How to convert SGPA to CGPA?

March 6, 2023

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There was a percentage marking method to evaluate student performance in the Indian education system.  In 2009 it was undergone a paradigm shift, and CBSE replaced it with the Grade system. The grading system evaluates students’ knowledge through Semester and cumulative GPA systems and assigns grades per the standard. We will master how to convert SGPA to CGPA and vice-versa.

What is SGPA?

Semester Grade Point Average is a grade given to students at the end of each semester, depending on how well they performed in their coursework. The weighted average of a student’s grade points earned in a semester across all subjects is used to compute their Semester wise grades. There is a systematic process to calculate Semester-wise Grade Points, which is as given below:-

  1. Determine how many points a student has received for each subject.
  2. Multiply the number of credits for each course by the grade received in that subject.
  3. Include every obtained item in step one.
  4. Determine the grade point average by dividing the total obtained marks after adding each subject’s results by the total number of credits.

To comprehend the point average of semester grades, consider the following illustrations:

Illustration 1

Course CodeCreditEarned CreditGradeGrade pointPoints
  • SGPA = Sum of Grade points/ sum credits
  • So here is the Semester Grade Point Average= 81/12= 6.75


Course CodeCreditEarned CreditGradeGrade pointPoints
  • Here Semester Grades Point Average = 81/12 =6.75

What is CGPA?

A system of grading used in education is the cumulative grade point average or CGPA. It is employed in schools and universities to gauge a student’s general academic achievement. Students are given grades based on the calculation of their CGPA (A, B, C, D, or F). Each nation has its grading guidelines. India has a percentage-based grading system. CGPA is beneficial to evaluate students’ knowledge. However, its certain benefits are mentioned below:-

  1. It helps to assess strengths and flaws.
  2. A set range for grades eliminates the disappointment and encourages students to work more but without taking any extra pressure to improve their grades.
  3. Additionally, it aids colleges in doing reliable analyses.

Formula to calculate CGPA = Earned parentage/9.5

To calculate CGPA following illustration can be considered:-

  • Total marks in an exam = 500
  • Obtained marks = 300
  • Percentage of obtained marks = 300/500*100=60%
  • CGPA = 60/9.5= 5.23

CGPA calculators are also present to determine the faster and error-free CGPA. These calculators are partially manual as grades and credits need manual effort. After that, CGPA is free to calculate and shown the CGPA on screen.

Semester-wise average grade to Cumulative grade conversion

Calculating grade is a significant part of college and school life. Although there are several ways to perform the identical activity, the GPA technique is the most frequently used to determine scores. The translation from Semester wise to Cumulative GPA is the only part of this procedure that seems a little perplexing but is a very straightforward idea. Although the ideas of Semester and cumulative GPA have a similar goal, they are different from one another and are computed in various ways.

How to convert SGPA to CGPA?

A semester-wise GPA is used to evaluate semester-wise marks, and CGPA evaluates a student’s overall performance. Take the total number of credit points earned throughout a semester; divide it by the total number of credit points for the semester to calculate CGPA from SGPA. Usually, the following steps are used to convert SGPA to CGPA-

  1. The credit point for each topic should first be multiplied by the grade point you received for that subject.
  2. Add all of your grade points together after that.
  3. Divide this amount by the total number of semester credit points. Your Semester GPA will be given.

                  CGPA= Semester GPAs of all semesters in an academic year/Number of semester

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Illustration 1

A B. Tech student’s average grade points of Semester Grades for the first year are 6 and 9, then his year-wise CGPA will be the sum of both semesters’ GPA divided by the number of the semester, and that is (6+9)/2 = 7.5 CGPA

Illustration 2

B. TechSemester GPA in First Semester-Semester GPA in Second SemesterCGPA = Sum of CGPA/no. of semester

Semester Grade Point Average to CGPA free calculators are also present to convert semester to Cumulative GPA. CGPA to SGPA calculator takes all semesters’ grades and the number of semesters as input and presents CGPA as the output on the screen. Semester to Cumulative GPA calculator is a one-kind automatic method to convert Semester to cumulative GPA, which helps eliminate addition and division mathematical errors.

