Top Sales Interview Questions and Their Answers for 2024

June 12, 2024
Sales Interview Questions

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Are you interested in sales?

Sales interview questions mentioned in this article would help you attain the job. Besides that, a sale is regarded as an activity that involves selling products or services in exchange for money. To enter the sales business, you must be aware of the basic sales interview questions. If you possess a keen interest in sales and are dedicated to reaching the company’s target in a specified timeline, you may apply for the sales job.

The sales job is undoubtedly highly demanding in terms of work and target fulfillment. Still, it is also a good opportunity for candidates to polish their communication and client handling skills. Besides that, selling any product or service is not just about conveying the perks and benefits of the product and closing a deal. Still, it is also about sourcing prospects, maintaining good relations, solving customer queries, etc. This article is a complete guide to cracking the sales interview questions.

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How to Prepare for a Sales Interview?

As it is said that “The first impression is the last impression”, it is crucial for an individual to perform his/her best in the interview. The manager or recruiter will analyze your candidature at various parameters. To crack sales interview questions, you must possess sales skills.

Before applying for any sales job, you must know how to prepare for an interview –

Approach the sales interview as a meeting

You must prepare a professional CV and draft a cover letter containing details of your qualifications, achievements, and skills. Then, you need to approach the sales interview questions as a sales meeting. It is important to have the ability to sell yourself. In other words, you must be able to convey your ability and skills to the recruiting managers.

Do Research

During sales interview preparation, research the company, role, products, services offered, etc. Go through the latest trends, sales cycle, and retail data of the company to know the facts and figures.

Prepare answers

You must prepare answers to general sales questions such as sales practices and principles, customer support services, challenges in a sales job, etc.

Solid First Impression

Practice your answers and dress formally, maintain eye contact while answering sales interview questions, speak clearly, and be confident.

Ask good question

At last close the deal by asking a good question and ask if the interviewer needs to know anything else about you. Handle the salary negotiation part very politely.

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Most Common Sales Interview Questions

Can you make Cold Calls?

  • Meaning of QuestionCold calling in the sales sector refers to contacting customers who were not previously interested in the product or service to gain leads and increase sales. Through this question, the interviewer wants to know if you have prior experience in sales or if you could start a conversation or not. The answer to this question should be yes if you want to crack the question.
  • Example – Yes, I can make cold calls, convince the customer, and generate leads to sell the company’s product or service. The outcome could be unpredictable, but I would try my best to close the deal. But doing prior research on the person or the company would help make the call successful because I have tried this tactic in my previous company.

Are you comfortable with sales targets?

  • Meaning of Question – Attaining a sales target is the primary thing in a sales job. The interviewer wants to know about your ability to work in a prescribed time. Through this sales interview question, he would sense your ability to achieve sales targets in the future by determining your past target report. You need to tell them about your past journey of accomplishing sales targets.
  • Example – Yes, I am comfortable with sales targets. At my previous company, I was the best salesperson who achieved the sales target every quarter over the past two years. Our team has also tried to increase the sales projection by 12%. Dedication and hard work are the keys to achieving sales targets in a set interval of time, and I am sure I would do well for the company.

What motivates you to do sales?

  • Meaning of Question – This sales interview question will analyze whether you are compatible with the role or not. Finance-related perks such as bonuses could act as motivation for you. You could also answer this question concerning your mental stability and peace to maintain focus at work.
  • Answer – The biggest motivation is to compete with me and attain better results from past sales. Besides this, I rejuvenate myself by doing several activities that make me happy and focused at work. Compensation bonuses also act as motivation for me to work hard and generate leads to increase sales.

Give an Example of your most satisfying sale.

  • Meaning of Question – Do not brag about yourself. Just convey your strategy to close the deal. Here the interviewer wants to know about your sales skills.
  • Answer – The biggest deal of my career is with one of the biggest restaurants in the City. I sold LED TV’s worth Rs 35 Lakhs to the restaurant. Initially, the call started as a cold call. But gradually, I convinced the clients by organizing a meeting with the authorities. I prepared a presentation about the details of the television and its warranty offered by the company. Besides that, I also offered them repair services for the sale next year. Finally, we showed them the demo, and the deal was closed. It was one of the most satisfying sales for me and the company.

How do you introduce yourself to your clients?

  • Meaning of Question – The interviewer asks this question to analyze your relationship-building ability. You must be a bit friendly with the clients and greet them. Besides that, your humble nature would welcome the client. It is one of the most common sales interview questions.
  • Answer – Hello, sir/ma’am, I would take your little time to introduce myself first. I am a sales agent from ABC Company and from my seniors I came across that you are one of our valuable clients. Thus, I thought to reach out to you to take your review on the services we offered you the last time.

