Bachelors universities in Agra

In 1981, it became a constituent of the Dayalbagh Educational Institute also known as Deemed University. Throughout its history, the Faculty has served as a beacon of knowledge, research, and instruction in the field of engineering. Its unique and comprehensive educational model emphasizes excellence without sacrificing relevance, promotes initiative and creative work that is cross-disciplinary in nature, and prepares students for the more technologically oriented society of the future.

The mission of bachelors universities in Agra

The mission of a value-oriented educational system is to develop a ‘Complete Man,’ a well-rounded individual characterised by intellectual acuity, emotional maturity, truthfulness,
general awareness, devotion to duty, high moral character, simplicity of living, scientific temperament,
and societal commitment.

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Dayalbagh Educational Institute’s Faculty of Engineering

There are many bachelor’s universities in Agra, Dayalbagh Educational Institute’s Faculty of Engineering is one of the best.The Faculty of Engineering at Dayalbagh Educational Institute, widely regarded as one of India’s most
famous engineering institutes, was formed in 1950 as Dayalbagh Engineering College in response to the
country’s demand for qualified technical labour.

Anand Engineering College Technical Campus

Founded in 1998, Anand Engineering College Technical Campus (AEC-001). The Institute has established
a formidable reputation throughout the course of its 23-year existence. Students from various technical
and managerial fields build a progressive learning attitude on our vibrant campus.

Scholarships at bachelors universities in Agra

The scholarships help the students in empowering their academic and career goals by offering financial aids for their education. Similarly, earning a scholarship removes all your financial concerns. Therefore, it provides you more time to study, gain knowledge and secure better grades.In addition, the College offers various scholarships to its students in various fields of study. Also, some scholarships are based on monetary help and others are based on medals.The college offers scholarships under the schemes offered by the Union and the State Govt. as well as other Private Agencies.

Other Scholarships at bachelors universities in Agra

The college offers scholarships to SC/ST/OBC students from the Directorate of Education, state government. In addition, PWD and BPL students get other scholarships and financial aids from the state government.

Documents Required for scholarship at bachelors universities in Agra

  • To begin with, proof of residency of the State.
  • Also, it needs caste papers of the student too.
  • Besides, proof of income of the parents too.
  • Also, marks certificates and passport size photos.
  • Lastly, it needs the signature of the student too.

Candidates must follow the instructions for the admission process:

  • Original documents will be returned to the candidates immediately after verification.
  • And the copy of the document will be kept by the university for the record.
  • The candidate selected for admission must pay the required charges at the time of admission.
  • Also, The candidate can pay the fee through DD, net banking, and cash.
  • On the reverse side of the DD, the candidate must write the name, admission form number, and the name of the course applied for.
  • Candidates can take a copy of the DD for their own record.

Objectives at bachelors universities in Agra

  • The students need to show the highest level of manners and also good behaviour on campus too.
  • No student will leave without the permission of the Principal too.And also the head by writing a leave form.
  • Also students come to college with good dress code too.

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  • The  students must fulfill the 75% attendance for writing test too.
  • Also,no student will enter or exit the class telling the teacher .
  • Also, students need to keep their cell phones quiet during the class .
  • Besides students should keep the college clean and also tidy too.
  • Also, students need to park their cars at their spot only.

More objectives at bachelors universities in Agra

  • Give a good and also peaceful space for students’ growth
  • Also to take steps to make and inspire each student to aspire to do their best too.
  • The college also has separate teachers for all subjects too.
  • The college has provided good results for years too.

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  • The, teachers at the college are among the best in the nation too.
  • Also facilities such as a library, labs too,also classes, and computer lab, seminar halls are there too.
  • Besides hostel too, canteen too, and also playground are available at the college.
  • Also, enough number of classrooms of are available too for the smooth classes in the college.
  • Besides, the college has a library with a large selection of books too.
  • It has a variety of subjects to meet the needs of students and also teachers too.
  • There is also a reading space too.

Mission at bachelors universities in Agra

To begin with the teachers are doing a variety of major and minor research projects too. Also, the college has a ground too with facilities for various sports. Such as cricket too, football too, volleyball too,also hockey, and also badminton too.There is also a medical facility has at the college for the benefit of the students.

