DNB CET Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification

DNB CET Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification

DNB CET Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification
DNB CET Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification
October 1, 2021
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DNB CET 2021 (National Board Centralized Entrance Test) is a national entrance examination. It is organized by the National Board of Examination (NBE) for admission to DNB continuing education courses. Through it, a candidate can obtain admission to the following super special MBBS / DNB / MD / MS courses.

The National Examination Board (NBE) authorizes admission to DNB CET courses. National Commission after receiving MBBS certificate. The selection is going to be supported by the NEET PG score, of which 2,256 DNB beds are going to be allocated at 1,038 DNB CET hospitals.

DNB diplomas in 54 centre-approved specialities were included in the DNB qualification in the first calendar of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956.

The National Examination Board (NBE) is a self-government body accredited by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It is awarded mainly to candidates, successfully who completed the training course. Create PG or Postdoctoral Fellowships within NBE.

Students who have earned a Doctor of Medicine degree in their speciality. They are also eligible to take the DNB Final Certification Exam alongside candidates for regular DNB courses. The DNB course is a three-year residential graduate program and offers a wide range of specializations.

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DNB CET 2021 Exam Latest News/Update

  • The exam NEET PG 2021, scheduled for April 18, 2021, has been postponed.
  • NEET PG 2021 has been postponed to September 11, 2021. The exam will be taken in the morning from 09:00 am – 12:30 pm.
  • Amid the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, the National Council of Health Sciences Examinations (NBEMS) has increased the number of cities and testing centers for DNB CET 2021.


DNB CET 2021 Exam and Exam Conducting Authority

The National Council’s Certificate of Centralized Entrance Examination (DNB CET) is a national entrance examination administered by the National Examination Board (NBE).

The terminology of the degree awarded by the National Examination Board is called “Diplomate of National Board”. The list of recognized qualifications awarded by the Council in various broad and higher specialities has been approved by the Indian Government and included within the first IMC Program Act of 1956.

Under the Medical Council of India Act 1956; the authority to acknowledge medical degrees and determine their equivalence rests with the central government.

The diplomas awarded by the National Examination Board are equivalent to the postgraduate. They are also equivalent to the doctoral degrees awarded by other Indian universities for all purposes including those awarded by the Government of India. The Ministry of Health and Family appoints teaching positions such as lecturer/assistant professor.

Post-examination council qualifications, i.e. DNB, are eligible for consideration for a specialist/lecturer position in any hospital, including an educational/educational institution for a teaching/teaching position.

Diplomas of the National Council of Diplomats are recognized and accepted as senior professional qualifications for medical practice in the relevant/super-secret or highly specialized field.


Exam Title DNB CET 2021
Detailed Form Diplomate of National Board Centralized Entrance Test
Administration NBE (National Board of Examination)
Courses Offer P.G. Courses in Modern Medicine
Examination Mode Online
Official Webpage www.cet.natboard.edu.in


DNB CET Exam’s Basic Information

DNB CET Exam is held once a year. The DNB CET National Entrance Exam is organized by the National Examination Board. DNB CET is organized for admission to super special courses like DNB / MD / MS.

Specialities (DNB CET SS) is a qualifying exam for a variety of continuing education courses. It includes a 6-year full-time course in Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery and Surgery, Pediatric Surgery. Applicants are going to be admitted to the Post MBBS course through NEET PG points. Thus the DNB / MD / MS Super Specialist course through the NEET SS entrance examination.

The DNB CET 2021 consultation will be held online in three rounds. Applicants who meet the required minimum percentage of the NEET PG thresholds for their respective categories will only be eligible to participate in the DNB CET 2021 consultation session. The selection of university and course must also be completed by applicants in the DNB CET 2021 admission process. By the candidate’s selection, availability, and NEET PG assessment, an allocation process will be carried out.

The DNB CET 2021 form is completed on the official NEET PG 2021 website. Students must have an MBBS degree and an MD / MSc degree from any university recognized by the Medical Council of India. The application fee is the same for all types of INR 4500.

NBE has also issued circulars on documents that will be uploaded to qualified applicants after the limit has been reduced.

NBE to take the exam in 54 cities in India.

Applicants should remember to bring their pass card and ID on the day of the exam.

The questionnaire will cover 3 topics in English, each of which contains no more than 180 questions.

The release date of the DNB CET 2021 exam results is September 2021.


Overview of DNB CET Exam

Eligible candidates who are interested in taking DM/MCh and DNB Super Specialization courses for 3 years at NBE-accredited institutions, hospitals, or medical colleges. They should review the following highlights before applying.