Sell me this pen.

  • Meaning of Question – This is one of the most asked sales interview questions. Here, the recruiters want to judge your selling skills because if you are entering a sales job, you must know how to sell a product. Besides that, your answer would also reflect your communication skills. Take this question as an opportunity to showcase your ability and skills.
  • Answer – Even in this technology-based era, nothing could do the work of a pen. It’s important because if you need to note down something or do a quick signature, you would intentionally or unintentionally seek a pen. The pen manufactured by our company is pocket friendly its secured cap would never stain your shirt. Besides that, its structure and look are classy and budget appropriately. I would highly recommend you to use this pen once.

What are your long-term goals?

  • Meaning of Question – The interviewer wants to know about your ambition and whether you will stick to the particular sales role or not. Your answer should reflect your desire to work with the company and your loyalty to the company.
  • Answer – I was keenly looking for a mission-driven company because I wanted to work in the sales department. My long-term goals are to excel in selling and be in a reputed position in a good company like yours. Besides that, I wanted to inculcate leadership skills and gain experience to handle a managerial post in the future.

What interests you about this position in our company?

  • Meaning of Question – This sales interview question is asked to analyze your research about the company, i.e. whether you know about the job roles and responsibilities. The interviewer also wants to know what attracts you to work in their company: salary, products, company culture, or any other factor.
  • Answer – The work-life balance in this company attracts me the most. It treats the employers as its family. Besides that, the services offered by the company are realistic and relevant. Thus, I applied to your company to build my career.

If not Sales, then where do you see yourself?

  • Meaning of Question – The answer to this question will analyze your career goals. You have to think and have clear thoughts about your future. Try to link the job role with your career goals. Be confident in what you wish to achieve in the future.
  • Answer– I want to excel in a field that aligns with my qualities. As I am a good speaker and my speech could easily convince the clients So, I would work for a managerial post so that I do well to secure my future. Thus, I would like to significantly evolve my managing and sales skills.

What makes you a good Salesperson?

  • Meaning of Question – This sales interview question will reflect your qualities. You have to pitch for yourself in a way that assures the interviewer that you suit well for the particular job role. Besides that, you must include those qualities associated with the sales job profile.
  • Answer – My ability to make connections with clients and my convincing ability make me a good salesperson. Besides that, I would keep a reminder for follow-ups with the client, and I am always updated with all the e-mails and inquiries of the customer. In addition, I use the company’s product to gain in-depth knowledge of the product, which would help me in the selling process.

What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

  • Meaning of Question – Your strengths and weaknesses would tell about your overall personality to the interviewer. Think before you convey your answer.
  • Answer – I am a quick learner and could easily adapt to the work allotted to me. Besides that, my biggest strengths are communication, building contacts, and organizational ability, and I never lose hope and plan my sales cycle. And my weakness is that I am a bit impatient and self-critic. I always wanted to compete with myself and do better than the last time.

Questions to ask in an Interview

As mentioned, you may approach an interview as a meeting, so it should be a two-way talk. You may ask questions or queries you have in your mind regarding the job or salary at the end of the interview. Besides, you would not want to get spaced out when the interviewer asks you, “Do you have any queries regarding the job role or the company?” Here are some questions to ask in a sales interview:

  • What is the quota for this position?
  • Can you please give me a high-level overview of your sales?
  • Are there bonuses for sales?
  • Is there a lot of traveling linked with this position?
  • What type of hurdles do your sales representatives face consistently?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What questions are asked in a sales interview?

Ans. Typical sales interview questions include cold call questions related to sales goals, skills, maintaining the relationship, generating leads, etc.

Q.2 How do you pass a sales interview?

Ans. Before appearing for the interview, you must make sales interview preparation. Firstly, you must prepare a good CV and cover letter, then research the company and its products or services. Secondly, answer the questions with confidence. Lastly, end the interview on a good note with sensible questions.

Q.3 What are sales incentives?

Ans. The average salary for a sales profile is approximately around INR 2.4 LPA. If the salesperson accomplishes the sales target, he/she may receive sales incentives. Sales incentives are the rewards for the sales representatives. Sales incentives could be monetary or non-monetary. A good sales representative generally offers it to encourage the team and achieve sales goals. The incentives include travel vouchers, tech goodies, team trips, etc.

Q.4 Is sales a good job?

Ans. Yes, a sales job is a good job. The sales representative would get good opportunities to establish a career within their organization if they can achieve sales goals. Besides that, you can earn a high salary. The only drawback is that you will be fired if you cannot generate sales.

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