Female cell at bachelors universities in Agra

A special cell is there for female students in the college too. Students may complain to the cell’s leader, either or in writing. Also there is a ban on ragging at this college.

NSS Wing at bachelors universities in Agra

The NSS Wing of the college provides various social services both within and outside of the city.

Workshops at bachelors universities in Agra

Workshops, lectures too, and also conferences are also held at the college. Thus improving teaching skills and also methods too. The college has a Women’s Cell that assists female students. This cell helps and also directs young women in solving issues.It also helps in avoiding abuse.

NCC at bachelors universities in Agra

The NCC in India came into being with the passing of the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948 too. Also the ‘University Corps’ the Indian Defence Act of 1917. Thus it had the goal of filling the gap in the military too. Also, the UTC replaced the ‘University Corps’ in 1920 too. Also the goal was to raise the reputation of the UTC too and also to increase the youth’s interest too.

UTC Officials

The UTC officials and also cadets too dressed as if they were members of the army. Also, the Indianization of the armed forces was a significant step forward too.

The Girls Division at bachelors universities in Agra

The Girls Division, created in 1948 too. Also it gives equal chances to girls who were attending school or college too . Besides the NCC added the Air Wing to in 1950.And also the Naval Wing in 1952.

Women empowerment at bachelors universities in Agra

There is a hostel which has 1100 students who attend classes here too. This college has strived to further women education and women empowerment too. Also it is in a 13-acre parcel of land too.

NSS at bachelors universities in Agra

There has been a need to involve students in national service since 1947 too. Also NSS began as a voluntary service project for students too. Besides the First Education Commission (1950) started it. Also the aim of serving the country helped NSS come into being. It also boosts the country’s development too. Besides on the Father of the Nation’s birthday in 1969 NSS started. Besides the system’s performance has been commendable too.

Aims of NSS wing at bachelors universities in Agra

NSS also aims to improve students too. Also it gives them various forms of social too and also community service too. Also a total of 200 student volunteers support the College’s two NSS Units.

Women Empowerment Cell at bachelors universities in Agra

The cell stands to uplift women too. Also there are guest lecturers too, seminars too, for female students and also staff too.

Constitution of India

All the citizens in the countrymen and also women alike – have the right to an education and also to employment too. Besides, they should have a safe and also secure environment too. Also the Constitution of India guarantees gender equality to all persons too.


Measures must are in place to ensure gender equality too. Also there are many reasons for why working women often face hardships at work too. Also it calls for safeguards that protect women’s rights and safety.

 Career guidance cell at bachelors universities in Agra

Career guidance at the college level plays an important role too. Also, career counseling is a process to understand yourself, jobs too, exams too, etc.

Form of guidance at bachelors universities in Agra

It is a form of guidance to young students to take them on the right path too. Also, career guidance matched with hard work and also faith too can help you get your dreams too. Also, it not only directs you towards your dream but also gives you end-to-end support too.


  • To begin with help students share knowledge.Also, give them job skills.
  • Also provide information about courses, exams etc.
  • Besides hold seminars by experts.


  • To begin with provide available updated information about jobs .
  • Also, conduct career development seminars .
  • Besides, give resources for needy students to apply for jobs.
  • Additionally, organize lectures on career development by subject experts.

Anti-ragging cell at bachelors universities in Agra

The Anti-Ragging Cell  is one of the important part of the college too. Also as per UGC it is compulsory too.

ANTI-RAGGING CELL at bachelors universities in Agra

To begin with as per (UGC), ragging is one or more of any intention by any student about any :

  • Act of teasing or handling with rudeness.
  • Act that prevents, the regular college work flow too.
  • Activity which causes harm or creates fear too.
  • Any act of physical abuse causing harm or danger to health too.

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  • Act of abuse by spoken words too, emails too, SMS too or public insult etc.
  • Any act of injury rights to the human dignity too.
  • Act of molesting or use of criminal forces too.
  • Any unlawful assembly or conspiracy to ragging too.

Punishment to those found guilty

Any student found guilty of ragging in the campus might face:

  • Restriction on giving exams
  • Also, suspension from attending classes
  • Besides, withdrawing scholarships and other benefits

Objectives of Anti Ragging Committee

  • This cell will ragging in the college Campus.
  • Also it will work to curb ragging in the college.

Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Squad

  • It will seek advice from the Anti-Ragging Committee too. Also it’s functions will be to stop ragging whether in Buses too, Hostels too etc.
  • Besides it will also educate the students at large about ragging too.

Clubs at bachelors universities in Agra

The Club of the Red Ribbon

A complete effort to foster a vivacious community of Red Ribbon Clubs and activists through the exchange of data, innovative ideas, and inquiries, yet because the sharing of experiences and efforts on a typical platform, all with the goal of achieving Zero.

Red, the colour

Red, the color of affection, is a logo of passion and tolerance for people who area unit afflicted. Like blood, symbolises the agony endured by the many people that have died of AIDS. Red, like our outrage at our helplessness within the face of AN incurable malady. Red, as a warning to not carelessly ignore one among the foremost serious problems with our time.

HIV and AIDS mainstreaming

HIV and AIDS mainstreaming and guaranteeing safe blood, 2 important activities for holding the unfold of HIV and AIDS within the country. close to 10 million of the world’s over one billion youth (ages 15-24) all HIV positive.

Estimated youngsters accomplished every day

Each day, AN calculable vi,000 youngsters and adolescents become infected with the virus. 88.7 p.c of the calculable a pair of.47 million HIV-positive folks in India area unit between the ages of fifteen and forty nine.

The Government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

In lightweight of this, the govt. of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare well planned to determine a network with universities and academic establishments to boost awareness concerning HIV and AIDS and to market voluntary blood donation so as to confirm safe blood and to implement HIV and AIDS hindrance programmes.

Eco & Nature Cell – Profile

ECO CLUB at bachelors universities in Agra

The club was formed in our college campus too. Also, it is a platform on which we give info about nature.Eco Club is a group that works to reduce pollution too and also waste too. Also, it offers programs to reduce pollution too and also plant trees too. And, it promotes eco-friendly behavior.

Primary Objectives  at bachelors universities in Agra

  • It makes a Clean and also Green Campus too;
  • Preparing student`s participation for taking care of nature;
  • Using different media such as audio, visual, posters, spreading messages on environment;
  • To create pollution-free environment

Inside the College Campus of bachelors universities in Agra

  • Growing trees at the college campus;
  • Solid waste unit ;
  • Maintaining Garden and also creating new flower gardens;
  • Plastic-free campus;
  • Dengue mosquito-free campus;
  • Tree painting

Infrastructure at bachelors universities in Agra:

Science Lab at bachelors universities in Agra

  • In order to make the classes more interesting, realistic and clear the science students can utilize the lab facilities available.
  • Additionally, the science lab houses are fully equipped which is required for a science teacher to enable her inspire many a scientist in the coming generations.

Auditorium at bachelors universities in Agra

  • Education should not be limited to the four walls of the class room.
  • A spacious Seminar Hall with the capacity of more than 200 students is allotted indifferent departments.
  • Also a big Digital Screen with 5×4 feet measurement is the asset to the seminar hall catering to the needs of power point presentation.
  • Likewise the room equipped with an audio system and surround speakers so that the speeches will be audible.

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  • More than 100 interactions, seminars, meetings and moral classes held in the hall every academic year.
  • In addition to that the motivational speeches from experienced speakers on several topics like women empowerment, career guidance, service to humanity, yoga and health.
  • Several students benefited through the speeches.

Library at bachelors universities in Agra

  • The College has a huge library which the students can benefit from.
  • Therefore, there are over 158 books and over 15+ Journals.
  • Also with such amount of resource and the peace of the library students wont find it hard to study and score well.

Language Lab at bachelors universities in Agra

  • The communication skills play an important role in the field of job opportunities and comfortable settlement in life which have become the ultimate goal of the youth.
  • Hence, It established a Language Lab in the computer lab 2. U.G.C funded for more than 25 audio head phones for listening to the online classes to improve pronunciation and speaking skills.
  • Also english department monitors the classes and guides the students for their success in learning communication skills practically

Computer Lab at bachelors universities in Agra

Computers are known to be necessity of every student these days. Therefore, they play a very important role in every student’s academics. So the college has well-maintained and fully advanced computer lab at the disposal for their students. Therefore, it is accessible to each and every student studying in the college. Because the lab has all necessary computer equipments including internet and printers.

