How to find Easy and Genuine Online Jobs with Good Earnings?

genuine online jobs
February 4, 2021
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The onset of modern technology has made it easier to make money online whilst sitting at home. Genuine online jobs sound ideal for students, housewives, freshers, or basically anyone preferring genuine online jobs than a full-time desk job in an office. The perks are really high; you get to balance your work as well as your personal life, time is saved that would have once been consumed in travel, and you even save some extra bucks. To work from home automatically implies that you work for a company or someone. While counting not having to commute to the office daily as the most important advantage of genuine online jobs, people forget the high chances of them getting conned. But, there is no such guarantee that the company you will be working for is legitimate or not, hence one should always be on the lookout for scams.

According to the survey, about 80% of people starting online jobs are worried about getting associated with fraud companies. The same survey shows an estimate of about 20% of job appliers have been victims of scam jobs.

The idea of online jobs sounds amazing and easy, but even though it sounds all fancy, it does come with its share load of difficulties. While applying for an online job, there is a high chance that you might get caught with fraud companies. To save yourself from that trouble, it’s always preferable to run a prior background check on the company and the source. There are several websites and companies that are genuine and reliable and offer trustworthy remote-jobs, also known as crowdsourcing, and with time they have been certified as trustworthy.

Things to keep in mind

Before you sign up for a genuine online jobs opportunity, take care of the following things:

  • There is absolutely no need to invest in any job that you join via the internet. Never pay them when they ask for a “registration fee”.
  • You need to build up your base in your respective field. Don’t expect to make thousands overnight; you need to gather a lot of experience and create new connections in order to make a proper living out of it.
  • Jobs like Ad-clicking, Blogging, Survey jobs, don’t really require any particular investment and are mostly genuine. Hence, it is entirely your wish to invest your time working in these sectors.
  • A background check on the company is a must.
  • Most companies might promise to pay you the entire sum of money when you complete all the assignments assigned to you. And when the moment for them to pay arrives, they might block all communication with you and just disappear from the internet.
  • All safe online jobs are already revealed open source however, you need some information to recognize the same.
  • Avoid unsolicited emails claiming to offer you genuine online jobs with high income and perks.
  • Do not reveal all your personal information- your financial information like your bank account, your home address, your phone number, your date of birth etc.-early in the job.
  • No need to impulsively sign up for any job just for the sake of it. Be mindful and alert, think twice before getting yourself associated with anyone.

From online tutoring, content writing, data entry, graphic designing to blogging, there are a plethora of online jobs to choose from, according to your respective expertise and skills. It is really difficult to get a hold of decent and genuine online jobs, but there is absolutely no need to pay any money to apply for a job online. Most of them ask for advance payment in the form of “investment” and guarantee you full time jobs. It’s their way to entice you into paying them and hence you end up getting conned. Hence the bigger question arises: How do I find a genuine and safe online job without getting scammed? Read this article to further understand the do’s and don’ts while working online.

Subtle signs of online scams

safe online jobs
  • The recruiter offers you the job immediately without even asking you for your resume and past work experience, not conducting a screening process, or asking you for your references.
  • The job posting has a lot of spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Asks you to pay several up-front expenses to get enrolled and give it some fancy term.
  • Asks for your personal financial information.
  • Their posts contain keywords like quick money, free genuine online jobs, multi-level marketing, investment opportunities, etc.
  • If it seems too good to be true, think twice, it might just be a façade to entice you into getting trapped with their firm. It may claim to be legitimate, but it actually won’t be.
easy online jobs in India

Research the firm

Suppose, a hiring manager contacts you and says that according to your profile and lists, you’d be a perfect match for the company, and hence, they would like to hire you. That doesn’t automatically imply that they are legitimate and hence, trustworthy. You should always counter-question them and to screen their sources.

