Top Freelancing Sites to start your Career - Genuine List

top freelancing sites
February 4, 2021
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The halt in the economy has made a lot of graduates face backlash in their careers right now. At this point, the best freelancing sites are a good way to earn money and consume idle time. To cater to the need, a lot of top freelancing sites are providing platforms to exhibit talent to young individuals. Freelancing now is considered a full career option. Many people tend to leave their stable jobs and opt for freelance jobs as it has no work pressure, no reporting to the boss and you can work at home in your cozy environment. But for this, all you need to find is the perfect freelance job.

freelancing sites in india

List of Freelancing Sites

There is a list of top freelancing sites that are trying to meet both ends of the spectrum by giving such professionals a right fit freelance job. Digitalization did provide a hit in the freelance community. For this reason, high paying projects have become difficult to find. But the following list of top freelancing sites is still providing space to try their talent.


Chegg India is an educational service company. It is a subsidiary of Chegg Inc, this service providing company helps students in the area of homework help by granting accessible and affordable education. One can easily register with them as subject experts. Since, they follow the motto of “Student First”, freelancing work for students to support themselves has become easier to find. The work of a subject expert is to answer questions asked by students on their Question and Answer board.

freelancing sites in India

They have a flexible eligibility criterion which is not related to only final year students. Chegg is open to all be it undergraduate to Ph.D. to beginner, professional, housewife, or a retired person seeking work again.  The subject experts are paid per question, there are no fixed working hours and you even get a certificate at the end.  On average, a subject expert can earn between 30,000 to 50,000 per month and even more. Register with few simple steps


One of the most top freelancing sites is UPWORK. It was founded in 2015 when the two best freelancing sites Odesk and Elance joined hands together. Its main aim since then has been connecting individuals or businesses to help conduct business together. Upwork has good client history which includes companies like Pinterest, Panasonic, Zendesk, and Unilever. Upwork is the top freelancing sites in India. It offers work in fields like writing, coding, and design.

Everyone can’t make it to the list of getting accepted here for this you need to follow some tricks.

  • Like promoting and displaying your work
  • Be prepared to work for free
  • Encourage clients to take introductory calls with
  • A good cover letter may attract good

Once you built-in a good reputation it will be easy for you to get freelance work. This freelance website’s best feature is time tracking which helps the client know how diligently you are working.

Writer Access

If you have a spree for writing and want to utilize it Writer’s Access will be the best suitable place for you. All you need to do is simply register with a writing sample. Once approved you can work on 1 assignment at a time but after your first 10 articles, you can claim 3 articles at a time. Your spot increases as much as you write. Be careful with what you write, you should be able to communicate well as soon as you finish writing the first thing you will be checked for is plagiarism.

Clients find writers through casting calls, once they broadcast the details of the project writers can apply to the director. It may happen that clients may not select you for a particular project but

they may select you for a different project. If you pitch indirectly for “Idea orders”, that is giving a brief description to your client about the content of your idea in addition to your per word rate you may also get additional money for each approved idea. Payment is done via Paypal before the 9th of the month.

Envato Studio

One of the top freelancing sites is Envato Studio. It provides a place to connect creative heads with people who need assistance with technical work or even creative work like app production, content writing, logo design, etc. The Envato market is based on royalty-free stock. It means you create and sell an item through a license.

The author will maintain the ownership of the product and can sell as many licenses as he/she wishes. The most popular categories include WordPress customization theme, logo designs. They cater to a high range of design and development. The freelancer uploads and displays their service with expected pay-rolls for their high-quality freelance work. Prospective clients go through it and give the job to a suitable candidate.


Often in the creative field, people find it difficult to get clients who understand creativity and their work. This freelance website offers designers their cup of tea. From a variety of options from logo designing to product designing anything you want. Once you upload it and if people like it, they will choose it, and then you will be paid for it. Everything depends on how you exhibit your products. 99designs has an intuitive designing process, the best thing about the website is it helps you to define your design brief.

This combats one of the main problems of designing an industry that how to explain a concept to a graphic designer. Their money-back guarantee is a win-win situation, which allows you not to pay for a result that doesn’t satisfy you. One salient feature of the website is that you get an expected number of submissions you will receive based on your budget. One setback about the website is that you don’t get to view resumes, portfolios, or hold interviews for ongoing work.


It is one of the most popular and top freelancing sites in India. It serves as a platform between the client and freelance workers. Your registration is free of cost. Once you login you can choose between a variety of jobs between finance, sales, content writing, graphic designing. Though once you finish working, you will be charged approximately 5% of the invoice amount.

