand name. therefore, they constantly work to ensure that every aspect of the brand strategy is correct with the marketing department. Such as, in order to provide a strategic overview of business and future market opportunities, brand managers must also contact other departments such as finance, marketing communications, sales, and development. Also, they work with marketing and publicity agencies to ensure that throughout each communication they comply with the brand purpose and guidelines.

Then, The Project Manager:

A project manager is a project management professional. Here, in any enterprise with a defined size, defined start and a defined termination, project managers are responsible for the planning, procurement and execution of the project, independently of the industry. So, the project managers are first contact points for problems or divergences in the organization’s heads of different departments before the problem increases to higher authorities, as project representatives. Therefore, the Project management is a project manager’s responsibility. Next, this individual rarely participates directly in the activities that produce the end result, but seeks instead to keep progress, mutual interaction and tasks of different parties to reduce the overall risk of failure, maximise benefits and minimise costs.

Next, is The Sales Manager:

To achieve growth and sales goals through the successful management of the sales team. Develop and implement a business strategic plan that expands and ensures that the client base is strong. Hence, the Proper recruitment, objectives, coaching and performance monitoring of sales representatives. Also, by working with and understanding their needs, strong, sustainable relationships with customers are established and promoted. Besides this Present sales, sales and cost reports and realistic expectations to the management team. Thus, Identifies emerging markets and changes in market knowledge and competitiveness of new products

Here, are some top companies that hire candidates completed with Post Graduate Diploma. The name and positions which they offer to the candidates and a short description about them are given below: –

Type I

  • Accenture – Project Resource Management
  • In this task, you must take care of routine problems largely via reference points and the general rules
  • Then, their essential collaboration is inside your group and your immediate chief
  • Also, there will be given point by point guidelines on all errands that should be completed, and the choices that you have will effect your work
  • Next, they should be knowledgeable with fundamental insights and terms engaged with the everyday business and use it while examining with partners
  • After this, there will be working intimately with project individuals to adequately follow through on the necessities
  • As a part of a group, you will be a single patron with a centred work.
  • Next, Dell International Services India Private Limited – Technician, Technical Support
  • Exhibit practical insight in investigating data to settle on routine choices.
  • Also, be mindful to deal with inbound calls, messages, and web interface to drive numbers with existing and new clients.
  • Furthermore, have great information on PCs and high specialized insight for customer/end client processing, ideally experience in offering specialized help administrations
  • Next, comprehend the need of the client and give the appropriate answer for customers issue as far as fix administrations/guarantees.
  • Indeed, be answerable for giving answer for specialized issues on calls which may end with booking a request for paid fix administrations, reestablishment administrations as well as with applicable Dell items
  • Also, be agreeable to and stick to handle plan according to the administration choice.
  • In addition, coordinate and works together with associates, cross-practically, to help the specialized arrangement measure.

Type II

  • Then, Maruti Suzuki India – Dm/mgr Design Studio Interior Ui-ux
  • Client interaction, field and internet research for various usage scenarios and lifestyle trends
  • Next, Gui design ideation sketching of future vehicles
  • Also, working gui simulation tools to develop high quality digital models
  • Then, close interaction with engineering and suppliers for the development and the quality of design
  • Expected to be knowledgeable with the new medium and utilizing the web space successfully. He/She should have a scientific manner of thinking joined with a tender loving care to help in recommended promotions creation.
  • Search Contents, Review Ads.
  • Next, Bajaj Finserv – Assistant Manager – Rural Liabilities
  • Firstly, Create Deposit Mobilization through D2C channel
  • Secondly, Guarantee efficiency of channels accomplices ASSCs through Deposit preparation
  • Thirdly, activate Fixed Deposits through channel accomplices Independent monetary consultants. (IFA)
  • Fourthly, Empanel New Independent Financial Advisors from neighborhood market
  • Next, Guarantee min. edge IFA Activation on Fixed Deposit preparation
  • Also, Train empaneled IFAs and sales rep on FD item USP documentation and cycles.
  • Then, Neighborhood information on the catchment and contest.
  • Likewise, should have information on Fixed Deposits and other Investment items
  • Similarly, Ought to be ideally have Channel Sales Background (DSA dealing with experience)
  • Also, Neighborhood information on the catchment and contest
  • Thereafter, Know the neighborhood market and businesses quite well
  • Next, should have extensive expertise in correspondence (English & neighbourhood language).