Details Overview
Abbreviation of DNB CET Diplomate of National Board Centralized Entrance Test
Exam Authority NBE (National Board of Examination)
Frequency of Exam 1 time in a year
Admission based on Scores of NEET PG
Exam Date of NEET PG 2021 11-Sep-21
Total time allocated in exam 3 hours 30 minutes
Examination level National Level
Number of Exam Cities 162
Total allocated seats 2256 seats
Hospital Number 1038 throughout India


DNB CET 2021 Exam Notification

DNB CET 2021 Exam Notification has been released for NEET PG 2021 for admission into Post Graduate courses. The application has been published online. Enrollment will be offered for MBBS, DNB / MD / MS super specialization courses.

DNB CET (National Board Certificate for Central Entrance Examinations) is a national-level entrance examination administered by the National Examination Board (NBE). The DNB CET exam is held once a year. It can be applied to participate in various postgraduate courses in modern medicine. The DNB CET 2021 exam will be held as part of the NEET PG 2021 on September 11, 2021.

DNB CET 2021 Application Form can be completed on the official NEET PG 2021 website. Students must have MBBS and MD / MS from any Indian Council accredited medical university.

Applicants are required to complete the DNB CET 2021 Exam Notice Details such as exam date, application, fee, and additional information related to DNB CET 2021.

Applicants can check DNB CET 2021 dates in the following table. Candidates can follow important events.


Events Dates
Newsletter availability (DNB CET) 23 February 2021
Application issue (DNB CET) 23 February 2021
Application filing (DNB CET) 15 March 2021
Application Fee Rs.4500
Availability of Admit Card 9 September 2021
NEET PG 2021 Exam date 11 September 2021
Results report September 2021
Cutoff release date September 2021


DNB CET 2021 Exam Date

The DNB CET 2021 exam dates are listed in the table below. But, students are advised to double-check the dates on the official website. So that they get the exact dates of all events for this exam and to be well prepared.

Events Dates
Notification release 23 February 2021
Form is available 23 February 2021
Date of  last registration 15 March 2021
Change Window Settings 25 August 2021
Issuance of an admit card  9 September 2021
Exam of NEET PG 11 September 2021
Cutoff release Will be published
Result release Will be published
Scorecard release Will be published
Merit list release Will be published
Counseling Date Will be Published


DNB CET 2021 Eligibility Criteria

Candidates need to meet the selection criteria of DNB CET 2021 to see if they can apply for the test. Some of the main eligibility criteria for DNB CET 2021 are listed below.

  1. Candidate holding MBBS title / Provisional Approval Certificate recognized under the provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956. Then, he/she holds a Permanent / Temporary MBBS Qualification Registration Certificate issued by the State Medical Council / Indian Medical Council. You can apply for the DNB CET exam through the online application after completing a one-year internship likely done by 31 March 2021 or sooner.
  2. Participants who do not qualify at any stage of DNB CET will not be admitted to the exam. In the unlikely event that any unsuitable candidate appears and/or succeeds in DNB CET, the result of that candidate/candidate will be canceled.
  3. Applications for DNB CET from applicants who complete their internship after 31 March 2021 will be completely rejected. Applicants will not be eligible to participate at any stage of the admission process.
  4. Applicants who have completed the DNB course are not eligible to apply for DNB CET until they complete the full duration of the prescribed course or are dropped from the course.
  5. Registration or appearance at DNB CET 2021 does not give the applicant any automatic entitlements upon admission to an NBE accredited hospital/facility.
  6. Recorded in Medical Council / C.I. is required. Applicants supporting documentation must be provided at the time of the assessment and on the day of the test.
  7. Applicants can apply and appear at DNB CET in March 2021 only one time for admission to DNB in ​​March 2021. Many registrations with CET will be dishonest. Then, It will result in disqualification and/or criminal prosecution.


Applicants must meet the DNB CET 2021 selection criteria outlined below



The applicant must be an Indian citizen

Eligibility Exam


Applicants must complete an MBBS course approved by the Medical Council of India.




Applicants must be registered with the State Medical Council / Medical Council of India and there must be proof of this.


Beginner Applicants


Applicants with a PG Medical Degree / Provisional Pass through 31 August 2021 can apply.


Training Applicants must complete three years of rotational training by 31 August 2021.


Age limit


There is no specific age limit to apply for the DNB program until DNB CET 2021.



DNB CET 2021 Application Fee

  • The registration fee for DNB CET 2021 will be paid online.
  • Online payment methods include credit/debit card / online banking.
  • Participants will have to pay Rs.4500 registration fee.