The fun fact about finding freelance work here is that it enables you to associate with clients near you, in this case, communication becomes easier for you. Because the freelancing website is based in India, the base currency is Rupee. The freelancer needs to bid on jobs using bid credits. Around 20 proposals are given per month and they can buy if they need more. Once the proposal is selected, the client funds the escrow and releases the funds once the work is done.

Freelancer is one of the top freelancing sites to support small business opportunities. It caters to freelancers by showing them all bids and the type of work they are interested in. As it is one of the oldest and top freelancing sites, the projects they provide are genuine. Basic jobs include data entry, copywriting, building blogs, web designing among others.

In case you want to be paid on a per hour basis, the website has a desktop tracker which logs the amount of time you work on a project. The time tracker feature comes with a play and pause button controlled by the freelancer. In case you want to bid more, you need to get a paid profit; because bidding in a free profile is limited.

Freelancer charges 5%, 10%, or 3% of the amount based on your subscription. Most of the beginners are charged at 10% of the amount. Freelancer works a little on footprints of Upwork, the process of posting a project, comparing and selecting bidders is just like Upwork.

Freelancer’s fees depend on the employer’s or employee’s membership level. For example:

For fixed-price projects – 10% or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater, and 10% for hourly projects For contests – 10% or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater

For services – 20% fee of the total service price

For the Preferred Freelancer Program – 15% project fee

Also, the freelancers could submit only 8 proposals a month before they update to a paid account. It has a desktop app for Mac, Windows, Linux as well a mobile app for displaying and organizing work. An in-built chat system in the application helps to communicate with the employer. The freelancer website periodically takes a screenshot to send to the employer and it also gives the liberty to send the screenshot manually via the “snapshot’ button.

One of the old and top freelancing sites founded in 1998 catering to freelance workers for commissioned work. Not only writing and IT assignments are available, but there are also assignments in broadcasting, finance, accounting, and more. You need to apply for a membership that is free of cost and you can create a profile that represents you. also works on the principle of bidding but unlike other websites, it doesn’t run contests and doesn’t work on an experience point-based rating system. The feedback system is critical for both employers and freelancers. If you have a low score on the feedback board you will not get much work in return.

You may have the liberty to describe your working terms and conditions but direct contact information disclosure is a big no, and if you continue to do so, your account may get suspended or terminated. Keep in mind if you’re bidding less on projects which has many bidders you may be working harder for the project. Also, you will be charged approximately 8% of your earning for every project you freelance on. Depending on your membership type and the activity feedback-based-level on Guru, you pay 2,95% for each transaction + 4,5%-11,95% per monetary operation.


Fiver is one of the oldest and top freelancing sites founded in 2010. It serves as one of the best spaces for freelance job seekers. Though Fiverr charges a fee for catering its services but the return in terms of prepackaged freelance offerings is fixed, while other top freelancing sites work on a competitive model. It offers freelance jobs in various fields like video editing, photography, music composition, technical writing, and even translation. You name it and you might have the option for desired freelance work. You can also opt for the desired courses to learn new skills. One of the best features of Fiverr is that you can check the credibility of the freelancer. All you need to do is check the seller level near their username.

These are the four seller levels:

New Seller – This is where every freelancer starts. A sign for an inexperienced freelancer.

Level One Seller – If a seller completes 10 gigs with a high level of satisfaction, he/she can reach the first level after 60 days.

Level Two Seller – It is for sellers who have been on Fiverr for 120 days and have delivered on-time 50 highly-rated projects.

Top-Rated Seller – It is for freelancers who have been on Fiver for at least 180 days with over 100 orders delivered. If a seller’s Top Rated, it’s an excellent sign that they’ll be reliable.

You have the liberty to freely cancel the project if the seller is unresponsive for 24 hours.


MediaBistro is the space for providing the top freelancing sites jobs in the media industry as a writer, editor, designer, etc. You may register at the freelance marketplace or check online job listings. Various blogs are published which analyzes film and publishing-related fields. There is a varied list of options from which you can choose your work options. It is a very easy portal to apply and get work.

The website’s career services help professionals connect with big and small companies, including such well-known media brands as ALM, Advocate, 24 Seven Services Group, and Allied Health Media, to name a few of the top freelancing sites.

Final Thought

Freelancing is a booming option in India now which now achievable with some top freelancing sites. Not only it gives working opportunity to people who are looking to restart their career. It also gives clients to people who find it difficult to get their target audience. Mothers and women who find it difficult to manage to go to the office are finding new means to engage in a freelancing career. Of course, an extra income is of no harm when you get to fulfill your dreams.

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