Why Sales? The Most-asked Question in Sales Interviews

May 15, 2024
why sales

Quick Summary

  • The ‘Why Sales’ interview question helps to understand the candidate’s enthusiasm, interest and passion for sales.
  • The interviewer learns a candidate’s cultural fit, communication skills and career aspirations by using the why sales question.
  • Some tips to answer the why sales question are, to be honest, research, organize answers, analyze motivations, and align it with company goals.

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Cracking sales interviews requires a positive attitude, confidence, sales skills, and good communication skills. Many aspirants find sales interviews difficult at times. Recruiters will judge you based on your negotiation skills and how well you interact with the interview panel, how you handle and answer unexpected questions like ‘Why sales’ is vital.

Why do Interviewers Ask “Why Sales” Question?

Salespeople play a crucial role in the success of a business. They maintain connections with clients, are responsible for generating revenue, and help companies produce more revenue, driving growth.

The question “Why sales?” is a staple in any sales interview, and for a good reason: it gives insight into the candidate’s interest in and passion for sales.

Some potential benefits for those conducting interviews are:

Finding Cultural Compatibility

Understanding a person’s motivations via the question “Why sales?” can provide insight into who they are and what they value. The interviewers can use this information to assess better the candidate’s compatibility with the company’s culture.

Assessing Candidate Communication 

How an applicant reacts to this “Why sales?” question can give insight into their conversational skills.
The interviewer can gauge whether or not the applicant has the clear communication skills necessary to develop effective sales strategies.

Understanding the Candidate’s Interest

Interviewers may use this “Why sales?” query as a litmus test for candidates’ enthusiasm for the sales position. Those enthusiastic about sales are more likely to be hired than those just searching for any job.

Knowing the Applicant’s Career Goals

The interviewer can learn more about the candidate’s long-term professional goals from their response to this question. The questionnaire may help the candidate advance their career if they see sales as a launching pad for other roles within the company.
Overall, the question, “Why sales?” can benefit interviewers in gauging a candidate’s cultural fit, communication abilities, interests, and goals and leading to a more well-informed hiring decision.

How to Answer “Why Sales?” – Sample Answers

When answering a typical sales interview, there are many questions to consider, but “Why sales?” is still one of the most popular:

why sales

Sample-1 Answer to Why Sales?

“Why are you interested in sales?” The questioner might ask right after you sit. If you’re fresher to sales, look at your professional or personal history. Find out if it has anything to do with what you’d be trying to sell. If so, base your answer on what you learned from that. Suppose you’re trying to sell restaurant technology:

“I worked as a manager and server in a high-end restaurant for 10 years. So, I spend much time on programming and teaching employees how to use different POS systems. I know how it works. More notably, I know precisely what owner-operators need. I also know how to market the item as a solution to the existing problems.”

Sample-2 Answer to Why Sales?

Thoroughly research the company and show what you know about them. This might mean bringing up recent events (positive ones). Or, talk about an aspect of the company’s mission statement that fits into your core values:

“I was thrilled to learn that you’ve recently gone international, and I am very excited that your product ABC will be coming out soon. I would love to work on a team that markets products to people worldwide. It is time to apply my abilities and expertise to your company.”

Sample-3 Answer to Why Sales?

Say you’ve worked in the same field for a long time. Still, you’d like to quit where you are. Discuss what you can contribute to the team and why you’d like to switch:

“In my present job, I’m responsible for the tri-state area. I know the area and potential buyers very well. I would be delighted to put my ties into Company Z and show them a new, better, cheaper product.”

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Tips to Answer ‘Why Sales’

Below are a few tips that will help you answer any sales job interview. It will help you show your love and interest in sales.

Maintain Honesty

The most crucial thing is to answer questions honestly. There is no one right answer. Companies want to see your motivation for your work. There may be low sales in your job. It’s important to show that you can keep yourself going. Companies want self-starters who don’t need direction.

Do Your Homework

Try to answer questions in a way that fits each company. This approach indicates that you have done market research. Research the company you are interviewing for. Try to find out how they might be a good fit. Ensure that the company fits your curiosity in sales for this question. Suppose you love selling products that help people, and this company offers medical devices.

Organize the Answer

You must know why you want to join sales and how to apply those reasons to jobs. Now, you can put them all together. Come up with an answer that you can say in no more than three minutes.

Analyze Yourself

When you apply for sales jobs, you should be able to explain what drives you. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to work in sales?” and answer honestly. It will help you prepare.

Make a Strong Initial Impression

In any job, but especially in sales, it’s important to make a good first impression on lead generation, buyers, and clients. This advice can be used in any job. Making a good first impression on your interviewer can show you have the skills to win clients’ trust and business. You can do several important things to make a good first impression.

The Key to Answering Any Sales Questions

After you’ve worked on your resume and written the best cover letter that helped you land an interview, it’s time to focus on your answer. Practising for your sales interview can help you make a good first impression on the person who will hire you. Following the steps in this blog, you can discuss your skills and decide if a job is right for you.
No two sales interviews are ever the same. Sometimes, you may want to highlight your education and marketing techniques. Some interviewers might be more interested in how your personality will fit in with the team they already have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you answer the why sales question?

Make a short, convincing argument for why sales interests you and why you think you will be good at it. This shouldn’t go on for more than a minute, no more. The chance to grow will probably come up, but the goal is to offer yourself without selling.

What motivates you to work in sales?

Money, fame, and status may be the most motivating factors for some salespeople. For many others, it’s all about finding a balance between spending time with the people they care about. Some other vital aspects are making a difference in the world, learning new things, solving tough problems, and building relationships with clients.

How do I prepare for a sales interview?

There are several good ways you can prepare for a sales interview. You should research the firm, be willing to learn and emphasize transferable skills. However, practising mock interviews and learning the language of the industry are also beneficial. Still, you can make a better first impression by confidently introducing yourself, making eye contact, and wearing the right clothes. Good manners also include speaking loudly and clearly and smiling from the heart.

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