DNB CET 2021 Registration

The DNB CET 2021 application form is only available online at www.cet.natboard.edu.in. It should be noted that the form cannot be filled in any other way.

NBE will reopen the DNB CET 2021 application form from August 16 to 20, 2021. The application form reopens for those applicants who completed an internship between July 1 and September 30, 2021. It is possible to complete the application form on the official NBE website nbe.edu.in. Applicants must submit their NEET PG Registration application no later than the latest date.

If the application form is incomplete, it may be rejected. You must complete the form carefully and completely. To complete the application form DNB CET 2021, you need to follow several steps listed below:


Step 1: Registration Process

Go to the official webpage (www.cet.natboard.edu.in) of the NATIONAL BOARD OF EXAMINATION (NBE).

Fill in all the basic details that appear on the screen. Some required details are listed below:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Applicant’s date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy format)
  • Candidate’s mobile phone number (10 digits)
  • Citizenship
  • Candidate’s email
  • Approved year (10, 12, graduated)
  • Name of Guardian’s
  • Category (SC / ST / Others)
  • Aadhaar Number

Click the link shown to confirm that you will receive it to your registered email address.

Log in using your registered email ID and password.

Step 2: Application Form

  • After logging in with a registered email address and password.
  • Then, click the link for the DNB CET 2021 Application Form.
  • The DNB CET 2021 Application Form will be displayed on the screen.
  • Fill out the form with correct and valid personal information (name, gender, date of birth, religion, etc.).
  • Also, fill in the educational information as well.
  • Submit the form.
  • Make a note of the Application ID for future reference.
  • Applicants must select a security question of their choice. They must keep that question in mind until the end of the process.
  • Download the form (pdf format) and save it on your system.
  • Print the request form.

Step 3. Upload photos and documents

  • Scan your passport size photo, signature, and all educational documents.
  • Download them in the above format and resolution as recommended by NBE.
  • The system will not accept the document if the resolution does not meet the requirements.

Step 4: Pay the registration fee

  • The registration fee will be accepted through the online payment gateway (Debit / Credit Card / Net Banking). In addition, commissions are not refundable.
  • Print the displayed confirmation page for future verification.
  • The registration fee is the same for all types and genders, that is 4500 Indian rupees.


DNB CET 2021 Exam Syllabus

The DNB CET 2021 Exam Syllabus will include various subjects. However, The subjects are prescribed by the authority of the Medical Council of India with prior review by the Government of India. Therefore, The material in the question will include Parts A, B, and C.

Section Subjects
Part A: Pre-clinical subjects Physiology



Part B: Para-clinical subjects Pathology



Forensic Medicine

Social and preventive medicine

Part C: Clinical subjects General surgery includes orthopaedics, anaesthesia, and radiodiagnosis.

General Medicine including dermatology, venereology, and psychiatry



Obstetrics and gynaecology



Subjective wise distribution for DNB CET 2021 Exam Questions


Subject Number of questions
Part A – Pre-clinical subjects
Anatomy 17
Biochemistry 16
Physiology 17
Part B – Para-clinical subjects
Pathology 25
Microbiology 20
Pharmacology 20
Forensic Medicine 10
Social and Preventive Medicine 25
Part C – Clinical subjects
General surgery includes orthopaedics, anaesthesia, and radiodiagnosis 45
General Medicine includes dermatology, venereology, and psychiatry 45
Obstetrics and gynaecology 30
ENT 10
Paediatrics 10
Ophthalmology 10
Total number of questions 300


DNB CET 2021 Exam Pattern

Applicants can check the DNB CET 2021 exam pattern below:

Exam format: The exam conducts on a computer.

Question type: The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions. All surgical specialities and all pediatric specialities will be the same.

The native language of the DNB CET 2021 Exam: The language of the question will be English.

Number of Questions: Applicants ask 300 multiple choice questions from each section.

Duration: Participants will have 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete each section.

Scoreboard: For each correct answer, award 4 points. For each wrong answer, give a 25% negative rating.


DNB CET 2021 Exam Admit Card

The DNB CET 2021 Exam admit card will only be available online.

NBE will send the NEET PG 2021 Pass Card to applicants whose NEET PG application will be received by the competent authority. The enrollment card can be downloaded by entering the user ID and password generated during the NEET PG 2021 period. Applicants can download an introductory pass through the NEET PG 2021 login. Applicants must download the admit card to NEET PG 2021 before the exam date. The enrollment card will indicate the name as well as the applicant’s personal information. It also indicates the exam date and time, full details of the designated exam centre, and other important instructions related to NEET PG.

Applicants must bring the following documents to the test centre.