Type III

  • Then, Flipkart Internet Private Limited – Business Development Assistant Manager
  • Foster a careful information on pertinent Flipkart cycles, frameworks and logical instruments
  • Next, Work intimately with different inside gatherings to comprehend business prerequisites, execute new
  • Thereafter, cycles and add to progressing measure upgrades.
  • Next, Duty regarding convenient, precise investigating all key sanctions attempted by the Selection Team
  • Also, Work with week by week, month to month and quarterly audit gatherings on Selection and feature holes, misses
  • Thereafter, against plan and courses of events
  • Next, Carry out authoritative objectives/destinations across the accomplice activities
  • Last, Capacity to comprehend information patterns and make deductions and suggest activities for development
  • Thereafter, Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Limited – Hiring For Relationship Manager
  • To distinguish likely clients, make and close new business openings in accordance with the essential course of the organization.
  • In particular, to fabricate and keep up with solid customer connections by successfully taking care of protests/abrogations consequently guaranteeing an undeniable degree of client care is met consistently.
  • Here, to get ready deals recommendations for forthcoming customers.
  • Of course, customary contact deals/Pre-deals and part relations office.
  • Next, to stay up to date with new items and benefits and attempt preparing as and when required.
  • Thereafter, some other exercises as characterized by the Team Manager.

Type IV

  • Behaviors progressed factual investigation to give significant experiences, distinguish patterns, and measure execution
  • Then, perform information investigation, cleaning, readiness and highlight designing; as well as executing undertakings like structure a POC, approval/AB testing
  • Next, team up with information engineers and designers to execute and send adaptable arrangements
  • After this, impart results to assorted crowds with compelling composition and representations
  • Indeed, recognize and execute on high effect projects, emergency outside demands, and guarantee convenient fulfillment for the outcomes to be helpful
  • Also, give thought authority by investigating best works on, directing examinations, and teaming up with industry pioneers
  • Retail location taking care of/Retail trough
  • Then, create and carry out the deals and administration plan for the middle to meet business goals.
  • After this, Help with arranging and execution of miniature promoting exercises at ground level
  • Thereafter, plan and carry out Operations systems in the store to convey the ideal degree of purchaser fulfillment.
  • Next, confer preparing to store set up and outfit them with the abilities to comprehend and satisfy shopper needs.
  • Also, keeps up with store staff work results by training, guiding, and restraining representatives; arranging, checking, and evaluating position results.
  • Furthermore, Measure and report deal measurements; screen actuals-to-design.
  • Not only – but also, liable for recruiting, preparing, and checking colleague execution. He/she is liable for the goal of client protests and to aid closings when vital

Details about the above provided Companies

Firstly, Accenture

Accenture is the world’s leading digital, cloud and security services provider. Thus, we provide strategic and consultancy services that combine in-depth experience and expertise across more than 40 industries—all motivated by the world’s largest advanced technology network and smart operating centre. In addition, our 514,000 employees serve clients in more than 120 countries each day promise of technologies and human inventiveness. They also take advantage of the strength of change to bring value to and share with our clients, staff, shareholders, partners and communities.

Secondly, Dell International Services India Private Limited

Private Dell International Services India limited shall, on 21 May 1996, be incorporated by private Dell International Services India limited. Therefore, the company is classified as a subsidiary of the Foreign Company and registered in Bangalore. The authorised shares are Rs. 296 million and Rs. 229477392. It is included in business activities n.e.c.

Furthermore, the Dell International Services India Private Limited held a last General Annual Meeting (AGM), which was held on 28 September 2020 at place, and was last tabled as a balance sheet on 31 March 2020. (MCA).

Thirdly, Maruti Suzuki India

An agreement was concluded between Maruti Udyog Ltd. and Suzuki of Japan in 1982 on a licence and a joint enterprise agreement (JVA). Thus, Maruti Suzuki was primarily a car importer at the beginning. Here, Maruti was entitled to import 40,000 Suzuki fully integrated in the India closed market in the first two years and, even after that, only 33 per cent of indigenous shares were used. In addition, this significantly upsets local manufacturers.

