10 Best Jobs For Former Teachers In 2024

February 27, 2024
Jobs For Former Teachers

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  • The blog unveils unconventional yet rewarding job opportunities that harness the skills acquired in the classroom and pave the way for exciting career transformations.
  • Explore unique career opportunities, crafted with care for teachers seeking a meaningful and fulfilling chapter beyond the classroom, such as Corporate Trainer, Subject Matter Expert, Textbook Writer, Educational Consultant and more.
  • These offbeat career options offer not just a change but a platform to apply and expand the expertise cultivated during years of teaching.

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Teaching is a noble profession. Be it a school teacher or a professor, all teacher’s jobs are highly regarded. Being a teacher speaks volumes about a person’s abilities, character, and heart. It is a rather difficult job and can only be performed by select individuals. This job is beneficial for current teachers and former teachers. They can learn many transferable skills and knowledge during their jobs. This helps to find new jobs for former teachers as they already have the skills.

Nowadays, teachers may leave their professions due to retirement or other valid reasons. According to the Learning Policy Institute, 8% of teachers are leaving the field every year in America.

So, if one leaves their teaching job they are in good company. However, before leaving the job one must:

  • Process and reflect
  • Make a pros-cons list
  • Think why they enjoy teaching
  • Process the reason behind leaving

This way they can be sure of their decision and get hints about potential career options.

10 Jobs For Former Teachers

Now, let’s look into the various career options for teachers in-depth:

  1. Corporate Trainer
  2. Education Consultant
  3. Subject Matter Expert at Chegg India
  4. Career Coach
  5. Tutor
  6. Textbook Writer
  7. Editor
  8. Paralegal
  9. Sales Representative
  10. Researcher

1. Corporate Trainer

A corporate trainer is a job for teachers who have good management skills. While the role of a corporate trainer is not within the traditional educational field, individuals with a teaching degree can find success in this field. Corporate trainers are responsible for educating and training employees within a business or organization

In this job, one needs to use teaching skills to develop programs and train employees. They must also provide updates on performance and how to do better. They can also collaborate with management to develop methods for creating a working environment.

A corporate trainer’s job is to manage and teach the company’s employees. They help employees in upskilling and keeping track of performance. They also ensure the employees use their skills to meet the company’s goals.

Educational Requirement:

Assess the skills you already possess as a teacher, such as communication, adaptability, interpersonal skills and classroom management. Recognize how these skills can be applied in a corporate training context. Transitioning from a teacher to a corporate trainer involves building on your existing skills and acquiring new ones relevant to the corporate environment, such as professional development, corporate experience, and technology skills.


The average pay of a job for teachers as a corporate trainer is INR 456,781 per year. The pay for an entry-level trainer is INR 253,000 per year. It can go up to INR 675,000 per year with experience and time.

2. Education Consultant

An educational consultant is a job for teachers with consulting and advising skills. One works as an advisor in schools and offices to provide educational knowledge. They may consult parents, teachers, school boards and students on academic matters.

Consultants advise these individuals to build the proper mindset and routes to get to goals. They may work with them to use the right technology, and applicable classroom size and improve curriculums.

Consultants work with students to create new features, transition educational programs, guide teachers and recommend textbooks. They may also help them prepare for college essays and give information about financial aid.

However, to become a consultant one must be experienced and knowledgeable. Teaching experience is a must for these individuals to work with different types of people. They must also have good communication and interpersonal skills.

Educational Requirement:

An aspiring educational consultant must have a master’s degree in education. Along with this, they must instil leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, etc.

In case, a former teacher doesn’t have a master’s degree, they may pursue it as it will be very beneficial in increasing their knowledge and consulting skills.


The average salary of a teaching-related job as an educational consultant is INR 3,30,927 per year. However, it may vary depending on one’s experience, skills, location and qualifications.

The starting salary for an educational consultant is INR 1.3 lakhs per year. However, it can go up to INR 11.1 lakhs per year with experience and time.

3. Subject Matter Expert at Chegg India

A subject matter expert at Chegg India is an excellent job for teachers. An SME is an individual with advanced knowledge and experience in a particular subject.

They are experts in a given field or subject and can help others. They have a hold over the issue and think in depth about the topics.

An SME is one of the most demanded job options today. According to research, teacher jobs as subject matter experts may increase by 14% by 2028. They are required in leading industries to bring change, improvement and innovation.

