Most Successful Small Business Ideas: An Ultimate Guide

most successful small business ideas
April 14, 2021
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Easy access to the Internet has given small businesses a large drive. To fulfill the goal of building your own business ideas, your skills matter a great deal. To apply the skills that you possess and manage to win the coming, you should be confident enough. Let’s talk about the most successful small business ideas for you to choose which suits your skills.

The government of India has played an extremely important role in creating an atmosphere for the creation of new businesses. Based on facts, India’s micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) were more than 63 million in the year 2020. In terms of their part in the market and job creation in the area, MSMEs are very important. During the year 2015, the production size of MSMEs was close to 30 trillion Indian rupees. MSME production also accounted for almost 31 percent of GDP in the same year. According to

The Effect of Pandemic

Things have changed in 2020, with the introduction of COVID-19 into our lives. The widespread disease’s effect on the most successful small businesses in India and around the world is clear. It has affected the small businesses as giving out business cards and short documents has become very hard, due to social distancing attempts. So, they had to be completely digitalized. Also, digital marketing was even more accepted by new firms, leaving their regular marketing practices. More than that, it has become more important than ever to create a client email list.

List of India’s Most Successful Small Business Ideas

Here’s a list of business ideas in India that you can use to start your business. So, let’s take a look at the most successful small business ideas:

Subject Matter Expert

With the advent of the internet, teaching online is one of the most successful small business ideas to start with. This idea also solves your question on “What’s the easiest type of business to start?” Subject Matter Experts is a part-time work-from-home job but it gives you flexibility just like your own business.

Organizations such as Chegg India (an e-learning company) employ Subject Matter Experts who sign up on their website. All you have to do is answer questions posted by students outside of India, on Chegg India’s website of various subjects. You get to answer questions related to your choice of subject.

Why Chegg India?

Flexible working hours as Chegg India study portal is open 24*7.

Work anytime and anywhere.

You get paid per question answered (the more you answer questions, the more you earn).

There is no age limit. From students to full-time workers, anyone can work as SME for Chegg India.

Sign up and give a small test to get started. Evidently, the average income of a Subject Matter Expert under Chegg India is between INR 30,000-80,000 per month if answered regularly.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of our Internet generation’s growing fields that allow users to gain commission. Generally, the procedure of this is selling the product of any other site on their blog or website. On your website or YouTube channel, promote the products/services of others. For each product/service purchased through your contact, you get charged your percentage of the share. Above all, taking affiliate marketing will get you Rs 50k plus per month. That’s why it’s one of the most successful small business ideas.

Digital Assistant

This is one of the most successful small business ideas to start. Various businesses, such as Amazon and eBay, are actively looking for digital assistants to help them. To provide their clients with technical and manual support is your job.  Also, you must answer clear questions from customers. You have to perform small duties. Get paid on a basis that is hourly, weekly or monthly. As the best company in India, you can usually earn up to Rs 4k per hour with virtual assistance.


This business also helps you in earning money from home. Blogging (writing on a shared online page), vlogging has the ability to be cash spinners. This is possible if one has to select a single idea from a list of online small businesses from home. It does not matter what one writes or makes a video about, as long as it is interesting. Many top-rated performing artists, including stand-up comedians, believe this as a possible way to extend their scope.

Of course, by producing interesting content, the aim is to increase the number of views or readers. In the case of some vlog places/locations, one gets paid based on the number of views. Whereas, Google AdSense lets the company make money from advertisement sales.

Manager for Social Media

For this category, you need to start managing social media deals for businesses and people. Along with, building entertaining material for the handling of social media. You have to keep with the latest trends in social media and add important hashtags. Increase the follow-up and extent of taking care of social media. Most successful small business ideas in India will fetch you about Rs 50k per month as a social media manager.

Virtual Enterprises

This may answer your question on how to earn money at home. Most successful small business ideas have the ability over time to develop into a huge business. Also, the coming of the Internet and technology has definitely helped. Small companies with an online footprint tend to do better than those without an online footprint. So unexpectedly, this start-up business idea focuses on giving different companies a variety of online services.

This is why, these days, social media, writers, website designers and developers are in high demand. These companies only need to set up basic computer systems, software and high-speed internet connections. However, the small business starter should be full of understanding about what they do. Freelancing and online translation services are almost the same businesses that can be run online.


In India, this is a really new business idea. You can start your own e-commerce company without any major investment and without any product being stocked. The best thing is you don’t need to buy any product unless you get an order from a client.

You just have to find a supplier and tie-up with them, such as AliExpress, IndiaMart etc. Then create a website for eCommerce and list what you want from these suppliers to sell.

Via Facebook and other online marketing platforms, you can promote your website. If you receive orders, place an order with the supplier. After that, ask them to deliver the item to the address of the customer. The margin between the price of the supplier and your sale price would be your benefit. Mostly, you can sell for as much as 3 times the supplier’s price. This is one of the creative ideas among the most successful small business ideas.

Data Analyst Consultant

If you have a good grip on subjects such as mathematics and finance, then this is your best choice. Companies and businesses are constantly searching for experts who can carefully study big pieces of big data for them.

Your job is to help them figure out loads of data as a big data consultant. This to uncover extremely important details about customer behaviour, buying patterns, preferences etc. To help the companies in building a good market strategy. By offering your services to a large company, you should be able to make enough money.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes marketing on the internet and digital channels of different goods or services that use digital technologies. Large firms already have dedicated teams to take care of or outsource their digital marketing needs to external agencies. However, smaller businesses and old-school companies most often do not enjoy the same luxury. They can save on costs by outsourcing their digital marketing needs to you. This is to be confident of competing with their larger competitors on an equal digital platform, while you get to handpick your customers and make some serious money as a consultant for direct message.

Image Consultant

The last and most innovative idea among the most successful small business ideas. For experts, celebrities and businesses alike, creating the right picture is everything in today’s competitive environment. That’s why they are willing to give out big bucks to employ someone with an established image management track record.

It should not be hard for you to drop a few famous names and flaunt your knowledge of that business. This is to impress potential customers if you have already worked in the celebrity management industry before. Generally, those with an established track record and updated understanding of the latest news are the most in-demand image consultants.

Final Thoughts

Most successful small business ideas may be complicated and time-taking. Although, there are many more items that are important than to just sell the product(s) or service(s). You will also be responsible for the finances of your company. Protecting your company and personal properties also play a very important role. Along with keeping your company legal, paying taxes, keeping records, managing workers, etc.

The benefits you can gain as an entrepreneur can make starting a small business, the best decision you’ll ever make. Only, if you understand what you’re doing and know how to lower the risks and challenges. Who knows? You may end up building one of the most successful small businesses.

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