OJEE Exam Admit Card

OJEE Exam Admit Card
October 4, 2021
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After filling the application form, The one most important thing is the Admit Card. OJEE Admit cards are not only helpful on the day of the exam but also in the future. The aspirant who does not have to admit card is not allowed to sit in the examination hall. Therefore, Having an admit card is very important. Sometimes, The student forgets to bring the admit card. In this situation, they are not allowed to take the exam.

In the OJEE, The OJEE committee issues the admit card. They have the right as well as the responsibility to provide the admit card to the students. The admit card has the information which is helpful to you. They will provide you with proper important facts regarding the exam, etc.

The OJEE admit card will be available from the 27th June, 2022 onwards. You can download the admit card from the official website of OJEE.

There is different information about the admit card. We will look into different information about the OJEE Admit card. This information is available to make you aware of the OJEE admit card benefits. Since there are various benefits, You should look over the pieces of information below. These will help you in exams.

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OJEE 2022 Latest Updates

The OJEE is a government examination and thereby the news and notifications regarding the OJEE always remain the talk of the town. We will now see some of the news and the notifications of the OJEE examinations. These are:

  • The Information Brochure for 2022 was released on the official website of the OJEE on 14th March, 2022.
  • The dates for the submission of the application of the B.Tech form are from 14th March – 14th May, 2022.
  • The link for the downloading  of the admit cards for the coming various examinations will available on the official website of the OJEE from the 27th June 2022 onwards (tentatively).
  • The OJEE 2022 Exam will be held in the 4-8th July, 2022.

OJEE Admit Card Date

  • The OJEE admit card date was available from the 27th June 2022 onwards. From this date, The aspirant can fill the admit card. The OJEE admit card is available on the official website of the OJEE. However, sometimes the aspirant makes little mistakes in the information. This means the information they give needs correction. In that case, The student can correct the OJEE admit card. Once the correction window gets open, The correction can be made. Some of the details regarding the OJEE dates are
  • Application form filling date was till 14th May, 2022..
  • The correction window was open from 17th May, 2022 onwards.
  • You can go through the above dates for the information.

Document To Carry For Exam

You all must know that before giving exams, There are various documents which students must take with them. If they do not have these documents, They won’t be allowed to give examinations. These documents help find your authentication. We will now see the documents which are necessary for the aspirant of OJEE. These documents are:

Admit Card

The admit card is the most important document. Someone who is going to give the OJEE entrance exam must carry the admit card. Admit cards act as authentication of the student. Someone who does not carry an admit card will not be allowed to take the OJEE exam. So, The student must carry an admit card.

ID Proof

After the admit card, The most important document is the ID Proof. The ID Proof will provide information to tally with admit cards. You can carry any ID Proof. For Example – Your Passport, Adhaar Card, etc. For more information, kindly visit the official website of OJEE.


Carrying a photograph in the entrance exam of OJEE is very compulsory. The students are required to carry at least 2 photographs. The invigilator uses the photograph to fill the attendance sheet. This is also a form of authentication.

So, These were some of the important documents which an aspirant should carry with them. Failing in any of these documents will make you unfit for giving exams. You are also advised to read the important instructions. These are given on the admit card. This will help you to know the basic rules and regulations. For example, dress code, uniform, etc.

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How to download the Admit card?

Since we know the importance of the admits card, We shall download it as well. The admit card is available on the official website of the OJEE. From where you can download it. While downloading the admit card, You will need your information such as name and date of birth. The admit card of OJEE is available on the official website of OJEE.

Here are a few important pieces of information related to the admit cards which are

  • The admit card is available only on the official website of the OJEE.
  • Aspirants should have the details such as the application number, name, email, etc.
  • He or she should take out the printout of the admit card for future reference.

Steps To Download The Admit Card

  • Visit the Official website of OJEE.
  • Click on the OJEE application form section.
  • Once the application form section gets open, fill in the details which are asked.
  • Details are such as Application Form Number, Application Number, Password followed by the security Pin and captcha.
  • Once the admit card is available, click on the download.
  • Take Out the printout for future reference.

Possible issues in downloading the exam admit card

  • It is very common that while downloading the admit card you can get some issues. These issues will create problems in the successful download. Hence, You should know about the issues which can arrive. These issues need to be resolved for a successful download.
  • One of the reasons for the issue is
  • Internet problem – Sometimes, The internet is not accessible. Due to this, downloading causes problems. While downloading, You must have a proper internet connection.
  • Wrong Credential information – While filling in the information which the server asks for, There are some mistakes. Due to this reason, downloading causes problems.
  • Network Connectivity – If your internet is weak or poor, downloading will create issues.
  • Incomplete registration Procedure – While doing the registration, Sometimes a few errors arrive. In these situations, the registration remains unsuccessful. This causes an issue in the download of the admit card.

