How to Earn Money in India Online with No Investment


In this situation of lockdown, many might be utilizing this time to either do something productive or might be in the mood of relaxing. Some may even be earning in this lockdown while some might not. But everyone is not the same, and everyone’s a better version of themselves. In these tough times, people are finding it difficult to maintain their monthly house expenditures, with this they want to learn how to earn money in India. And earning money online is a trend in India that is blooming at a very fast rate.

We know that the digital world in the future, and to understand how this world works we need to understand some of the basic features like, how to influence others online to work and earn, have an impact on the audience and generate income as an incentive.

It is rightly said that the quickest way to earn money is equivalent to doing a scam, which is a fact. But, to be honest, you need to invest some time on yourself with skills, in order to be capable of earning online and be patient as well because it will take about 6-12 months to get some positive results.

But here, I have to make you understand that to get some Genuine and practical methods on how to earn money in India without Investment means that you don’t have to fund yourself with lakhs of rupees to start your own E-business but you need some small investment of about ₹ 5000 to ₹ 7000rs at least.


So now we have understood how to earn money in India but what are the requirements that we have to go through? It’s very simple. All you need is a laptop or a desktop with good internet connections and some practice with skills to work online from home.

how to earn money in india
January 20, 2022
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Table of Contents

Ways to Earn Money

With all this in mind let’s see what are the ways by which we can earn online without making any heavy funding.


Blogging is considered to be one of the booming industries for someone who is looking at ways on how to earn money in India. Skills like knowing what SEO, SEM, and designing are some important ones that can help and give you the advantage to excel in earning well online.

Writing a blog can also be used as a passive income generating stream. You can create your own blog with a click of a few buttons using popular forums like blogger, WordPress, etc. these forums can help you write/ post blogs, all you need to do to be a blogger is to possess basic computer skills, and start earning by setting up a Google AdSense account wherein the advertisements appear on the blogger’s website.

To start a blog you first need to find the target audience who would be willing to read your blog, once you’ve decided about who is to be targeted, then the need for a domain arises which is fulfilled by forums like WordPress, Blogger, etc. we can freely host on these forums and then you can start writing blogs, once after writing about 30-40 articles you can expect to have a good amount of traffic on your blog. This option is a bit time consuming but is worth the wait and is best for earning.

Language Translating

I remember as a kid I wanted to learn Japanese in order to get myself to Japan, for a kid it was a very vague dream to just live in Japan (Nippon) because he was in love with those Japanese anime characters.

Remember the time when we were taught some language in school and we always thought that when we go to another country it might come in handy, but now in the Situation of COVID-19, we might not think about traveling. But you can still use those language skills that you possess and earn money online.

To become a language translator all you need is to be a certified translator from any institution like the ATA or the ALTA language services or some specific language institutions like Instituto Cervante (for Spanish), the Japanese foundation, etc.

After having a command of your language skills, being certified, and then aiming for gaining experience you can apply for a live language translator on websites like unbabel, livemochas, etc.

Sell photos online

Not a single day goes by without seeing our phone and we know that we can not live without our smartphones as it holds a precious majority of our life tasks, be it in fitness, shopping, knowledge, entertainment, connectivity and so on. With all this we also have a habit of remembering our memories either in the format of videos or movies, it is all stored in our smartphones (mostly while some store them on the cloud and pay a monthly subscription for the storage).

This can be a good source of revenue as companies like adobe and all need images that do not have any copyrights on them in order to protect themselves from any legal implications. So these companies now pay you if you upload pictures taken by you which can be used as stock images.

There are not many requirements it’s just that you need to have a standard quality camera or a smartphone with some basic filtering skills(to choose which one can be uploaded and which can not.) and all you have to do is take high-quality photos of people(with their consent), nature, houses, flowers, places, and other basic elements that could be used.

How to earn money in India using pictures? To earn money online you can upload these pictures on portals like – Shutterstock, Fotolia, Istockphoto, Unsplash, Pexels, and many more. If some customers are interested in buying your photo then you will get paid according to your fixed rate. It’s really an Easy & simple way to earn money online in India. In the event that a few clients are keen on purchasing your photograph, at that point you will get paid by your fixed rate. It’s actually an easy and straightforward approach to win cash online in India.

Become Online Seller

This is one of the tested ways among how to earn money in India. The e-commerce industry is growing day by day in India. Most citizens in India make their income online by selling various goods online through platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay. And you should do it, too. The only step need is to register yourself as a vendor on every e-commerce website and start selling your goods online.

After you have got a request from every website portal you’ve applied to, you only need to send your package to the website’s distribution platform and they can distribute your goods to customers. In that way, you’re going to make money as a seller. A large number of people around the world leave their employment at a company and now earn good amounts of profit online to become an entrepreneur. You need to know some marketing and sales strategies to become a good online vendor.

Online Teaching/Coaching

Websites like white hat jr, Coursera, programming hub, udemy, etc. Help you help others to learn a skill in return you can earn about ₹ 500 per lesson. These websites not only help you teach but also help you to learn as well. Thus, it could be considered to be an option to earn money online.

It is also a budding option as it aims at teaching new skills to others as well as help you earn a good amount of money. You can even register yourself on websites like Chegg India, as a Subject Expert and get paid via answering the questions right way or Udemy as an instructor and upload an entire course on topics such as web development, business strategies, investing, psychology, fitness, and many more. The amount earned per user who buys the uploaded course may vary from person to person and also depends upon the demand of the course. But it is still a good option among how to earn money in India.

Typing and Data entry

It is a type of job where all you have to do is enter the data provided by the employer into a desired format or specifications. Anyone who knows how to use Microsoft Office, internet and has good communication skills is suited best for the profile. You don’t have to pay for any of the equipment as it does not require any. All you need is a decent network connection, a laptop, and good communication and grasping skills.

Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, transcribe and many more are some examples that can help you provide work in the beginning later when you have your own connections you can set up your own price for the assigned work, hence is suited as the best means to earn money online while sitting at home and sipping your tea and spending time with your family, and you can earn about ₹ 10,000- ₹ 15,000 per month at least.

Final Thoughts

Hope we made clear how to earn money in India. It is very easy to earn money. But you need to find your passion for the skill you most like and use it to earn online. Also, whatever is the result that you see right now might not meet your expectations but I would still suggest that you stay connected with it and work hard upon it to get a better result and trust me the satisfaction you get from them is worth a trial and are a good source of extra income.

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