Best Ideas for Business for Women with Solid Earnings - Low Investment


India is known to given iron ladies like Indra Nooyi, Shobhana Bhartiya, Chandra Kochhar in the business world. Running a business is not like running a daily errand, you need to have managed and organizing skills to sustain it. A business whether low or high investment needs full commitment. You could be juggling with your house chores but if you have a passion you can start with a small idea of business for women.

List of Business Ideas for Women

Women entrepreneurs are making their striding remarks in a wide variety of fields like blogging, interior designing, bookkeeping, etc. But starting your own business is not as easy as it sounds. The risk of flying off comes later. Initially and most importantly one should make the correct choice of choosing the right business idea. The following are some ideas of business for women in India that can help you select which way to go.

Interior Designing

Interior Designing is one of the most promising ideas of business for women in India. It is gaining prominence in our day to day lifestyle. It is because, with ever-evolving designs, people want to build and redecorate their home and workplace according to their taste. However, it is not necessary that only high-profile individuals or businesses need interior designers. People according to their taste and budgets need professionals who can take charge and create something with professional taste.

An interior designer is not only a person who has a subtle art to play with designs. For you, to an interior designer, you must have a flair for colors, texture, architecture, designs, spatial utilization, texture, etc. A must thing to remember for any interior designer is that you must let your client feel he/she is in charge. Just because of your exposure or taste the client shouldn’t feel you are superior to them. The client’s taste or desire should be your first priority. It is totally okay to design something which you don’t like at all but your client loves it.

You should learn about load-bearing walls, plumbing codes, and electricity. Nobody will teach you about it but knowing about these things will keep you a hand ahead in the field. Always remember a successful interior designer is one who is a people’s pleaser. Who can give people what they want out of the best they have? And while continuing to do this, make a portfolio to showcase your designs. This will also attract customers like in the flea market. The best thing about this business idea is that it does not any investment, as in the capital. All you will have is a perfect return as you grow. The average salary of an interior designer at the beginners’ level in India is between 3-4 lacs.

Investment- You don’t have any per se investment, other than building clientage.

Skills- Managerial and organizing skills other than professional skills related to designing and spatial rearrangements.

Earnings- 25000 to 35000 per month.

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January 20, 2022
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DIYs or Crafty Ideas

What could be better than making your hobby or pastime into your business? Do It Yourself (DIY) or Crafty ideas is a good small idea of business for women as there is a low investment. Cultivating handmade things and trading them for a living can be satisfying at one end but also can prove to be a burden if you have no passion for creativity. When it comes to something to a loved one, or decorating your home, or dressing up. People often want to make use of handmade gifts. And because not everyone is creative and some people might find themselves too busy. It is here your business may take a boon.

Now if you are deciding how will you find your target audience. You may make use of either the online world or the in-person world. The online world opens up you to websites like Shopify.

Such websites offer you to display your art and creation in return for money. If online is not your cup of tea you may resort to the usual ideas of setting up a stall at fairs, reaching out to party planners (for such will give a bulk order), or using home parties as a perfect opportunity to showcase your talent.

To make and sell crafty gifts you may have a wide variety of options. Handmade greetings are fit for any occasion. Greetings are something which people look forward to being it anniversaries, birthdays, new years or any festival. You can make use of greeting cards, or various handmade gifts making use of waste at home. You can make curated gifts or even soaps and bath bombs.

Such skin care products made at home are often purchased more because of their authenticity. You can also try pottery and clay objects such as planters, sculptures, or even coasters that are very well used at home spaces.

Investment- Around 500-2000 for craft supplies

Skills- of course, your creativity along with basic photography skills to display products online.

Earnings-  15000 – 20000 per month


If you want to spend time with your children and you love children in general then opening a daycare business is the best suitable option for you. It is one of the best ideas of business for women in India. When both parents are working, and there are no grandparents to look after the kids too. In such a scenario a daycare is the best choice for a parent. They know their kids are in safe hands and there will be a well chalked out routine which will be followed by their child.

If you are planning to run a daycare, there will be a little more investment than another business mentioned here by the good thing is you will be in your comfort zone without doing anything extra (if you have your kids as well to take care of). According to “Six out of every 10 mothers of children under age 6 are employed, and the labor-force participation of women in their childbearing years continues to expand.” If you will be smart enough it is here you will take advantage of the situation.