Conduct an online research check on the person to verify whether he is who he claims to be and also if there is any such company as theirs and find out any information concerning them. Check out the firm’s website and social media handles. Look out for reviews on various websites like,, or even In case you don’t find any source it may be better to refrain from forming any professional relationship with them.

Contact the company directly

When a recruiter reaches out to you personally, try to get the company name, office address, and contact information. It is always advisable to directly contact the company regarding

a) the person that contacted you and

b) the job they seem to offer, just to check out whether it actually exists or not.

Try collecting as much of their contact information as you can like: official number, email address, etc because it will further help you determine the authenticity and trustworthiness of the company.

Think before you act

While looking out for genuine online jobs and employment opportunities, you may across several ads citing the same things and providing the same job opportunities. The more digging you do, the more fraud companies you will encounter. You will start witnessing the same trail that almost every scammy site offers in the name of jobs and the deception will start becoming clearer. Be aware of risky opportunities; don’t get caught up in pyramid schemes. Refrain from joining companies that offer employment opportunities on search engine advertising.

No company would ever charge job applicants to work for them, those jobs asking you for some sort of fee are never risk free. Never ever pay any amount of money in the form of investment or a fee. Look up the company on various social media platforms, check out their reviews, and then make the decision.

Prefer traditional methods

Most of the jobs found via the internet or the ads that appear on the internet usually aren’t genuine or safe. Try adopting the conventional methods like newspapers, job boards, etc to apply for safe online jobs. You can also visit the concerned company’s website directly and check out the available vacancies if there are any. This step will not only help you verify whether the company’s valid or not, but also help you learn more about the position and understand the job better.

Report the fraud companies

If in any case, you suspect that you have been conned it’s better to report them immediately and inform the concerned authority. In case you have provided them with your financial information, it’s better to freeze that bank account. Remember, taking action becomes necessary, because not only necessary action would be taken against them, but also you will be saving someone else from getting scammed in the future.

Become a Subject Matter Expert at Chegg India

easy online jobs in India

Chegg India, a premier educational services firm, offers students and graduates a chance to become subject matter experts in engineering, business, health care, mathematics, sciences, etc. Chegg can act as an online learning platform where you can apply for the role of subject matter expert. Your tasks would include answering academic questions on the Question and Answer Board of the website in your area of expertise. Not only will you impart knowledge to your students, but this would also help you in learning something new.

Teaching is one of the most thriving jobs in our country. Becoming a subject matter expert doesn’t only entail you to an attractive salary and enhances your subject knowledge, but also provides you with an experience certificate at the end of your tenure. The working hours are flexible; it caters to your academic development and gives you the exposure of working in an MNC in the corporate world. The company also organizes ‘expert meet-ups’ that can in itself help you expand your network with your peer-groups.

How to apply?

After signing up you would be required to appear for an online test, which is a screening process, which will help decide your fluency in the subject as well as your competency. Minimum passing percentage is 60%. Once you pass the exam, you can upload the necessary documents.

While the thought of making extra money might seem enticing, that doesn’t mean you completely ignore the short comes of genuine online jobs. Remember that you can be successful while working part time if you acquire skills that pertain to freelancing or working at a position that doesn’t require you to visit the office more often. Try making direct contacts with the hiring manager or the person in charge; communicate directly via calls or video chats instead of contacting them through texts or emails, question them, and do not straight away believe everything they might say or offer in a way to entrap you. Be more mindful, alert, and cautious.

Final Thought

Keep in mind that any valid company offering a genuine job would organize a screening process based on your qualifications and skills; however time-consuming the process might be before selecting you for the position. Hence, any other company offering a job readily in the first go without interviewing you or judging your capabilities might just be spammy or shady. The internet is filled with savvy scammers who impersonate potential hiring managers, recruiters, company employees, in order to lure you into sharing your sensitive information with them and hence scam you for their personal gains. So, automatically it becomes extremely crucial that you be more alert and cautious and never completely rule out the warning signs, so as to help yourself make better and sound decisions.

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