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  • The college has two well equipped computer labs for the sake of practical education in computer applications.
  • The first computer lab named after a philanthropist Smt. Gundimeda Kanaka Durgambagaru in memory of her charity for building the lab.
  • Also it has 25 latest version computers with two skilled computer faculty members monitoring and teaching the students practically on the computers.
  • Likewise all the students who opted computer as a subject i.e., MCA, MBA make use of this lab for obtaining knowledge.

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  • It is to say that they learn latest trends and developments in the computer world.
  • Also the college has another computer lab to cater to the needs of B. Com students who also have computer applications as optional subject.
  • Also equipped with more than 12 computers which are very much useful for the commerce students with the software of their concerned subjects like Tally.

Canteen at bachelors universities in Agra

  • This place is very comfortable for all the students to relax for a while.
  • College gives almost importance to hygiene.
  • Canteen serves palatable and delicious recipes to the students and staff at moderate prices.
  • RO plant purified water supplied in the canteen.
  • Not only tasty snacks are available here but also stationery and other personal things.

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  • To give each chance to the key constituents–workforce, staff, understudies, and the local area to dominate in their space of skill and add to each undertaking with truthfulness
  • Again, progress from the educator–driven concentration to the student-driven methodology.
  • Also, in college generally, 40% of understudies were set in various organizations.
  • Hence, the most significant compensation offered is 27000 for a month.
  • Almost all main 3 organizations in India TCS, INFOSYS, and WIPRO visited our grounds
  • Henceforth, every one of these organizations extended to the activity leader employment opportunity job.
  • Further, the most elevated, normal, and the least bundle are offered are 2.2, 1.8 and 1.6 Lacs per annum.
  • Also, college is fundamentally centered on useful information.
  • And our whole college workforce is Doctorates.
  • This helps the understudies in their future activities.

More about Infrastructure at bachelors universities in Agra

Hi-Speed Wifi Facility at bachelors universities in Agra:

Provides hi-speed wifi to their students and staff. It helps students to get online knowledge and experience from all over the world with the help of internet. It helps students and faculties to advance in their existing syllabus.

Ventilated Classrooms at bachelors universities in Agra:

Classrooms are built in a very spacious manner. They are quite ventilated without the use of air conditioners. Also, each batch has mostly 500 students. So, there is enough space to accommodate all students and can easily be taught by faculties.

Auditorium/Halls at bachelors universities in Agra:

Auditorium act as attractive add-on in the infrastructure of any college. Therefore, auditorium is quite large and can host around 800 guests. College uses this auditorium to host many workshops, guest lectures and cultural events. Also, this auditorium facility helps in exhibitions in relation to art and crafts work of students.

Infrastructure in details:

Sports Complex at bachelors universities in Agra:

It has always been very good at engaging students towards sports and many students perform very well at inter-university, south-zone and at national level. Some of the sports facilities in this college are:

  1. Volleyball Court,
  2. Badminton Court,
  3. Cricket Ground,
  4. Football Ground,
  5. Tennis Court,
  6. Basketball Court and many more.

Sports at bachelors universities in Agra

  • It giving delight and redirection from the ordinary homeroom work, Sports practices help the understudy with building a couple of attributes such as confidence, authority capacities, utilizing time adequately and ability to oversee essential conditions.
  • Hence, sports train one to see the worth in the meaning of joint effort.
  • Also, the benefits of sports are different and can influence life fundamentally.
  • Additionally, college lays most limit complement on both physical and mental success of the understudies.
  • Further, the establishment houses courts for Tennis, Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Badminton and Grounds to play Cricket and Foot Ball.

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  • Indoor games like Carroms, Chess, table Tennis, etc are available.
  • For field events, for instance, Javelin throw, shot put, etc, the establishment gives the significant equipment.
  • And particularly furnished Gymnasium is open for the use of understudies and staff.
  • Hence, the Physical boss coordinates all of the wearing activities reliably.
  • In expansion, Annual games meet driven in the grounds to allow an opportunity to the understudies and staff to show their wearing blessings.
  • Further, it completes the cycle in Sports Day merriments where prizes offered away to the champs.
  • Hence, the understudies Also encouraged to take an interest in sports meets coordinated at the college and region levels.