Some skills that a Subject Matter expert must possess are:

  • In-depth knowledge of the subject
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Free thinking
  • Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Good and clear communication skills

Work at Chegg as SME (Best Jobs for Former Teachers):

If one thinks they have the experience and knowledge to be an SME, Chegg India has a job offer for them. Chegg is a platform for enthusiastic teachers and helps in earning passive income. One can take their teaching career to the next level with Chegg India.

A former teacher must sign up at Chegg to be a Subject Matter Expert. They can earn soundly and get the experience required. Furthermore, they only need to dedicate a few hours and work according to their availability.

To be a Subject matter Expert at Chegg, one must follow these steps:

  1. Sign in and Register through Chegg’s official website or click here.
  2. Pass an online screening written test to prove their expertise.
  3. Provide all the required documents like IDs and degrees for document verification
  4. Start working and solving subject matter expert questions accurately.
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The average salary of a job in the teaching field as a Subject matter expert is INR 2,86,441 per year. However, one can earn up to INR 8,47, 437 according to their knowledge, and experience.

4. Career Coach

A career coach is a job for teachers interested in consulting and coaching. In this job, individuals help others in finding the correct career path for themselves. They act as coaches and help individuals find their strengths, weaknesses and likings.

Further, they use this knowledge about their clients to develop a future career plan for them. They can also analyse the client’s goals and work life to improve it. They may help in stress management, problem solving and communication.

Career coaches can work in companies as consultants. They may help employees train, reach goals and generate a successful future. These coaches can also collaborate with schools to consult the students. This way they can ensure a successful future for the students and help manage stress.

Education Requirements:

The educational requirement to be a career coach is a bachelor’s degree in education. Along with this, prior teaching experience, communication skills and career knowledge are essential.

However, educational certification and experience are equally important for coaching others.


The average salary for a career coach is around INR 3,35,261. The places to get the highest salary for career coaching in India are:

  • Mumbai: INR 3,82,226 per year
  • Bengaluru: INR 3,79,951 per year

5. Tutor

Being a tutor is the easiest and most chosen job for teachers. Tutor jobs for former teachers can choose to opt for work according to their liking. In this career option, one needs to teach students and create and check assignments.

Tutors teach students individually and assist if needed. They especially assist students who need help with their studies. They can choose to teach students in groups or individually. Teachers with skills like note-taking and test preparation can do this job.

Tutors need to interact with many types of students to teach them. Thus, this is a great job option for former school teachers. Individuals with good communication and people skills can pursue this job as teachers.

Many individuals and companies are always looking for teachers to tutor students. Nowadays, tutors can also teach online via various applications. However, to do so they must have proper knowledge of technology.

Educational requirement:

A tutoring certificate is a must for individuals looking to become a tutor. They must also be aware of the latest techniques for teaching.


The average salary of a tutor in India is around INR 2,88,168 per year. This can go up to INR 9,41,223 per year depending on experience.

6. Textbook Writer

Being a textbook writer is a great job for teachers after retirement. They can write and publish textbooks on a subject they’re passionate about. For instance, if a teacher is passionate about science they may create a science textbook.

However, writing a textbook comes with many responsibilities and tasks. First, one must create an outline for the textbook and get it approved. Then they must research and write the textbook. But, they also need to provide regular updates to publishers.

A textbook writer must also decide the medium, audience and topic of the book. All this should be done in advance. It is very important as the format of the book changes completely depending on the medium and audience.

Educational Requirement:

There is no such educational requirement to become a textbook writer. However, one must try to gain expertise in a subject and research it. One can also build a portfolio to expand the client base and increase income.


The average salary of a textbook writer is INR 2,73,953 per year. However, this can go up to INR 3,60,476 per year with time and experience.

7. Editor

A former teacher who is good at English and grammar can opt to be an editor. It is a job for teachers who wish to pursue a career in the writing field. The work of an editor is to review and edit content sent in by writers.

They must ensure the style of the content is according to requirements. They also check the grammar and readability of the content to edit anything if needed. Once they’ve checked and edited the content, they may send it to get published.

An editor’s job may also include proofreading and researching. This helps ensure the content is well-written and researched. Sometimes editors may also need to rewrite content to alter it according to requirements.