Initiating a daycare business requires thorough planning and arrangement. You will have to redo a space of your house according to the requirement of the children’s age group which you will be accommodating. You will need to put a one-time investment on general supplies of child care and then additional per month costs will be different which will include food, educational material, etc. Additional costs may include setting up cameras whose access will be given to parents so that they can check up on their kids at any given time of day. You will be also be looking up to hiring staff members who can look after kids and the cleanliness of the daycare. Generally, a daycare charges on an hourly basis depending on the age of the child. Per month charge of daycare can be around 15000.

Investment– 10,00,000 and above depending on the size of your venture.

Skills- Communication skills with managerial skills so that you can handle the customers easily.

Earning- a minimum of 15000 per month per child.


Interest in baking, this could be an ideal small venture of business for women. The best thing about home-bakers is to have the freedom to follow your passion without putting in an extra amount to follow it. The only little investment you will need to do is on equipment and accessories you will be needing to bake. A social media presence and promotion on Instagram and Facebook should be enough to start spreading the word. The demand for cakes and bakery can never die until humans are alive.

The best part about this business is that it is not seasonal. If not any festival, then a new year if not new year then anniversaries, if not anniversaries then birthdays are almost every other day, and if nothing at all human cravings for cakes and desserts and pieces of bread can’t be curbed. The one good thing about being a home-baker is your qualification does not matter. And if you want to learn something new or upgrade yourself then you may go to the online YouTube classroom.

If you are looking for some kind of financial assistance, you lucky enough as there are some good government schemes which you can take advantage of. Annapurna scheme is the best scheme which is specifically for women in the catering business. The loan given by the government of up to 50000RS can be used to purchase utensils and other essentials that will be required to take off your venture. This is to be returned back in 36 investments, as decided at the time of taking the loan.

Investment- Rs 2,000 -10,000 onwards, depending upon what basic equipment you want.

Skill- Obviously you will be requiring hands-on practice on cakes and loaves of bread but other than that you will be needing basic social media skills to market your cakes and products.

Earning- 8000 to 15000 per month.

Event planner

Of course, they want to enjoy the celebration. Because India is a place where every occasion is celebrated as a big celebration. Event planning is one of the best ideas of business for women to be ventured. If you loving organizing the small get-togethers at your home and you have the right go-to person to carry out your work, then this the best job for you. Now that celebrations are getting larger than life. People find it difficult to manage it all at once.

Categorically there are two markets of event planning: corporate and social. Do not try to jump to plan big events, start afresh with small events. Small experiences will help you deal with big opportunities. According to Goldblatt’s research, there is about 40% of the profit margin in this business. Planning an event may be corresponding and arranging things like finding a site according to the event, arranging for food and entertainment, planning transportation, supervising the event, sending invites, among many others. To avoid all the hassles people, hire event planners.

The good part about this idea of business for women is it needs minimal capital which will be required to set up your office to have meetings. Rest everything in on-site work. All you need to have a good contact list and the knowledge of which contact to use when. Rest everything you have to leave on social media and word of mouth.

Investment – 10,000 to set up an office.

Skills– Managerial, organizing, and supervision skills for the smooth functioning of the event.

Earnings- for beginners 25000 onwards (Depending upon the size of the event)

Freelancing as a Subject Expert at Chegg

The benefit of working as a freelancer is that you have created for yourself a gift of time. Neither it needs any investment nor follows any rule of strict time schedule. Content Writing is one of the most popular options amongst self-proclaimed business for women. For example, the role of a subject expert at Chegg India is gaining momentum.

Chegg India is one of the leading platforms which promotes connecting students’ first policy. Chegg distinguishes the gap in education that arises from the distance between a student and a teacher. Being a subject expert at Chegg, one can help in creating an ecosystem where the exchange of knowledge and skills becomes easier and more effective.

A subject expert can help cater to the specific needs of the students and put their expertise to good use. A subject expert can earn up to INR 30,000 to INR 45,000 per month along with an experience certificate at the end of tenure the experience will also lead to academic development and continuous brushing up of skills.

Final Thought

According to the statistics run by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in 2016, nearly 126 million women started running their own businesses and 98 million have been operating established businesses. Today about 37% of the world’s entrepreneurs are marked by women. But the most important thing required to run a business is that you should know your passion. And once you know your passion together with your skills you can make the best out of your innovative business ideas. Not only it will give you financial assistance but also the satisfaction of fulfilling your dreams of business for women.

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