Hostel at bachelors universities in Agra

  • This College has close by housing comfort for young fellows and young women. The two young fellows’ similarly as youngsters’ lodgings oblige about 50 understudies each.
  • Hence, the lodgings give open and all around ventilated rooms, a lot of kept up washrooms and neatly kept up kitchen and eating halls.
  • All the essential comforts like Wi-Fi office, RO water structure, Stores, First Aid, etc
  • Also, Generators in like manner surrendered to control back.
  • Each hotel apportioned an occupant director and each square is controlled by associate administrators to ensure tidiness and address the necessities of the understudies.
  • Further, the tenant administrators oblige the individual and educational issues of the understudies.
  • Besides, exacting security system set up through biometric contraptions, cc cameras, fire-advised structures and constant guardian commitment.
  • Much care taken to outfit the understudies with clean, delectable and nutritious dinners.
  • Hence, the by and large air is very conductive to the understudies to loosen up and centre around their examinations

Cafeteria at bachelors universities in Agra

  • As a place of easy-going correspondence and loosening up, the college cafeteria arranged elegantly to give abundant space to extricate up devouring.
  • Hence, the cafeteria considers the necessities of the understudies similarly as the staff for the length of the day
  • Also, food served in an ideal and sterile manner at sensible expenses
  • Further, different kinds of titbits, breakfast things, refreshments and dinners served in the cafeteria.

Student Hobby Clubs at bachelors universities in Agra

  • Student redirection clubs set up for understudies to seek after their tendencies in various extracurricular activities as a basic piece of their scholastics.
  • Hence, extracurricular activities like singing, moving, acting, talking, painting, style arranging and social assistance.
  • Also, these Hobby Clubs engage understudies and staff to loosen up and achieve something they appreciate.
  • Again, these Hobby classes take after little breaks in pressure filled and hot educational life.
  • Further, interests can be something that the understudies can use in the later piece of their life.
  • And interests help in all round headway of the assessments and Also fit for educating things that the four dividers of the homeroom can’t.
  • Additionally, Student Hobby Clubs arranged with an objective to help understudies show off their mysterious potential outcomes and interests.

Art and Craft Lab at bachelors universities in Agra:

Art and Craft lab is a place where you can express your artistic view and can develop your imagination power. This lab is the place of experiments with creativity. Therefore, Art and Craft lab is fully equipped with painting tools for the enhancement of creativity.

Science Lab

  • In order to make the classes more interesting, realistic and clear; the science students can utilize the lab facilities available.
  • Additionally, the science lab houses are fully equipped which is required for a science teacher to enable them to inspire and learn through practical knowledge and also, helps the students to understand the concepts in a more pristine way.

Seminar Halls:

  •  Education should not be limited to the four walls of the class room.
  • A spacious Seminar Hall with the capacity of more than 700 students is allotted in the building.
  • Also, the institution has seven furnished seminar halls and one open air theatre. The amount of seminar hall are Cyber Block Seminar Hall, Decennial Block Seminar Hall, Digital Block Seminar Hall, Silver Jubilee Seminar Hall, Rama Rayudu Auditorium, Auditorium, Hi-Tech Block Seminar Hall, Open Air Theatre.

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  • A big Digital Screen with the capacity of 175 students alloted.
  • Likewise the room is equipped with an audio system and surround speakers so that the speeches will be audible.
  • More than 100 interactions, seminars, meetings and moral classes are held in the hall every academic year.
  • In addition to that the motivational speeches from experienced speakers on several topics like women empowerment, career guidance, service to humanity, yoga and health.
  • Therefore, Several students benefited through the speeches.

Healthcare at bachelors universities in Agra

  • College has appointed a resident doctor who takes care of student health. In case of emergency to take the students to other hospitals an ambulance is also provided.
  • The college offers students with health care by providing First-Aid and other basic services, and when necessary, a separate hall is set aside for this purpose.
  • Additionally, Doctors are available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Also, Medical assistance also given to the college’s physical education department during different sports events.
  • In addition, students have access to first-aid services during college outings.