Therefore, there were also certain concerns that the Indian market was too small to absorb Maruti Suzuki’s comparatively large production, with the government taking the petroleum tax into account even in order to boost sales by lowering excise duty. The SS30/SS40 Suzuki Fronte / Alto-based Maruti 800 was introduced at the local production stage in December 1983. In 1984, the Maruti van was released with the same three-cylinder engine as the 800, reaching 40,000 plants in Gurgaon.

Then, Virtusa

Virtusa Corporation, founded in 1996 and based in Westborough, Massachusetts, the United States, is an international IT services company. Thus, the company offers to different firms and vendors services such as IT consulting, business consulting, implementation of systems and application outsourcing. In the U.S., U.K., Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, India and Sri Lanka Virtusa has its delivery centres. Next, Virtusa offers high-value IT services that enhance its customers’ performance in business and speed up time for the market, boost productivity, and enhance customer service to customers. Also, it serves some of the world’s leading software providers in the banking, financial, insurance, telecommunications, technology and media, information and education sectors.

Thereafter, Bajaj Finserv

The Bajaj Group’s financial arm was established in April 2007. In a simple, never good and good philosophy, we believe. This is reflected in our broad product credit, insurance and property advisory portfolio, covering three different categories. 24 products cover 12 lines of products, making it one of the fastest growing and most diversified NBFCs in India. Our footprint spans India in length and breadth.

Next, Flipkart Internet Private Limited

On 1 October 2012, a private corporation not listed was incorporated into Flipkart Internet Private Limited. It is located in Karnataka, a private limited company. Hence, the share capital allowable is INR 424.14 cr and the total paid-up capital is INR 262.47 cr. Flipkart Internet Private Limited exceeds INR 500 cr for operating revenue for the financial year ended 31 March 2020. Over the past year, its EBITDA has grown by 11.22%.

Top Post Graduate Diploma Colleges in India

The NIRF Rankings 2021 will shortly be issued by the MHRD. In the 2020 ranking, the same scenario can be expected in 2021. Top engineering colleges, such as the IITs, NITs and private colleges are rankings. As the rankings of 2021 are still unknown, the complete list of Indian engineering colleges listed in the rankings in NIRF 2020, 2019 and 2018 may be examined.

College Name NIRF Ranking
Indian Institute of Management 3
Then, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) 12
After this, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research 18
Next, Indian Institute of Management 20
Also, Great Lakes Institute of Management 23
Narsee-Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) 24
Then, T.A. Pai Management Institute 27
After it, International Management Institute 28
P.S.G. College of Technology 46
Also, Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) 50

Top Post Graduate Diploma Universities in India

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Limited recently published a list of the world’s leading universities. A total of 29 Indian universities were on this prestigious list. Thus, among these universities are the Indian Institute of Tech, Delhi, Jamia Milia Islamia, Mumbai University and the Vellore Institute. Such as, in order to determine their general ranking, the organisation provided details on the overall rating for each college. Below are the top 10 Post Graduate Diploma QS-classified university providers.

College Name QS Ranking
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) 1
Then, Indian Institute of Science 2
Thereafter, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) 3
Next, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) 4
Furthermore, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP) 5
Thereafter, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) 6
Next, University of Delhi 7
After this, University of Hyderabad 8
In particular, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) 9
Then, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) 10

Frequently Asked Questions About the Post Graduate Diploma

Q1 What is the qualification for PG diploma?

There are certain conditions and requirements for the candidates to be admitted. Unqualified candidates will not be offered entry. They will be thrown away. Therefore, the Candidates should note that the eligibility criteria of each Post Graduate Diploma programme differ from college to university. Hence, in general, candidates must have obtained their bachelor’s degree in the respective fields from recognised institutions to qualify for a post graduate diploma.

Q2 Does PG Diploma have value?

Yes, Post Graduate Diploma has value, as of now, many wise candidates pursuing their further studies because of early earning most of them go will PG diploma just after completion of their graduation. As it completes in a short duration and focuses on the skill development of the aspirant.

Q3 What is difference between PG and PG diploma?

One comes with master degree where other provides diploma in a short duration of time. One gives detailed knowledge where as other works on skill development. PG Diploma Vs Masters

Q4 How long is PG diploma?

It’s totally depends on the choice of course selection. It will long last till two years maximum.

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