What to do if details are incorrect in admit card

We can see that many times when the students fill out the admit card details. The information is wrong. In this situation, the aspirant should not panic and follow the below-given suggestions.

  • Communicate to the OJEE – You can go to the office of the OJJE. There you can tell them your problem and they will give you the right solutions.
  • Call them directly – If you are unable to go to their office, You can call the OJEE. They will provide you with the right solution as well.
  • Mail – If you are unable to call, You can mail to the OJEE. Hopefully, they will reply to you with the right solution.

Details in Admit Card

The admit card is an important document for the aspirant. He or she should carry the admit card before going to give the exam. While you take out the admit card, You should also know what the admit card has as a detail. The admit card contains some of the very important details of the aspirants. These details are very much important for the authentication of the aspirants. Some of the details which admit card consist of are:

  • Name of the aspirant.
  • Father’s and Mother’s name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Roll Number
  • Photograph
  • Signature
  • Address of the exam center.
  • Date and timing of exam.

These are some of the information present in the admit card.

Schedule of Exam as per Admit card

The admit card contains every detail related to the exam. These are some of the important details. Such as Date of Birth, Name, Exam center details, etc. But apart from this, The admit card contains details such as the schedule of the exam. The schedule of the exam is always available on the admit card.

Moreover, The admit card contains important details. such as the exam timing as well as the shift of the exam. Along with this, The admit card also contains details of the exam timing and shift of the exam. So, You should check the details of the admit card before giving the exam in OJEE.

Important instructions for the computer-based exam

We all know that the Covid-19 has brought many changes in everyone’s life. But along with that, It has also changed the way of giving exams. Nowadays, The exams are organized in the CBT form. CBT means the Computer-based Exam. Since the pattern has changed, We will now discuss some important instructions for CBT Exams.

These are:

  • Always reach by the reporting time.
  • Read all the instructions very carefully before starting.
  • Always cross-check the answer which you are going to submit.
  • Always have your access card with you.
  • Do save the correct option which you tick.
  • The aspirant should have his or her admit card along with the other documents.
  • Always match your timing as well.
  • The candidate should always attend the mock test. The mock test will provide practice to them. This will be helpful in the real exam as well.

So, These are some of the important instructions for the computer-based exam.

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Q.1 How can I download OJEE admit card? 

Ans. To download the OJEE admit card, open up the official OJEE website, www.ojee.nic.in. Find and click on the link ‘Download Admit Card – OJEE 2022’. The navigated page will prompt the applicant to enter their application number and date of birth. Click on ‘Download Admit Card’ once all the right details are entered. Save and print out the admit card. 

Q.2 How can I check my OJEE admit card? 

Ans. From the official OJEE admit card, download the card using details like the application number and the date of birth. Take care to note down the details on the downloaded card. If there are any mistakes, raise an issue from the official website before the actual examination date. 

Q.3 When will the OJEE Admit card be available? 

Ans. Usually, the admit card is available one to two weeks before the OJEE examination. For 2022, OJEE exams will take place during the first two weeks of June 2022. The admit card download date (tentative) is on the first week of June 2022. 

Q.4 What documents should you have before going to the exam hall? 

Ans. On the examination day, all applicants should have certain documents to gain entry into the examination centre. Besides the admit card, an authentic identification card is necessary. OJEE authorities will accept ration cards, voter ID, PAN cards, driving licenses, birth certificates, and a bank passbook. 

Q.5 What information does OJEE admit card contain? 

Ans. The OJEE admit card has several details pertaining to the applicant. These details are, 

  • Organization name 
  • Name of the candidate 
  • Registration number  
  • Date of birth 
  • Father’s name 
  • Mother’s name 
  • Examination date and the time of the examination  
  • Details on the examination centre 
  • Important instructions to keep in mind for the exam. 

Q.6 What to do if there is a mistake in the admit card? 

Ans. There could be details on the admit card. If there are mistakes, applicants must immediately raise the issue with the relevant authorities at the OJEE committee website. Details to look out for are the date of birth, name, course details one is applying to, date and time of exam, and the examination centre. 



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