  • A paper copy of the application form with a photo is attached.
  • Copy of permanent or temporary registration of SMC / MCI.
  • Any of the following Authorized Photo IDs must be original and current.
  • PAN card, driver’s license, voter ID, passport, and Aadhar card.


DNB CET 2021 Exam Result

The release date of the DNB CET 2021 exam results is September 2021. The authorities will publish the NEET PG 2021 result as a list of merits on the official NEET-PG website. Students can access the results through an online process on the official NBE website. The results use to process the DNB CET 2021 assignment for all students who passed the exam. Applicants follow these steps to verify their results:

  • Visit the official website of the National Examination Board.
  • Click the results tab.
  • Enter the required login information (registration number, password, and verification code).
  • After logging in, the corresponding results displayed on the screen.
  • Download DNB CET 2021 results to continue the process before counselling and registration.

Validity of DNB CET results: The validity of DNB CET results will only be valid for the current registration session. It cannot be valid until the next registration session.



Q1. How to apply for DNB CET 2021?

A. DNB CET 2021 will be available online. Applicants should complete all personal and educational details in the NBE application. There will be no changes/corrections to the application, so applicants must complete the application form.


Q2. How many seats are there in DNB CET 2021?

A. 2,256 positions. Selection based on NEET PG scores, of which 2,256 DNB positions assign to 1,038 DNB CET hospitals.


Q3. Does DNB have an M.D.?

A. The Diplomate of National Council (DNB) is a postgraduate master’s degree. It is similar to the Doctor of Medicine and Medicine degree.  In addition, it awards to medical professionals in India upon completion of a three-year residency. This is like the Doctor of Medicine (DM) and Master of Surgery (MCh) degrees, respectively, awarded within the medical and surgical specialities.


Q4. How much does DNB cost?

A. Successful candidates will receive an allowance of Rs. 50,000 rupees to 55,000 rupees. Of course, 60,000 per month in the first, second and third year of study.


Q5. Are there any reservations at DNB CET 2021?

A. DNB CET 2021 Reservation Policy: During the consultation period DNB CET 2021, applicants can request or submit reservations through DNB CET 2021 Reservations.  Reservations will be available for Scheduled Members (SC), Time Tribes (ST), People with Disabilities (PWD), Other Reverse Classes (OBC).


Q6. Who can do DNB?

A. Medical candidates and individuals holding a permanent registration certificate issued by the Medical Council of India can take the DNB course. Applicants must also complete a one-year internship before applying.


Q7. How to apply for DNB CET 2021 Counseling?

A. Five steps for DNB CET 2021 Counseling:

  • Register for Counseling.
  • Log in to Counseling.
  • Payment for counselling services.
  • Check your details.
  • Upload documents for the counselling process.


More Frequently asked Questions

Q8. How long is the DNB course?

A. 3 years


Q9. Does DNB have bonds?

A. Yes, there are bonuses for DNB. Yet, be aware that bonuses vary from state to state and sometimes from one institution/hospital to another. At present, DNB offers in both private and public hospitals or institutions.


Q10. Can we do DM after DNB?

A. Yes, you are also eligible for DM /Mch courses after DNB. If your goal is to become a top-notch professional, DNB can shorten your long career.


Q11. What is MD or DNB resistance?

A. The DNB of some institutions is better than the MD of some, and vice versa. Yes, DNB is more difficult to pass than MD, but during training, the workload in MD is greater than in DNB.


Q12. Is it difficult to get through DNB?

A. The DNB Final Exam is more difficult than the MD / MS Final Exam.

The main reason is that firstly, this is the national final exam. Secondly, the final exam for the M.D. and M.S. degree is a state or college-level exam. Strongly criticized for failing to pass DNB exams in the past, with an overall achievement score of only 10-15%.


Q13. Can we do DNB after MBBS?

A. The general DNB eligibility criteria that applicants must be eligible for admission to this course are as follows:

  • Applicants must have an MBBS degree from an accredited institution.
  • Applicants must complete a one-year internship.


Q14. Since DNB CET/NEET-PG 2021 will take place in September, when could it be the next year 2022 (expected)?

A. The exact date cannot predict now. But due to COVID19, these dates may change. In other words, the NEET PG exam is held in December or the first week of January. But due to the widespread and blocked COVID19 exam, it postpones until September.


Q15. When will the authorities release the results for DNB CET/NEET-PG 2021?

A. The DNB CET/NEET-PG result date will soon release on the “nbe.edu.in” website, so check this website for the NEET PG score. The results of NEET PG 2021 include the candidate registration number, the number of points, and the ranking.

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