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Educational Requirements:

Companies and individuals looking for editors desire a bachelor’s degree in English. Other than that this professional experience of working in a publication is also necessary. Thus, former English teachers can consider this job in the teaching field.


The average salary of an editor in India is around INR 3,24,398 per year. It can go up to INR 7,73,628 per year depending on time and experience.

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8. Paralegal

Becoming a paralegal is a job for teachers with knowledge of legal studies. A paralegal is like an uncertified lawyer in layman’s terms. They may work with and assist lawyers in organising and conducting cases.

To become a paralegal, one must have sufficient knowledge of legal studies. They must also keep studying the latest legal bills to update their knowledge. Being a paralegal is a full-time job that takes a lot of effort.

Thus, only those interested in legal studies must pursue this career. They can work with lawyers or individually. They must organise files, conduct legal research and write documents for cases.

Educational Requirement:

Teachers interested in legal studies can work as paralegals for lawyers. Some countries also ask for state certification for this role. However, teachers can use their state certificate for teaching to become a paralegal. This way they can qualify and work as paralegals.


The average salary for a paralegal is INR 2,76,551 per year. This can go up to INR 7,76,253 per year for individuals with experience and knowledge

9. Sales Representative

An individual with past knowledge in teaching can become a sales representative. This career option for teachers is based on people’s skills. One must know how to communicate well to work as a sales representative.

The primary work of a sales representative is to urge people to buy the company’s products. Some sales representatives also survey and seek company reviews from people. They also need to research competitors and use them for the company’s benefit.

Sales representatives may reach out to people via cold calls or emails. However, they can also approach people physically and sell products. The sales technique completely depends on the representative and the product.

Education requirements:

There is no specific educational requirement to become a sales representative. But, a teacher’s skills like communication and interpersonal skills are essential for this job. It is a good job for teachers and must be pursued. It offers high incomes and prospects.


The average salary of a sales representative is INR 2,57,200 per year. However, the salary can go up to INR 5,64,958 per year with time and knowledge.

10. Researcher

A former teacher can choose to work as a researcher. It is the job for teachers interested in researching and examining information. They may refer to sources to research information, assemble it and present it to employers.

A researcher’s main job is to research and examine the information given to them. They must ensure the information given is legitimate and not fake. This must be done before publishing any content to ensure its legitimacy.

Researchers can find work in various fields and gather information to fulfil the company’s goals. They may research fields like consumer behaviour, environment, stock market, etc. Furthermore, they can also check the authenticity of the content and publish it.

Educational Requirements:

To work as a researcher, one must have a bachelor’s degree in any field. However, it is not as important as experience and skills. As one must be experienced and research topics of interest. One can also tailor their resume according to the job to increase employment opportunities.


The average salary for a researcher is INR 2,47,044 per year. However, this can go up to INR 12,06, 912 per year with experience and time.

The Bottom Line: Jobs For Former Teachers

One can find several jobs for teachers after retirement. However, they must only pursue the career that best suits them. This ensures that they work well and stay interested in the job. The best career opportunity for teachers is freelancing at Chegg. One can freelance in a career they love and work whenever they want. It is a great source of income and essential for former teachers. Thus, sign up now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What other jobs can I get with a teaching degree?

One can get many jobs with a teaching degree. They can work as:

1. Corporate trainer
2. Education consultant
3. Subject matter Expert
4. Career coach
5. Tutor
6. Writer
7. Editor
8. Paralegal
9. Sales Representative
10. Researcher

What kinds of teachers are in demand?

Different types of teachers are in demand nowadays. It differs for every field and area of profession. Thus, one can find several jobs for teachers after retiring.

What are some job opportunities after retirement for a teaching professional?

After retirement from a teaching career, individuals with a teaching degree can explore various fulfilling and rewarding opportunities. Here are some options to consider:

1. Tutoring: Provide individual or group tutoring services. Many students and parents seek experienced educators for extra support in specific subjects.
2. Writing and Publishing: Use your knowledge to write educational materials, textbooks, or contribute articles to educational publications.
3. Mentoring: Serve as a mentor to new teachers, providing guidance and support based on your years of experience.

When considering post-retirement opportunities, it’s important to reflect on your interests, skills, and desired level of involvement. Some retirees choose to continue working part-time for the enjoyment of it, while others may prefer more leisurely pursuits.

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