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Being self-employed is becoming a trend these days, bootstrapping your own start-up, business and company is something everyone wants. Having a sense of ownership towards your work and providing customers with great products and services is like crossing a starred option off your bucket list. The best way to earn money in India is doing a home based job without investment or starting with an online business idea. The feeling of being an entrepreneur and the sense of ownership allures people of all ages and wants them to invest in an idea.

The question is why people are shifting towards online jobs and self-employment sectors. It is because you are your own boss, you call the shots and there is no limit to what you can earn out of it. And everyday students, professionals, office goers, and many other semi-skilled or unskilled individuals are opting for this opportunity to earn online.

But here you are looking for easy ways to earn money online, which require the minimum effort and the maximum returns. So, What we have for you is a great opportunity to achieve what you desire, and that is Amazon.

By selling on amazon you can make a great living and buy yourself a fancy smartphone and a premium laptop every month. The point is that Amazon provides you a platform to start your own work from home niche, in India. So this answers your question on “How to earn money from home in India”

Top 7 options of Home based jobs

And here are the top 7 options of home based job without investment you can start your journey as an entrepreneur or a self-employed individual.

Making people healthy – Fitness essentials

Every year millions make resolutions of starting an exercise regime to become fitter, athletic, stronger, and whatnot. There are also people who talk about being healthy and fit almost every day, it’s like they are obsessed with fitness. And these people tend to hit the gym daily. This is where you come in, your this option of home based job without investment is to introduce them to Various Gym, cross-training, and other fitness equipment. You can either have your inventory or start selling through the amazon associates’ program. Which makes it a great option considering you have money, to begin with, or not.

home based job without investment
January 21, 2022
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Helping People take their hobbies to another level

People everywhere have hobbies and that’s what makes them happy, busy, focused, and inclined in their everyday life. Many pursue new hobbies regularly as people like learning something new every day and develop a new skill that might come in handy.

You can provide them with the appropriate tools they need to Carry forward their hobby. You can do this either by joining the Amazon associate program or becoming a seller on amazon with your own inventory.

For eg People who want to start gardening or grow organic products in their garden, can help them out by selling farming tools to them, or guides on how to start farming and become a professional.

Another eg is in the case of the people who want to become filmmakers, YouTubers, Vloggers, and influencers. You can provide them with appropriate hardware tools, like a camera stand, Mics, light rigs, and gimbals. So consider this a good option to earn money from home in India.

Personalized Gifts to bring people closer

Handing people gifts is a way to express love and concern. A normal gift from amazon won’t ignite the same affection compared to a tailor-made one for the receiver. A personalized gift emphasis more the feelings which are attached to it and are of greater value than a brand new smartphone or an expensive card. This option of home based job without investment of yours would be to offer the buyers a chance to make their own gifts for their loved ones. Like putting their name, initials, personal message, photos, or memory. You can pre-design some products with initials or names of people to give the users an idea about your creative selling agency. So, you get to build an audience of your own that engages with your creative outlook, therefore you can earn money from home in India through this unique method.

Being Vocal about local – Indian art & culture

Local art is a hidden gem in India, not many people focus on it and boycott it unintentionally. This happens because people are more focused on buying products globally. Imported products, machine-made products, and branded ones are the only things people consider buying these days. Don’t get me wrong here, India is a country with a very rich culture in art, crafts, and handmade designs. It’s just people who end up buying more foreign and factory-made products. On the other hand, artisans are praised but they need better ways to make money to maintain a living standard. You can buy their products and sell them on Amazon and keep the profit.

For eg Prakash Rao is a villager who makes excellent mugs, his mugs look very aesthetic and give off a very peaceful vibe. If initially he was selling it for Rs150 and makes Rs750 a day. You can buy his mugs for Rs300 and sell it for Rs500 apiece. It will benefit you both because Prakash Rao now makes 4 times more money than he did earlier and you have a good business going now. Also, you can sell more than a mug, and apply the same technique.

Life Easing gadgets and tools

What do people want the most in life? And how will they achieve that? I will tell you. Everyone wants their life to be a little easier because so much is going on and everything feels like a task. Imagine you are working 9-12 hours every day and when you come home you see all the mess just lying around and adding to your pain/stress. What do you want? Small helpful gadgets and tools right.

This is where you come in, your this option of home based job without investment is to narrow down a list of products that are used daily at home, and also some gadgets that make life easier, eg self-cleaning robots, dishwashers, multi-pin wall socket, etc. In daily items, you can sell pen stands, containers, key holders, laundry bags, and much more. You can either launch your own set of inventory for this or work as an amazon affiliate and promote daily things to potential customers.

Custom made Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry is something that allures people, the tendency to look good increases trifold by putting on a lustrous necklace, a shiny ring, and a bangle. Even men like wearing rings and chains. But people can’t afford jewelry so easily, but what if an option of handmade imitation jewelry is given to them. It is a much cheaper option and easy to get too.

Your job would be an affiliate for amazon and sell the pre-existing jewelry or you can start making your own imitation jewelry and sell it on amazon. You can hire people to do that or learn it yourself.

This is one of the best ways to earn money from home in India.

Online Confectionery – sell personalized sweets

After every meal, there is always room for dessert in the case of Indians. There is no such thing as too sweet. With time the acceptance of western sweets has increased in our country. Many have a sweet tooth and a liking for baked goods and confectioneries.

All you need to start this home based job without investment is basic baking tools, custom packaging, and the talent to bake.

For Eg Cadbury has an option for personalized chocolate bars, you can make your own flavor and add your name on the packaging.

How about you start to make money from home in India using this method because it is quite popular nowadays. You can introduce new flavors, artistic designs and invent new desserts and chocolates.

Final Thought

As everybody wants to get home based jobs and earn money online, the trend is evergreen. But what better way is there than using Amazon, in terms of surety and brand image. Amazon offers its users simple ways to sell and earn their own products and amazon’s products. So, here we have listed 7 ways through which you can earn daily. Everything from personalized sweets, custom-made jewelry, gadgets, and tools, Indian arts and culture, personalized gifts, tools for daily hobbies to fitness essentials can be sold here. So, you can start selling using your amazon associates program or sell your inventory on Amazon.

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