How to convert SGPA to a percentage?

The obtained marks in percentage are tough conventional but still in trend and demand and can be calculated from Semester Grade Point Average.

                  Semester wise GPA to Percentage conversion= (SGPA*10) – CGPA

In the above mention illustration 1, the percentage of

  • First semester = (SGPA*10) – CGPA = (6*10) – 7.5 = 62.5%
  • Second Semester = (SGPA*10) – CGPA = (9*10) – 7.5 = 92.5%

Illustration 1

B. TechSGPA in First Semester-SGPA in Second SemesterCGPASem. 1 Marks in %Sem.2 Marks in %

Since Semester GPA is the semester grade system, the Semester GPA to percentage method implies one semester at once. It is a step-by-step process to calculate the percentage for each semester. Semester GPA to percentage calculators also perform this conversion easily and error-free.


Savitribhai Phule Pune University (SPPU) and Visvesvaraya Technology University have a distinct method for converting the Semester to Cumulative GPA.

SPPU determine Semester to Cumulative GPA by dividing the product of the total grade score and the subject-specific credit scores from the total credit scores. For instance, if C is the credit score and G is the average grade point, then CGPA would be (C*G)/C.

                   SGPA to CGPA for SPPU = (C1G1+C2G2+C3G3+C4G4+C5G5)/(C1+C2+C3+C4+C5)


  • C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5 are Course Credits scored by the student.
  • G1, G2, G3, G4, and G5 are Grade points for courses assigned by SPPU.

For instance-

GradeGrade Value (G)Course Credit (C)Scored grade (G*C)

SGPA to CGPA for SPPU = (G*C)/C = 167/25 = 6.68 CGPA

                SGPA to percentage SPPU=  (SGPA*10)-7.5

SGPA to CGPA converter for Visvesvaraya Technology University

Visvesvaraya Technology University is one of the famous universities in India and is usually known as VTU. The university uses the following method to calculate Cumulative GPA from Semester GPA:-

                SGPA to CGPA for VTU = ∑(Ci*Gi)/∑Ci


  • Ci = Course Credit assigned by VTU
  • Gi = Grade points for that course


Credit-24SGPA- 7Credit-25SGPA- 6.5Credit-25SGPA- 7.86Credit-23SGPA- 5Credit-29SGPA- 8.26Credit-24SGPA- 7

CGPA after final semester = ∑(Ci*Gi)/ ∑Ci

Here, CGPA after the final semester= [(24*7)+(25*6.5)+(27*7.86)+(23*5)+(23*5)+(29*8.26)+(24*7) ]/24+25+25+23+29+24



=8.41 CGPA

SGPA to CGPA Percentage

Although there are numerous occasions where institutions disclose scores in the form of CGPA, ratings in percentage are required when applying to universities outside India. For this reason, determining CGPA in percentage becomes essential. So if the grade point average of all the semesters is present, then the CGPA percentage can be easily calculated through given below method:-

  1. Convert Semester Grade Point Average into Cumulative GPA
  2. Multiply the total CGPA by 9.5 to get the percentage.


B. TechSGPA in First Semester-SGPA in Second SemesterCGPACGPA % = (CGPA*9.5)

What is GPA?

Grade point average is referred to as GPA. A scale of A to C and 1.0 to 5.0 is a standardized grading system that awards grades to measure the various marks. The GPA system helps students feel better about themselves and eliminates marking discrimination. There are fewer opportunities for mathematical errors because all student’s performances are graded. The technique has made evaluating grades simpler and quicker than percentage and numerical calculations.

