Innovative Business Ideas for Upcoming Entrepreneurs


Are you thinking about what business ideas can you start as an entrepreneur? So you are at the right place. In this article, I will suggest various innovative business ideas and opportunities which will fetch you a job.

Highlighting innovation, I will talk about technology-driven jobs as you all know the offline jobs available. You might be wishing to startup something new with some innovative startup ideas. There is a lot of competition in the market and we all are in this race to reach distinction with first class. To succeed, you first need to introspect your abilities and interests which will help you a great deal in finding the best job. So let’s begin by knowing various innovative business ideas, suitable for the upcoming era.

Various Innovative Business Ideas

Business Tutor

You are in the thought that how can I start this tutoring Business with the use of technology? But it’s pretty easy if you know your audience along with their requirements. As you are an Entrepreneur you have a sharp business mindset that is the most being required in this field. In terms of investment, there is not much involved. You will need a device to communicate with your students and a headset. All you have to do is to register as an online tutor on a website which is having this facility. Due to lockdown, this tutoring profession has expanded two-fold. The students were not able to get offline guidance in their school or coaching or college. And thereby this online tutoring came into major observation getting added to the innovative business ideas list.

One of the extremely best platforms where you can register yourself as an online tutor is Chegg India. With Chegg, you can become a Subject Matter Expert. Here you have to answer the questions asked by students. Secondly select your subject related to the business category, pass the verification test, and get your documents verified. With these simple steps, you can become a Subject Matter Expert. You can earn a big amount by getting paid for answering every single question while earning INR 70-200 per question on average.

Innovative Business Ideas for Upcoming Entrepreneurs
January 12, 2022
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Table of Contents

Launch Podcast

A podcast works like a radio channel. It involves the recording of audio discussions on topics that amazes listeners. It includes topics such as Business, Travel and many more. As an Entrepreneur, you can use the communication skills imbibed in you. You can launch a solo podcast where you can discuss various issues, happenings taking place in the market and business industries. To start this profession, you will need a strong microphone that will make your voice clear and crispy. After you are finished creating, editing, and hosting your podcast, you can upload it on platforms such as iTunes or Spotify where you can fetch a large audience.

It is one of the best Innovative Business Ideas because it will help you to make a good amount of money. There are multiple options to expand income through podcasts. It includes crowdfunding, affiliate marketing, and advertisements. You can also host live events to earn money by selling tickets. Apart from it, you can also be a tutor to someone wanting to learn about podcasts.

Become a Business Broker

In today’s era, the buying and selling process is quite difficult. But if you are confident and have enough understanding about industry practices and business laws, then you can proceed with this part of innovative business ideas. You can guide purchasers and sellers of private businesses through online means. Also, you can make a fair amount of money through this. Every single sale will fetch you a decent value of commission.

Opt for Freelancing

Yes, you read it right. An entrepreneur can too be a freelancer because it has multiple options apart from just business-related. A freelancing entrepreneur sounds very creative among various innovative business ideas. You can carry up multiple projects/ tasks relating to writing, producing, designing. Your entrepreneurship skills can work as a medium to boost your freelancing. You will be able to choose a company according to your preferences and can earn according to your expectations. In addition to this, you will be your own master. You can choose your task and schedule.

Publish your own Digital Magazine

This step of innovative business ideas will help you to share your thoughts with the public. Various websites will help you in creating your magazine. Despite this, the process goes completely free. You can publish the 10% part of your magazine for free. It will attract and persuade your reader to buy it. With an online magazine, you can save a large amount of money due to printing expenses. You can earn a good amount if you can fetch the audience’s attention. You can also generate revenue by using one of the very famous means i.e. advertisements. If you are good to go with little investment, then you can create/buy your app for publishing magazines.

Be an Online Consultant

Never keep your knowledge confined to yourself because many might need it. Being an entrepreneur, you must be business-minded, expert in communication, and with high leadership skills. This is one of the great creative small business ideas by using your knowledge. You can start a consulting business of your own and earn money by giving consultancy services. You can expand and grow in this profession because it is much needed in modern times. If you can grow more and more in this job, then you can hire some more professionals to ease your clients.

Be a Translator

People with multilingual abilities are always in demand in India. There are many translating apps available on Google Play Store. However, human resources are always our country’s biggest asset. If you are a master in multiple languages then you are good to go with this innovative business idea. You can find yourself a job on platforms such as Upwork. It will fetch you a large amount of money. If you achieve success, then you can start your own business by hiring people with multilingual abilities. By expanding your service offering, you can broaden your reach on social media websites among various big companies. This area of innovative startup ideas will surely meet your expectations.

Become an Email Marketer

Are you specialized in drafting an Email? If so, then it’s time to monetize your skills by starting an Email Marketing Business. Once you make your skills known to social media websites, companies will run behind you. You can find many companies who need a helping hand for their Email strategies on platforms such as Upwork and PeoplePerHour. This innovative business idea can generate a huge amount of money. Many people don’t have these skills and so companies can hire you at any cost you put. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you as an entrepreneur that will surely grab you success.

Become a Voice Artist

Yes! You heard it right. You can monetize your voice very easily through this innovative business idea. All you need to have is a good command of your language and confidence in your voice. Almost all of you have heard of audiobooks. So from where do, these audios arrive? You are guessing it right. Many companies require a voice artist or narrator for such purposes. You can also give your voice-over for advertisement services. You can visit the website BunnyStudio to advertise your voice and increase your income. There are also other sites such as; freelancer, etc. This website connects you to companies needing voice artists and narrators. If you are getting more and more jobs, you can also hire some other professionals and start your own business.


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How can I create a home setup for these Innovative Business Ideas?

This question might have popped up in your mind while reading this article. Well, to answer this, it’s quite easy and flexible. You need not worry about it. In terms of investment, these innovative business ideas require very little investment. If you don’t have a laptop or a computer, then you have to make a one-time investment for setting up this. Apart from this you will need a headphone or a headset for voice-related work and finally a quiet room, table and chair to carry out your task peacefully. You will also require a stable mind. So keep yourself away from all negativeness happening around you which will ultimately bring you success.

Satisfactory part

Apart from what you are thinking about income, there are a lot many benefits of innovative startup ideas that will give you eternal satisfaction. Firstly you will save a lot of time. This time you can devote to your health. Furthermore, you can join morning yoga classes and start the evening walk. This will remove your fear of gaining weight while sitting all-time in your chair. In addition to this, you can also play some music while you work and walk around the room consequently. You will also have enough time to give to your family and friends and can keep your city love intact. One of the major satisfaction that arises is money saving. You will save all the tax, party, fuel, travel expenses which you can invest somewhere else or can use to fulfill your and your family’s desires.

Final Thoughts

All these innovative startup ideas for the upcoming entrepreneurs should not be left unused. If you take a step towards working on these small-scale business ideas, you will surely make a high profit. These ideas have proven to be useful for many people. Entrepreneurs have a very creative mindset which is very functional for all the innovative business ideas stated above. Direct your skills in a way that will help you to grow higher. Work with whole confidence, dedication, and determination to make yourself and your loved ones proud!

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