  • The University is an independent degree granting body with its own rules and regulations.
  • In addition, it is expected that the establishment of this University will boost the growth of higher education with new zeal.
  • Hence, it is one of the best higher learning institutions in India.
  • Also, the university focuses on the holistic development of the students and offers qualitative and enriching experience making it a place of dynamic excellence.
  • Additionally, the motto of the university is to educate people to be honest in academics apart from being educated in general courses.

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  • The aim of the university is to prepare the youth as law-abiding citizens and to help in the development of the nation.
  • Therefore, it focuses on the society with extra want of care and attention.
  • Also, the university aims at undertaking necessary steps to facilitate quality higher education in the field of academics.
  • Besides that, to cater to the needs of the youth living in and around the area of Maharashtra.
  • Consequently, the University excels in academics and has a good record of passing percentage.

Also read,

  • The Campus is well equipped with first class infrastructure and is a hub for academic excellence.
  • Also, they have all required equipment for all the labs present.
  • In addition to that, students here also are quite outstanding in extracurricular activities.
  • Also, yearly fests are organized by the university for the overall growth and development of the child and there is participation from the students on a large scale.
  • In addition to that, the university, ergo encourages the student to take part in extracurricular activities including dancing, sports, debate competitions, etc.


What do we mean when we say “To create a positive impact in the world”?

We are expected to create a positive impact in our individual spheres of influence and the personal world that we all live in. We don’t believe that a degree, job or award is the end goal of education. The goal is to use our education and the experiences we have to create a positive impact in our families, our villages, communities, our state, country and the world.


What do we mean when we say “To empower people towards life-long excellence”?

We exist to provide a platform to unleash the potential of every member of the Tetso family. We believe that we must provide an environment to hone every person’s skills and the tools they need to create their best work in college and beyond.
This is done through our college events, our social media platforms, our publications, our academic achievements and more. Every student also has access to mobile apps, email and can take their questions and grievances by email to the teachers and management without intermediaries.


What do we mean when we say “To put students first”?

The decisions taken are always students oriented to provide an all-encompassing educational environment in terms of infrastructure, facilities and top of the mark teacher’s.
Example: The college is reaching to students through mediums and platforms they use through the large scale adoption of social media platforms and media.

What do we mean when we say ‘to value time’?

We recognize that time is the most valuable commodity in the world and there is a correct timing to execute and implement goals and strategies. It also implies that we need to be practical and use time wisely, because there are different stages in life when we need to be doing certain things to achieve our end goal.


To become a professor, we need to build up our credentials by pacing our achievements so that by a certain age, with years of experience and qualifications, we are eligible to attain certain positions or professions.

What do we mean when we say ‘to adhere to ethical and moral principles’?

Education without ethics cannot produce positive transformation. It is our belief that there is enough dearths of money or well educated people in the world. What separates good from great in long-term sustainability is ethics and the right values.

What do we mean when we say “To Achieve Excellence”?

Excellence is a continuous endeavour and we constantly look out for opportunities to be better than yesterday on all fronts of personal, educational, administrative and professional expertise. Excellence is not an act, it’s a habit that builds up previous achievements.

What do we mean when we say “To be professional”?

Every individual is expected to maintain professionalism in execution of all duties, decision making and interaction to sustain a progressive and positive working and learning environment. For a student professionalism is submitting assignments on time and attending regularly while respecting other student’s personal space.

Why choose this college?

  • Coverage of syllabus within the time frame.
  • Student centric approach in teaching; Extra tutorials for weak students.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops, projects etc.
  • In-depth preparation of subject by teacher to make it more interesting and easy.
  • Freedom to faculties for implementing innovative ideas in teaching & learning methodologies.

Also read,

  • Expert lectures by industry experts and top rated academicians.
  • Industrial visits to various local and non local industries.
  • Special program for aptitude and interview preparation.
  • Take from home online proficiency tests
  • Extensive use of audio-visual aids, such as multimedia projector, videos etc.


Placements play a pivotal role in every college’s reputation and also, in every student’s life. Therefore, college’s placement cell ensures that their students get to work with the best of the business companies with handsome salary packages. College’s placement cell trains its students through the help of numerous workshops, mock interviews and such activities. So, that they can get good job offers during campus placements.




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