Difference between SGPA, CGPA and GPA

Even though SGPA, CGPA and GPA are interconnected, there are some differences between them. However, some major differences between Semester, cumulative GPAs and GPA are as given below:-

  1. The total Semester GPAs for an academic year are divided by the number of semesters to produce the cumulative GPA or CGPA. , to put it simply, CGPA is computed for the entire course, the Grade point average for semesters is calculated for a certain session, be it a year or so, and GPA is calculated for the semester.
  2. Several universities and colleges employ different evaluations of a student’s academic talents.
  3. While both the CGPA and GPA are intended to show a student’s academic progress over a specified period, many schools favour the GPA above the CGPA when deciding which students to admit.
  4. Since CGPA measures how well a student did in the entire course, it can only be higher if he also has a higher GPA and Semester GPA. Another notable distinction is that Cumulative and semester GPAs always vary on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0.

Examples of SGPA to CGPA conversion

Illustration 1

Course codes below mentioned table is BBA three-degree program codes for all six semesters. Where

  1. BBA02211 BBA first year first semester
  2. BBA02212 BBA First year, second semester
  3. BBA02321 BBA Second year, first semester
  4. BBA02322 BBA Second year, the second semester
  5. BBA02421 BBA final year first semester
  6. BBA02422 BBA final year final semester
Course CodeCourse CreditGrade AwardEarned CreditGrade PointsSecured Point
Total24 1736125


Secured point = Earned Point*Grade Points

SGPA= Secured point in the semester/number of semester

=36/6 =6

CGPA= sum of secured points in all semesters/sum of course credit


=3.58 CGPA

Illustration 2

Credit-26SGPA- 7Credit-25SGPA- 6.5Credit-25SGPA- 7.86Credit-24SGPA- 5

CGPA after final semester = ∑(Ci*Gi)/ ∑Ci

Here, CGPA after the final semester = [(24*7)+(25*6.5)+(27*7.86)+(23*5) ]/26+25+25+24



=8.54 CGPA

Illustration 3

GradeGrade Value (G)Course Credit (C)Scored grade (G*C)

SGPA to CGPA for SPPU= (G*C)/C=216/32

=6.75 CGPA

Still not sure about SGPA and CGPA calculation! Parting Final thought

The next stage is learning how to calculate Semester and cumulative GPA to assess student’s performance throughout a complete course and individual semesters. Even though manually calculating the point average of Semester Grades is simpler, using SGPA calculators can make the process faster and error-free. Additionally, the inputs of grades and the number of semesters are needed to produce the SGPA. Since CGPA measures overall cumulative performance, the Semester grade average is equally important because CGPA is calculated by dividing the total number of semester grades by the number of semesters.


Q.1 Is SGPA and CGPA same?

Ans. Even though Semester and Cumulative GPA are both grading systems but they are not the same and have various distinctions such as-

  1. SGPA is a semester-wise grade average, but CGPA is a cumulative grade average system for the entire course
  2. Points’ average of Semester Grades is ideally a sub-part of CGPA calculation and helpful in determining CGPA.
  3. How well a student performs in a semester is determined by the average of Semester Grade Points, but how well he performs during the entire course is evaluated by CGPA.

Q.2 How is CGPA calculated from SGPA?

Ans. CGPA is the cumulative grade point average of a student’s overall performance during the course. To compute CGPA from the point average of semester-wise grade, the following step can be used:-

  1. The credit point for each topic should first be multiplied by the grade point received for that subject.
  2. Add all of the grade points together after that.
  3. Divide this amount by the total number of semester credit points. It will be Semester GPA. After that, apply the below mention formula to calculate CGPA-

                   CGPA=Sum of All semester grade points average/sum of course credits

Q.3 What does SGPA mean?

Ans. SGPA stands for semester Grade Point Average. It is a statistic that serves as a measure of a student’s performance over a semester. The Average of Semester Grade Points is calculated as the weighted average of the grade points earned across all courses taken throughout the semester by the student.

Q.4 What does SGPA 10 mean?

Ans. SGPA 10 serves as a scale. It is used to compute a student’s performance over a semester. The SGPA 10 scale has a 0–10 range.

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